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A Lipo Battery Has Lots Of Effective Uses Typically referred to as a lipo battery, a lithium polymer battery is a secondary cell or rechargeable battery. “Polymer� refers to the material used to hold the chargeable materials. To boost the amount of total voltage available, this type of battery is usually sold in packs. It is the perfect power source for a great number of devices due to the versatility, functionality and high charge capacity of a lipo. Functionality In order to boost the charge capacity, a lipo battery is comprised of an organized and packaged set of secondary cells. They are balanced in a way as to maintain a high degree of discharge throughout multiple cycles of use. The active component, the lithium-salt electrolyte, is held in a composite of solid polymer for instance polyacrylonitrile which is what differentiates lithium polymer batteries from other kinds of batteries. These batteries must be packaged in a manner that protects against overheating because they conduct higher levels of charge. Lipo Advantages Manufacturers can create batteries in a range of shapes and styles for several intended purposes since polymer is an extremely flexible material. In accordance with the shape and available space of almost any kind of machine, they can be made to fit. And before needing to be recharged or plugged in to a power supply, they also have the capability to hold a charge for many hours. Uses Lithium polymer batteries are great for a variety of portable devices because of their versatility and portability. Cell phones, laptops and PDAs are some of the personal electronics that use lipos. Items like small media players and tablets are becoming ever more popular, and these also require a rechargeable battery. Manufacturers can take advantage of the flexible nature of polymer-based batteries, forming them to match the shape, size and weight specifications for many different products as the styles and technologies for portable devices change. There are other uses of rechargeable batteries. To send signals from a moving object, a small GPS device needs a rechargeable battery. Recreation is included in other uses. In order for video game controllers to be wireless and remain functional for hours of connected game play, they should have rechargeable batteries. Remote or radio controlled cars, planes and helicopters call for continuous, wireless power delivered by a low weight source. These features are found in lithium polymer batteries. Battery Selection Make sure you go to a knowledgeable source when you go to get your batteries. A quality brand will have a strong casing to ensure that the battery will hold its shape and reliably hold power. Proper insulation and connection of battery leads is required; confirm this. Chargers specifically created to charge lithium polymer batteries must be used. Ensure that the cells are balanced and charged to full capacity will permit the battery to function reliably because a pack is only as strong Mojo Racing Products, LLC

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A Lipo Battery Has Lots Of Effective Uses as the weakest cell. The recharged discharge rate establishes the reliability of a lipo battery. The battery enters what is known as a usage cycle each and every time it is recharged. Even after multiple usage cycles, you want to find a battery that will continue to hold much of its charge capacity. A quality battery will maintain a high percentage of its capacity after 50 cycles, providing you with quality power for a number of hours to come. If you want to find the correct lipo battery for your power need, remembering these specifics and purchasing from a reliable battery source will help you. Mojo Racing Products delivers a 4s Lipo battery that is certain to help keep your RC car or boat working efficiently. Visit to read more information regarding Mojo Racing Products.

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A Lipo Battery Has Lots Of Effective Uses  

Mojo Racing Products delivers a 4s Lipo battery that is certain to help keep your RC car or boat working efficiently. Visit http://www.mojor...

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