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My grandma My grandma Sihaam , was born in Syria , in 9/1944

Her parents were Abdullah and Saleha . Her father's work was a soldier . and her mother was a teacher . Grandma has 2 sisters and 5 brothers . Her Brothers were, (from oldest to youngest) : Nasser, Omar, Rashed , Ali and Moh'd. Her sisters were (from oldest to youngest) : Fatema and . Marriam

She spent her childhood in Syria . She attended school there. There She studied primary school education with matters of : math, geography, history, chemistry, physics etc, but she didn't go to . university

She was married in Syria when she was 23 years old .Her husband was Katab Hasan Al Dhaher . .Their wedding was on January 17th , 1967 they had 9 children .6 boys and 3 girls

Some of the good memories in her life, she remenbered, the school trips, with her friends as very funny moments. Some of the most important moments in life were her children's birth. Another important .memory, was her grandchildren's birth, she had many

My Grandma  

This biography is about my Grandma.