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GAME REFERENCES The enjoyment that the player will gain from the game are: Tactical: Rubbing abilities Strategy: Fighting bosses Narrative: Implement the game content Combat: Implement the tactical and strategy Story: The twist


Target Audience

In the game, Steve’s default settings are having 3 basic Lives, full bars of HP and rubber. The abilities he can do are:

Walk Run Jump Using weapon Block Change weapon Squat

The information that the player will be able to inquire are the HP bar, Rubber bar, Collective item- Lives and Rubber Dust, Weapon Inventory, Chapter and Page numbers at the HUD in the User Interface. The player will win each level as he solve the puzzle of the non-playable characters that he meet along the way and also defeat the bosses on each level. And the player will lose if he has empty HP bar and will minus 1 life of his Lives and will have to repeat the level again or Game Over when there are no more Lives left to continue the game.


Player View

As it is a side scrolling game, the camera will only move left to right following the main character. The camera will never move right to left


User Interface (UI) The physical controls Walk- left and right arrow pad/left analog Run- left and right arrow pad/left analog+L1 button Jump- up arrow pad/left analog Squat- down arrow pad/left analog Using weapon- right analog Block- X button Change weapon- Square button View Inventory-– O button

1.6 Audio & Sound F/X 1.5 Global Game Elements The overall mood is like enchanting, a fairytale like ambient sound. Meanwhile it shows joyful mood as well. When it comes to the fighting boss scene, the music will gradually change to a tense mood, giving the player a nervous feeling .

The neutral objects would be the static background, such as the forest environment, barn, yard, river that appear in different levels. They are the scenery in every story. The boundary is the player can only move to rightward, cannot go back to where he comes from. He has to keep going and exploring till the end of the game. Camera will follow where the main character, Steve goes. Scale of the world is normal. The ratio between the main character and the environment is basically same as the real world.

Rub The Mess Design and Concept Document  

Rub the Mess is an action adventure game, where Steve was thrown into a storybook and only has a giant rubber to protect him. The side scrol...

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