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Rotary Meeting 9th of January 2012 Rotary District conference Curacao April 5-7-2012 Rotary International Convention May 2012

Welcome - Introduction The evening commenced with an introduction from our Rotary Club President Francis with a warm welcome to the partners of the Fellow Rotarians and guests of the Board for the New Year Cocktail reception: Mr. Eric d'Arnault Mr. Ron & Mrs. Carla Speijer Mr. Theo de Kluys & Mrs. Mieke Hovius Rotary - St Maarten Nor


To encourage leadership development and training and development

New Year Resolutions

To ensure that we are compliant with the Rotary International rules & regulations

To continue to strengthen the Rotary Club of Aruba membership with quality members in leadership positions To ensure we focus on the development of community service projects To foster a culture that involves all members of the Rotary Club of Aruba and community. To have fun and develop Fellowships which contribute to everlasting friendships Rotary Club – District 4370

District Conference Curacao The District Conference will take place on the 5-7 April 2012. During the Conference our Rotary International President will be one of the key note speakers. The Board has appointed a Committee to make all the arrangements for those Fellow Rotarians who like to attend Board appointment 2012-2013 This edition also includes the Slade of 20122013 Arrow Rotary Club Bulletin 2nd of January 2011

Rotary New Year Reception The New Year celebration was hosted by President Francis and partner in service Jovanka. The evening commenced with the traditional lightning of the “Pagara” to open the New Year and was celebrated with a toast and glass of Champagne. President Francis, welcomed the Fellow Rotarians, partners in service, Rotaractors and Rotary family and friends with a New Year speech: We celebrate the coming year of a New Year. The transition to a new circle around the sun is a good time for reflection. It is a good time for new resolutions or for setting new goals.

Silver Dance Coin

We are a service club. Service is not something we do in our spare time. It is the essence of life and an important reason for being here. We have to use our imagination, not only to see a glimpse of the year to come to be able to better serve our fellow human beings and make this a better world. You Rotarians are leaders in the community. You are talented people.

To honor this great tradition a Silver commemorative coin was made in 2009 of 5 Florin. The coin shows the musicians and the hat which the singer collects money. It symbolizes the New Year fireworks. On the other side is shown the Royal Queen Beatrix.

Rotary Club – District 4370

You do not have to hide your talents; on the contrary you should be proud of them to make Aruba a better place. If in 2012 all Rotarians use their talents this will make a big difference in this world. I thank all Rotarian’s for their work and wish you happiness and love in your personal lives. Happy New Year to you all.

Following the speech we had a delightful dinner and “Cantamento di Dande” celebration with Fellow Rotarians and partners in service.

Traditional “Dande” music The New Year celebration in Aruba includes a number of cultural superstitions and traditions; the traditional celebration is called Dande. The name Dande, also spelled dandee, comes from the Papiamento word, dandara, meaning to revel, to carouse, or to have a good time. After King William III of the Netherlands declared slaves to be free. A group of five or six people usually performs these rituals, though more can join in. These people accompany a singer and travel door-to-door to express their best wishes for the New Year.

Arrow Rotary Club Bulletin 2nd of January 2011

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Arrow Rotary Club Bulletin 2nd of January 2011

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