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RESIDENTIAL / ROW HOUSE 1 The main function behind this bowed-roof row house is to bring family together. The living room rests within the top floor and underneath the bowed roof. The roofs character, and the views to Jamaica Plain make this space special and one where all family members and guests are welcome.

floor plans

model 1/4” = 1’0”

section and elevation

model 1/4” = 1’0”

REFUGE / EMERGENCY SHELTER UNIT 2 When natural and man-made disasters strike there is a need for cheap, efficient and well-designed temporary shelters. The design of this shelter is based on an L shaped plan because when connected to other units the negative space creates small outdoor rooms and allows families living in multiple units to stay easily connected. The varied roof forms gives each unit character and allow for more storage and sleeping space. joists and rafters plan

model scale: 1:2

four unit assembly

elevation of frame

MODULAR / MINIMUM DWELLING 3 The process of creating a minimum dwelling for a student allows the designer to relate space to the human body. When designing for a single person you really get to learn about their needs and understand how to create space efficiently and thoughtfully. Students spend a majority of their time in their dorms sleeping and doing homework so a second story is needed to separate these functions from social spaces.


first floor plan

model scale: 1/4” - 1’-0”

second floor plan

COMMUNITY SPACE /MICRO-PARK 4 Designing for a community that is one of the intellectual hubs of the country is challenging because of the diversity in users of the space. In the tiny Guffy Park three paths bring people who are familiar and unfamiliar with the space to a multi-level gathering point. Here the curves in the seats allow for single people and large groups to enjoy the space comfortably and give them a view to the Old Cambridge Baptist Church. park elevation

site model scale:1/16” = 1’-0”

park plan

RECREATIONAL / THE BUILT AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT 5 The recreation center is designed to be simple and encourage users to interact with it only when neccesary. The building is designed to be supplementary to it’s natural surrondings. The “lantern” entrance leads users to the camoflaged interior spaces. A series of “lantern” resting stops lead users to the pond and encourage them to keep moving. sustainable wall section

model scale: 1/8” =1’0”

resting space model

south section

site model scale: 1/50” = 1’-0”

site traffic

EDUCATIONAL / EXPERIMENT IN PROGRAM 6 The proposed high school in Mission Hill focuses on creating an atmosphere that is collaborative, and conducive to student discovery and learning equally among different fields. This project was a large jump in program for me and I focused on the process of creating forms and thinking about there relationship to one another as they pertained to the activities being hosted in this high school.

Front Entrance Process

Hybrid Classroom

Section through Gym, Auditorium, Classrooms

Plan: Level 1

Plan: Level 3

Plan: Level 6

Michael Barker Arch. Portfolio  
Michael Barker Arch. Portfolio  

Architectural Design work done at Mass College of Art.