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HOLISTIC GROOMING PRODUCTS for the healthiest skin and coat imaginable


THE M&J STORY Mother/daughter team of Mary Louise and Hannah Shenk had both become licensed estheticians when it occurred to them that their passion for creating original home products was aimed at an entirely different clientele—their dogs. Honing their experience and Mary Louise’s 15 years of study as she pursued her passion for herbalism, the duo began adapting their home made skin care products so they could be suitable grooming products for dogs. After tireless research and safe testing, the founders of M&J Dog Essentials discovered that their great smelling, all-natural products did more than just clean and perfect their dogs’ coats. The natural blends of herbal infusions and botanicals in their holistic dog grooming products resulted in two very happy, healthy and well-balanced canine consultants, Moe and Toby.

IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF ALL SKIN TYPES Along with a high-quality diet and plenty of exercise, routine bathing is essential for a healthy dog lifestyle. M&J Dog Essentials natural dog grooming products help to soothe skin discomforts, like itchy or dry skin, while promoting the optimal moisture balance for healthy skin and a beautiful coat!

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ULTIMATE SPA DAY Give your dog the Ultimate Spa Day with the Essential Collection


QUICK TOUCH-UP A quick FreshenUp for the on-the-go pet owner



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M&J’s Signature 3-Step Holistic Dog Grooming System for the Ultimate Spa Day

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Moisturizes and protects the skin while soothing aromatherapy and flower essences calm bath-time anxiety WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Reduces itchiness and dog dandruff • Mango and Cupuacu Butters help to replenish moisture to dry skin and coats • Use on your dog before bath time! Breaks dirt loose while conditioning and protecting the skin and coat. • Nettle Extract helps to calm dog skin irritations through astringent and antioxidant properties.

USAGE/APPLICATION: On a dry coat before shampoo, massage product liberally through coat down to the skin. Brush through for even application on dogs with longer coats. Wait 6-20 minutes. Rinse. Follow up with shampoo.

HELPFUL FOR… Dogs with Dry Skin Dog Dandruff Hot Spots

COMPLIMENTED BY • Purely Clean Shampoo & Conditioner • Show Dog Shine Leave-In Conditioner


Leaves your dog looking and smelling clean, naturally! PH-balanced specifically for dogs, free of harsh sulfates and parabens. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Camellia oil helps to nourish and soften the skin and coat • Made with naturally derived, eco-cert approved surfactants and honeysuckle extract to gently cleanse • Easy to rinse, low sudsing formula • Soothing aroma blend of natural lavender and chamomile oils

USAGE/APPLICATION: On a wet coat, work shampoo evenly over the entire body for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

HELPFUL FOR… All Coat Types Dog Odor All Skin Types

COMPLIMENTED BY: • Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment • Show Dog Shine Leave-In Conditioner

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A miracle product! Use as a rinse out detangler, or apply between baths to neutralize odor and add shine and softness to leave your pup show-dog ready. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Avocado and Karanja Oils enhance coat luster and protect against sun and insects-naturally • Rinse out detangler • Naturally eliminates dog odor • Cupuacu butter moistures to reduce dry skin and improve coat texture

USAGE/APPLICATION: Leave-In: Massage evenly across the coat. For longer coat types: Distribute a generous amount of product through the coat when wet then rinse!

HELPFUL FOR… Tangles Dry Dog Skin Dull Coats

COMPLIMENTED BY: • Purely Clean Shampoo & Conditioner • FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment

THE FRESHENUP COLLECTION Quick Grooming Solutions for the On-the-Go Pet Owner


Packed with antioxidants and refreshing botanicals, such as gotu kola and red clover extract, to gently transform pup’s dirty and dull fur into a clean and shiny coat in just 10 minutes. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Light, non-sudsing formula • 10 minutes to a clean, happy dog! • Effectively neutralizes smelly odor • Loaded with refreshing cucumber extract to cleanse and soothe dry skin.

USAGE/APPLICATION: The treatment begins outside of the tub by massaging the product into the skin and coat. Your dog can relax (or play!) while the cucumber cleanser begins to work its magic; a quick rinse later, you’ll have a clean, happy pup! Follow with FreshenUp Coat Tonic. Tip for wintertime dry skin: Use after applying Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment for extra soothing relief!

HELPFUL FOR… Dogs with Dry Skin On-the-go Pet Owners Older Dogs

COMPLIMENTED BY: • FreshenUp Coat Tonic • Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment

Ref res Odo h and N r Be twe eutral iz en B aths e !


This ultra light-conditioning tonic neutralizes odor and leaves the coat feeling nourished and refreshed with a natural sheen! WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Refresh and reduce frizz without leaving behind residue. • Adds a natural, healthy sheen to the coat • Soothing lavender and cooling peppermint relieve itchy, irritated skin • With the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C to help strengthen and protect the skin and coat.

USAGE/APPLICATION: Spray evenly over the dog’s coat after FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment or between baths to keep the coat looking and smelling great!

HELPFUL FOR… Itchy Dog Skin Dog Odor Between Bath Touch-Ups

COMPLIMENTED BY: • FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment • Purely Clean Shampoo & Conditioner • Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse

SIMPLY SOOTHED HERBAL RINSE The skin specific herbs of lavender, calendula and chamomile blend together in each easy to use pouch to relieve itchy or irritated skin.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: • Calendula soothes irritated skin and sore, weather-beaten paws • Gentle way to clean the face • Helps to restore and replenish the skins’ protective layers. • Can be used between baths or after shampoo

USAGE/APPLICATION: Simply add hot water to a large shatter-proof container or your bathtub and then drop in our herbal pouch. Steep the pouch in the water until water slightly cools and is a comfortable, lukewarm temperature. Remove the pouch from water. For best results: soak a hand towel in the herbal rinse and lay the warm, wet towel over the dog’s back. Repeat until all of the rinse has been used. Or pour the lukewarm rinse evenly over your dog’s coat in the tub. Let dry.

HELPFUL FOR… Itchy Dog Skin Sore Paws Allergy Prone Dog Skin

COMPLIMENTED BY: • FreshenUp Coat Tonic • FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment

FETCHING REVIEWS M&J Dog Essentials is a line of truly luxurious grooming products which I whole-heartedly recommend for any dog owner who loves to pamper their pooch. DOGTIME SECRET SHOPPER

Grooming your dog will no longer be a hassle for you or a discomfort for your best friend. NEW JERSEY PET CARE EXAMINER

My bathroom is full of doggy shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and perfumes. Do I really need another doggy bath item?

Yes! The M&J pre-shampoo treatment is perfect for my Westie pup who has sensitive skin.


usion Nutrient F The Life With Dogs pack spent the entire 2011 outdoor season cleansed and conditioned by products from M&J essentials, and our experience with them has been so positive that it can be summed up in one sentence: The lady of the house contacted M&J to ask if they make anything for humans. The new spray and rinse were instant hits, and you have to smell these for yourself to understand why they have become a staple here. LIFE WITH DOGS

These all natural and green approved bath products for your dog not only smell wonderful – they work wonderfully too. LI PET PLACE

M&J AT A GLANCE • The results of 15 years of tested and true botanical combinations • Bottles made with eco-friendly PCR materials • Natural based formulas • Family owned, made in the USA • PH Balanced specifically for dogs • Free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, DEA and TEA • 5-star reviews from discerning dog owners across the country

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