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Dominick Bonanno MCOA Board President We had our Annual Member Meeting and from comments, it was well received. On behalf of the Board and Administration, I thank all the Members who attended. We appreciate your input, questions and concerns. We need your opinions, so please take part in the Triennial Survey because this is the vehicle that the Long Range Planning Committee and the Board uses as a base for determining what you, the Members, want. There are no significant major capital projects this year; it is a year of planning. The Board and Administration are currently involved in attending to general house/Community clean up. That is, a variety of small items that just need attention. The Marina Project should be completed soon and I hope that it is viewed as a positive addition to our amenities. Our major thrust is to focus on the planning and future implementations of the Gatehouse, the Bostwick Land Plan, and the Causeway Projects. These are all significant endeavors in cash requirement, planning and execution. I am confident that you understand and appreciate that some of these tasks are required. The Causeway, for example, could represent a threat to the safety and security of our infrastructure and utilities. We included several questions on the Bostwick Land Plan in the Survey. It is there that we expect to gain insight as to what you, the Membership, want. Accordingly, we need your help and support to confirm that we are on the right path. As for the Gatehouse, we are currently looking into meeting with Architects and Land Planners to provide professional expertise. However, the Gatehouse Task Force estimates that we will need a facility of approximately 300 square feet. For your information, the Windmill Harbor Gatehouse which was recently constructed is 900 square feet at a cost of $580,000. Improving the Moss Creek entrance would not only enhance curb appeal, but it also is a functional upgrade to our safety and security. We will keep you well informed as we move forward to determine the potential of these projects. At the Annual Meeting, Treasurer Jan Alpert reported on our financial results for Calendar Year 2012 and provided information regarding Budget Year 2013. Although CY 2012 experienced a slight shortfall in Revenue, we more than made up for that with reduced Expenses and achieved a Surplus of $1,592,500, or over Budget by $705,651. A most favorable achievement. Certificate Income in 2012 amounted to $1,151,500 and provided for our Capital Projects. The Budget for CY 2013 is based on an Operational Break Even with Certificate Income comparable to 2012. We are doing well and continue to manage our resources with the intent to achieve the goals of our MCOA mission statement. During the First Quarter, which ended March 2013, Revenue was slightly down and Expenses down. Bottom line: we achieved a Net Operating Surplus of $449,151 which is over Budget by $193,795, as we proceed on a positive basis. During the Annual Meeting’s Q&A session, and afterwards, I fielded questions about the kayak wait list. So, I ask that if you are not using your kayak, please remove it and free up a rack space for someone who will make use of it. Be sure to let Administration know your space is available. Also, safety around the lagoons is a serious issue. We urge you to be cautious and mindful of the pending dangers, especially where young children and pets are involved.



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2013 Member Survey It is very important that every Member—and every family Member share his or her opinions to provide Management with the information we need to improve your Member experience. Please plan to complete the survey before Friday, May 3, and please encourage other Members to do the same. Hard copies of the survey and envelopes addressed to Private Club Associates (PCA) will be available at the Administration Office. Whether you take the survey via the MC website (, or by hard copy, your response is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL!!

Art at the Creek—April 3

Picnic in the Park with Target Monday, May 6th —5pm DJ / 6PM Live Music Due to bad weather, the original Picnic in the Park date was rescheduled to next Monday, May 6. Bring your picnic, tables, and chairs for a fun evening with friends. DJ music will begin at 5:00pm and Target the Band will take the stage at 6:00pm. We love seeing group photos and hope you will share some from tonight's Picnic in the Park. If you would like to be included on the TV, in the This Week at the Creek and monthly Advocate, please email pictures to Melissa at or you can stop by the Administration office with a thumb drive or camera memory card with pictures.

Community News Cliff Charnes General Manager/COO If you are trying to find me to ask why our Marina Project is not quite complete, I am out of town, hiking the Appalachian Trail, only to return after it is totally finished. If there is any consolation, it is being very well done, to quality standards pleasing to our very own Pinckney Crosby, who is very quality conscious. There is one more concrete pour of a small section and the ramp will be finished, and a small section of dock to be added to the queuing dock for completion of the kayak launch, then it is asphalt repair and landscaping. Dock B is complete and ready for use. Our deepest apologies for the delays, and utmost appreciation for your patience.

Please be very mindful of these creatures as they can be quite dangerous. We remove them at any indication of aggression toward humans. Unless someone has fed them, they normally will avoid us as much as we avoid them, but caution is most important.

Perhaps you noticed the flags along the causeways. We are having both causeways surveyed and then reviewed by an engineering consultant to determine if we have had any substantial erosion or are at risk of exposure to the underground utilities. Nothing definitive is known at this point, will report more in the future.

Activity at the Bostwick pool complex has already picked up. We will have food and beverage service on weekends in May, then daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Daily closing time is sunset plus 20 minutes as we are not licensed by DHEC for night time swimming. The Securitas attendant services also run weekends in May and from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It is a wonderful complex to be enjoyed by all.

We were reminded last week that it is an active time of year for the alligators, as one of the big fellas was walking down the cart path on 1 North. At another location, a mama alligator was obviously ready to protect her young if necessary.

The Board of Directors was recently asked if a Member’s citation record is ever cleansed of prior violations. The Board concluded it appropriate to follow the lead of the State of South Carolina and use a period of three years, after which the record of a citation will be erased.

Finally, I am not on the Appalachian Trail, but most of you get the reference.

Randy Connelly Chief of Security Whether you are at home or on the go, you should keep these safety tips in mind: At Home

• • • • • •

Do you have a first aid kit at home? Is your medicine cabinet out of reach from young children or grandchildren? Do you own a shredder to destroy important documents? Do you open your door to strangers at odd times of the day? I suggest a peephole. Do you give out your personal information freely to strangers? Do you leave your fireplace and/or candles on when you’re leaving your home? Nightlights to help maneuver in the dark should be considered.

On the Go

• • • • •

At night, do you walk on well-lit routes and if alone tell someone your route? Use a flashlight. Do you walk facing traffic so you can observe oncoming cars? Use the leisure trail. Do you leave your luggage unattended in public areas? When leaving for extended periods of time, do you let a friend or family member know of your travel plans? Do you turn in a House-check card to Security? Do you have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail if you are gone for an extended period of time?

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions concerning personal safety. 3

Golf Corner Twilight Golf Results

Mitchell Wilkerson Director of Golf Maintenance

April 12, 2013 Most of my articles are about what we are doing on the golf courses. This month, I want to highlight my Community crew. The Community crew is responsible for color changes in plantings, debris pickup, drainage work, blowing parking areas, detail around the Community, and now a more detailed approach to the potted plants. You will notice more detail and work on potted plants at the Clubhouse, Tennis, Bostwick, Marina, and Pool.

Barbara & Bill Kindred / Ruth Ellen & Dick Phillips

Question of the Month from the Community is… Why do you spray your pine straw? The answer is that we spray the pine straw to increase the life of the straw by delaying the breakdown of the straw due to weather and time. The color comes from using a two to one ratio of brown to red paint specifically for pine straw and mulch. This product is sold at John Deere Landscaping on Sheridan Park Circle in Bluffton.

Notice from Green Committee The South Course “grow in” continues on plan with a bit of delay due to the relatively cold spring we have experienced here in the Low Country. As the weather warms up, we should see a gradual greening and thickening of the fairways and new growth on the greens. Even though the greens remain hard, they are becoming more receptive to holding balls than previously expected. Emily & Peyton McLamb / Sally Bach & Pat Mulhollen

Mitchell and his staff have taken the initiative to improve the appearance and playability of the course by enhancing the approach to 7th tee, rebuilding and sodding the edges of the 9th green side bunker, expanding the teeing area on 17 and root pruning the tree line on the right side of 18 fairway. In addition, previous drainage work behind 5 has enabled the grass in this area to mature, improving lies on shots that go beyond the green. Also, as the weather improves, both sides of 8th green will be mowed at fairway height expanding the shot options from these locations. Tree pruning forward of the 18th Championship tees was also completed giving players the ability to better shape tee shots.

Sharon & Stan Potter / Sheila & Larry Block

Other work completed includes pruning water oak and pine limbs adjacent to the 4th green and the pine tree 130 yards out from the 6th green. Roots were removed behind 6 enabling the expansion of the grass line. Part of this area will be played as ground under repair until the new sod takes root. As you may have noticed, Mitchell and his staff have also reshaped and sodded the 14th tee so it complies with the architects design. Attention was also given to the 12th tee. Work included leveling, limb removal and root pruning. The job was finalized by re-sodding with Celebration Bermuda. You should begin to experience better playing conditions on green approaches as a result of Mitchell’s staff top dressing these area three times in the last month. As the weather warms, we will see increased play on both courses requiring more diligence in filling divots and ball marks. Heidi and her staff are putting renewed emphasis on having walkers carry sand bottles and replenishment sand stations will be available at areas on 7 and 14.


Golf Corner Heidi Wright-Tennyson Director of Golf Wow, it is amazing how fast the spring days flew by and the dog days of summer are right around the corner! We thank the many Members who took advantage of the demo/fitting days held in March and April and we appreciate your support of the Golf Shop. When considering a new club purchase, please speak with a member of the professional staff to discuss a club fitting. When investing in new equipment the professional staff can determine which lie angle, length, shaft flex, grip size, and club model are best for your swing. With the help of the GC2 launch monitor you can easily see how different lofts and shaft flexes can change your ball speed and carry distance. Along with fitting carts from Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Ping and TaylorMade we also have several demonstration clubs for you to try. Our prices are competitive and the value of your purchase is increased knowing your clubs are fit for you!

Golf, Tennis & Swim Camp Mark your calendars! Moss Creek’s Annual Junior Golf, Tennis & Swim Camp is being held Monday, July 1 through Saturday, July 6 (no camp classes on the 4th). Complete information and registration forms will be emailed to all Members on Monday, May 6, 2013.


[täx à{x Ñâàà|Çz ãÉxá? vtÄÄ ]tÅxá yÉÜ t fxx`ÉÜx ÑâààxÜ y|àà|Çz4 Assistant Golf Professional, James Scales, is a Bronze Level Certified SeeMore Putting Instructor. Putter fittings are $30. If you purchase a SeeMore putter, the fitting fee is reduced to $15. SeeMore putters are used by PGA tour Professional, Zach Johnson, and the late Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open at Pinehurst by one stroke, using a SeeMore putter.


Sadie Hawkins Tournament It was a perfect day for the 2013 Mixed Couples Championship. There were 116 players in the field and the event played on the North Course. Format was Better Ball of Partners on the front nine and Chapman on the back nine. Both Gross and Net Winners were awarded. Congratulations to Cheryl Smith and Jim McCarron for winning the Overall Net title and Susan Carlson and Bob Lampe for winning the Overall Gross title.

Men’s Member-Guest The Men’s Member-Guest was played on April 26 and 27. The format was a 36-hole Stroke Play / Gross & Net. Congratulations to Tom McNutt and Rene Williams for becoming the Overall Gross Champions and Tony Karnas and Phil Rehbein for winning the Overall Net Champions title.

Ladies 9 Spring Fling Thirty-six Members of the Ladies Nine enjoyed a beautiful spring morning on Thursday, April 18. The format was Better Ball of Partners with Stableford Scoring. The field was divided into three flights, and was played on the back nine of the South Course.

`tÜ~ çÉâÜ VtÄxÇwtÜ WGA Governor’s Tournament The 2013 WGA Governor’s Tounament began on March 6. This event is a single elimination match play event. Matches are played at 100% handicap off the low handicap of the match. The field is divided in two flights by handicap index. The flights are then bracketed for the matches by a random draw. On Tuesday, April 16, Audrey Burke and Deon Nontelle battled for the Championship on the North Course. Congratulations to Deon Nontelle for winning this year’s event.

Men’s Governor’s Tournament The Men’s Governor’s Tournament began on February 24, with 57 players. The event is a random draw single elimination match play tournament. The field is divided into A and B brackets by handicap index. The brackets are then seeded by a random draw. On Tuesday, April 9, Rick Bates and David Watson competed for the Championship on the North Course. It was a competitive match, with Mr. Bates shooting one-under par on the front nine and Mr. Watson a 39! Mr. Bates sealed the victory on #17 two up with one hole to play.

Friday, May 3rd Men’s Day Shoot Out Sat., May 4th & Sun., May 5th Men’s Moss Creek Cup Tuesday, May 7th Midcaps at Colleton River Tuesday, May 7th WGA Horse Race (Practice) Wed., May 8th & Thurs., May 9th WGA 2-Day Member-Guest Saturday, May 11th Dr. Alligator Tournament Wed., May 15th & Thurs., May 16th WGA Handicap Tournament Friday, May 17th Twilight Golf Sat., May 18th & Sun., May 19th Men’s Member-Member Thursday, May 23rd Ladies Nine hosts Exchange Day Monday, May 27th Memorial Day Mixed Member


Tennis News Tom Ruth Director of Tennis 40 and Over State Tournament The 40 and Over State Tournament will be held in Hilton Head starting Friday, May 17 and ending on May 19. We will be hosting some of the matches out here at Moss Creek during that weekend, which will affect court availability. Also our own Women’s 3.5 team will be playing in the event after finishing first in the local league. Their schedule will be published at the Tennis Center when it is made available.

Whatever It Takes—Competing at States May 17th—19th New Court Booking Guidelines There has been a change in the guidelines for booking courts. The following change has been made and is currently in effect. If you have any questions please contact the Tennis Center. Activity Fee Members may reserve courts up to fourteen (14) days in advance for Member only play. Activity Fee Members may reserve courts to bring guests up to seven (7) days in advance. All others may reserve courts one (1) day in advance. Tennis Tip: The Continental Grip The continental grip is a versatile grip that can and should be used for your serves, volleys and also when hitting a slice. It has also been referred to as the hammer grip, because you hold the racquet just as you would hold a hammer. Using the continental grip on your serve will allow you to hit a flat serve or a spin serve with only changing a few small details. On the volley, it will allow you to hit forehand and backhand volleys without changing your grip, or hitting the dreaded windshield wiper volley. One easy way to get comfortable with the continental grip is to practice bouncing the ball down with the edge of your racquet. Do this for a few minutes each time before you play and you will begin to get more comfortable with this useful grip.

Luck of the Draw Tournament

HH Pro League

Friday, May 3rd / 6:00pm Moss Creek The third edition of the Pro League Tennis begins on Hilton Head. The league serves as a place for Hilton Head Island’s local tennis professionals The Moss Creek Pro-Am to benefit the Special Olympics will be held May 10-11. Friday, and highly-ranked amateurs to play May 10, will feature a silent auction at the Clubhouse from 4-7 pm. There are over 70 competitively. The teams will battle it items for you to bid on with all the proceeds going to Special Olympics. Then on Saturout every Friday night for cash prizes day we will have the Tennis Pro-Am and Exhibitions. The day will start with an exhibiand bragging rights. tion from local Special Olympic athletes followed by the Women’s Pro-Am, lunch, Men’s Pro-Am and then Pro Exhibition. Each Member signed up will get the chance to play All matches feature free admission with concessions provided at each event. with local pros in a fun format. Space is still available, sign up today!

Special Olympics Pro-Am / Pro-Pro


Fitness News Jason Zavasnik Fitness Director I first want to say “thank you” to all, for making me feel so overwhelmingly welcome here at Moss Creek. It has been a true pleasure seeing old friendly faces from my previous stomping grounds as well as making so many new ones! Although I am excited for this next chapter in my life, I will truly miss everyone I have met here at Moss Creek! For my last Advocate article, I thought I would share my top-secret strategy for health and longevity: the “Stretch, Lift, Overload, and Build principal”…better known as “the SLOB method”. Being a “slob” may seem like an easily accomplishable feat for most of us, but the real art is being a healthy slob. So grab a pen, pencil, crayon or even an Oreo-cookie or Doritosstained finger and jot this down!

Overload: Overload your schedule with people, pets and places that make you laugh! Build: Build healthy relationships. Many of us have heard people say that in order to be healthy you must “surround yourself with positive-like minded people who won’t drain your energy.” I say instead to BE that person for others. Share honest opinions if asked, take constructive “advice” even when not asked, and give the gift of forgiveness to all (even yourself) always. I thank you all for the blessings you have poured into my life with each smile, conversation and handshake we have shared. I look forward to visiting you all again in the future!

Stretch: Stretching out one hand to give a friendly handshake will warm two souls. Lift: Lift one person up each day. No I’m not talking about “using our legs to save our backs.” I simply mean smile. Our smile is stronger than any muscle in our body and can even “lift-up” someone who is bearing the “weight of the world” upon their shoulders.

MC Community Pride Notice It’s that time of the year. The weather is nice and time to do the work that is required on the outside of our properties. The following is a list of the major items that the CPC is currently checking: • Roofs with mildew, stains, and/or debris (50% of any roof section) • Driveways in need of cleaning or repair • House siding and trim with stains and mildew • Yard debris clean up and shrub trimming • Garden tools, trash, toys, sport equipment, stored out of view The CPC, associated with the ARB was established in 2007 to address property maintenance issues as shown above. The CPC is made up of volunteer Members who perform an annual inspection of all properties within Moss Creek. Members will be notified by mail of any specific problems they need to address. We thank you for continuing to be a good neighbor. Barry Burgoyne / Peter Carlson 8

Clubhouse News Jim O’Connor Clubhouse Manager In my planner today I had a couple of important items I needed to complete, one being this article. Another was writing my employee schedule for the first week of May which included the staffing of the pool snack bar. Next week the pool season will officially kick off on May 4 and 5, with hours of operation from 11:00am-7:00pm on weekends till the Memorial Holiday and then open seven days a week 11:00am-7:00pm. We learned a lot from the first season we opened Mackay’s Grill and we intend to build on that this summer. The menu will stay the same but we will try to run daily specials as business warrants. So, as the families start to descend on the Low Country please take them to see our pool and fitness center, it is truly one of the best in the area. This is going to segue me to my next topic, family members and their guests. At the end of March we celebrated Easter with 300+ Members and their families, and I noticed and had to move several Members to the Grill Room because of their guests’ apparel. In the Rules and Regulations, it states that the following attire is considered inappropriate at any time in the Clubhouse: cut-offs, gym shorts, muscle shirts, T-shirts promoting any kind of advertising, tank tops, torn or soiled work apparel, flip flops, bathing suits, or gentleman’s headgear. It also states that dress jeans are restricted to the Grill

Room. Please remind your loved ones before they visit of this dress code, as it will eliminate a potentially embarrassing situation at the Clubhouse. The next hot topic I would like to discuss is the success of Friday Nights and High Tide Happy Hour. Since the beginning of March we have had only one Friday night that we haven’t been completely committed on reservations. We have been averaging 150 dinners a night and as you can imagine that is a lot all at one time. For those that do not know we have gone to two musicians, one from our usual 5:00-7:00pm, and then we have been experimenting with a guitarist from 7:00-10:00pm. This has been a huge hit and we will be continuing into May. I have just signed the contracts and we will be alternating between David Bohn and Chris Jones every Friday in May. If you haven’t come out, please do and make reservations early as we have been selling out earlier and earlier. Thank you all for a great April and we are looking forward to a better May.

Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday, May 12, 2013 / Two Seatings: 11:00am & 1:30pm (Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar by Signature) She Crab Soup, Vegetable Gazpacho Shrimp Cocktail Bar Moss Creek Salad Bar Carving Station: Slow Roasted Prime Rib of Beef & Sage Rubbed Turkey Breast

Chef Manned Omelet Station Bacon, Sausage Medallions of Chicken Breast Mediterranean Style Salmon Medallions Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes Garlic Herb Potato Gratin Honey Sautéed Carrots, Roasted Asparagus Dessert Bar

Cost: $28.50++ Adult / $15.25++ Ages 12-5


Clubhouse News The Moss Creek Salt Marsh

Author Series

Lunch with John Lescroart Tuesday, May 14, 2013 12:00 Noon THE OPHELIA CUT goes on sale everywhere on May 7, and the author has made Hilton Head—and the Moss Creek Clubhouse, part of his book tour. Join us for the latest installment in the Salt Marsh Author Series on May 14, at noon.

Friday Breakfast Club: Gullah Friday, May 10, 2013 9:00am / Clubhouse Discover their history and their role in the development of our area. Light breakfast will be served. Cost :$13 Inclusive Call 837-2230 for reservations!

Call the Moss Creek Clubhouse at (843) 837-2230 to reserve your space! These events are popular and will fill up fast. The Author Series is open to everyone—so invite your friends and neighbors. The cost is $21 inclusive and a 72-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Lenny Giarratano Executive Chef I want to extend my thanks to the Membership at large for the overwhelming positive support of last month’s article featuring our Sous Chef Scott Woodcock’s liver recipe. I was a little afraid when everyone found out that I didn’t do ALL the cooking here my “goose would be cooked” so to speak. Since the secret is out, this month I’d like to feature a recipe from Maria Velazquez. Maria is an extremely talented line chef who is well versed in many cuisines. Her forte, however is her native cuisine of Mexico’s interior mountain region of Guanajuato. I am lucky enough to have worked with Maria for around 8 years now. I can only hope she has learned from me as much as I have learned from her. The recipe featured here is a simple one, but one of my personal favorites. For years she let me make it “Gringo style” in a food processor, and there is nothing wrong with that, but recently she showed me how to make it in a traditional Molcajete, a mortar and pestle type tool commonly used for making salsa. Enjoy on tacos, fish dishes, or just some crunchy tortilla chips for a change of pace.

Party with the ZEROS!! Are you turning (or have you turned) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 this year? Well, we are going to do a special celebration for you on Wednesday, May 29. In conjunction with our regular monthly “birthday celebration,” if you would like, you can sit with the other “zeros” for a special celebration.

Cost: $22++ per person Call 837-2230 for reservations!!

ftÄát ixÜwx • • • • • • •

1 pound tomatillos, husked 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1 tsp. minced garlic 1 minced Serrano or jalapeno pepper 3 TBL chopped cilantro 2 tsp. salt 2 cups water

1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a rapid boil. 2. Reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes or until tomatillos are very soft. 3. Using a blender, food processor, or Molcajete, process the salsa until desired consistency.


MCOA Board of Directors Officers President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Dominick Bonanno John Woronowich Janet Alpert Jim Vogel

Directors Peter Carlson Chuck Eberly Jerry Coghlan

Eileen Hutton David Neff

Management Team Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Bostwick Pool This is going to be a “Volcano” of a good time because it is “5 O'clock Somewhere.” Drag out those Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts for a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” along the “Coast of Carolina.” Grilled Half Pound Cheeseburger Grilled Hot Dog with condiments Key West Marinated Chicken Satay with margarita-yogurt dipping sauce Shrimp Bar with Cocktail Sauce Home-Made Potato Chips with Onion Dip Tortilla Chips with Tomato Salsa Ice Cream Bars, Fresh Cut Watermelon, Cookies Cost: $15.50++ Adult / $8.75++ Ages 5-12 Call 843-837-2230 for reservations!

Document Shredding Tuesday, May 7 from 9:00—11:00am Bostwick Pavilion

Cypress Mulch If you are interested in mulch, please call Sandy Murrow at 837-3755 to order and set up delivery. Mulch will be delivered on Wednesdays from 12:45—3:00pm. Orders must be placed each week by Tuesday at 3:00pm. Cost: $113 per load

Cliff Charnes Suzanna Johnston Stephanie Kerr Randy Connelly Jim O’Connor Lenny Giarratano Heidi Wright-Tennyson Tom Ruth Pinckney Crosby Mitchell Wilkerson James Buckner

836-6114 836-6116 836-6102 836-6151 837-2234 837-2230 837-2231 836-6131 836-6160 836-6139 836-6136 836-6109

Member Services Gate Passes Dinner Reservations Member Banquets Certificate/ARB/Marina Fax/Copies/Notary Member Services/Publications Lot Maintenance Statement Inquiries

Security Sonya Cook Jim O’Connor Susan Brown Faye Barnard Melissa Sheire Kelly Clements Heather Watts

837-2220 837-2230 837-2234 836-6112 836-6113 836-6121 836-6108 836-6109

Hours of Operation Administration Office Monday - Thursday Friday Clubhouse Bar

8:00am - 5:00pm 8:00am - 1:00pm

Tuesday Wednesday - Sunday

11.30am - 5:00pm 11:30am - 9:00pm

Grill Room Dining Lunch: Tuesday - Sunday Dinner: Wednesday - Sunday

1 1:30am - 5:00pm 5:30pm - 8:30pm

A la Carte Dining Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:

Sunday Tuesday - Sunday Wednesday - Buffet Friday Simply Sunday

10:00am - 1:00pm 11:30am - 3:00pm 5:30pm - 7:30pm 5:30pm - 8:30pm 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Golf Pro Shop


7:30am - 5:00pm

Tennis Center

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 12:00pm 2:00pm - 6:00pm 8:00am - 12:00pm

Saturday Fitness Center


General Manager Asst. to General Manager Controller Chief of Security Clubhouse Manager Executive Chef Director of Golf Director of Tennis Fitness Complex Facility Maintenance Manager Golf Superintendent Water Oak Utility Manager


Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday Daily

6:00am - 7:00pm 7:00am - 3:00pm 12:00pm - 4:00pm Sunrise—Sunset + 20 mins.

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