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Animation for the imagination

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Hello, and welcome to my site

Animation for the Imagination.

Your first thoughts of my site might be just plain animation that you would see everyday on a regular bases. Well i’m here to tell you that it is not. This is a site I have created in order to put all my many ideas that I think of on the daily. In my mind I always ask myself what would happen if you mix this and mix that. . .well. . .here is my chance to figure out. As you seen as you entered my page my first creation of the “Turtle Mouse”. There is plenty more to come. I love to try ou new things and use my imagination. Again my name is Michelle Jarvis born and raised in Chicago Illinois. I hope you like my many creations.

Peace, love, and animation!!!!!!!

Digital art

Here is one of my creations I would like to plainly call. . . � Turtle�. . . Well to better explain I was out at saw a little green slow creature that turned out to be this turtle. Immediatley I thought of the tortise and the hare so I had to have it in my collection of my many creations. Mr. turlte was a great sport somewhat standing still for the most part. . .This was and still is one of my many friends hope it can be one of yours as well.

P h o t o g r a p h y

Total Relaxation This animal Knows exactly how to chill out and relax without really doing to much of anything. . .My Hero . . . :-)

I just love this animal. . .So peacful. . .So calm. . .Yet still can be very deadly if bothered. If any one has siblings no matter whether they are younger or older male or female we all kinda feel this way at times. . .Do what the animals do and chillax . . .

My Creations

My Creations

animation for the imagination  

My many creations