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Introduction ....................................... 3 Poem(the phylosophy) ...................... 4 Short story(Marcusnimepis) ............... 5 Six word memoir .................... ………...9 2nd poem(be grateful) ................ …..10 Love poem ....................................... 16 Plot………………………….………………....12 Mothers poem………………………………13 Epic hero(Ajax)………………………….…14 Travel writing(los cabos)……………...16 Conclusion…………………………………...19



A light opens, and I do not know what happens with everything, since that day an adventure started for me with some parents very good wave and happy they welcomed me in their arms and so I start my delightful story. my name is jose miguel zuĂąiga JuĂĄrez and I was born January 13, 2002 in Puebla capital at 3 years between kindergarten in a very beautiful and picturesque and during this I had very good adventures as for example I lived those three years with my cousin that now in these days we returned to coincide in school and Both of us are of the same age, then I entered another school in which I attended my primary school and the pre-high school there I met people who have accompanied me in my life, which I appreciate so much throughout this time I had very good memories as the people that surrounded me was and I believe that to date it is very important since those people helped me to be the person that I am today after finishing my secondary school had to make a change a bit strong since the importance of my friends and the links that I made there was strong but, I changed school to the one that I am currently studying my semester of high school but in fact this change was still quite funny and expensive as I managed to enter the division so I named it bilingual which has been super great because I learn more about another language as I did last semester and I continue doing it, writing literature texts which help me understand new things and from different places. and this semester has been very important in me because I like the people very much with whom I am together is super great and interesting plus I learn every day more from my teachers and other people

4 Poem



The threes are green The plants are yellow The sky is blue Also, the sea The sun is bright All that colors are nature All the word is nature? Are we humans? Or another thing that research Them existence Are you nature? Or only space in the world We need a goal yes, only a goal And the goal is love

5 Short Story MARCUSNIMEPIS JOSÉ MIGUEL ZÚÑIGA JUÁREZ In 2090 the people in the north of Mexico became very violent, the government started searching for a way to made them quieter however whole country started a revolution. That is the history of the collapse of Mexico Marcus being eleven years old and he hates his past, especially after he lost his parents at 9 years old, they were very famous scientist and worked in neuro-treatment on Mexico City before the revolution, then they moved to Houston and started to build a new life. The report of the police was that they die into an inexplicable explosion in their laboratory, so Marcus had remained orphaned; he had to move with his uncle, but the uncle was bothering him frequently and Marcus hates him, so when he turned 19 years, he decided to move to his old house, after he returned to his parents’ house, he start to apply for the Harvard university there he discover that he could have some genius characteristics so he decided became a physic chemical doctor. When he returned to house, while he was cleaning his house, when he went to the basement, he found a grille that guide to another room he started feeling some curiosity and he enter to the grille, when he gets into the room, he found a switch on the stairs, he goes blind because the light was pretty brighten when he accustoms to the light he saw a laboratory and in the desk, he also found a letter of his parents, the letter says… . - son your parents love you, but we find out that the company at we work is involved in a substance that will make people obey orders we think that the substance was made for the people of Mexico and is the reason of the last revolution, we wish be on time to stop the substances uses however we are fear because I think we will not return with

6 you, so please never give up you are a genius and if you find a box named marcusnimepis in the lab or wherever you find it, please destroy it because it´s the starting point for government plans; we are the creators of these substance and please take charge of our fail. Sorry for not being with you…. we love you……you´re a conquering. So, Marcus cannot prosses these he feel really bad, he felt cheated by the police, so he decided go to his bed and forget everything in the morning of the next day he decided go to the secret laboratory to find something else but he cannot find another thing only the letter so today when he finish the chores in the evening he has the interest about the plans of government referred in the letter, so he search in the network and the central government is located in the coast of Veracruz and the link says that they have five nuclear power plants in the United States of America and two thousand labs in the country, he found the location of a lab near to his house, he knows about that lab, that laboratory is really big also is the most important labs of government company, so he take his laptop and hacking the information about the company and he found a lot of illegal things for example that there are slave laborers but in section of substances, they have a one most important, but the substance does not have name and is the most important, so Marcus open the file, in the description of the file, he find about the substance and the file says that the substance will be able take control on the persons, after read the information, he decided that his parents did not got lost in vane so he is going to avenge their parents. In the morning, he goes to the police station, he thinks that the police are corruption because when their parents die the police sayed another thing about the accident, now he thinks that was not an accident was a murder the next day he knows that the police will not be able to do nothing because the company took control of the police twenty-five years ago, because the state needed money for pay another thing, but now the problem is if they want take control of the city nobody will be able stop they, these problem is very big now, so he has to do something for the country or even the city in that night

7 he prepared to infiltrate in the company he hacked the control of the company in the next day he do in the university a last investigation and he call to the police to check that they did something about it but no, they did not do anything he goes out to the university and he is going to the lab but in the street he feel that someone are chasing him, he is walking and he start to run suddenly someone hit him with a stick so he start to getting up but the people that hit him says with a thick, hoarse voice stop here boy you are not a super hero. The next day he has a bruise in his face, he is thinking about the last night so in the university he decides to speak with his friends that he trust, and says the secret with five friends is easier to infiltrate in the lab but he is asking how the persons did for intercepts him. So, he cited his friends in his house for go to the lab at eleven o’clock he says that they are going to cover him for infiltrate to the lab, so they go out to the house and they drive to the lab when they arrive, they park in a corner of the street they go out of the car Marcus start to run behind the building when he arrive there he opens fast with a tool the door, his friends they stayed outside he enter to the lap for behind so there are many security cameras so he has to hack for have the control for all the building when he finish the hacking something like alarm start to sound he goes fast and in silence to the principal office he found a file with the name the Marcusnimepis he took the file and return with his friends but was too late the car of the police was sounding pretty close because a one security camera recorded them stealing so they get into the car and someone says starts the cars now the police faster identify the criminals and the police do an arrest order quickly, Marcus and his friends are so nervous and with fear because all theirs life’s they were just studying and never had got into a trouble so they are driving whereas Marcus try to find the next objective in the files that Marcus found in the principal office says that the managers are going to get a presentation for these project Marcus is sure that is the same project that his parents worked, they do not have time so the direction n to the file is Chicago and Marcus speak with his friends for decide a decision for continue the

8 adventure, they decided to go from Chicago the meeting is going to be in two days they are in Houston so they are going to go to Chicago. Two days later they are waiting in the hotel the time for the meeting they arrive to the building but again Marcus go lonely but their friends helping him from de hotel he copies an identification, for join the meeting he is looking for something strange but instantly the boss came out from behind of the curtain saying hello managers of the laboratories Government, the boss is a little tall has a barber and slim but suddenly he says oh today we have a guest, so Marcus does not know what happened and tree bodyguards take him on the stage and Logan the boss says What is your name? Marcus answered very quickly, Logan to hear that name he looks pale and angry and he says your parents…. oh no they were so dumbing; his friends arrive to the scene and they undid of the bodyguards he took advantage of the chaos and soot to the principal of the central government they hire, and I woke up …………... yes, it was my weird dream.


9 Memoir

Never give up, is never enough

10 Poem Be grateful

The life The most important stuff You can be part of it You can have to respect it You must be grate Because without it You can’t breathe, smile, see or heart But this isn’t all the life You must grate for your parents For the bless to born You must be grate Because you get up every day

11 Perfect piece? Jose miguel zuùiga 2B Love the most perfect piece, Love the necessary instrument in our lives, so necessary that anything looks for it, The existence of the world, And, you depend on it, you depend so much that it invades you, and you suffer if it’s not with you, but it will always be, so, you look for it, and it's looks for you, because it's all you see, and that makes you live, in the rain or in the shine, and with him you will always forgive and love forever.

12 Mike and the lost gem Jose miguel Zuniga juarez a long time ago the countries were united and safe, thanks to a wise king whose name was mike but this wise king had a great defect, he trusted a lot in the unknown people and that is how the stranger Sir Isaac was able to enter the great vault which hid the powerful gem that gave peace and tranquility to the valley where all the towns were, unfortunately the next day they realized that the powerful gem was not in place so they went to claim the king who was accused of having lost or stolen the gem and for these actions the wise king knew that this problem was going to give rise to a horrifying outcome but before being able to fix everything was thrown for not safeguarding the gem safely and was taken to the dungeon along with his best friends.

13 My Mom José Miguel Zúñiga Juárez You are my inspiration My life, My force that, Help me to never Give up You, that contains, My experiences, My troubles, My adventures And my trust, Because you give me, All that I need And for that I admire For this stuff I love you

14 Epic hero

AJAX José Miguel Zúñiga Juárez

He is the strong and robust person in the on the face of the earth but if you think that he is only muscles and physicist you are wrong because he is a genius he studied disciplines in Germany because his parents were doctors in psychology but when he finish his university we start working in an agency that looks the benefits of the population because many people are unprotected and unsafe so many years later he looks that he is a common person but the reality he is like a soldier He is a special soldier because he knows the importance of the ethics and the values that all people have so he is very cautious with his operations and he live in Germany because this country teaches him a lot about survive and how to treat the people because he is a genius and is difficult for him learn from others And finally, he is very generous because he always does the good thinking in the people.


16 Travel writing

Los Cabos

José Miguel Zúñiga Juárez

The last year, my family and me want to go to a trip so my father start thinking about a trip and we found about La Paz in Baja California South so he thought that all in the family wants to go there when my parents told me that we are going to visit La Paz and then I said “I don’t want to go there I prefer go to Cancun” so my parents told me about these magic place so I accept go there so I need to start making my bag so I put things for 2 weeks, so when the day arrive I was ready for the new adventure because one week we were in La Paz and the next one in Los Cabos so we took a bus that took us to the airport to get an airplane after the travel and pass all the access controls we start a very beautiful experience in the day that we arrived we stay in the hotel because we were so tired from the trip so we enjoy the pool and the excellent service of the hotel, the next day full of enthusiasm we decide visit balandra that is like a rely big pool but natural i think that is the most beautiful and attractive beach that I have visited in my life because the sand is really soft and white you probably don´t believe me but there are mountains of sand like in the dessert but the sand is as I mentioned there we walk like 2 kilometers for discover or found a stone that is the symbol of this beach and is really strange because

17 has a shape that the water sculpted with thousands of years so is really awesome in the afternoon we went back to the hotel and we eat some shrimp with a sauce that was very delicious the next day we met the town and the malecon of la Paz so the town is traditional and cool actually we found the university of marine biology, then the fourth day my father contract a boat that give us a trip to the isla espiritu santo ans is one of my favorites experiences because in these adventure i met seals and a lot of different species of fishes and actually the beach of the island was lovely and there we took a break because the trip in the boat was long and tired but when we were traveling to the beach the men guide explain about La Paz and they typical dishes and traditional festivities and the rest of the weak we met the Marina of La Paz and we got more knowledge of the place, we leave La Paz one day before because we wanted to go to Cabo Pulmo that promise much but unfortunately the day that we visit the place had dangerous wave and we couldn’t do snorkel or the activities that we wanted, so sadly we needed to leave the place because we also wanted go to los Cabos so we arrived one day before. In Los Cabos obviously we visited the arc that is very representative but the first day we can't went near it because was very late for took a boat so we only walked in the beach that i need tell that is really big and large so we lose all the afternoon walking on the beach the next day we decide to took a boat that take us close to the arc so is very cool because in one side

18 of the arc is the Cortes sea and the another side is the pacific ocean in the last week we met more about Los Cabos in those days we took a ship that showed us the whales and it was a nice experience then we need to say good bye to Baja California so then we went to the international airport Los Cabos and we took an airplane to CDMX and went back home.

19 Conclusion Throughout the semester I have had exceptional and very entertaining subjects as is the example of literature since it has taught me many things of great relevance for humanity and which left a mark as poems short stories, travel writing, etc. xbut

I think that spent a such enjoyable time elaborating these texts as well as reading them and doing the activities that the teacher left us, but I believe that all the work left you a teach for example redacting text I could see how much i love my family and mt friends and I think that my best writing is of the travel because I needed to remember this beautiful trip that I got with my family. And in my personal conclusion I can only be grateful with the persons that support me during the semester like my near friends Selena, Chuy, Isaac, Diego, Alessandra and Frida and my literature teacher miss Cristina.

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i like pizza

Digital magazine final miak  

i like pizza