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Why Motorsports?

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There is only one reason to invest

Marketing has become more challenging than ever before. There are over 60,000 advertised brands competing not only with each other for the attention of customers but also with those customers’ ability to tune out traditional advertising. Spending on communication has increased by 86% since 1991 making it more difficult to effectively communicate and differentiate a brand to an increasingly segmented and overwhelmed consumer group.

in any marketing program: to obtain a business advantage. Motorsports themed activities create proven advantages in a wide range of applications from building or enhancing an image, to solidifying a key business relationship, building teamwork, and ultimately winning business by increasing sales. Stand out in a cluttered marketplace. Create and strengthen partnerships. Unite your organization. Win Business.

One of the biggest challenges of any successful marketing campaign now resides in the control of the intended customer — choice. Given the power to tune out, turn off, and determine where and when they are exposed to smartly crafted and expensive advertising campaigns, the customer is truly in control of how they are reached. In the future, getting past the saturated and sophisticated barriers to interaction is the challenge for any marketer. One of the most successful ways to change the direction of influence from a one-way easily ignored push to a mutually sustaining pull is to reach into the desires of the customer and go along for the ride. This ride just happens to be at 200 miles per hour.


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Winning Partnerships Internationally, combined motorsport of all genre is the world’s most participated in and watched sporting endeavor. From kart racing to monster trucks, to dirt track motorcycle racing to the Paris/Dakar rally more people race, support or watch motorsports than football, rugby or even the Olympics. In the current market outward advertising is competing with the customers’ oversaturated view. It seems everywhere there is a flat surface there is a brand pasted on it. However, by investing in a motorsports marketing program your communications change from an interruption to an engagement. Racing fans will actively seek out your brand and products.

Motorsports marketing offers a powerful commercial meeting place for companies to join forces on-track while actively pursuing joint ventures off-track. These B2B relationships have been proven to produce significant commercial success in a number of applications often times generating returns far greater than the cost of sponsorship. Additionally, motorsports offers the ultimate corporate hospitality opportunity to help your organization strengthen key relationships necessary to propel your organization forward at unprecedented speeds. While it is common for companies to host clients at sporting matches, golf games, or other special occasions these events often lack inspiration and do not clearly connect with your business. Motorsports programs on the other hand create an exhilarating experience which will brings all of your guests’ senses to life while being a part of a competitive, team oriented, performance

driven event. As a partner with Michael Johnson you will gain unprecedented access to the world of motorsport, and you can literally bring your guests into the motorsports ‘locker room’ to meet your driver and see your car. For the ultimate experience bring your top clients and prospects to the race track for a private day to drive your race car while receiving personal driving instruction from Michael Johnson.

Unifying Your Most Valuable Asset Within any organization there is one underlying theme for success: recruiting, retaining, and focusing the creative abilities and talents of your team. This is a challenge for any business where individuals from different backgrounds, creating a melting pot of aspiration and direction. Through motorsports your talent can be brought together through the emotional bond.

Racing sponsorship has proved in many unique organizations, from small to large, to dynamically unite a team. Through an involvement with a racing driver your team will claim ownership of “our driver”, and “our car”, and grow together from success on the racing track. “The 20 years that we have been in motor racing have helped us at Philip Morris in many ways. I firmly believe that it has acted as a catalyst in forming our competitive attitude, both collectively and individually. It has engendered a team spirit in our company and has made us strive for perfection; to be competitive; to be better; and also to win. It has also demonstrated that change, vision and risktaking are prerequisites for our future success.” Walter Thomas, President Phillip Morris/General Foods Europe

Why Michael Johnson

“I have been racing for forty years, Michael Johnson is simply the best I have ever seen.� Wayne Brown, President International Karting Federation Team Principal and Owner - Brown Competition Racing 20 National Championships

Your Business First Before the starting lights go out, Michael is a business savvy champion with your interests in mind. Michael brings to your organization experience in strategic marketing, public relations, communication skills, industry contacts and a reputation in the motorsports community which money simply cannot buy. By partnering with Michael Johnson you are not just supporting a champion driver, you are investing in your organization’s future.

Proven Winning Record

Michael Johnson is a phenomenon in the world of motorsports. On-track Michael is a fiercely determined competitor. Off-track his many sponsor friendly attributes make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Michael Johnson has raced against and beat the best. He has proven he has the ability to compete at the highest level and backs it up every weekend. Not only has he shown this innate ability on the race track, he has led teams to championships in three different sports off-track! Simply put, he knows how to win! // Twelve years racing experience // Five United States Karting national championships // Member of the 2006 United States Kart Racing Team // Red Bull Formula 1 Driver Search Regional Winner // Arrow North America Factory Driver // Finished 9th in professional debut in New Zealand Toyota Racing Series // 96 Career Race Wins // 57 Career Pole Positions // 4 Track Records

// Earned Bachelors of Marketing and Business Administration, University of North Texas College of Business // Studied under Mike Gade executive-in-residence who created motorsport marketing programs for Ford Motor Company, Home Depot, and 7-Eleven // Created a twenty-four sponsor conglomerate to enter car in New Zealand Toyota Racing Series. Program utilized public relations, viral, and internet marketing components. // Public speaker – race driver training and motivational speaking engagements // Published journalist in Sports Car and American Driver Magazines // Consultant with TimePiece public relations serving leading automotive organizations, such as Carroll Shelby Enterprises, Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and Aston Martin // Participated in elements of motorsport marketing programs with Frito Lay, EDS, Bell Helicopter, Red Bull and National Football League. // Represented Texas Motor Speedway public relations team during NASCAR event // Participated in Driver Advancement Summit with NASCAR Performance PR Plus

International Appeal Born in Dallas, Texas Michael stands out in a crowd. His professionalism and enthusiasm draws attention on the track and in the media. His handsome, outgoing, charisma makes him a perfect figurehead to represent your company and your products.

International Appeal Born in Dallas, Texas Michael stands out in a crowd. His professionalism and enthusiasm draws attention on the track and in the media. His handsome, outgoing, charisma makes him a perfect figurehead to represent your company and your products.

// Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile International C Racing Licensed Driver. // Palmer Sport racing instructor and test driver. // Featured on cover of North Texan magazine. // Exposure in over twenty different publications. // Racing experience in Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and United States. // Contacts in global business, media & political arenas. // Supporters from over twenty nations around the world actively follow his career through MJDrive: Race to Formula 1 online blog.

Pursuit of Perfection The Path to Formula 1 As a racing driver, competitor, and businessman Michael Johnson is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. With this simple principle in mind Michael has set his career ambitions on Formula 1, the pinnacle of international motorsport. This aspiration is integrated with a strategic plan to get there.

// Season I British Formula Ford British and European Kart racing // Season II British and European Formula 3 // Season III GP2 Championship A1GP World Cup of Motorsports // Season IV Formula 1 World Championship

Leveraging Motorsports Increasing commercial success in motorsports marketing programs comes through the implementation of a full ‘activation’ program. These programs vary from simple, hospitality or data mining programs, to the extravagant activities of Audi’s Le Mans Hotel or Red Bull’s celebrity parties during grand prix weekends. While varying in nature, these programs are strategically designed to utilize the motorsport marketing platform and meet commercial goals.

Motorsports Marketing Activation: Public relations Branding activities Advertising content Data mining Traffic generation Sales cycle reduction Sales lead generation VIP hospitality Team building Research and development Product testing

And it’s GOOO! The first step on the road to international motorsport stardom and increased commercial success is a consultation with Michael Johnson. This meeting will be used to identify goals, objectives, and expectations for a motorsport marketing program. From here Michael Johnson will go to work with his business team to create a program which will help your organization meet its strategic goals while keeping your budget requirements in mind. After reviewing the proposal if it meets your expectations it will be time to go racing and begin winning business. To arrange a meeting with Michael Johnson email: or phone United Kingdom mobile: +44 (0) 7508 181 535

Michael Ryan Johnson MJDrive International United Kingdom Mobile: +44 7508 181 535 American Cell: +1 214.405.0600 Skype: mjdriveinternational

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