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Dominick Bonanno MCOA Board President We have now passed the First Quarter mark and we are progressing. The Dock Project has taken longer than expected. In addition to weather and tide deterrents, we ran into a cement curing problem whereby it had to cure for 14 days before submerging the first portion of the ramp. Hopefully, we can move forward without further delays. Most of our prior outstanding projects are now complete, or will be soon. Among these are the tennis benches (completed), the truck parking area, as well as the Route 278 fence, which are on our active schedule. For your information, we have waived the $25 house painting fee and the roof resurfacing fee if it is the same color. A permit is still required. A meeting was held with the Time Warner representatives who came with a proposal for a fiber optics network for MCOA Business Accounts. However, they did not have a proposal for our Members’ service and they have been requested to come back with an all-inclusive plan. Our major planning projects, namely, the Bostwick Land Plan, the Gatehouse and the Causeway are still in process. We will include relevant questions on certain projects in the survey that will be going out in April to get a better understanding of Member support on these issues. We have received a preliminary land plan for Bostwick, but it is still in the talking phase with no formal position as of this time. Some improvements have already been made to the Pavilion as they required limited financial impact. A speaker system has been installed along with improved indoor lighting. Outdoor furniture has been relocated to the deck from the pool area and new furnishings are on order for the pool and the Clubhouse Verandah. The Dog Park continues to present a space dilemma. A number of options are being considered before we, the Board, act on any of them. Some Members who are using the open area are not in support of having an enclosed space, or if one is required, would like a much larger area of approximately two acres. Land is at a premium, and while we will do our best to accommodate the Dog Park, we will also take into consideration the entire Moss Creek Membership when doing so.



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Annual Meeting Reminder Please make plans to join us on Tuesday, April 23, at 4:00pm at the Moss Creek Clubhouse. The Agenda for the meeting will be: *Approval of Minutes of October 23, 2012 Special Meeting *President’s Report *Financial Report *General Manager’s Report *Old Business *New Business We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!

The March First Quarter Financial results are not available at this time. We do have the two months ended February: Revenue of $1.344 million is on target with budget, Operating Expenses of $1.280 million are below budget by $79 thousand. Operating Surplus of $64 thousand equates to $78 thousand above budget; Net Surplus before depreciation is $318 thousand, or over budget by $160 thousand. Certificate Income of $253 thousand was over budget by $65 thousand. All good news. You should have received the notice for the Annual Meeting. The package includes the Internal Income Statement for the calendar year ended December 2012, the Annual Budget Summary, the Project Expenditures for 2012, and the Project Budget for 2013. In addition, it includes the Audited Financial Statements and Supplementary Information for 2012. You should review this information so that you will be better informed. Please plan on attending the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 23, at 4:00pm at the Clubhouse.

Eagle spotted on #5 South Course Picture taken by Tom Rea

St. Patrick’s Day—March 17

Easter Weekend Celebration March 30—31

Community News Cliff Charnes General Manager/COO This month’s article is solely to ask for your help and input. Please read on. A few years ago, we attempted to go green with the Advocate by using electronic distribution, saving not only the trees but also several thousands of dollars for MCOA in paper and postage. What we learned was that our Membership was not ready for that step and we returned to the printed and mailed version. We think it is time to ask ourselves if we are ready now. There is so much more that can be done electronically that we can begin to do in hard print. The additional features are just pretty fantastic with pictures, printable links, videos and on and on. So, the crackerjack administrative staff has prepared duplicate Advocates for April. The printed version you will receive in the mail, and an electronic version for you to review. You will receive an email from MCOA of the new version, that you can access from the home page of the Moss Creek website (, or you can enter this link on your computer via the email.

happy to see us convert to this electronic system. So we hope you will thoroughly review this new offering and give us feedback in the survey. Every Board of Directors for which I have worked has had “better communications with the Members” as one of their goals. That being said, no matter how wonderful the electronic product is, and how economically and ecologically sound it is, if it does not reach you, it is not a wise move to make. We appreciate your help and oh, by the way, we have quite a bit going on in Moss Creek as spring arrives, and things are going well. 2013 is off to a great start. By the next Advocate, the new launch ramp should be complete, putting a smile on the faces of our boaters and kayakers.

As we plan for our triennial Member survey this month, we will incorporate an opportunity for you to tell us if you would be

Randy Connelly Chief of Security Another pool season will soon be upon us and activities will once again commence. We wish everyone an enjoyable and most importantly SAFE experience. In order for this to happen, we ask that everyone including guests, become familiar with all pertinent rules as they apply. These rules are posted on the bulletin boards at all pools. They can also be found on the Moss Creek website. Remember, Stable Gate and Royal Pointe Pools are for their communities’ use only and not the general Membership. A real concern brought to my attention last season was glass being brought onto the pool deck. We ask that everyone understand the importance and refrain from this practice. Serious injuries could result. We also ask that you monitor your guests’ and children’s actions. It is our policy to correct a matter we observe as a violation and then bring this matter to the host or parent. If it continues, the incident will be documented for further action as needed. Again, let’s have a safe and enjoyable season enjoying our beautiful Community.


Golf Corner Twilight Golf Results March 15, 2013

Nancy & Earle Everett / Emily & Peyton McLamb

Mitchell Wilkerson Director of Golf Maintenance A lot of yard work is done in April with the weather turning warmer. Planting new flowers, laying new sod, and detailing the yard for a great spring look is a great way to spend time in the sun here at Moss Creek. April is also a good time to take a soil test from your yard. Taking two is the best approach, one for the grass area and one for the bed area where your shrubs are located. This soil test will help you know what your soil needs to be healthier for the plants that it supports. Testing soil is done by taking samples throughout the area that is being tested. Take soil no deeper than 8 inches from the top and no organic material should be put into the test bag. You can use soil test bags, like the ones provided at the John Deere Landscaping store or use a paper bag. You must put date, name, area, and plant (grass type or name of shrubs). This will help the test facility to make the right recommendations for your area. You can send your soil test to Clemson or have the John Deere Landscaping store run your test. Clemson is cheaper, but it will take longer to get results back. Having the right information about what your soil needs will make your plants healthier, save you money, make you environmentally sound with your fertilizing program, and make you and nature happier throughout the year.

Audrey & Tom Burke / Jeanine & Tony Daniels

Spring is Here!!

Sandy & Bill Weagly / Debbie & Art Dunlap

Over the last month, Community Maintenance, under the direction of Sandy Murrow, has been working hard on providing beautiful potted plants and flowers for us all to enjoy throughout the Community. We hope you enjoy the beautiful additions that surround the various amenity locations. The newly planted flowers require daily attention to always look their best!!

Linda & Chuck Eberly / Jeffrie & Lou Natale


Golf Corner Heidi Wright-Tennyson Director of Golf Congratulations to Western Carolina! Mother Nature was the winner of the first round of the 2013 Low Country Intercollegiate on Sunday, March 24, as the rains came down causing the course to be unplayable. Due to the weather the event was shortened to a one round tournament on Sunday, March 25. The conditions were difficult with cool temperatures and wind gusts up to 30 mph serving to be quite a challenge to the players. Congratulations to Western Carolina for securing the win with a team score of 328. A big thank you to all of the Members who volunteered their time as hole-spotters and shuttle drivers; we appreciate all of your support! Demo/Club Fitting Days We hope you have enjoyed the demo/fitting days held in March. Don’t miss out on the few left in April! Call the Golf Shop to schedule a fitting appointment today; 837-2231!

Golf, Tennis & Swim Camp Mark your calendars! Moss Creek’s Annual Junior Golf, Tennis & Swim Camp is being held Monday, July 1 through Saturday, July 6 (no camp classes on July 4). Complete information and registration forms will be emailed to all Members on Monday, May 6, 2013. Deadline to have all forms returned will be Thursday, May 30, 2013.

Demo Days Ping on Thursday, April 4 at 12:00-4:00pm Mizuno on Wednesday, April 17 at 11:00am-4:00pm Call the Golf Shop to schedule a fitting appointment!


[Éã Ytáà jxÜx lÉâ ZÉ|ÇzR Struggling with your chipping or are trying to putt from too far off the green and having trouble judging the speed? Try using your 3 or 4hybrid. When you try to putt from more than two feet off the green speed can be difficult to judge because your putter only has four to six degrees of loft. This does not get the ball high enough to roll over the grass. Your 3 and 4-hybrids have 21 to 24 degrees of loft. This gets the ball just high enough to carry over the longer grass then roll out like a putt once the ball is on the putting surface. Give it a try! 5

Southern Conference Championship Volunteers We are still in need of volunteers for the Southern Conference Championship (SoCon) on Sunday, April 14—Tuesday, April 16, 2013. If you are interested in volunteering to be a hole-spotter, transporter, starter or scorer, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Meredith, by emailing her at Thank you!

Mixed Exchange WGA Team Round Robin Congratulations to all our flight winners. All flight winners competed in a sudden death playoff from #10 tee to determine the Overall Champion. On Hole #10 and Hole #11, Flight One, Three, and Four tied with net bogies and headed to Hole #12. With Melissa Nieberding in the hole with a five, she gave Suki Brainard a free run from 15 feet to end the playoff. The speed and direction was perfect as it fell into the hole. Congratulations to Suki Brainard and Melissa Nieberding, our 2013 Team Round Robin Champions.

Thirty brave souls battled it out Saturday, March 2. The format was Better Ball of Men plus Better Ball of Women with Stableford Scoring. Congratulations to Dori and George Barnes their guests from Callawassie, Patty and Terry Ash for winning with 83 points.

`tÜ~ çÉâÜ VtÄxÇwtÜ Saturday, April 6th Sadie Hawkins Tournament April 8th—April 14th Masters Week Friday, April 12th Twilight Golf

Men’s Individual Round Robin The field was comprised of 8 flights of six players in each flight. Five 9-hole matches are played off the low handicap of the match with a total of 10 possible points per match. Billy Apicelli and Dick Obrig continued on to the third hole of sudden death after pars on the 11th hole. Billy Apicelli hit an awesome second shot to 5 feet from the hole. Dick Obrig hit a fantastic third shot from a difficult lie. Mr. Apicelli putted for the Championship.

April 15th—April 21st RBC Heritage Monday, April 22nd Midcaps at Palmetto Hall April 25th—April 27th (April 28th Rain Date) Annual Men’s Member-Guest Friday, May 3rd Men’s Day Shoot Out Sat., May 4th & Sun., May 5th Men’s Moss Creek Cup Tuesday, May 7th WGA Horse Race (Practice) Wed., May 8th & Thurs., May 9th WGA 2-Day Member-Guest


Tennis News Tom Ruth Director of Tennis Mixed Doubles The 55 and over mixed doubles leagues have begun pre-registration. Any Members interested in participating in the summer mixed doubles leagues for 55 and over age group need to sign up. Days and times of play are still TBD. Sign-ups for 18 and over and 40 over divisions will be out within the next month. Hilton Head Island Pro Tennis League The HHIPTL will return to Moss Creek on Friday, May 3. This is a chance to see high level tennis up close and personal. The players will be pros from around the Hilton Head area. Matches will start at 6:00pm and will finish around 9:00pm.

MCTC St. Patrick’s Tournament

Tennis Tip of the Month: Exploit A Weakness During a tennis match, it is important that we take in all the information that our opponents are giving us. A good strategy that can be implemented is to take note when an opponent makes an error or mistake on a particular shot. For example, if you hit an approach shot to your opponent’s backhand and they miss the approach shot. Next time you approach you should try to go back to their backhand. After a few errors your opponent will lose confidence in their ability to make the shot and you can exploit their weakness. It is also important to be aware of patterns and habits of opponents. We all have a favorite shot and/or place to hit the ball. Make sure you are picking up on these tendencies to give you an edge against your next opponent.

Tennis College Teams at Moss Creek

Luck of the Draw Tournament The next big event is the Luck of the Draw social to be held on Saturday, April 13, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. We will create a fun 'Vegas' environment with a 'friendly wagering' format for each mini-match. All players will be paired with those of equal ability for multiple rounds of short sets, and the pairings will be posted several days before the event to permit the friendly wagering. You can even bet if you don't play! Those with the most gambling success will win at the end of the competition, but everybody will really be a winner! Snacks, drinks and a light dinner, plus participation all for $10. If you wish to consume only, the charge is $5 for Tennis Club Members and $7 for Non-Members. Sign up sheet posted in the Tennis Center.


Fitness News Jason Zavasnik Fitness Director Believe it or not, April is here and our pool deck is open. The pools are heated and it’s about to be time to hit the deck, enjoy the sunshine, and jump in the pool for exercise and play-time! But wait, that means I have to wear a bathing suit…outside! We can all feel a little intimidated to show off our “beach bodies” early in the season. After all, who knew that extra box of Girl-Scout cookies or the decision to stockpile Twinkies in preparation for the “Hostess demise” would come back to haunt us? Battling the bulge of extra fat is a common goal for all of us, and not just to look slimmer on the pool deck. Belly fat has always been the nemesis to us men. Even if we do a thousand crunches a day and have the strongest set of abdominal muscles, if our midsection is covered by fat, our abs can resemble more of a keg than a “six-pack.” But what about belly fat in women? As we age and our metabolism slows down, the amount of fat in our bodies slowly increases. Women experience an even greater fat percentage increase than men do. Then after menopause, body fat distribution tends to shift — less in the arms, legs and hips, and more in the abdomen. You may think belly fat is limited to the stuff out front that you can grab with your hand — but it's the fat you can't see that's really a cause for concern. Visceral fat lies deeper inside the abdomen, surrounding the abdominal organs. Gaining this type of fat has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health problems. Subcutaneous fat, located between the skin and the abdominal wall, is more visible but also less likely to be a health risk. Gaining weight in our abdomen does more harm than simply making our waistband too tight. While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on our health, abdominal weight gain is particularly unhealthy. Too much belly fat increases our risk of: heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gallbladder problems, high blood

pressure, and colorectal cancer. Researchers also have found that abdominal fat cells aren't just dormant energy waiting to be burned up. The cells are active, producing hormones and other substances that can affect our health. For example, some fatcell-produced hormones can promote insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes; others can produce estrogen after menopause, which may increase the risk for breast cancer. Researchers are still sorting out how the excess hormones affect overall health, but they do know that too much visceral fat can disrupt the body's normal hormonal balance. “So what can I do to target this area?” The first answer we all know: change our eating habits. Changing unhealthy eating habits can help fight belly fat. Read nutrition labels, and replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats. Increase portions of complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, and reduce simple carbohydrates like white bread and refined pasta. We can also reduce our meal-portion sizes and daily calorie intake. The second answer we also know: increase our cardio-vascular exercise. Cardio-vascular training increases our ability to deliver oxygen to our bodies which it then uses to metabolize fat and make energy at the cellular level. The third answer is (you guessed it) resistance training. Although we can’t “spot treat” belly fat (as anyone who has tried to battle belly fat by doing a zillion crunches with futile results knows) targeting our deeper abdominal muscles can help reduce visceral fat. Also, unlike cardio-vascular training alone, research shows that adding resistance-training exercises which stimulate overall muscle growth in our bodies (like swimming or lifting weights), can allow our bodies to continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after we stop exercising! So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump off of the couch, jump into the pool and jumpstart our metabolism!

NEW!! Kayak/Canoe Launch Along with the Marina Project, we are getting a new ADA compliant kayak and canoe launch by EZ Dock. The EZ Launch for kayaks and canoes makes it simple and safe to use, so people of all abilities can find boarding, launching, and recovery a breeze. Moss Creek has 5 loaner kayaks (4 single/1 double) that can be reserved 2 weeks in advance by calling the Fitness Center. A waiver must be signed by each participant and each is responsible for their own life jacket. This program will be back in action once the marina project is complete.


Clubhouse News Jim O’Connor Clubhouse Manager Happy April everyone! I would like to begin by making some important announcements for those who have not yet heard. First, I would like to congratulate Beth Reynders, as she has accepted the position as Assistant Clubhouse Manager. Beth has been with us since September 2011 and before that had been the Clubhouse Manager at Long Cove Yacht Club for 4 years. Next, I would like to welcome Rolando Hernandez to the Moss Creek family, as he has accepted a full time position as Bartender. Rolando has worked at Berkeley Hall, Belfair and Colleton River in his previous employment and we are positive he will do an outstanding job for us. Lastly, I need to introduce a person that needs no introduction; I know I sound like I’m on the tonight show, Crystal Smith as Dining Room Captain. I believe everyone knows Crystal as she has been here 13 years and still smiling. Crystal will be helping with making sure every Member is getting great service and having a wonderful time. I know that this has been a lot of change, but I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for our Members and these individuals. We always try to get the right people in the right position, and I think we have done so with these changes. There was an ugly rumor floating around that we had discontinued our famous Wine Club and the events affiliated with it. I will respond with an emphatic “NO” we have not discontinued the Wine Club. If any Member needs to order wine, they can

call or email me and I should be able to get them their wine in less than ten days. With this being said, I have also been trying to secure both a tasting and a wine dinner for later in April or early May. As always, Wine Club Members will have the first opportunity to reserve a spot for these events, please look for an email blast and flyers within the next two weeks. Now I know we have tried a lot of different events and parties at Moss Creek over the years, but I think everyone will want to pay close attention to this next big piece of news. Starting in April, as a trial, we will have our usual 5-7pm Happy Hour Entertainment on Fridays, but we will also have entertainment on the Verandah from 7-10pm. That’s right, on the Verandah we will be featuring a musician from 7-10pm every Friday night. I will kick start April with the fabulous Bobby Ryder from 5-7pm and then we will transition to guitarist, David Bohn on the Verandah from 7-10pm. Please, and this is very important, especially on Fridays, make reservations ahead of time as space is limited. We will begin taking reservations on the patio in April. It is amazing to think that in less than 5 weeks we will begin food service at the pool on weekends. The summer is fast approaching and I would urge the Members who have children and grandchildren coming to visit in the summer to start checking out the calendar for dates and events that we have scheduled for this summer.

Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday, May 12, 2013 / Two Seatings: 11:00am & 1:30pm (Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar by Signature) She Crab Soup, Vegetable Gazpacho Chef Manned Omelet Station Shrimp Cocktail Bar Bacon, Sausage Moss Creek Salad Bar Medallions of Chicken Breast Mediterranean Style Salmon Medallions Carving Station: Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes Slow Roasted Prime Rib of Beef Garlic Herb Potato Gratin & Honey Sautéed Carrots, Roasted Asparagus Sage Rubbed Turkey Breast Dessert Bar Cost: $28.50++ Adult / $15.25++ Ages 12-5


Clubhouse News The Moss Creek Salt Marsh

Author Series

Lunch with John Lescroart Tuesday, May 14, 2013 12:00 Noon THE OPHELIA CUT goes on sale everywhere on May 7, and the author has made Hilton Head—and the Moss Creek Clubhouse, part of his book tour. Join us for the latest installment in the Salt Marsh Author Series on May 14, at noon. Call the Moss Creek Clubhouse at (843) 837-2230 to reserve your space! These events are popular and will fill up fast. The Author Series is open to everyone—so invite your friends and neighbors. The cost is $21 inclusive and a 72-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

c|vÇ|v |Ç à{x ctÜ~ Monday, April 29, 2013 Bostwick Circle DJ Music 5:00pm Live Band: 6:00pm Join us for a fantastic evening with live music and dancing in the street with friends. Everyone is welcome to bring a picnic, tables, and chairs.

Lenny Giarratano Executive Chef For those of you who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of a true commercial kitchen, you might be saddened to know how little the Executive Chef (me!) of an establishment actually handles your food. In certain situations, in small restaurants or places with an undertrained staff, that can be a scary proposition. The good news is that here at Moss Creek, there is a fantastic culinary team in place that more often than not makes my job look a LOT easier than it is. Over the next few months I’d like to highlight some of their favorite recipes that time and time again have been big hits at the Clubhouse. Scott Woodcock just marked his one year anniversary as our Sous Chef. As the Sous Chef, Scott is well versed in all aspects of culinary arts and acts as the Executive Chef in my absence. I served as a Sous Chef for many years before getting my first Executive Chef position, and I can tell you from personal experience, that the Sous Chef has the hardest job in the kitchen. It takes all of the guts, but comes with very little of the glory. Scott is the master of calves liver dishes. He has featured at least a half dozen different preparations over the last year. Most rotate around the classic theme of “liver and onions,” but have unique twists. This is no different. Enjoy with mashed potatoes and fresh peas for a great combination.

g{x gtÜzxà UtÇw 4 portion of calves liver fillets – patted dry Flour as needed to coat liver 2 cups dark brown gravy or demi glace 1 tsp. fresh chopped garlic ¼ cup blackberry brandy 8 slices thick cut applewood smoked bacon 2 each yellow onions ½ cup jalapeño-raspberry jam (Fresh Market) Clarified butter or peanut oil as needed for searing

1. Peel onions and cut into ¼ inch rings and caramelize in a small amount of butter or oil and set aside to stay warm. 2. Season the liver fillets lightly with salt and pepper, then dredge in flour. 3. In a small amount of butter or oil, sear the liver over very high heat—should result in a nice crispy crust on the liver. Sear both sides and set aside to drain momentarily while you prepare the sauce. 4. In the same pan you use to sear the liver – remove any excess oil, but some is okay. 5. Add garlic and quickly deglaze with the blackberry brandy. 6. Add gravy, then jam and whisk until smooth. 7. Present liver with onions, criss-crossed bacon, then pour sauce over the top.


The Friday Breakfast Club: Waddell Mariculture Center Friday, April 19th / 9:00am The James Waddell Research and Development Center is one of the country’s largest and most sophisticated facilities for mariculture research. Their focus is directed toward culture and practical production of aquatic species of economic importance to SC. A light breakfast will be served and the cost is $13 inclusive per person. Call 837-2230 for reservations!

Nominating Committee Notice This year’s election of Directors to the MCOA Board will be one of most importance. With the 2013 Member Survey, the Board and LRP are looking to see what Moss Creek wants to be in the future. There will be some challenging decisions in the upcoming years. We need Members willing to step up and serve to benefit the Community. If you are approached by a member of the Nominating Committee, give them an audience and commit to serving Moss Creek. If you are interested in serving, contact one of the members of the committee. Stan Potter 837-9244 Ted Patnaude 836-2178 Chuck Sciortino 837-1203 Chatts Zeletes


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