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A story about‌

Rapid Product Success

My Name is ‌

Matthew Bowe


PRODUCING Amazing & Rapidly Profitable SOFTWARE PRODUCTS for entrepreneurial companies

I like to refer to this concept as‌

Product Alchemy

NOTE: Alchemists were guys a long time ago who thought you could convert things to Gold using chemistry and magic

… because it’s about creating Gold from

Zeroes and Ones


are my number one priority

One product I produced…

Generated 100% ROI in 60 days It’s true… after 2 months of sales we broke even (more accurately, we made a profit by the end of the 2nd month)

Plus, it only took 75 days to get to market Disclaimer‌ we actually spent 60 days in development‌ the rest was requirements and design work

Guess what?

It gets better!

That same product…

Soon began generating 35% of Gross Revenues I can’t share the dollar amounts because I’d get in trouble… but, it’s seven figures

Also of note‌

This was the company’s first web product The company had been a single desktop product company up until this time

Now, in case you think I’m a…

one hit wonder

Let me tell you about‌

Product # 2 (same company)

Believe it or not‌


45 days

to develop

(we had to get it done for an event)

Since we were resource constrained, we outsourced this one. I managed the project: requirements, engineering team, and acceptance. (lots of all nighters‌ and lots of Red Bull)

Here’s the ROI stats…

400% ROI!!! after only 4 days

I am not kidding‌

400% ROI!!! (this is what happens when you launch a very SEXY product at a trade show)

So, I bet you are asking‌

How did you do it? (create Rapid Product Success, that is)

Glad you asked…

I’d like to tell you about it!

(this is what is known as the trial close… there are still more slides after this)

On the next slide are some‌

Screen Shots (just so you know these are real products)

Marketing Machine

Action Packs

Visual Loan Presenter

Equity Optimizer

I’m searching for a‌

New Opportunity

So, if software development has you‌


Or you feel like results are‌

A game of chance

Or you want to fill‌

An empty position


Most Importantly


ABOUT PRODUCING Amazing & Rapidly Profitable SOFTWARE PRODUCTS AND ARE AN Entrepreneurial Company (and you reward results)


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Rapid Product Success  
Rapid Product Success  

How I created Rapid Product Success at my last company, and how I can do the same for youj.