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The stitching patterns used to create the Bowler Hat


resembles several of the different arena’s used during the Olympic Games . The Veladrome(left) is an arena for track cycling, which consists of two 180-degree circular bends connected by two straights. The straights transition into the circular turn through a moderate easement bend, this creates an elegent curve which has been considered when creating the Alitus Billy Cock. The more important cycling events are usually held on tracks which have lines laid out in a specified arrangement which helped the tailors when creating the stitching patterns on the cloth.

The Bespoken Saville Row is a small community that has been making traditional English cloth from as early as the 1800’s. Since then, Saville Row has continued to make high class garments for gentlemen accross the UK, although in the last few years many tailors have left the Row leaving just 19 cloth designers to carry out the great british tradition. Understanding the importance of London 2012, the leading tailors of the Row have worked together to create one of their most bespoke items of clothing, the Billy Cock.

Track & Field The Track & Field event consists of multiple disciplines from running to throwing. The ‘track’ is two 180 degree curves met together using straights, with a circumference of 400m which is mainly used for running events from the 100m sprint to the 1500m. The turf markings (white), break the track up into individual sections making it a fair race when traveling the circuit. The over head view of the track makes the precise cuttings for the peak, and using these markings, the tailors have created the stylish shape.

Game Keeping The ‘Gameskeepers’ were the innovators behind the Bowler Hat when they commissioned the hatters, Thomas and William Bowler, to create an alturnative headgear to the Top Hat. The Top Hats were worn to protect the keepers heads from low-hanging branches while on horseback, however they were easily knocked off or damaged. When the hat was made the Keeper first inline was William Coke who proceeded to place the hat on the floor and stamp on it twice. Holding strong, he bought the first Bowler ever made for 12 shillings, naming the hat, ‘The Coke’. As years went on, the hat became known as the “Billy Coke” or “Billycock”

1908 Olympics London where Dorando Pietri, comes 1st in the marathon but disqualified for being assited accross the finish line.

The Alitus Billy Cock hat would be primarily used for Gamekeepers who would ride horseback all over the British Isles in the 1800’s. This verison of the bowler is a little stiffer than most and in true Saville Row style, is made to meet with gold medal standards. The 100% wool felt quality is impressive and the hat comes fully lined with the Altius logo embroided in the silk interior. The hat is trimmed with a black grosgrain ribbon with a bow finish and the hat’s circuits are inbound in grosgrain. There is no competition for headwear this summer.

The Billy Cock  

For countless years Saville Row have been tailoring elegant garments for the suave and sophisticated gentlemen. London 2012 would seem the o...

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