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In working to create a familiar, recognizable community that we are all proud of, one of our Board members, a designer, volunteered his time in creating a new look for our community from a familiar entry monument. You’ll be seeing more of it in coming days.

Just in case you've ever misplaced your HOA dues coupon book or missed a payment because it wasn't in your monthly bill pay folder, the HOA Board voted unanimously to reinstate quarterly statements starting in the Fall. We were sending out a high numbers of reminders anyway, and in hearing from residents, it was determined that the savings was not, in and of itself, reason enough to continue the coupon books. It is our hope that with quarterly statements going out once again, more homeowners will remember to pay on time, and our communication with homeowners will improve. One way that will happen is through our new quarterly newsletter. Another is through a new Facebook page we have set up. We are also considering a Finley Farms South website that can better keep you informed about events and issues in the community. Any thoughts?


MOST BEAUTIFUL YARD DID YOU KNOW? One of the most famous Quarter horses of all time may have grazed in your front yard?

We've all had to deal with notices at one time or another for weeds in the gravel. So, starting in Oct. in order to oer positive reinforcement and keep our home values high, every quarter of the year we will be accepting nominations for best kept yard or most appealing yard contest. You can email them to finleyfarmssouth@ Winners will be awarded gift certificates from the Home Depot: 1st-$100.00, 2nd-$50.00, 3rd-$25.00

More on page four >> We are now on Facebook! Find us at Finley Farms South, Gilbert, AZ

So don't forget to tell us about those homes on your street or in the community that you think stand out in a good way! Maybe they will win. Maybe you will! Keep up the good work and take it as a thank you for continuing to make Finley Farms the beautiful place it is!

Community GARAGE SALE: Saturday, Oct 17th! Banners, signs, newspaper ads, Craigslist and FACEBOOK will be used by the HOA to notify the public about the community sale, from 7:00am-1:00pm.

JOIN US FOR OUR FALL BBQ IN THE PARK! Fully catered lunch, fun, games and prizes with your friends and neighbors!!!

NOVEMBER 7, 2009 from 11:00AM-2:00PM To RSVP, please call Jennifer Kunes at 623.810.7472 or email (jennkunes@ or Jim Sickles ( your name, address, number attending and children’s ages. You will receive an email confirmation to ensure your meal(s) has been reserved. NOTE: This event is for Finley Farms residents only. Without confirmation, food is not guaranteed. No parking permitted on Columbus. Families are encouraged to walk to the event. Porta-potty provided. No alcohol or glass containers allowed.

BOARD of DIRECTORS President Paul Gonzales Vice President Sal LaTona Treasurer Jonathan Bailey Secretary Heath Westenskow Board Members Rebecca Field Rita Mayer Mark Sequeira

Coming SOON: WINTER Movie night!

Upcoming Board meetings: Third Thursday of the month: 7:00pm Executive session, 7:45pm Open session September 17th • October 15th • November 19th • December 17th Held at: Freestone Recreation Center, Guadalupe Road, East of Lindsay Road [Always check the website or call to confirm location]

Watch your step! Once again, dog feces is appearing in the common areas of the community. While this has not been a problem for some time, once again, it is becoming a nuisance. Please remember to take a scoop and a trash bag with you when you walk your pets so that you can also clean up after them. Better yet, join us in using these walks to pick up paper litter that you may find as you are out.

PUBLISHED QUARTERLY by Vision Community Management for Finley Farms South Michelle Kenny, Community Mgr. (480) 759-4945 3941 E. Chandler Suite #106-117 Phoenix, AZ 85048 Emergency Pager After hours please call (480) 759-4945 When prompted, select Option 5 (Click on Finley Farms) We are now on

Facebook! Friend us at Finley Farms South, Gilbert, AZ. DESIGN: MJASTUDIOS


Would you like to serve? Want to be heard?

We welcome you to our next HOA board meeting at the Freestone Rec Center, 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:45pm (please check the website or call (480) 759-4945 for any last minute changes)! We are also always interested in members of our community getting involved on our Architectural Committee, Communications Committee, Landscape Committee or our Social Committee; or better yet, as a Board Member! In addition, the Social Committee is looking for help setting up, running the games, etc. on the day of the Fall BBQ (above). You can email Jennifer or Jim to volunteer!

PAYING ATTENTION: TO THE ECONOMY We are aware of the numbers of people in the Valley looking for work and while our delinquencies have not become excessive, we are concerned and closely monitoring the situation. Overall, you should know that our association is doing pretty well...both operational budget and our reserves. Our property management company states that compared to other communities we are in pretty good shape. Still our deliquencies are higher than we’d like, and so as a Board, we are:

Finding ways we can help our homeowners: One thing we have done is gone back to quarterly statements. We are also looking into changing our policy in regards to collections, getting a better response from late homeowners while saving those who are deliquent (for whatever reason) from being hit with excessive fees. The goal is always to help homeowners get current, not to make money off the difficulties of others. We will let you know more about this in coming days.

Pay your Mortgage and HOA dues first. The best way to avoid attorneys fees and liens is to pay your dues on time. Did you know that HOA dues, like mortgage loans are actually attached to your property and therefore can lead to foreclosure and judgements? Regardless of how often a credit card company or collection company may call and pressure you, you should always pay liens against your property first and protect your biggest investment. But what if you can’t pay?

We are becoming more proactive and sensitive to those struggling. If you are facing severe financial difficulties at this time, please know that we are especially sensitive to your situation. We encourage you to call Vision Management if you are having problems paying your dues and let them know. We are working closely with them to help you and there are some alternatives they can discuss with you.

PAYING ATTENTION: TO THE WALLS The board is looking into a number of repairs to our exterior walls and entry posts. Some of them are beginning to lean dangerously pulling away from the wall by inches. We are also considering repainting to stop the mismatched look due to fading, different colors due to covering grafitti, etc. We can only do this as homeowners are sensitive and respond below...

Exterior wall damage - PLEASE CHECK! As we are considering the need to repaint all our exterior walls in the community we are noticing quite a number of places where homeowners are using excessive water inside their property (back yard) so that it is actually soaking through the cinder block and causing the paint to deteriorate/fall off in large patches. We have warned homeowners that this kind of damage will be billed to the homeowner and pictures taken where necessary to protect our common property.

The exterior of the wall showing damage and ground showing excessive watering.

is every Wednesday Please do not put out bins before the night prior. Bring bins in the next day before nightfall. Please put bins in the street against the curb. Do not block sidewalks.


Repainting the wall itself will not fix the problem because the new paint/undercoat will not adhere to the sandy surface when the cement blocks have been repeatedly wet and crumbling away. We are asking all our homeowners to please check their exterior walls (where applicable) to make sure their irrigation or sprinklers are not soaking the wall and take action where necessary to eliminate the problem. Thanks for your help in this matter.

is picked up the week of the third Monday of the month. NOT the third week. People putting out bulk trash before the Saturday night prior will be fined. UPCOMING DATES: Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov. 16, Dec 21.


is picked up on Saturday morning. Do not put out bins before the night prior. For Guidelines as to what can go into recycling, go to:


Did you ever wonder what existed here in Finley Farms before your house was built? Who were the Finleys, where did they come from and where are they now? Mr. Finley was born Jim Finley in Tucson, November 22, 1890. His father died while Jim was a small boy. His mother, Mattie Riggs of the pioneer Sulphur Springs Valley Riggs family died in 1939. At the time of his marriage to Margaret Igo in 1911, ‘Jack’ (as he was called) owned 35 head of cattle and a homestead claim near Elgin, Arizona. Since the outfit was too small to afford a living, Jack worked away from home. In 1941, Jack Finley moved his wife and two sons, Tom and Jack, to the Gilbert area from Tuscon. Jack purchased the 420 acres, now known as Finley Farms for less than $100,000 and moved into the original farmhouse. In 1954, this home was leveled to make room for their new house, which still stands on the edge of Finley Farms with some of the other original farm structures on the west side of Greenfield, just north of the canal.

This house was then sold to their former bookkeepers of forty years. Although Finley grew cotton and alfalfa, and supported a herd of cattle, f

The Finley families still reside in the valley.

the farm was much better known for raising award-winning quarter horses for racing and then breeding. At one time, there were as many as 100 broodmares and 5 stallions living at Finley's farm. One horse in particular stands out to all true horse fans...Doc Bar, one of the best quarterhorse breeding stallions ever known! For many people, Doc Bar symbolizes the American Quarter Horse. His offspring literally transformed the sport of cutting and he became a foundation sire for highly successful performance bloodlines. The good-looking 1956 little chestnut colt that resulted from that breeding never succeeded as a racehorse (or as a performance horse, for that matter). He earned a total of $95 in four outs on the track. As Art Pollard, the owner of Lightning Bar, Doc Bar’s sire, says: “The gate opened and he (Doc) broke and ran about 50 yards and came in last by about 10 lengths. After the race, Tom and Jack asked me if I would give $1,000 for him, which was about what they had spent on him... I said I wouldn’t give my pocketknife (for him). So two fools met that day - they were fool enough to offer him and I was fool enough to refuse.” Doc Bar went on to win nine grand champion titles and one reserve champion title out of 15 shows. In 1963, Dr. Jensen of Double J Ranch in California, purchased Doc Bar for $30,000. Doc Bar died in 1992, and was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1993. In 2007 Western Horseman magazine chose Doc as number two on their list of top ten ranch horse bloodlines. Another well-known horse owned by the Finleys was Texas Dandy, inducted into the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1995. But that is a story for another day. The rural land on the far outskirts of a small farm town known as Gilbert was quietly cultivated for over 50 years. The Finley boys, Tom and Jack, were now in their retirement years and the land was sold and later developed by Jackson properties with parcels of homes built by Trend, Continental, Morrison and Greystone homes. 

Finley Farms South Fall 2009 newsletter  

The Fall, 2009 newsletter redesigned for Finley Farms South by Mark Sequeira of MJAstudios Graphic Design

Finley Farms South Fall 2009 newsletter  

The Fall, 2009 newsletter redesigned for Finley Farms South by Mark Sequeira of MJAstudios Graphic Design