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Baseball: 3/3 vs. Dallas @ 2 PM

One Swipe Day


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Top 5 Baseball Movies


FRAs and SU Students



3/7 vs. Cardinal Stritch @ 7 PM 3/20 vs. Hardin-Simmons @ 3 PM Lacrosse: 3/2 vs. Whitter @ 7 PM 3/6 vs. Merchant Marine @ 4 PM 3/9 vs. Trine @ 7 PM 3/12 vs. Drew @ 7 PM 3/19 vs. Concordia (WI) @ 7 PM 3/23 vs. Birmingham Southern @ 4 PM 3/25 vs. Oglethorpe @ 11 PM 3/30 vs. Rhodes @ 7 PM Softball: 3/24 vs. Austin College @ 1&3 PM 3/25 vs. Austin College @ 12&2 PM 3/31 vs. Hendrix College @ 1&3 PM Tennis: 3/2 vs. Huntingdon (W) @ 3 PM 3/21 vs. St. Catherine (W) @ 4 PM 3/23 vs. Southeastern OK. (M&W) @ 3 PM 3/25 vs. Hendrix (M&W) @ 8:30 AM 3/29 vs. UMHB (M&W) @ 3 PM

Five Pirates Attend NCAA Convention “To study hard implies character in the student, and to work hard at a sport which entails severe physical exertion and steady training also implies character.” Theodore Roosevelt, Outlook, March 31, 1900

This phrase has been greeting visitors to the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis, Indiana since it opened during the Final Four Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2000. Five lucky Southwestern student -athletes were invited to attend the 2012 NCAA Convention in Indianapolis this past January and were also fortunate enough to experience the Hall of Champions. Shae Seagraves, Abigail O’Connor, Taylor Wright, Stephen Montes, and Daniel Ayala (left to right) made up the group of 18 SCAC student-athletes in attendance thanks to a generous

grant program funded by the NCAA. Those Pirates found an enormous amount of truth in former president Theodore Roosevelt’s words and felt that his phrase was very telling of their experiences as Division III student-athletes. Although the NCAA convention was a fun, insightful, and wonderful experience, it was also no joke! Everyday was a hustle to get from one meeting to the next and started much earlier than most student-athletes would like. The most interesting meetings were the ones designed around providing student-athletes with the best experiences possible while in college. The SCAC and Southwestern students all agreed, as discussed

over meals with zero price limit, that much more thought and planning goes into creating what we experience in our four years (typically) of undergraduate work than we ever imagined. As discovered by the many meetings we listened to during our time in Indianapolis, there is virtually a committee of some sort for every possible reason or category. There are groups put together to ensure gender and racial diversity, groups in place to provide high profile student-athletes and programs with protected media coverage, groups of faculty athletic representatives (F.A.R.s) to help maintain the balance between work and play, and groups for everything in between! It was a very humbling experience to know that all of these people were here, battling snow flurries, and sitting in forums for a week just to give studentathletes the best experience possible. Continued on pg. 3

2 “One Swipe Day” Shows

The Road to the Pros

Some Love The second annual “One Swipe Day” event, created by men’s soccer coach Don Gregory, was another success! On Valentine’s Day the Pirates helped show some love to the Georgetown community by donating one meal from their meal plan, with one swipe of their Pirate card, to the GISD Eagle Locker Program. This program helps feed several homeless students in the school district. The ‘Bucs broke last year’s total of 356 swipes with 367 this year! Sodexo is also donating 100 meals to the cause. Contributions from 17 faculty members and a generous donation from the men of the Kappa Alpha Order made “One Swipe Day” another successful event! A special thank you to head athletic trainer Glenn Schwab and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for providing sandwich fixings for the students who donated a meal so that they didn’t go hungry as well. Be on the lookout for “One Swipe Day” on Valentine’s Day next year so we can continue to show some love!

By: Dishon Issac Senior defender for the Pirates men’s soccer team

I prepared for the In- and he wouldn’t be able to foSport Pro Combine and train with me that day. But I San Antonio Scorpions try- passed his test by training outs by training with men’s on my own. Pope, throughsoccer assistant coach, out my training, reminded Zach Pope, and later by me to not be naïve about myself. I would wake up the tryouts/combine and around 8am MondayFriday to meet with Pope. “The hard work paid Most of the time we would start off with a 2-3 mile run off and I was invited or sprints, followed by an hour long session in the back to a private weight room or some ball work. Coach Pope killed training session in me! I would often finish our workout and just lay on the ground exhausted. I did February.” this for about a month until my first tryout with the San that I was about to enter a Antonio Scorpions. The dog-eat-dog world. This hard work paid off and I was helped because Coach invited back to a private Pope used to play profestraining session in Febru- sional soccer for the Chicago Fire and the Austin Azary. After this, I immediately tecs. I took his advice but began training for the In- I’m a little hard-headed and foSport Combine, but this have extremely high expectime on my own. I would go tations so I still hoped for to the gym for an hour or so the best. when I woke up, then run 3The combine started 4 miles, and later in the day January 3rd and was an I would do ball work. There awesome experience! The were times that Coach first day we were assigned Pope tested me by saying our teams and a pro coach. something had come up The next day we split

our team in half and played a series of 7 v. 7 games. I was satisfied with all of my play. Later that day we had an 11 v. 11 full game and I didn’t do so well that time around. The last day consisted of another 11 v. 11 game and an All-Star game. We were told the All-Star game consisted of players chosen by the coaches who they thought were either the best or wanted to see more of. I was disappointed because I wasn’t selected to the All-Star team but that didn’t stop me from giving my all during the last game. I thought that was my best performance to date. The coaches during the process rated us and are posted their ratings to the website within 2 weeks of the combine. This experience was a way to see where I stand and I feel confident that I have what it takes to make it. For me, there is no difference between the college and professional mentality. I just continue to give it all I have every time I step on the field.


FRAs in the Roommates, teammates, and friends Nate Shipp (pictured left) and Chris Webber (pictured right) compiled a list of their top 5 favorite baseball movies and why they love them. Shipp is a senior infielder and Webber is a senior pitcher for the Southwestern Pirates baseball team.

Top 5 Baseball Movies 5. “Little Big League” (1994) A 12 year old owns and manages the Minnesota Twins...awesome. “A Bill Hay wood should be allowed to speak his mind to an umpire.” 4. “61*” (2001) Even though we hate the Yankees, we agree this movie should be on the list. Mickey Mantle parties his way into the home run race that his rather boring roommate, Roger Maris, ends up winning. 3. “Field of Dreams” (1989) “If you build it, they will come.” If you don’t get that, then you have homework . 2. “The Natural” (1984) Roy Hobbs makes his major league debut at twice the normal age of a rookie. He only goes on to be the best player in the league and literally knocks the cover off the ball. This is definitely a winner Bobby (if you don’t get that joke you really need to watch the movie). 1. “Major League” (1989) A broke-down catcher from the Mexican league, a Voodoo power hitter from Cuba, a loudmouth base stealer, a prima-donna 3rd baseman, and an exconvict pitcher combine to win the pennant in perhaps the funniest baseball movie ever.

Five Pirates Attend NCAA Convention, continued The week concluded with a celebration of student -athletes past and present who would be receiving either the Elite Eight or the Silver Anniversary Award. Although not many Division III athletes were recognized, as we all agreed they should have been, it was still quite surreal to sit in a room with so many famous athletes who were just as committed to the student-athlete experience as we were. It was here that President Roose-

velt’s quote rang in our heads with even more clarity than when we had read it the day before. “To study hard implies character in the student, and to work hard at a sport which entails severe physical exertion and steady training also implies character.” Roosevelt, along with many other people we met at the convention, did not make any distinctions between Divisions I, II, or III. Despite the fact that this

way of thinking is not shared by everyone in both the athletic and academic community, we as Division III student-athletes still felt empowered by our experience at the NCAA Convention. We play for the love of the game and truly know what it means to be a studentathlete, with the emphasis on being a student first, in a year where the NCAA was sadly defined by many who failed to maintain those ideals.

Lives of S.U. Students By: FRA student, Scott Kelly

The Fitness & Recreational Activities classes at Southwestern University are very important. They provide students with the opportunity to exercise in addition to promoting a healthy life style. There is a fairly wide selection of FRA classes to choose from. The school offers everything from ultimate frisbee to bowling and weight training to racquetball. With the many different classes available, every student should be able to find something that they are interested in doing. Despite only having to take two FRA credits, many students take extra courses because it gives them a break from their core classes or as a way to blow off some stress from their day to day lives. They also get students to be active and exercise which is extremely important to a person's health. In my experiences, the coaches that teach the classes are always very knowledgeable about their classes and are always willing to help.


Thank you Pirate Boosters!!! On behalf of the Southwestern University Athletic Department and our student-athletes I want to welcome you to the Pirate Boosters! This is a


special initiative on the part of Pirate Athletics to enhance the quality of the athletic experience that our student-athletes receive and your mem-


bership is helping to make that happen! I look forward to joining you as

Pirate Boosters

we proudly cheer on our Pirates!

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