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Black and White Thematic Photography Artist statement

In the recent years, the members of the

action and how the police deal with the arrangement of the protest. A same event links many different stakeholders up. They existed in

public become aware of the political development

the same location and time period with similar purposes. However,

of Hong Kong. With the chief concern about the

would you also agree to what these people were promoting? From

current method of election, a protest against the

your point of view, is this how the historical moment really is? I

government took place on 3/1/2014. This is the

attempted to capture what different parties were doing during the

first time that I engage in the protest aiming at

event. Through putting an eye on various people and observing

fighting for democracy as an observer as well as a

their respective action, I wantto depict the picture of how Hong

Hong Konger supporting political reform to foster

Kongers tried to call for a democratic government in 2014.

democratic progress. Hence, I use photography as

a media to record this historical event.

idiom goes well, time

From my perspective, democracy is the

matter of not only the politician and the police who should have a neutral stance but also the matter of the general public. During the processes, I can see how the politician promotes their ideas, how the members of the public show their support with

As an English

flies like an arrow. I am wondering whether our feeling and attitude will change in the future when we look at these photos. How different will it be? Lam Ho Wai

B&W_ lam ho wai final