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Advocate December 2016

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Frequently Used Numbers Gate Passes Dinner Reservations Tennis Reservations Fitness Front Desk Golf Shop Admin Office Member Services Lot Maintenance Community Grounds Certificate/ARB Statement Inquires/WOU

843-837-2220 843-837-2230 843-837-2240 843-836-6160 843-837-2231 843-837-2229 843-836-6121 843-836-6108 843-836-6136 843-836-6112 843-836-6109

Board of Directors President: Lou Natale Vice President: Lawrence Taylor Treasurer: Barry Burgoyne Secretary: Katy Myer

Directors: Peter Asmuth Diane Dahl Katy Doran Doug Hill Tony Karnas

Management Team John Miller 843-836-6114 General Manager

Tom Ruth 843-836-6131 Director of Tennis

Suzanna Johnston 843-836-6116 Asst. to General Manager

Shelly Welch 843-836-6157 Director of Fitness

Payman Shamlou 843-836-6102 Controller

Pinckney Crosby 843-836-6139 Facilities Maintenance Manger

Jim Albano 843-836-6151 Chief of Security

Mitchell Wilkerson 843-836-6132 Golf Superintendent

Jim O’Connor 843-837-2234 Clubhouse Manager

Roger Ward 843-836-6141 Water Oak Utility Manager

Lenny Giarratano 843-836-6128 Executive Chef

Heidi Wright-Tennyson 843-836-6145 Director of Golf

Karen Davidson 843-836-6101 Human Resources Manager

Board President Update Lou Natale 2016 MCOA Board President

I am pleased to announce the 2017 MCOA Officers who were elected by the Board at the November 17th Board meeting. Your 2017 Officers include: Barry Burgoyne – President Doug Hill – Vice President Peter Asmuth – Treasurer Tony Karnas – Secretary I would also like to acknowledge and thank our Members who served on committees this year. Committees play a pivotal role in the daily operation and future planning of our Community and we were fortunate to have over 60 Members who volunteered to serve in this capacity. Thanks also to Members who submitted applications to serve in 2017. Committee assignments for the new year will be made by committee chairs at a special MCOA Board working session on December 6th. Concluding 2016 and planning for the future presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the success we have enjoyed in developing a Community that has much to offer its Members and future buyers. It is also a reminder that planning for the future is a continuing and evolving process of evaluating new and emerging trends in competing private community amenities that will enable us to remain relevant and competitive in the future. Although our planning to develop conceptual ideas and possible alternatives to enhance community fitness and dining options was delayed due to Hurricane Matthew, your new Board will continue this process in 2017. One of the major responsibilities of your Board is to make certain that Moss Creek remains financially strong today and secure in the future. Our financial performance through October is positive and we are on track to meet our financial objectives for the year including fully funding our replacement and reserve account and allocating $300,000 to reduce our Line of Credit balance. I would like to conclude my article by acknowledging and thanking all of our dedicated and hardworking staff who provide Members with professional and courteous service throughout the year and who worked long and difficult days to clean up the debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. I would also like to thank you and Members of the Board for the opportunity to serve as president of MCOA for 2016 and supporting our Community. Thank you all so very much. Your sense of Community and fellowship make Moss Creek a very special place. Best wishes to all for a joyful holiday season and healthy and prosperous New Year.

Note from the General Manager John Miller MCOA General Manager

It is hard to believe that it has been almost two months since Matthew visited havoc upon our Community. The process of removing large debris from alongside our roads, the common areas and the golf courses has continued non-stop since the storm. We are nearly complete with the removal of large debris along the roads and the golf courses. One indication that we are slowly getting back to normal is that this week we were able to resume regular weekly pick up of yard debris placed roadside by members. We have 27 holes of golf open for play, and we expect to have the “outer loop” on the North Course ready to open in a couple of weeks. There is still damage on the golf courses that we will have to repair in the coming weeks and months, including several sections of the cart paths that were damaged during the storm and debris removal. We still have a mountain of debris piled up at our maintenance facility, and it will likely take several weeks before we can get it all removed. We have a crew working on Fording Island this week, and we hope to have the trail across the island open to the membership within a few days. We also have tree removal work yet to do along the trail through the Blue Heron Sanctuary, which we will get to as soon as possible. The expenses related to the recovery process continue to mount. As of December 1 we will have paid nearly $700,000 to the several contractors that have done work for us over the past eight weeks. Our contractor -related expenses will taper off now as the cleanup work is completed, but we do still have expenses for repairs yet to be done. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive insurance package in place and, based on the reports we have received from the insurance adjustors, we believe our insurance will at least offset the expenses we have incurred for the debris removal as well as the cost for our future repairs. There are still some coverage questions that need to be resolved,

but we have received a substantial advance payment from the insurance company and all indications are that the net financial impact of the storm will be minimized as a result of our insurance coverage. The fact that we have comprehensive insurance has hindered our ability to get assistance from FEMA through Beaufort County. The County informed me that FEMA would not process our application unless we had a denial of coverage letter from our insurance company. Our insurance coverage that applies to the roadside cleanup is limited, and our actual costs for this work will exceed that portion of our insurance coverage. Therefore, we will continue to try to secure assistance through the County, but at this point it appears unlikely that we will get any assistance through them or FEMA. With things beginning to settle down a little we are once again focusing on the projects that we were working on prior to the storm. This includes planning for the improvements to the North Causeway. McSweeney Engineers has completed plans and specifications for the improvements, and the process of bidding the project will begin shortly. We expect to receive bid proposals from qualified contractors in mid-January. Once the bids are received, the Board will review the bid results and the engineer’s recommendation and determine whether to proceed with the project early next year. In closing, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. And, on behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you, our Members, for your support and encouragement, especially over the past several weeks. It has been an extraordinary year that presented us with some unexpected challenges, but we arrive at the holiday season with things mostly back to normal. We have much to be grateful for at Moss Creek.

Community News

O’fishially Awesome November Congratulations to the following employees who have been nominated for going over and above their job duties in the month of October:

JIM ALBANO – Security LARENZO ANSLEY – Golf Maintenance FAYE BARNARD – Administration (2) KARMIN BOUALAM – Clubhouse KELLY CLEMENTS – Administration (2) TED COLEMAN - Clubhouse PINCKNEY CROSBY – Facilities (2) ALFAONSINA DUBON – Housekeeping MATT EDWARDS – Golf Operations LENNY GIARRATANO – Clubhouse (2) JAMEEL GRANT – Golf Maintenance SALLY HAINES – Tennis SUZANNA JOHNSTON – Administration (2) JOE LEVA – Security SYLVESTER MASSAWE - Clubhouse BILL MEDLOCK – Golf Maintenance JIM O’CONNOR - Clubhouse BARBARA PAWLOWSKI – Tennis (2) TREAVOR ROBINSON - Clubhouse PAYMAN SHAMLOU – Accounting MELISSA SHEIRE – Administration (2) CRYSTAL SMITH - Clubhouse CALAY SWIFT – Golf Operations CHARLES TYSON – Community Services BRIDGETTE VOLKMAN - Clubhouse SALLY WAMSELY - Accounting DOMINIQUE WEST – Housekeeping MITCHELL WILKERSON – Golf Maintenance

Five nominees will be awarded gift cards chosen from a random drawing and the others will receive a box of Swedish Fish. Nomination cards are located at the reception desks at the Fitness Center, Tennis Center, Golf Shop, Clubhouse, and Administration.

Jim Albano Chief of Security As we near the Holidays, it seems a perfect time to reflect on our many Blessings. As a Community, we have welcomed new families and laid to rest some friends. We experienced a Hurricane and became stronger because of it. We lost trees, but can see more beauty around us. We saw together what people will do when faced with adversity. We saw friends helping friends and some they never met. The image I will have from 2016 is one of strength. I believe we have grown as a Community in many ways. I am personally thankful for good health and a loving family. I am proud to be part of the Moss Creek family and look forward to providing safety and security to you and your loved ones. May you enjoy this Holiday Season in Health & Happiness.

Golf & Grounds Update

Kyle VanDenBerg & Wesley Trawick Golf Course Superintendents

The destruction brought by Hurricane Matthew has impacted our golf courses drastically as evidenced by the volume of trees lost and course damage that occurred. With that being said, our winter maintenance responsibilities are still ongoing to preserve the value and health of the turf and begin the necessary winter processes to achieve the best quality of playability for the winter and spring seasons. Currently 27 holes are open, which include the entire South Course and inner loop on the North Course. The outer loop of the North Course is nearing completion. We are currently picking up large piles of debris, removing stumps and smoothing out damaged areas to avoid any potential safety risks. We are repairing the bunkers to get ready for opening in the upcoming weeks. Aside from all the debris clean-up, we are still focused on the playability of the golf courses and the overall quality of the turf as winter dormancy approaches. We made the decision to not overseed this winter. The Par 3 tees will be moved around to different tee boxes to help divot management. One process we will be doing more often to the greens this winter, weather permitting, is venting with “Needle Tines” every two weeks until spring transition. This will assist with the overall surface drainage of our putting greens, allow air down to the root zone, and assist in preventing algae from being established and spreading. We will continue to eliminate the stumps that are spread out across both golf courses, repair cart paths, fix ruts created by the debris removal and additional necessary cosmetic repairs. Once both golf courses are back open and routine maintenance returns, we will strategically implement our yearly seasonal projects. Great things are brought about and We were fortunate to have secured outside assistance that burdens are lightened through the greatly contributed to the quick recovery of Moss Creek efforts of many hands anxiously courses and community. These resources have been engaged in a good cause. instrumental in accomplishing three complete passes ~Elder Russel Ballard throughout the community to pick up major storm debris pickup. There is still more work to be done and the Moss Creek crew will continue the task of recovery. For both internal and external assistance we appreciate the efforts in bringing both golf courses back into play and being part of our team.

Golf News

Heidi Wright-Tennyson Director of Golf

The Golf Operations Staff wishes you a safe and joyous Holiday Season. Thank you for your support throughout 2016 and we are looking forward to 2017! Stop in the Golf Shop to finish your holiday shopping and spend your credit book winnings. Just a reminder all credits must be spent by December 31, 2016. Only credit book credits earned in December will be carried over to 2017. In addition to golf apparel and equipment the Golf Shop is complete with glassware, casual clothing, and other fun accessories items great for the non-golfer as well. Events missed due to Hurricane Matthew that have been rescheduled include: •Ladies Nine Club Championship Thursday, December 1 •Moss Creek Marines Charity Golf Tournament Friday, December 7 •Men’s Club Championship Saturday & Sunday, December 10 & 11 The WGA Ladies 18 Club Championship and the Men’s Team Round Robin have been cancelled for 2016. The Professional Staff will be busy over the next two months planning our spring lesson programs and attending the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. If you have any programs you would like to see us conduct or any special products you want us to search for in Orlando, please let us know!

Golf Clinics Heidi, Tom, Josh & Jason conduct weekly Tuesday Clinics, private lessons, and different instruction programs throughout the year. If you are ever interested in a private school for you and a group of friends, give us a call! We are happy to customize any instruction to fit your needs. One example is a two-day school for four students including three hours of instruction and lunch each day for $150 per student.

W GA Closing Luncheon The WGA celebrated the end of their 40th year on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, with a Closing Luncheon. Eighty ladies attended the luncheon which was kicked off with a fabulous fashion show. Several of the ladies donated their modeling talents showcasing the latest and greatest apparel and accessories from the Golf Shop. Despite there being no golf event, all ladies were placed on a team and winners were awarded by a random draw. Thank you to the many ladies who offered their time and talents on committees and Board positions. We are looking forward to 2017!

Tennis News Tom Ruth Director of Tennis USTA Team Sign-Up The Spring USTA League sign-up is on ForeTees. If you want to play on a Moss Creek team this spring, you must register by December 7. Once we have all the registrations we will then follow the process that has been outlined by the MCTC Board regarding team selections. If you have any questions, please contact the Tennis Center for assistance. Age divisions playing in the spring will be 18 and Over, 40 and Over, 55 and Over, and 70 and Over. Holiday Round Robins Men’s and Women’s Holiday Round Robins will take place Friday, December 9. The women will play first from 10:00am—12:00pm, followed by lunch at the Clubhouse at 1:00pm. The men will have their Holiday Round Robin on Friday, December 11, as well, starting at 3:00pm followed by pizza, snacks, beer, and soda at 5:00pm. Sign up on ForeTees for both events. Holiday Lesson Special The Tennis Center will once again be offering a discounted lesson package for the month of December. The first package will feature 4 half-hour lessons for only $100. The second package will feature 5 one-hour lessons for only $200. Stop by today to book your package of lessons. All lessons must be used by May 1, 2017.

MC Marines Tennis

Three Steps to “UP”grade Your Serve

The following are three points to remember with the common thread being “UP.” First is to extend UP when you make contact. Your serving motion should be an out and up motion to the contact point. Contact should be made out in front for a flat serve. Secondly, remember to keep your head UP. Make sure your eyes and head stay up till contact. This will help eliminate serving balls into the net. All too often players drop their head too early, pulling the rest of their body down, as well as the ball, into the net. Third, keep your tossing arm UP for an extra second. Keeping your tossing arm up will create a better shoulder angle with the end result being more power and depth on your serve.

Fitness News Shelly Welch Director of Fitness

In the midst of the holiday season, it is a time to gather, reflect and celebrate with family and friends. This is also the time to take care of your self by keeping your fitness and wellness regime a priority! Moving, breathing, sweating, and laughing are wonderful stress relievers. Also, staying hydrated is a key factor in feeling better. As you enjoy the holiday feasts and beverages, drink water throughout the day and make your cocktails a spritzer by adding more club soda or tonic, filling up the glass with more ice is another way to assist in monitoring your hydration status.

A huge “thank you” to all who participated in the “Planksgiving” program and contributed donations to Bluffton Self Help by bringing in canned and non-perishable food items to the Fitness Center.

The Fitness Center is offering another great deal during the month of December, where you can benefit from a holiday discount on all 5 and 10 session Personal Training packages. Come train with Doug or Shelly and receive one session FREE. Sessions can be redeemed at any time during the 2017 calendar year. Why Personal Training? Personal Training offers a variety of benefits, from helping you prepare for an event or competition, to building confidence and motivation to attain fitness objectives. We will customize your training needs and help you meet your fitness goals for 2017. During each session, you will receive proper fitness instruction to help avoid injury, boredom and plateauing. Start the New Year off right with the emphasis on self, and sign up for your personal training session today.

Everyone Loves a Contest!

Looking for a great wellness gift for a family member or friend? We have got that covered too! Megan has added her personal touch and has created gift bags and ornaments ready to go. You choose the gift that goes inside the pre-made package, like a Single “drop-in” Group Fitness Class, or perhaps a Monthly Group Fitness Membership, or maybe a Personal Training Session Package. Stop down to get the perfect gift for anyone on your “Nice” list!

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. -Henry Ward Beecher Swing on by and guess how many mints are in the jar contest. Closest guess wins a FREE 30 minute Personal Training session with either Doug or Shelly to start your New Year off right!

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

- Shelly, Doug, & Megan

Fitness News

Christmas Day: Fitness Center Closed New Year’s Day: Fitness Center Open Noon—4pm / No Classes

Beautiful Holiday Transformation The week after Thanksgiving, the entire Club is transformed into a sparkling, festive, and beautiful abode, truly reective of the wonder, merriment, and magic of the Holiday! Countless hours are spent by our elves and for this, we thank them!

Bluffton Self Help Toy Drive Wed., November 30th—Wed., December 14th (Tree Located in Grill Room at Clubhouse) This will be our 17th year assisting Bluffton Self Help to provide holiday toys/gifts for local families in need. Given the impact of Hurricane Matthew in our area, donations will be more crucial than ever! The Bluffton Self Help Toy Shop will be open December 10-17, by appointment to eligible, pre-registered families. From the available gifts, parents or guardians will “shop” for their children. New, unwrapped toys for girls and boys up to age 12 are requested to stock the Toy Shop. Toys/gifts costing $30-$50 each, as well as less expensive items like books, games, craft and sport items are needed. For more information, please contact Nancy Keenan at 843-837-5009 or


Social & Dining

Jim O’Connor Clubhouse Manager All right, it is official, no getting around it, the HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! It really does seem like we were all just celebrating the 4th of July at the pool, and now we are talking about lighting trees and holiday decorations. As 2016 winds down, the events at the Clubhouse are reaching a feverish pace. We are going to start December like we always do, with our Annual Tree Lighting Dinner I & II. As most of you know, we used to hold just one tree lighting dinner with a full capacity of around 256 Members. We began years ago offering two nights, and the buzz has continued, with this year expecting over 400 Members. On Tuesday, December 13, we will be “Dancin’ in a Winter Wonderland . . . at the Holiday Dinner Dance, where we of course have the fabulous Ross Brown Band performing. We had the drawing for this event in mid-November, and we still have spots available, please contact the Clubhouse to make reservations. This will be one of the highlights of the year at the Clubhouse; you will not want to miss it. The final event, that needs no introduction, is the Moss Creek New Year’s Eve Celebration. We will again be ushering in the new year with our fabulous Casino Night, this year in “Cruise Style.” The night will start with dinner and gaming that will wrap up around 10:00pm when we celebrate the “Moss Creek midnight.” However, the night does not stop there. If you were unable to get into the first part of the evening, please make reservations for the second part, because that’s when the real party begins! We will have more food and drinks, as well as some great dancing until 1:00am. I want to thank all the members that have made this year wonderful here at Moss Creek and here’s to an even better 2017. Thank you and have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Upcoming Events: Tree Lighting I & II—Wed., Nov. 30th & Thurs., Dec. 1st

January Trivia —Thursday, January 19th

Holiday Dinner Dance—Tuesday, December 13th

January Birthday Buffet—Thursday, January 26th

Pet Pics with Santa—Friday, December 16th

February Trivia—Thursday, February 16th

Kids’ Night with Santa—Friday, December 16th

February Birthday Buffet—Thursday, February 23rd

December Birthday Buffet—Thursday, December 22nd

Roaring 20’s Party—Tuesday, February 28th

New Year’s Eve Party—Saturday, December 31st

Social & Dining Lenny Giarratano Executive Chef With Thanksgiving behind us, yet undoubtedly some large holiday meals ahead, I want to talk about roasts of meat and poultry. At this time of year, I am often asked “how many minutes per pound?” or “at what temperature do you cook Rib Roast?” to which I often disappoint people by telling them that oven thermostats are so inconsistent that they should really rely on an instant read meat thermometer rather that time/temperature formulas. To ease them of their disappointment in my lack of specific time and temperature advice, I usually follow with a tidbit of information that I believe can have a much greater effect on the outcome of their roast than few degrees in oven variance: REST TIME. Starting with roasts as small as a three-pound chicken, I like to rest meats on the counter for AT LEAST 45 minutes before slicing. With larger roasts, such as the fifteen-pound boneless rib roasts we make here at the club, my minimum recommended rest time before slicing is 90 minutes. The number one follow up question I then get is “won’t it get cold?”. The answer to that is, in its original roasting vessel, on your counter, not in direct path of a fan or anything to circulate forced air, no it will not get cold. In fact, for the first half hour or so after removing a large rib roast from the oven, if you leave the internal instant read thermometer in the meat, you will actually see the internal temperature of the meat is still rising. This is called “carry-over cooking.” By cutting into your meats too early, you are letting delicious juices drain out onto your cutting board. In my experience, most people know to let their roast rest, but they are often only resting as little as ten or fifteen minutes. Let it rest, and let your guests wonder why your roast is so much juicier than theirs!

“Montreal ” Style Roast Rub *1 TBL Paprika *2 TBL Kosher Salt *1 TBL Granulated Garlic *1 TBL Granulated Onion 2 tsp. Crushed Coriander 2 tsp. Dry Dill 2 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes 1. Rub liberally on standing rib roast, beef tenderloin, or NY Strip Roast prior to cooking

Newsletter December 2016  
Newsletter December 2016