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Written and Illustrated by Michael Jefferson

Written & Illustrated by

Michael Jefferson

ing car l b m u r e th Jake sat in he had travelled very far drivin g down the win ding roads

dodging all the croaking toads

Through the woods and upon a hil


“we’ll be there soon” said his mother Jill.

p a rk e d in a fi e ld h is fa th e r

Jakes excit emen t sudd enly spark ed!

up the hill man y fam ilies wal ked

fa th er ’s an d so ns gi gg le d an d ta lk ed

families began to gather and slow al l st ar in g at th e in vi tin g gl ow

val s i n r a c A


heir t e r o f od be


lighting up the darkened sk


ates g e h t ugh o r h t d e

walk s t n e r is pa h d n a Past a m Jake a

n who w as spinn

ing plate



to se s g n i h t g any excitin

m There were


wn with g o d d n a p u d e p m Jake ju

Candy fl o

ss on sp

inning w

a man th

ls a e m 0 0 0 at ate 1,


Towering people walked

about fireworks shot


the ground!

Fire breath e





All of them dancing as they went

Jake followed them into the tent amazing puppet show it said inside Everyone sat with eyes open wide.

From the dark, shadows began to appear Jake’s mother said he should not fear

shadows danced upon the screen they were being rather mean.

back stage t n e w y e th w o sh e After th to see puppets from a golden age.

puppet parts, puppets on strings

puppets created to impress the kings.

Puppets to place upon your hands on the desks were puppet plans the puppet maker sat upon his chair

in a dark striped suit, he gave a stare.

ile or nod

sm he did not speak or

His father said “that was rather odd�

e night

to th They left the tent in

the puppet maker had given a fright

they past a stall, wit

h gold fish in jars

people were heading back to their cars.

“One more stop, the Mirror Maze!� said mum as puzzles were her craze!

as they walked into the maze Jake wandered in a daze but was careful not to break a wall

as his mother said his luck would fall

Suddenly jake realised his parents weren’t there he had to find them but where oh where? he searched the maze they were nowhere in sight Jake was scared of the cold dark night

He left the maze and searched each tent Where on earth had his parents went?

He came to a tent, where fortunes were told! he rushed inside out of the dark cold.

the fortune teller sat on a silky chair head bowed down in the smokey air

“come sit my child and I will see

where your parents

have to be!�

she gazed into her crystal ball!

me, oh my “oh no, oh dear, oh its as i feared oh why, oh why!

the puppet maker has them trapped within his strings he has them wra


self away

him d e k c lo s a h n a m y st a That n

you’ll need three keys or there he’ll stay! the juggler, magician and Acrobat


find them out, it will be a breeze! But the shadow puppets you must beware they hunt you down i swear, i swear.

if it glows the beasts will melt. take this light its as i felt

Jakes first stop was to juggler’s cave.

he stepped inside and tried to be brave

Shadows crept across the rock using the light, they ran in shock.

Jake explained about his father and mother as a juggler was playing with his brother

“how horrid! How scary!

Said the two that were hairy

“take the key to help your plight

we’ll teach that awful man, alright!”


ns ten a i c i g a m e Off to th swiftly now was where we went

he begged them for their silver key

as he sat down drinking tea.

from a space behind his ear the magicians key did appear!

at swings b o r c a e h t to Jake walked ey flew as if on wings where th

the acrobats swung asking why he came he replied “for the key its my only aim� the acrobat dove and threw out the key it floated to jake just like a bee

Jake jumped up and gave a clap it was time to break the puppet man’s trap Straight to the puppet lair Jake went with every care.

shadows glided across the walls hissing with their scary calls walking slowly ready to fight Jake lifted the glowing light.

Unlocking the door at the end of the room he prepared himself to face his doom

he opened the door to a horrible sight his parents were there wrapped up tight!

Spidery strings tied his parents up the puppet maker drank from a cup

my skill e e s to e im t in t s “your ju

stitching and sewing what a thrill!�

ppets you see

Your parents will make fine pu

I’ll move my fingers and they’ll dance for me

you and your parents will be my prize

dancing around for my audience’s eyes.

ing Jake iv g , d e g n lu r e k a uppet m

a fright

The p Jake then threw out his glowing light. a thunderous crack, The light hit the maker with n to his back! o t h g ri ll fe n a m il v the e

the door flew open just in time

to witness the makers heinous crime In walked the jugglers, acrobats and magicians helping to stop the puppet maker’s ambitions!

The jugglers threw his favorite things, the magicians vanished his spidery strings.

The acrobats held him and tied him with rope

then filled his mouth with slippery soap!

Jake and his parents started

back to the car

the carnival said sorry and gave Jake a fish jar His father grumbled, his mother gave a yawn

walking to the car in the early dawn.


The Carnival  

childrens book, about a families misfortune while visiting a mystical carnival!

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