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a moment a moment in your absence seems like an eternity to me for your blessed spirit has enlivened; and reunited the spirit that once flew-away from me. You’ve reinvigorated my senses You’ve instill deep within my soul a rapture, an indescribable sense of serenity; that I can only think of as a miracle! You’ve sparked new life within me You’ve reminded me to thank God for holy grace; So how could it be little wonder I ever long to see your face? It’s true; I’ve tried to run, yet it seems running is the nature of the beast; But no matter where or how far I run, it’s your face I always see! Something about you is so familiar; something about your endearing presence brings about miracles in me! So I pray your concealed heart will one-day actually see you can trust in what you feel aft’ it’s been blessed ~ by His Majesty!


© 2011 All rights reserved, Amelia

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