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Under the College of Development Communication












Monica Revadulla (Team Leader) Reimond Corona (Assistant Team Leader) Ruby Joy Nardo (Class Monitor) Axel Arenas



• Went to BN Calara for updates • Visited B.N. Calara Elementary School

• Grades 3,4,5 and 6 are now included (Grade 3

• Met and introduced to the Principal, Mrs.


Ellen Camacho

• Target: 80 students (20 students per grade)

• Set the date of the activity as February 8

• Asked for the list of names of students per

(4PM) ‒February 9, 2013 (11AM)


• Decided that the activity would be a Math and Science Camp

JANUARY 19, 2013 (SAT)

• Grades 4, 5, and 6 are involved in the

• Initial funds for the camp were collected


• Initial funds for the NSTP shirt were

• Target: 60 students


• Asked for the academic curriculum per grad

• Changes in the line-up of activities were finalized

JANUARY 10, 2013 (THU) Got the academic curriculum

JANUARY 26, 2013 (SAT) • Start of workshop

JANUARY 12, 2013 (SAT)

• NSTP shirt was distributed

• 7:00 A.M. ‒ Management Team meeting • Initial line-up of activities made

JANUARY 31, 2013 (THU)

• Timeline of preparations made

• Went to school to get the names of the

• 9:00 A.M. - Informed the class about the



• Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 are involved • Final Target: 84 students

• NSTP class distributed per committee 1. Games Committee

FEBRUARY 2, 2013 (SAT)

2. Visual and Props Committee

• The whole class went to school to check the

3. Facilitators Committee

place • Mini Dry-run

• Class decided to contribute 200 pesos each

• Last-minute workshop

• A hard copy of the initial line-up of activities of the camp were distributed to the class [3]

CHALLENGES #1 January 12, 2013

#4 Absences

a. How to make the class interested and

‒ Some classmates were absent, which

lively for the 1st hour

made it harder for us to decide and implement some of the changes

b. How to raise money for the camp. c. It was hard for the management committee to make the class participate

Solution: Responsibilities were given

in the discussion.

to those who were always present •

#2 Unpredictability of the real number of

#5 Manpower


‒ Since the camp starts at 4:00 P.M., some

- the class decided on whether to have 8 or

still had classes and some had exams beyond 7:00 P.M. Designation of members

10 facilitators to accommodate the possible

who would initially be there posed a

number of participants - to keep the ratio of


facilitators to participants as 1:8)

Solution: Some didn t attend class,

Solution: Facilitators agreed to have

last-minute hugot ‒ those who were

until 10 students each, and the class

sure to be free hours before the event

limited the number of participants to 80.

were instructed to go to the camp #3 Lack of Money - a slight problem, since the class was expecting a lump sum before the start of the workshop

Solution: Money contribution and save money


RECOMMENDATIONS #1 Since some members of the class still didn t

#4 Have sponsors for the activities of the class.

know each other after the team building, the

An initial fund of P1000 would help a lot, since

Management team recommends to allot more

not all members of the class have P200 to

time and conduct more games for the team

contribute to the activity.

building. #5 Classroom wasn t conducive for interaction: #2 Start classes as early as the ďŹ rst week of

the Management Team suggests for the college

classes. Time is wasted for every missed class.

to provide a classroom where chairs and tables are smaller and are movable.

#3 Give the class a head start on what really is there to do with NSTP 2, since not everyone was trained that much in NSTP 1.



Visuals and Props Committee is in-charge for the visual and props needed by the project from the Power-point presentations down to the materials needed for the project especially props needed for the Amazing Race, a part of the program of the project.


quis. Donec ac sapien. Full report on the Ut orci. ultricies, outlineDuis of activities metus a feugiat, during the pre-field dolor mauris work activities convallis est, quis Rundown of tasks mattis lacus eu and materials needed augue. Sed facilisis.


COMMITTEE DOLOR SIT AMET REPORT Ligula nulla pretium, rhoncus Report onfermentum, committee enim integer performance, volutpat. Nisl turpis challenges, and est, vel elit, congue solutions wisi enim nunc ultricies sit, tincidunt. Maecenas.

MEMBERS A DOLOR NETUS DUI Aliquet, sagittis, ESPALMADO mauris, vel eu libero ALIHAN cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse sociis elementum est, ipsum purus pede porttitor class, aliquet dolor sed ut auctor.

PRE-FIELD WORK ACTIVITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Visuals and Props committee met with the Games Committee after the finalization of the Projects Time table to work on the programs included on the Science and Math Camp. The Games Committee had arranged the games and programs which needed visuals or props and was submitted to the Visuals and Props committee to evaluate the materials to be needed for the props to be done o the workshop. January 26, 2013, the first workshop for the making and arrangements of props was scheduled and the finalization for the props was held during the 2nd of February, 2013.




• • •



Finalization of list for the visuals and props needed Props and visuals for the Amazing Race – Stations I, 2, 3, and 4 Props for The Quiz Bee

• • •

Finalization for props that was not finished during the first workshop Addition of two stations Games committee submitted the maps for the station 9 Making of nametags for the participants

• •

Making of maps needed in station 9 Finalization for the participants’ nametags

Table 1. Visuals and Props’ Committee time table for workshops.




Maliit na boxes (e.g Zest-O box)

Tape Measure


for the computer

Plastic bags




hardwares Pangalan ng

Index Cards




Coupon Bond Light tape


Packaging Tape


Yarn Yarn [for nametags] Postcards (Tanawin) Map of the Philippines (for Jigsaw puzzle) Letters (Pangalan ng Bayani) Postcards (Presidents)

4 (different colors) 1 1 set

computer Picture ng Taskbar

1 copy


5 sets

Drawing (yung kukulayan ng mga

Contruction Papers

colors lang) Glue

1 set

10 copies

bata) Colored Papers/

Crayons (primary

1 set

1 set


Manila Paper 1 copy



1 2 sets 1 60-80



Crip paper


Illustration Board



Cutter or Scissors







Quiz Bee

Materials Name Tags (Printed) • Cartolina • Yarn List of Camp Activities • Manila Paper Powerpoint Presentation • For Lupang Hinirang • Objective • Do’s and Don’ts • Baybayin Lecture Answers (A,B,C,D answer cards) • 8 sets • Illustration board • Printed A, B, C, D letters

Person in Charge

-All committee members

All committee members • • • •

Tin Amon Monic Mizzi

For Facilitators

8 Index Cards

------to buy-------

Station 1

• • •

10 eggs 10 plastic bags Tape measures

All committee members

2 Straw (3 meters each) 2 Philippine Maps • Cartolina • Philippine Map (drawn) • Labels and Answers (printed) • Light Tape • 10 Postcard Pictures (Magagandang Tanawin) •

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

• • •

1 set of Play Money [1 play money for an amount – 20,50,100,500,100] 5 Math questions Pictures of Philippine Presidents `Cut out letters of Philippine Heroes’ names

Computer Hardware • Boxes [for CPU, monitor, etc] • Illustration board [for keyboard] Taskbar • Printed taskbar • Labels [e.g Start button, Shut down, etc] • Light tape

• • • •

Lawrence Princess Pat Llena

• • • •

Tin Amon Monic Mizzi

• • •

Leo Carms Kat

Station 6

• •

Tangram Box with 10 questions

• •

Kat Jessel

Station 7

• • •

Colored Paper/Construction Paper Drawing for coloring (10 copies) A set of primary colors (namely red, blue , yellow)

• •

Tin Kat


Station 8

• •

8 maps 8 rewards

Stattion 9

Alibata • Chart of Alibata letters Alibata letter cards • Illustration board • Printed alibata characters • 5 printed words


-Play Money (pointing system) • Coins and bills (8 sets) -Certificates (printed) -First aid kit • Betadine • Band-Aid • Cotton • Alcohol • Paracetamol -Awards (printed) -Cutter/ Scissors -Glue -Tape

• • •

Kat Leo Carms

• • • •

Lawrence Princess Pat Llena

All committee members

CHALLENGES For the Visuals and Props Committee, our main problem was the resources and the money. There are times when we, committee members, are obliged to buy the materials with our own money for the reasons that on the first workshop the team had not yet raised money enough and sometimes we can t get a hold of the finance person. Yet after some money had been raised, we had been comforted that we had bought the materials needed.



The role of the games committee in the Math and Makabayan camp was mainly to prepare fun and exciting games related to the theme.

GAME SUMMARY Full report on the outline of activities during the camp including the rules and instructions.


COMMITTEE REPORT Report on committee performance, challenges, and solutions






A. Procedure

A. Procedure

1.) The groups will be

1.) The facilitator shall shout

1.) The kids shall be sorted

a certain number. This

into groups.

divided into two. 2.) The two groups shall face off3.) If the facilitator says the following: Shake ‒ The groups will not face each other while shaking and dancing. While this happens, members shall change

number shall serve as the maximum number of kids that can join a group.The

2.) The facilitator shall give a certain situation

kids shall form groups that

3.) The kids will be given

have meet the maximum

ample time to form based

number of members.

on the given situation.

B. Equipment needed: None.

4.) When the facilitator shouts Freeze! the kids


shall stop moving. Rattle ‒ The facilitator will 5.) The group with the best

get one member per group.

formation will win.

These two members will go to the center and will be

6.) Prepared situations

positioned back to back. Roll •The shooting of Rizal

‒ The remaining members will face the center. The members

•Cleaning the house

who were called to the center earlier shall guess the name of


the member behind him/her.

•Exercising •Classes in school

Challenge: The person at the

•Giving respect and help

center who answers first the name of the person the group

B. Equipment needed:

refers to shall win.


B. Equipment needed: None.




A. Procedure 1.) The kids shall be sorted into groups. 2.) The facilitator shall indicate a certain trait, e.g. Arrange yourselves by height. 3.) The kids shall arrange themselves according to the aforementioned trait. Examples of traits: • Height • Age • Surname • Grade • Birth month


PRE-FIELD WORK ACTIVITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. First meeting regarding the camp -

Listing and selection of games


Finalization of the list of games

2. List of materials needed was given to the Visual and Props Committee 3. Oriented the facilitators with the rules and pointing system


Committee Meeting for Games


Designed the rules of the game

4. Games Committee heads, Emerald F.

and allotted time in minutes in

Fallarme and Ray Lemuel Molabola

each of them

visited the B.N. Calara Elementary

The Amazing Race is the

school and estimated the area to be

primary game in which we

covered station by station


decided to incorporate lessons from the subjects concerned

5. identified the place that is available for use in the games with the help of the

After several revisions, the final Amazing

school s Officer-in-Charge

race included 8 stations. The subjects in each station were the following:

1. Random

2. Heograpiya 3. Sibika at Matematika 4. Computer 5. Values 6. Matematika 7. Sining 8. P.E. 9. Strategy Development


CHALLENGES 1. The scope of questions for the activities of the camp cannot be determined. Solution: We asked for advice from the school principal with the help of the Management Committee who coordinated with her.

2. Unexpected increase of the number of participants Solution: Strategy Development was added to accommodate the number of teams (Strategy Development: how well the children can think of and perform solutions to consecutive challenges given limitations and certain directions

3. Lights-off for the students were not administered properly. Some of the students did not sleep. Solution: The problem was not solved.

4. The scheduled time of activity was not followed Solution: We made a few adjustments with the time. On the first day, the program started late because of prior appointments of the students. The planned time to start the program proper was 3pm but the program started at around 6pm to 7pm. We solved this problem by limiting the activities: the film showing of Urdujah was not played.


RECOMMENDATIONS From the Math and Makabayan

It is better and livelier if there is

camp, I learned a lot especially on handling

available sound system in the activity. Make

children. I realized the job of teachers is

sure that there is plan B included in order to

really not a duty to take on lightly. Children

handle unexpected situations well.

are fun to be with despite their hyperactive mood. Their learning depends on the way you handle them. Even at an early age, people s attitude does vary and that is the greatest challenge for those who get to interact with children. They welcome new ideas if they are interested so you have to hold their attention very well.


FINANCIAL REPORT by Ruby Joy Nardo (Class Monitor)


Contribution (Php 200 per student)

Total Income

Php 5 800

Php 5 800


Illustration board (Reimond)



Printing of map (Kat)



Give-away -- Candies, wafer etc. (Axel)

Php 472

Markers and manila papers (Gen)

Php 130

IDs, etc. (Mizzi)

Php 430

Certificates (Guien)

Php 300

First aid kit (Jaira)

Php 100

Gas (Amon)

Php 100

Box board, etc. (Kat)



Play money and others (Monica)



Food (Ma am Melds)

Php 3 300

Sugar (Ma am Melds)



Total Expenses

Php 5 253



(for the food and final report)







The Math and Makabayan Camp at BN Calora Elementary School was indeed a memorable experience. As a class, I can say that everyone has the initiative to help make the camp successful. It was a good thing that our class leaders were organized. Every meeting we would talk about the plans and they would ask our opinions on how to improve these plans. They were democratic and accepted each and every suggestion. And indeed these plans came into life as the Math and Makabayan camp took place last February 8-9, 2013 at BN Calora Elementary School. Not only did the organizers do their job well but also the students and the teachers. Meeting the students for the first time was not that difficult because they were nice and smart. As a development communicator, I think I was able to apply my skills in communicating as a facilitator. It was not that difficult to organize the group assigned to me since they were cooperative and participating. The moment I met them was overwhelming because they happily welcomed me and treated me as a real ate . Although I can say that some showed their not-so-good side, I was able to handle their attitudes through a good approach. I tried to talk to them in a nice when and in the end, they participated too. Seeing them enjoy and have fun while doing the activities was heart-fluttering. Some of them even approached me to say thank you, especially the group assigned to me. This camp was tiring and time-consuming but all the hard work was worth it.



BELMONTE, Kristine A. CWTS is a required subject that is being taken by students on collegiate levels. As for me, a college student took the first part of it, CWTS1 when I was a freshman, and the second part which is CWTS2, the last part during my last semester, and during those times I enjoyed much of my time and effort coming to that class. During my last installment of CWTS, we were assigned to make a camp for elementary school students ranging from Grade three to Grade Six at B. N. Calara Elementary School located at Anos, Los Baños, Laguna. I was part of the Arts and Props Committee who was responsible for the art materials, figures, letterings and other art related things for the camp. For the last three weeks before the camp was carried out, we had done so much workshops and assignation. For that time being our teamwork and managing skills are challenged. Monica Revadulla as the team leader for the class had done her work effortlessly and always with a smile on her face and also, our faulty-in-charge facilitator, Ma am Milds, had been so supportive to us, encouraging us throughout the preparation up to the execution of the camp. The two-day-camp was an unforgettable experience for me, before I hate being with children and I manage to handle station during the camp. We had established connections or friendships among us college students. After all, some of the theories and information taught to us during the first installment of CWTS are applied to the second and last installment of CWTS, which was our camp like teamwork, resourcefulness, patience with people around you, perseverance, management skills, and strong physique to overcome fatigue and lack of sleep. Lastly, CWTS2 was indeed exciting, very exciting and fun from the beginning events (team building activities) up to the last bit (camp).



ARENAS, J. Axel C. My NSTP 2 was an experience I could never forget. It taught me how to talk, deal and interact with people. It challenged my creativity, management skills, patience and understanding. I became aware of what traits I need to change, skills to develop and qualities that I should keep. I realized what my weaknesses are and my strengths as an individual. I am a part of the management team. Being part of it was not an easy task. Our main function was to ensure that the activity Math and Makabayan camp assigned to our CWTS2 section will go well. To guarantee it we get to hold meetings outside class hours to plan, design and monitor every detail needed for the camp. We met and talked to the principal to make sure we are on the same page. How does she want the activity will go and what are the things she wants for the kids to learn. We supervised every action and decision done. We monitored every last piece of detail. We assigned our classmates on what jobs they will perform on and before the camp. In other words are main function was to lead and direct how will the activity will go. We must see to it that when the activity comes, all is well. Moreover I was also a member of the program committee. Our main job was to monitor and lead the activity during the camp. I got to led how the program will ow not just by taking part and making it but also by hosting the event. But my jobs did not just stop there. Aside from being a member of the management team and program committee I m also assigned to be station manager. I get to hold station 1 where the grade school pupils played paint me a picture . I accepted the work because I thought it was an easy task. I just got to stand and tell the kids what to do. But I turned out to be wrong. I thought it was a challenge for the kids but it was also a test of my how long my patience and understanding will go. But the worked I enjoyed the most was to teach the kids to do an origami. When I taught them I saw their eagerness to learn. I was amazed by how easily they could carry out every fold that I showed them. Aside from learning all these things and experiencing this whole course what made my CWTS2 an unforgettable and extra special experience was having new friends, not just my classmates but also the kids and the people I met during the whole course of NSTP. [21]


OROGO, Melody M.

Childhood days are truly worth reminiscing… It is very heart-warming to see such smiles painted in the children s face during the Math and Social Science Camp. We, especially I, became so very thankful for having an opportunity of being included to those who gave the kids even a simple reason to smile and appreciate what they have…a family. However, before coming up with our NSTP CWTS2 major activity in BN Calara Elementary School, a series of steps was conducted. In here, we were able to note down and do all the things needed from planning, workshops and during the camp itself. Fortunately, with the cooperation of all our classmates, teachers, grade school students and parents, we conducted the Math and Social Science Camp successfully. During the whole process that we have been, I realize that it is better to extend or share to others some of the things that you have in life. I was assigned to be one of the facilitator s for the camp. At first, I was anxious to be a facilitator because I haven t experience to facilitate children before. Besides, I thought that I would be more stressed considering that the kids are grade school students and are highly hyperactive when it comes to such kind of participative activity. I thought I would shout at all the times and bring a very long patience for the kids during the entire camp. Honestly, I am hesistant for the task due to all these reasons. However, I am thanking Monica for giving me an encouragement to be a facilitator and for saying that I do not have to shout just to make the kids to listen to me and just do simple facilitating. If I didn t accept being a facilitator, I would not be able to showcase my pagiging ate to the children and to others. This is one thing that I was able to share with them during the camp. At least I am confident that nothing bad happens to our group. At the same time, meeting Christopher, Ronald Ryan, Michael Angelo, Russel, Mitzibel,Pauline, Jaybee and Remcy is a great opportunity and I became close with this kids and learned a lot even for a short stay with them. I hope I would go back and see them again. With that short time, I felt like I met a new family. With all of these, I can say that the camp was a great experience. Aside from reminiscing my childhood days as a grade school student , it is good to see that even in a simple way, you are able to make others happy.



ENCIO, Monica C. Being a part of DC2 was really an amazing experience. I had fun right from the start until the camp. I met new people and become friends with them. At first, I was expecting that every Saturday, our class will go out and conduct community service such as cleaning, tree planting, etc. because that s what other CWTS classes do, but after knowing that we will just conduct a one time-big time activity, which was the Math and Makabayan Camp, I was thrilled because I love camping. I always participate on a camping when I was elementary since I was a bibo kid back then. During the preparation, it was the time when our class becomes closer with each other. We helped each other to the point that even if we re not part of that certain committee, we still helped so that we can finish all of the materials needed. It was somewhat panicky since we had limited time, but since all of us were dedicated to make this camp successful, we did it! It was indeed a successful preparation. It was not my first time to be a part of a camp, but it was my first time handling a group of kids and become their facilitator! Since the assigning of facilitator did not go well, I became one of them, too. I was surprised and somewhat got panicked since I was not prepared; I did not know what to do. But after playing catch the dragon s tail with them, I realized that maybe, its fun to give it a try. They really had fun playing, so was I, but it was truly exhausting. I cannot compete with the kid s energy level! Another panicky moment was when we taught them the paper folding, because I, myself, did not know how to do such thing. Some of my kids even knew better than me! But thanks to Axel, it was not only the kids who learned the origami, but also the facilitators. The bonfire experience was so cool! This was when the competitive facilitators came out. My kids had fun and shame as well since they did not really want to dance in front of their classmates but since they had no choice, they still did it, and I was so proud of them! Amazing race was when I became a stage mother as what they said. But for me, I just wanted to support my kids; I want them to learn, at the same time to have fun. I guess my objectives went well, not just for them but also for myself, we had fun, we learned new things, and we gain new friends since they did not know some of their siblings in the group, and of course I did not know them at first. I was so proud seeing them cooperating in each stations. With this, I believe that our group deserves the first place in the amazing race! ! Good job, classmates! It was fun working with you guys. See you around! !



EQUINAS, Jessel D. The Math and Makabayan camp that I keep on looking forward and makes me so excited is now over. I enjoyed every part of it, from planning up to the time of the actual event. From the time that we still had to do team building for the sake of the group up to the time that we went home sleepy, exhausted and happy from the camp. The planning I think is the most crucial time where everyone, especially the management committee is doing their best to study and ask their selves of what will be the best for the camp where the children will learn while having fun. The discussions about the flow of program help everyone of us to voice out their opinion on how to help improve the initial plan for the camp. Dividing the committee is the part where everyone is now placed in the work where they think they can help more. And I was placed in the facilitator committee. Facilitators don t actually have much to do before the actual event so what we did is we helped out the Visual and Props committee. I was actually feeling part of the committee because I also attended their out of class meeting and I got a lot of chance to talk to people assigned there. Our real work came during the actual event, where we need to play with the super energized kids in the camp. It seems that they don t get tired and all they want is to play all day and night although the kids assigned to me asked me so many times about the time when they can already sleep. I tried my best to be patient with them especially those times that it s so hard to get their attention when you need to explain something.

I also learned that children tend to react differently to things. One of them may

like certain things and the other may hate it. Some of them just prefer to listen and some of them always want to be heard. I may not have passed my own standard of being a good facilitator but I really enjoyed the camp. From those times that I met those kids up to the time that we, as CWTS2 students bond that night and listen and tell scary stories just to ease the sleepiness and tiredness that we are feel. I went home that Saturday afternoon feeling fulfilled that we, as a team did a great job and that the Camp we ve been waiting for has finally finished.



ESPALMADO, Ma. Katrina D..

The Science and Math Camp held by our NSTP class was the first outreach program that focused on the school kids I had been involved with. Being a student with a degree program that deals with sciences, the first impression I gave the project was that it was just easy. The team had discussed the details of the said camp and began to disperse the task into different committees. Unfortunately for a not-so active person like me, I got to be the head of the visuals and props committee. I had to do well. The visuals and props committee may have been one of the committee that will be having the most work in order for the project to be successful. My committee was in charge of the materials needed by the whole program starting from the registration down to the Amazing Race. We have o do well. Being the committee head was a very heavy task. You have to be able to communicate with the members for meetings and workshops. A committee head carries to much responsibility. I cooperated with the games committee for the run-down of the materials needed and had to cooperate with my members to work on the props. It was not an easy task but having cooperative members made it less weight. During the camp is what had really challenged me to my capacity. I had to be always with the kids and with the members who needed some things for the event especially with the children s nametags. I have learned that you need a lot of patience and energy to be always up with the children and quick with their needs.

Being in that camp, it made me realize the worthwhile feeling of getting a positive response from the children and the feeling of achievement after a job well done. Also children no matter what their problems are outside those school gates are just problems they can easily laugh off when they are genuinely having fun.



DIETA, Ma. Carmela L. This semester, I had the privilege to be part of a Math and Makabayan Camp at BN Calara Elementary School in Los Banos. I, together with my classmates in CWTS 2, made all the necessary planning and preparations weeks before the camp. I really looked forward to it because it was my first time. Unfortunately, I got sick. Maybe it s because of the abrupt changes in the weather that week. But despite my mother s objections, I still went because I really want to be part of the camp. The team encountered various problems during the camp but we were able to make some adjustments. As a facilitator, I was assigned to guide and assist group 1. At first I was worried on how the kids would react to us. Every one of them wants to be noticed and praised. I was afraid that they d fight each other but I m glad they didn t. Good thing that all of them were lively and cooperative. I felt a bit weak and dizzy throughout the day but I enjoyed, nonetheless. I felt better the following day. I was assigned to be the station 3 manager so I wouldn't get tired that much. Nakakahiya but I am really thankful about that. All the activities went well. Despite being sick, I really enjoyed the camp and I learned a lot. I m really not that fond of children but I m glad everything went well. Not all the children were cooperative and obedient so I had to put up a lot of patience for them. I also had to manage the time well so that all of us would be able to simultaneously finish our assigned tasks. I had to coordinate with the others so we would know what to do. It was really important to cooperate with them so that no one would be confused. Throughout the camp, it was not only the children who learned. I felt that I learned just as much from the children as they learned from us. The kids we worked with in the camp were mostly from the underprivileged families. Each one of them helped me appreciate my own upbringing and the family I grew up with. I realized how lucky I am that I have access to atleast the necessary resources I need to grow. I m lucky to have worked with the team and be part of this activity. I know that we don t get anything in return with this camp. It was purely voluntary. But even though, the camp was really rewarding. Rewarding, in a sense that we got to bring smiles to the children s faces, meet new friends, and experience new things that we never got to experience before. These things were priceless. [26]


DELA PENA, Hilary June E. I ve been to several outreach programs but the experience in B.N. Calara is an altogether a different experience. The magnitude of the kids alone can overwhelm even the most coordinated team. However, the two-day event proved to be an exciting experience. Much like any outreach program, the ingredients were in place ‒ food, games, presentations, coordinators, parents, and children. But what separates this from others is that I was required to focus on a special group of kids thus, creating a bond. And although that bond was established briefly, the personalities of the kids came to life. Each one has his/her own identity and unique set of skills to contributebenefitting the group but at times, disrupts the participation of others. And this became my cue, and of everyone else involved, to lift up their spirits and encourage the kids to work with each other and work with the materials they have. There are stations where the kids are having a hard time and at times, you can t help but to give in to their pleading and are asking for your help ‒ my fondness of kids. This, I guess, was one of the gray areas of my duty but fulfilling, nevertheless. I think many would agree that it was indeed a rewarding experience and outweighs all the hiccups encountered along the way. Looking back, I realized that the experience was a reversal for me because years ago, I was the kid at camp being taught by young leaders and students and days ago, I became one of the facilitators of these kids, along with my classmates, who I think had the same experience as me.



DAZA, Zaramae During the preparation for our activity in

but since were all together, we had thought of many

CWTS2, the Math and Makabayan Camp to be held in

games to be implemented in some station,

B.N. Calara Elem. School, as member of the 'games

particularly the station 9.

committee' , I helped out in the preparation for the

Our activity was such a laborious activity

games to be done during the amazing race. During

from the preparation itself up to the main activity yet

the activity, I was one of the registration committee,

an enjoyable and a memorable experience I should

but when we arrived, teachers of B.N. Calara Elem.

say. And this activity is a great way for us to deal

School, were already spearheading the registration of

with other community,which is very helpful. During

students that will join the camp, what we did ids just

this camp I had pleasure working alongside with my

assist them, and borrowed their registration form.

committee members and also to some of my

And as our program started, we checked every

classmates, Over the activity, I have acquired many

participants and gave them their Id's.

I was ďŹ rst

new skills and a greater knowledge of many things.

assigned as the station manager of station 4, but

I've learned that in every activity, you should give

during the activity, I was then assigned as station

double eort for it, and that cooperation with each

manager of station 9 (Dora the Explorer) in the

other is really needed for the success of the event.

amazing race together with Leo Diabordo.

This camp also gave us the chance to meet new

Of course, problems in comes in every way.

friends (the participants & classmates) and know

During the start of the program, we lacked Id's for the

them more. I was not really fond of children, but this

participants but since some of the students were not

camp taught me how to socialize with them and

able to attend the camp, we just used their id's and

enjoy their company even for mean time.

wrote at the back of it for the students that replaced

Overall, I feel that being able to help other

them, we also used some extra papers for other

people through this activity is such a rewarding

participants Id. Since some of the NSTP students were

thing. Thanks for the

not yet around, I acted as facilitator of a certain

Communication for accommodating me in their

group for some time. And as member of Games

NSTP2 class that I was able to experience such

Committee, several problems we've encountered



the pointing system in each station, but the

station managers together with the facilitators were able to discussed it before the activity. We also had problem with some station, because we lack of games [28]

College of Development


CELINO, Genesis A. Time flies when you are having fun; I have to say I cannot agree more. NSTP CWTS2 gave me so much to remember: new experiences, new friends, new people, and new stories to tell. CWTS2 was very interactive and participatory. We had team building activities and chill class meetings which helped ease up the mood a bit. The semester was very productive and meaningful. We started the semester in a good mood; everyone got to know each other a little bit through the team building activities and a little bit more through the committee meetings. From the preparation to the actual field work, DC2 worked as a team. It was nice to see every one giving as much effort into the work. During the camp, things got a little out of hand when the Koreans held their program before our started. Good thing the backup plan of Catch the Dragon s Tail, facilitated by me together with the other facilitators, worked and kept the kids entertained as DC2 prepared for the evening s program. I even had the pleasure of teaching kids Alibata. The experience was very fulfilling; the eagerness of the children to learn and the satisfaction on their faces whenever they get things right was overwhelming. As a facilitator, I actually had direct and close encounter with the children. The kids in my group were extremely bibbo which was cute but sometimes it exceeded the limit and they turn over competitive. I just tried to keep things under control and made sure no one was hurt because they were very jumpy and were running all over the place. Spending the night with DC2 was unforgettable! The horror stories, the snacks, the chatter and the night on the freezing floor were definitely something. It made me realize that I don t really know most of DC2 that well and it is sad to think that I did not invest much time to get to know them better. Nonetheless, I wouldn t trade my DC2 classmates for others! Saturday morning was fun for both DC2 and the children since this was when the Amazing Race was held. You can easily see the excitement in the children s eyes as they fought their way to the finish. After the closing program, I felt nothing but happiness and pride. We did it! Not only did we finish the major requirement in NSTP but we also contributed something to the society, as little as it may be. I hope I could participate in more activities such as this. I will surely miss NSTP CWTS2 DC2! Lovelove!



MOLABOLA, Rey Lemuel Our section in CWTS 2 was assigned to a Math and Sibika camp. At first, I was excited because the camp will focus on two subjects that I am interested to. During the first meeting, I voluntarily placed myself in the games committee. It may seem easy but it was hard. It was hard to conceptualize the details of the games that will suit our objective and at the same time will fit for the pupils. At the same time, the games should be fun and if possible new and unique. Our committee is composed of 8 members. Although all were helping and doing the tasks assigned, we had a difficulty in meeting outside the CWTS class due to conflict of schedules. Our only chance of discussing was during the class hours which is once a week. As what I have observed, one problem in our committee is that the smallest details of the games were not properly discussed. The effect was seen during the camp day. Nevertheless, our committee were able to deliver our task well in conceptualizing the games for our camp. We had 8 stations for the games. The first station was a warm-up station I which the groups of pupils were given the instructions and an egg to keep safely during the course of the race. The second station was devoted for sibika. It was test on their knowledge of different places in the country. Station 3 was a mixture of math and sibika. Station 4 was for basic computer hardware and software familiarity. The fifth station tests the pupils unity and values. The next station is for Math where MDAS and logic problems were prepared. Station 7 was for the origami. Station 8 was utilized for the alibata. Lastly, station nine was a mini race with challenges in math and sibika. The games that we had were not just for Math and Sibika, it was also a mixture of physical movement, arts, and values teaching. During the course of the game, I asked the pupils on what do they think of the games and the entire camp. I was happy to hear that they were enjoying and learning. I was also amazed by their knowledge and eagerness to learn. Most of the pupils were satisfied that they enjoyed the camp even if they did not win. Although it was challenging to be part in preparing for a camp and the camp itself was tiring, I was fulfilled that somehow I was able to impart my knowledge in Math and Sibika to the younger ones and hear from them that they enjoyed and learned.



BURGOS, Gabrielle Albertha C. B.N Calara Math and Science camp is a project of NSTP CWTS students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños held at B.N Calara Elementary School, Anos, Los Baños Laguna on February 8-9, 2013. The purpose of this camp is to familiarize and test the students with their knowledge of History and Math. In Line with this project, committees were formed. I was assigned as part of the Games committee. Preparing for the camp is a very tedious job, but with teamwork and cooperation, the jobs were evenly distributed and it felt like less of a burden but more of an enjoyment for all of us. I myself have learned so many things with regards to the preparation of the camp as well as during the camp itself. During the preparations, I have learned the value of planning and teamwork. A good plan creates the blueprint and flow of the activity. It is good to plan in groups because brain storming can help collect bright ideas. With teamwork, we have put into action the plan we have developed. In the planning and preparation for the games, I have learned that various factors should be considered like the number of groups of the campers, the number of stations, the time allotted for each station and the lessons to be learned by the campers in each station. Each station has a corresponding lesson. It is not simply thought instantly. It underwent a series of comments and evaluation before it should be passed as part of the games. The available resources are also accounted for in planning the games for the camp. After meeting with the campers, it was hard to control them especially in the first night. We were able to control the children with the help of the teachers and PTA staffs in B.N Calara. It was necessary for use to talk to the campers even small talks to build their trust in us. It became easier to continue on with the activity because even in a short period of time, we created a close relationship with the campers. It is really important to know the people you are working with. On the camp, where all of our plans are put into action, we have faced various challenges. In times like these, we learned to maximize our resources and to arrive with solutions to solve these problems.



MINGO, Llena Jean Before I enrolled in NSTP 2 CWTS, I expected a

We got to bond as a class as well as sleep for some

lot of field work sweeping streets and other public

hours. When morning came, we all prepared for the

aids to serve others. I was surprised when I heard

second day of the camp. We did an invigorating

from Sir Daya that our section would work on a

exercise and had a delicious breakfast. The Amazing

Math and Science Camp Project for a Public

Race proceeded and I was assigned at station 5, the

Elementary School. I became so excited and

values station. We somehow made the students get

looked forward to the event ever since. Together

busy as we take one of their members and hide them.

with Ma am Melds, we prepared for the camp step

We then made the children choose over their member

by step by doing team building activities, forming

or an egg, which served as their life in the game and

specific committees, scrutinizing each part of the

was equivalent to a lot of points. What the children

program, assigning tasks, and creating visuals and

had to say varied and each opinion from them struck

props needed. We ended up planning a Math and

different emotions from me and my station mates.

Makabayan Camp. A week before the event, we

After the Amazing Race, scores were tallied and

did a site visit at BN Calara Elementary School.

groups were awarded, plaques of appreciation and

We decided on where to execute each part of the

gratitude were given, as well as certificates of

program with the help of the school principal,

participation. The whole camp was ended with an

Ma am Ellen Camacho. On the day of the event,

afternoon snack. This whole experience brought me so

some of the plans we laid down for the first day of

much. I gained friends, enjoyed so much and learned

camp was not strictly followed because we needed

so much. Moreover, I learned how to communicate

to adjust for some reasons. Most activities were

with others, how to handle responsibilities, how to be

not done because of small time frame and the film

open and welcome other s ideas and opinions as well

showing was replaced with an energizing game

as share my own ideas and opinions. I realized how a

between our class and the students. All went well

group that follows the same goal can conquer

and we all seemed to have enjoyed a lot. After

everything once each member puts his head and heart

dinner, the students were taught how to read and

into it and once there is unity, initiative and

write alibata and the art of origami. That was

cooperation. But most importantly, it feels priceless

immediately followed by a bonfire activity filled

when I get to think of how we imparted so little to the

with fun group presentations and an inspirational

students, yet it makes me feel like we changed so

talk. During lights off, most of us had to complete

much for them. This certain emotion of feeling good

the visuals and props needed for the camp and to

for myself by imparting myself to others is most

specify details of the scorings in each station in

probably the best thing I got from NSTP 2 CWTS.

the Amazing Race and assign station managers. [32]


GARCIA, Carmela Jane Service learning is a method of instruction in

cross my mind how difficult organizing a camp is. It s a

which classroom learning is enriched and applied

great learning experience. I would never trade this

through service to others

experience for something else.

(Florida Department of


Then came the actual camp. I never thought I

What we did in CWTS2 is service learning. It

would be so nervous. I began to doubt our activities. Will

is where we served our community and at the same

the kids enjoy the camp? Will they gain anything from

time, we are able to learn something from it. And for

it? Will they participate? Will this camp be a success? I

some reason, we also gained real satisfaction and

always answer those questions yes. We can do this. We

happiness that we ll never get from any other

all have each other so we can do it.

classes. Our first meeting as a class was when we have our team building. At first, I don t get the point

To be honest, I really hate kids. I see them as annoying little monsters. I really don t want to do anything with them.

in doing it but I participated anyway. It was fun. I

But because of CWTS, I learn that they are not as

got to meet my future co-servers to the community.

annoying as I thought they would be. They are obedient,

The bad part was that I forgot about them after the

participative, lively, etc. I always thought that they would

vacation. The camaraderie that was built was lost.

act spoiled but I was wrong. I instantly became the

So our second class feels like our first. It was a relief

facilitator of a group and agreeing to do the task is

that some of my bloc mates were also in the class so

something I will never regret. I had the chance to teach

I don t feel alone. I can actively participate without

them, talk to them, bond with them and even being silly

any hesitation.

with them. I really saw the opposite of who I am when I

The following meetings were all planning.

was a kid. I realized how lucky I am to live a life greater

What will happen? What is the flow of the camp? Is

than they have. It made me want to do better in school

this suggestion feasible? And more. It s good that

and with my family. The things that I have learned from

our officers were so hard-working that they already

them can never be thought inside the four cornered

planned the activity ahead and presented their plans

lecture halls of the university. And I am very thankful for

to us so that we could only add, comment, disagree,


etc. to what they have done. It makes the planning

Remembering my experience in planning and

fast. I then become very excited about the camp.

organizing the camp until the actual camp gives me joy.

Organizing a camp was new to me. I am usually a

Remembering the kids that I encounter gives me hope.

camp participant, and never an organizer. It never

This experience has truly changed how I perceive life.



DIABORA, I am a person whose strongest motivation is the

tried to preoccupy themselves with getting busy

reward an action could give me, and when it comes to

cutting shapes, texting, sleeping. I wasn t the

scholastic matters, there is no greater reward than a high

only one feeling insecure, somehow that

grade that would surely improve my GWA. And since NSTP

thought put me at ease, because by then I knew

has no unit (well, maybe it does, but it doesn t have any

that there were people who shared the same

weight on our GWA), I was about to give it the least

fear and issues with me. So I took the first step,

attention and effort among my subjects.

I asked to help, and slowly, I think that the

First meeting: team building activity. I didn t know (or I forgot) that we were supposed to meet at the Bahay ng Pahinungod, so I went to CDC from the New Dormitory only to retrace my steps, that s why I can t say that I was in a good mood when I got there. Finally, I reached the place,

people around me started to get confident with me, they started to ask me to do stuff, started random conversations and small talks, until finally, I think we became friends. At the day of the camp, for some reason

had I not seen any familiar faces I would ve went straight

I didn t feel any pressure, I knew what I had to

back to the dormitory (I m no good in dealing with that

do and how to do it. Surely not everything went

accursed Spotlight effect), good thing I enlisted in this

as planned but nevertheless we accomplished

subject together with some friends. Then the usual things

our goal. At the night of the camp I made even

happened, we introduced ourselves and went on with the

more friends, I was really glad to know that

games or challenges. Seeing how most people I m with

people from other committees knew me, it

were jolly, I decided I needn t hold back the fun and active

made me realized that I wasn t the wallflower I

side of me, I talked to people I didn t know, to people

thought I was.

whose names I ve forgotten a minute after they ve been said, yelled and laughed and interacted like I didn t care. That was when I decided I would give this subject a chance, to let it show me what other valuable things may be acquired from subjects other than objective knowledge, and work hard for this subject s goal.

NSTP 2 CWTS made experience and understand a lot of things; that I was capable of making friends this easy, that there are times when I have to take the initiative if I want to fit in, that it s more fun when I m not so reserved, and that a simple smile can make a very big

The meetings before the camp: planning and getting

difference at people s towards you. I also

the materials ready. It was awkward at first, working with

realized that learning formulas and numbers

people you hardly know, I didn t know where I belonged

aren t the only things a school can give to you,

to, so I sat and observed them[classmates], waiting for

there s so much more if you just try to

someone to ask for my help. But nothing, nothing was

experience everything and grab every

happening to me, I thought that maybe because no one

opportunity to do something different.

really knew me and my attitude they were hesitant to ask me to participate, I also noticed that I wasn t the only one trying to find a place in the crowd, there were people who [34]


REVADULLA, Monica E. Looking at myself back at the start of the semester, I

breakfast. Knowing the basic needs of the

never imagined that all of these things would ve been

event and of the students gave me a head

this successful. I wasn t familiar with the curriculum of

start on what to do with the camp.

CWTS ever since it became under the management of the colleges in UPLB. Seeing that all sections under CAS

For the whole semester, the initial

are full, I didn t have any choice but to enroll in sections

planning for the line-up of activities for the

in other colleges which fit my schedule. Since this is a

camp was the hardest part. I was busy the

different college, I thought I would have a bad time. At

whole week and wasn t able to meet the

first, I saw NSTP as a course which I can pass by giving

management team to brainstorm for it since

only three hours of my week.

our schedules do not fit. I created the initial schedule at midnight before the class, and

First day was at Bahay ng Pahinungod.

met with the team at exactly 7:00 A.M.

Fortunately, I already knew some of my classmates: Mizzi

Luckily, everyone grasped the concept

was a co-alumni of my high school, Pat and Reimond

immediately, so I wasn t alone in presenting it

were orgmates, Llena and Ardel were former classmates

to the class at 9:00 A.M, since I was very

in PE 2 ‒ Swimming and NSTP 1, respectively. The

groggy because of lack of sleep.

teambuilding was fun: it was an effective refresher for a first day. The Getting to Know was the hard part: since

Every meeting after the initial planning

my memory isn t that good, I remembered their faces,

went well, since almost everyone participated

but I forgot their names afterwards.

in the brainstorming. Not long, the final plan was finished. At the workshop, I was amazed

As a two-year member of BUKLOD-UPLB, I

by the initiative of the class to do things

developed this itch of being the head or leader of any

without being told. Mabilis ung trabaho. The

event or group, as long as I know I can handle it. So,

workshop was finished within two hours.

after being elected as team leader, my perspective of the course changed, since I knew that being a leader doesn t

At the camp, almost everyone was

only require three hours every week. Talking with Ma am

present as well. Again, everyone was very

Melds after the election made me more excited and

efficient. They accepted new tasks that

relaxed, since she had this very bubbly personality that

weren t assigned to them in the first place.

makes students at ease with her.

Everyone were effective members. The closeness of the class was seen in the

It was a first for me to directly talk with a

overnight activity: we were actively sharing

principal of a public school. I was fortunate in keeping

horror and green stories while doing last-

my head together, seeing that I only had pan de sal for

minute preparations in the workshop, we



REVADULLA, Monica E. were screaming and laughing all throughout the gained and the help they gave through the semester night. Everyone was tired, but happy.

remains permanent. They helped me with my laptop problems, there are others whom I shared my love life

Another diďŹƒculty I faced was the challenge with. I heard their life stories and experiences in the of keeping together what they wanted to happen. university, which reminds me that they are mere I m not used in spearheading an event that I students who undergo the same problems which I initially planned but faced major changes in the face. middle. It was something I had to improve on, no matter how hard it is. I m not sure if everyone felt

Thanks to the camp, I have another leadership

my leadership because there are times when I m at thing to be proud about, I (hopefully) helped the kids a loss of thoughts and words, because so many have fun while learning, I gained friends, and gathered things in the line-up of activities have changed. a slideshow of memories where I can laugh upon Even the mechanics of the games were dierent. whenever I remember. I m not blaming the games committee: I commend them. It s just a problem of mine that I have to face.

Kudos to everyone who was part of the class!

There are also times when people are waiting for Kudos to the Games Committee, whom I relied upon my command to do start things, which I cannot give whenever I m confused on what really is to happen because, again, it s hard for me to follow the trail of with the games! Kudos to the Visual and Props thought of the people who did some changes.

Committee, who gave the event a complete set of props amidst the increasing requirements of other

I learned a lot: that there are teachers who subjects! Kudos to the Facilitators committee who continue to serve in a school that gives a low salary, willingly led the kids throughout the camp! Kudos to that there really are students that go to class for the the Management team, who was ever present sake of passing, that it really is hard to work with whenever I call for a 7:00 A.M. meeting! Kudos to the students who have the same IQ level as yours, and Cooking team who helped in the preparation of tasty that organizing an event is really hard but very meals! Kudos to Ma am Melds, who helped the team in rewarding when successful. It s a memorable many ways! Kudos to NSTP 2 ‒ CWTS DC2 for experience.

conducting a successful Math and Makabayan Camp!

Most of all, I gained friends. The remnants of the event may have only been a part of one s normal day, or would serve as a memory for all the kids and parents that participated, but the friends I [36]


Draft for an accomplishment report

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