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Dear Alumni and Friends, It’s an exciting time for the University of Missouri Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. We have a committed team of staff members that is making great things happen. However, none of these great things would be possible without the assistance and dedication of loyal Mizzou alumni and fans. Your attendance at athletic events, support of our student-athlete scholarship program and participation in various support organizations are all ways in which you may contribute. However, it is important to remember that dedication to Tiger athletics must include full compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA, Big 12 Conference and MU. Under NCAA rules, Mizzou alumni, ticket holders, and fans are representatives of the institution. Therefore, the Athletics Department is responsible for any actions that you may take in violation of these rules. This booklet has been designed to familiarize all friends of MU with the “do’s and don’ts” outlined by the NCAA. Please take the time to thoroughly review the following information so that no improprieties occur. It is extremely important that Tiger friends and supporters work to uphold the reputation of our athletic program. By committing yourself to the same principles we have adopted, you ensure a program which is based on uncompromised integrity. The University of Missouri greatly appreciates the support generated by our alumni and fans. Thank you for working to keep MU’s athletic programs number one in every area. We are here to assist with any questions, so please do not hesitate to contact our Compliance Office at 573/882-2076. I appreciate your cooperation and Go Tigers! Warm regards,

Michael F. Alden, Director of Athletics


Who is a Representative of the University? The NCAA recognizes you as a friend, booster, or representative of the athletics department if you can answer YES to any of the following statements: • I have been or am presently a member of an organization that promotes an MU athletics program (i.e., Tiger Club, Quarterback Club, etc.) • I have made a donation to the University of Missouri AthleticsDepartment. • I have attended the University of Missouri as a student. • I have assisted a student-athlete in finding a job, or employed a student-athlete. • I have purchased season tickets for any sport. If you answered YES to any of the above statements, you will be referred to as a “representative” throughout this brochure. In addition, NCAA rules require that you retain the identity of a representative indefinitely, regardless of when you were involved with the athletic department.

Who is a Prospective Student-Athlete? A prospective student-athlete (“prospect”) is a student who is in high school (grades 9-12) or is attending a twoyear college. A prospect becomes a “recruited prospect” at our institution when a staff member or a representative takes any of the following actions. • Provides, in whole or in part, the prospect a visit to the University of Missouri. • Arranges an in-person, off-campus encounter with the prospect or prospect’s parent(s), relatives, or legal guardian. • Initiates or arranges a telephone contact with the prospect, family member, or guardian on more than one occasion for the purpose of recruitment. • Issues an NLI or Financial Aid Agreement to the prospect for the regular academic term. Please understand that you should not take part in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete without the consent of the University of Missouri Compliance Office.


NCAA Recruiting and Contact Rules Only coaches and athletics department staff members are permitted to be involved in the recruitment of prospects. All representatives who are not members of the athleticsdepartment staff are prohibited from contacting a prospect by telephone, in person or in writing for the purpose of encouraging his/her enrollment at the University of Missouri. This is known as the “booster ban.” This is an NCAA rule! Always be aware that your direct or indirect involvement in recruiting may result in negative consequences for the prospect, you, and the institution. The restrictions on contact with a prospect do not apply to unavoidable incidental contact between a prospect or the prospect’s parents and a representative which is not prearranged. If you come in contact with a prospect or the parents of a prospect, limit conversation to a general greeting. Refrain from referencing MU Athletics. Excuse yourself from the encounter in a timely and appropriate manner. If necessary remind them that NCAA rules prohibit you from discussing our athleticsprograms. A prospective student-athlete remains a prospect even after a National Letter of Intent is signed. The booster ban remains in effect until the prospect attends official fall practice or attends classes as a full-time student. If you have an established relationship (family or friend) with a prospect or the prospect’s family, you should feel confident in continuing the same friendly relationship that existed prior to the time that the prospect became a recruit. However, you must not allow further contacts to be made for recruiting purposes (see page 10 to ascertain whether or not your relationship meets the NCAA definition of “preexisting”).

Prospective Student-Athlete Questions

Q: What if a prospect calls an athletics representative? A: A representative may have a telephone conversation

with a prospect ONLY if the prospect initiates the call and the call is not prearranged by an institutional staff member. Still, any questions about the University’s athleticsprogram should be referred to the AthleticsDepartment. 5

Q: May a representative telephone a prospect or send

a congratulatory letter once the prospect has committed to or signed a National Letter of Intent with MU?

A: No, he/she is still a prospect and the same contact

rules apply after committing or signing that applied before. Do not contact a prospect for any reason without first checking with the AthleticsCompliance Office.

Q: May a representative pay for a prospect’s expenses or fees to attend an MU camp?

A: No, unless the prospect is an immediate family member of the representative. In addition, representatives should not attend an MU camp for observation unless their immediate family member is a camp participant.

Q: May a representative contact a prospective studentathlete to discuss a summer job?

A: Yes,

but ONLY AFTER the prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent to attend MU. A prospect may not be employed until the completion of his/ her senior year in high school. Additionally, any such contact must receive prior approval from the AthleticsCompliance Office. When a prospect is employed, he/she must be paid only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services. The institution is required to retain appropriate documentation to verify this employment. This circumstance is an exception to the general rule disallowing contact between representatives of athletics interests and prospects.

Q: May a representative speak to a MU coach if a prospect is with the coach?

A: If a MU coach is with a prospect, do not approach

the coach until the prospect and family have gone elsewhere. Otherwise the coach will be placed in an awkward situation because he/she will not be able


to introduce the prospect to the representative. If a prospect approaches a representative on or off campus regarding the athletics program explain that NCAA rules do not permit discussion of the athletic program. Refer the prospect to the appropriate MU coach.

Q: Is it permissible for a representative to accompany

a MU coach when he/she visits the local high school campus?

A: No. If a representative transports a MU coach from

the airport to a high school campus, the representative may not enter the high school with the coach and may not observe prospects.

Q: Is

it permissible for a representative to provide transportation to or from campus or free admission to the institution’s athletic events on or off campus to prospects, their friends, or relatives?

A: No,

unless the two families have demonstrated a preexisting relationship as outlined on page 10.

Q: Is it permissible for a representative to use the internet to contact prospects, their families or their coaches?

A: No. The internet is similar to email, telephone calls,

or general correspondence. Therefore, representatives should not use the internet to contact prospects, their families or their coaches. Participation in "chat rooms" with prospects is also strictly prohibited.

Booster Club Questions

Q: Is it permissible for a booster club to place an advertisement congratulating a prospect on his or her decision to attend MU?

A: No. Only the prospect (or relatives) may announce a

signing independently, provided there is no arrangement or involvement whatsoever by the institution or a representative.


Q: Can prospects be in attendance at booster functions? A: This is not advised due to the following restrictions: • The function would have to be open to the entire public, no special invitations may be made, and they may not be introduced. • Prospects cannot have contact with representatives of athletics interests (boosters) on or off campus.

Q: What restrictions must a booster club be aware of when organizing recruiting receptions to announce and celebrate our new signees?

A: You may… • discuss MU’s previous seasons • discuss recruits who have signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI). • discuss upcoming season • show a highlight video of signed prospects

You may not… • discuss prospects who have not signed (e.g., walkons). • allow the prospective student-athletes to be present at the function unless it is open to the entire public and no special arrangements were made for their attendance. • permit contact between prospects and representatives until enrolling full-time at MU. Therefore, their attendance places them in jeopardy of impermissible contact and should not be encouraged. • introduce prospective signed or unsigned studentathletes at the event.

Extra Benefits for the Current Student-Athlete An “extra benefit” is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution’s athletics interest to provide the student-athlete or student-athlete’s relatives or friends a benefit not authorized by the NCAA, or available to the institution’s general student body.


Important Rules: • A representative shall not provide any special arrangement for a student-athlete unless it is specifically authorized by the MU Compliance Office. • If a student-athlete accepts any benefit based on his/ her athletic ability, performance, or reputation, the student-athlete may lose all remaining eligibility for participation at any NCAA institution. • A representative may provide certain benefits to a current student-athlete if a preexisting relationship is determined (see page 10). Additionally, should extra benefits occur, the institution and the student-athlete’s sport may be penalized for lack of institutional control. The source of the benefit may be forced to disassociate from the University of Missouri Athletics Department. Activities that are prohibited by NCAA rules include, but are not limited to, the following: • Providing use of an automobile or transportation of any type. • Providing free or reduced cost housing for any length of time. • Providing gifts, free or reduced cost services including meals, drinks, clothing, laundry, haircuts, and legal fees. • Providing employment for relatives or friends as a result of their relationship to a student-athlete. • Providing entertainment for student-athletes (e.g. cash, use of your home or other items of value). • Providing awards or monetary gifts to student-athletes for their athletic performance. • Providing, arranging, or co-signing a loan for a studentathlete or relatives. • Providing the use of your telephone for free long distance calls. • Providing payment for or using a student-athlete’s picture or name to advertise the sale of a product or service.


Does a Proper Preexisting Relationship Exist? Prior to providing any type of benefit to a current or prospective student-athlete, the following questions should be considered in order to determine if a bona fide preexisting relationship, consistent with the NCAA legislation, actually exists. If the answer to any question within the flow chart is “no,” then benefits may not be provided. If you answer “yes” to all three questions, please note that any benefit provided must have been one that you would have provided regardless of the student-athlete’s recruitment or attendance at the University of Missouri, and must be consistent with that provided prior to the individual becoming a prospect. Even if your relationship meets all of the following criteria, please contact the MU Compliance Office PRIOR to providing a benefit of any kind to a prospect or current student-athlete.


Did the relationship between the prospect, student-athlete or his/her parents and the individual providing the benefit predate the athlete’s status achieved due to his/her athletics ability or reputation, and develop on a basis completely unrelated to athletics or notoriety related to athletics?


Did the relationship between the athlete and the individual providing the benefits initiate prior to the student-athlete beginning the ninth grade? Yes No


Is the pattern of benefits provided by the individual to the athlete (or the athlete’s family) prior to the athlete’s attainment of status as an athlete similar in nature to those provided after attaining such stature? No The relationship can be considered a preexisting one developed independent of the individual’s athletic ability. Benefits may not be provided. 10

Employment of Student-Athletes A student-athlete receiving an athleticsscholarship from MU may be employed with prior approval from the MU Compliance Office. All work performed by the student-athlete is governed by, but not limited to, the following rules: • All compensation must be consistent with the going rate in the locality for similar services performed. • The student-athlete must be paid only for work actually performed. • Compensation may not include any payment for the value that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following resulting from athleticsperformance. • The employer may not provide transportation for prospects or student-athletes unless transportation is provided for all employees. • The employer may not use the student-athlete’s name or picture to advertise or promote the sale of a product or service. Do not employ or arrange for the employment of a prospect or enrolled student-athlete without the approval of Assistant Director of Compliance for Financial Aid, (573) 882-3240.

Current Student-Athlete Questions

Q: Is it permissible for me to provide a student-athlete a meal?

A: Yes. A student-athlete or the entire team in a sport may receive an occasional family home meal from a representative under the following conditions:

• The meal must be provided in an individual’s home, on campus, or in a facility regularly used for home competition (as opposed to a restaurant or on campus) and may be catered; • Meals must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions.

NOTE: Be sure to have each meal approved by the Compliance Office by contacting the Assistant Director of Compliance for Eligibility and Recruiting at (573)884-2960. 11

Q: Is it permissible for me to give my game tickets to a student-athlete?

A: No. Even if you are not using your tickets to a game,

they are an item of value. Therefore, it would be a violation to provide your tickets to a student-athlete. This prohibition continues for as long as a studentathlete receives a scholarship, even after eligibility is completed. Note: Student-athletes already receive general admission to all regular season MU athletic events.

Q: Is

it permissible for a student-athlete to receive any expenses for speaking to a booster club or civic organization?

A: A student-athlete may only accept transportation and

meal expenses in conjunction with participation in a luncheon meeting of a booster club or civic organization. No tangible award is to be provided to the student-athlete. All speaking engagements must be pre-approved through the Compliance Office.

Q: Is it permissible for a representative to provide an

honorarium to a student-athlete who has been approved for a speaking engagement?

A: No.

Student-athletes may only receive necessary travel expenses, as stated above, and may not receive an honorarium.

You and the Coaching Staff After reading this information, it may seem that a booster is prevented from active involvement with our sport programs. However, there are several things you can do to help. • You may offer assistance to a coach who is recruiting in your area of residence. Coaches are often in need of automobile and small plane transportation. • A representative may contact the coaching staff to inform them of a high school junior college athlete who would be an asset to the program. • You may donate funds to the athleticsdepartment to be used at the discretion of the sport-program to which the funds were contributed. These contributions assist the coaches with the increasing cost of athletic scholarships, travel, and recruiting. You may designate 12

the sport in which you would prefer the donation to be used.

What If ‌

Q: What action should a representative take, if he/she becomes aware of a rules violation?

A: The

representative should contact the Athletics Compliance Office or the Athletics Director’s Office to report and/or discuss the information pertinent to the violation. All wishes of anonymity will be respected and information provided will be held in the utmost confidentiality. For more information on the NCAA, Big 12 and MU rules, visit the MU Compliance website at miss-compliance.html.

Thank You The University of Missouri maintains intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program. For each student-athlete, athletics is an opportunity to grow toward a lifetime of excellence. A significant component of developing this excellence is to instill the highest degree of academic and athletic integrity. Your continued support of our student-athletes and your compliance with NCAA regulations are greatly appreciated. Compliance with NCAA rules is a never ending process and your attention to the information provided in this brochure will ensure that the eligibility of a student-athlete is never jeopardized.

Thank you for your support of the Tiger SCHOLARSHIP FUND and MISSOURI ATHLETICS The Tiger Scholarship Fund is the annual giving program for Missouri athletics. All money raised goes to directly offset the cost of student-athletes to attend the University of Missouri. Benefits of the Tiger Scholarship Fund include priority tickets for athletic events, priority parking for football and basketball, and knowing your support directly

Visit the MU Website for more exciting information regarding MU athletics at 13

If you have ANY questions, please contact the Compliance Office at 573-882-2076 Mitzi Clayton, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance University of Missouri Department of Athletics 200 Mizzou Arena, One Champions Drive; Columbia, MO 65211 impacts the educational value of each athletic scholarship at the University of Missouri. If you are a member of the Tiger Scholarship Fund, thank you for your support. If you are not a member, please consider joining to support our student-athletes. Recommend a Friend to the Tiger Scholarship Fund. For more information please call 573-882-0704.

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University of Missouri This pamphlet serves to assist alumni, friends and boosters of the University of Missouri in understanding NCAA regulations and the required commitment to strict adherence to NCAA rules and institutional control. This brochure was produced by the Compliance Office and the Academic Support Office at the University of Missouri. 10,000 copies have been printed at no cost to Missouri taxpayers. The Walsworth Publishing Company has generously donated all printing costs for this brochure.


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