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Showcasing LRG & DJ Booth

Top 5 Fall Fixes for Him and Her


Say hello to Alesha Bell

The dare to go there songstress.

Meet 2Deep & Glovez

Full List of Events for the Festival

20. MIXX TAPE REVIEWS: 18.A3C SHOWCASE Reviews by Hustle Simmons



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highlight •schedule of events• Thursday, October 6 THE UNDERGROUND EXPRESS Live Performances Presented by Kevin Nottingham Thursday 10/6 - 5:00 pm Jagermeister Stage Enter the Cypher Freestyle Exhibition Presented by Sarah West & Sennheiser Thursday 10/6 - 6:00 pm A3C Pro Audio Room PERFECT ATTENDANCE Live Performances - Night 1 of 3 Presented by Fadia Kader & The Smoking Section Thursday 10/6 - 7:00 pm Perfect Attendance Stage

Thursday 10/6 - 8:00 pm Creative Loafing Stage ISTANDARD PRODUCER SHOWCASE Night 1 of 2 Presented by Native Instruments Thursday 10/6 - 8:00 pm A3C Pro Audio Room HIPHOPDXNEXT SHOWCASE Live Performances Presented by HipHopDX Thursday 10/6 - 9:00 pm Creative Loafing Stage A3C PRESENTS Live Performances Thursday 10/6 - 11:59 pm A3C Pro Audio Room

45 X 45 Diamond D spins 45's for 45 minutes Presented by the A3C

Friday, October 7 DJBOOTH.NET SHOWCASE Live Performances Presented by Friday 10/7 - 7:00 pm iHipHop Stage

LRGENERATIONS SHOWCASE Live Performances Presented by LRG & Jamla Friday 10/7 - 8:00 pm Creative Loafing Stage

PERFECT ATTENDANCE Live Performances - Night 2 of 3 Presented by Fadia Kader & The Smoking Section Friday 10/7 - 7:00 pm Perfect Attendance Stage

ISTANDARD PRODUCER SHOWCASE Night 2 of 2 Presented by Native Instruments Friday 10/7 - 8:00 pm A3C Pro Audio Room

IMPORT/EXPORT Live Performances Presented by The Bloom Effect & World Hip Hop Market Friday 10/7 - 7:00 pm Jagermeister Stage


STAY PRODUCTIVE Producer Exhibition & Roundtable Presented by Speakeasy Friday 10/7 - 11:59 pm A3C Pro Audio Room

Saturday, October 8 A3C PRESENTS Live Performances Saturday 10/8 - 2:00 pm Jagermeister Stage DEUCES WILD Breakdance Competition Presented by B-Girl South Saturday 10/8 - 2:00 pm Creative Loafing Stage BLOG PARTY Live Performances Presented by Earmilk & Good Music All Day Saturday 10/8 - 4:00 pm iHipHop Stage A3C PRESENTS Live Performances Saturday 10/8 - 5:00 pm PERFECT ATTENDANCE Live Performances - Night 3 of 3 Presented by Fadia Kader & The Smoking Section Saturday 10/8 - 7:00 pm Perfect Attendance Stage NEEDLE 2 THE RECORD DJ Battle Presented by Traktor & Skull Candy Saturday 10/8 - 7:30 pm Jagermeister Stage LOVE LETTER TO HIP HOP Live Performances Presented by Red Bull Music Academy Saturday 10/8 - 8:00 pm Creative Loafing Stage ALLHIPHOP SHOWCASE Live Performances Saturday 10/8 - 8:00 pm iHipHop Stage


Having a few key pieces can really add to your wardrobe! With fall here and temps getting cooler, here are great ideas of what to keep in your closet. Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall isn't hard as long as you have the pieces you need to create new looks.

Denia xoxo

2011-12 Fall /winter Fashions For HER

Tie-Neck Blouses Feminine blouses with with dress trousers/skirts

Leopard pieces

Satchels, fur Vest & Hat

Color Block Pants, Blazer Jackets, Accessories, Shoes

Connect to mixx fashion online at

Bags/clutches, shoes, blouses, skirts Adds spice to any outfit!

With hardware buckles and textures! Remix a bad hair day! Also adds to a simple outfit Easy to go from day to night! Pair with a LBD (Little Black Dress) and red lipstick for a night out on the town.

Statement pieces Jewelry, Shoes, Handbag 5

Men's 2011-12 Fall /winter Fashions For HIM

Vintage What makes vintage great is you can always find great pieces with mix with your current wardrobe to remix an outfit

Leather Jackets Gray Area Blazers, suits, sweaters

Connect to mixx fashion online at


Tailored Suits Classy suits on a budget

zippers and collars Splash of color mixed with camel/nude tones

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Which makes it damn near impossible to find love in the industry. Even if you are a professional within the industry, if you're a girl, no matter what you do - whether you are a fan, a journalist, working in promotions - all of it is always assumed that you are just a groupie. So what do we do to avoid the negative impressions? Date a "regular dude". A regular dude is a guy who is not involved in the entertainment business in any type of way. The problem with them is that they don't understand the life. They don't understand that there's no days off, and that 95% of the people that you work with are males and most importantly, that you're NOT screwing everyone you talk to on Twitter. I personally chose not to get romantically involved with industry dudes, though two may have slipped through the cracks. Don't judge me!! In my opinion, if you break and get romantically involved with one, it's so easy to continue to do so because it's convenient considering they're attainable. Nonetheless, whether you decide to get involved with a "regular dude" or an "industry dude", there are 5 key concepts to maintaining a healthy relationship. Once again, I'm just here to educate, but don't listen to me because I'm still SINGLE....


lexpress Lexington, Kentucky

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h g u o n Isnt E

“Hit-or-miss type deal” with some artist, when it comes to reaching thousands, or even millions if you include re-tweets, through twitter to promote their brand. It’s so easy for some to receive love and publicity in the twittersphere, but extremely difficult for others. Those who do have success with pubbing their content on the social media platform, it’s a given that there are three main reasons (along with other attempts) as to why whatever strategy they are using drives positive results; one - fan base, two - the relationship and interaction with the audience and three, being personable. One cannot expect Joe Schmoe from Juneau, Alaska to hop on twitter with three followers and have amazing results through constant music promotion. It’s simply a suicide attempt. However, if Joe took the time and utilized patience to drive up his follower count, self-promotion outside of the Twitter world and creating a nice buzz for himself with quality content, Joe is walking down the right path. Establishing a legit fan outreach guarantees support and love for ones music, rather that’s Twitter or any other social media outlet. Never anticipate rapid results over night. Majority followers of a music artist simply click or press the follow button because, duh – they are interested in the music and/or the artist, themselves and what’s going on with the talent personally. Twitter can be a gateway for an “average” person to feel more connected to someone they admire or idolize. When artist actually interact with their fanbase, anything from a retweet to a personal @, or even taking the extra step and following back fans or sending a direct message, locks in a Considering that this months Twitter spread is with regards to artist who have came up tremendously due to proactive and marketable tweets, we chose to give the title this month to that crazy guy himself, Lil B. Find some of Lil B’s outlandish, yet marketable tweets below:


Effective Artist Promotion via Tweet legit audience because they feel connected, or of a “friend” status. Direct outreach is key to positive results. And of course, there is nothing that urrks tweeters more, than finding out their favorite entertainer either a.) has some PR person or assistant to tweet for them, resulting in posts that are drab and no feel of the artist whatsoever, or b.) talent that hardly tweets and/or is a twitter-droid. Personality is exceptionally key in effective artist promotion. Some cons that are associated with promotion via twitter can lead to a detrimental fail if exhausted, often. There is the “spammer” artist; that guy who feels that if he tweets one thousand times over an hour will drive results. That, my friend, DOES NOT REACH THE MASSES, EFFECTIVELY. That person will be labeled annoying and either will end up blocked or muted. Lyricists or singers that attempt to @ celebs or those who are “on” everyday, asking to check out their music does not guarantee success as well. Why? It’s pretty obvious. “You” (artist) are NOT that person’s only follower. Individuality and being innovative – those two drive results. All in all, any true artist with genuine talent is destined to reach success status in the Twitter realm…true tweeters have a niche for quality music. Twitter is an exceptional marketing tool, and if used wisely – can take an artist for ordinary to extraordinary.

Top 10 Tweets And the winner is:



Good morning beautiful people around the world, I love you and hoe you have a wonderful day, day by day we live just to be free 2) Once you can not judge the person for who they are today, but for what made them who they are in the now, you will love all races 3) For me can you say saying “o he’s white,” or “o, she’s black,” or I’m white or black, that’s not a race, remember we are humans, not classes 4) They said my verse of Grover Street with Lil Wayne was legendary/sum said it was dense, you ain’t neva heard no1 say I was lying, tho. 5) Bless Selena Gomez heart doing the Lil B Cooking Dance Bless America 6) Man @liltunechi is a legend bless him for


skateboarding 7) Lil B has changed the rap game and music industry so much, he is a silent leader, all Lil B does is b himself and make history 8) Everybody know that I started all the fucking trends, everybody know that I’ll fuckn’ place your order. 9) Lil B is reaching a new level of #based called “Tillian Based God” he is achieving this through intense work with “The Based God” 10) Love you all for life!! Thank You To Forever is rocking with me until the end! #BASED always!

-Krista Hayes


Pics One mus i c F es t



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mixx highlight

Being a woman in the game frequently played called “Making It In The Industry,” is not as glamorous as it looks. They don’t get handed opportunities, with the exception of those whose favorite position is ass-up, face down. If women are too assertive with their approach, they are labeled a “bitch,” but if too easy – well, you get the idea; they aren’t taken seriously and suffer more backlash down the road. Songstress Nikkiya embodies the attributes of what it takes to soar to the top as a great singer and just as important, a young lady not to be played with. Not only is she linked with one of the most highly-regarded lyricist in the hip-hop world right now (Yelawolf), ten years on the scene and she’s breaking through barriers one track at a time. “Some times you do have to man up in the industry and often times, you’ll be in the studio and might be the only chick that is there to work and not be a groupie. So sometimes I really have to show that this (singing) is my craft, this is my job, not a game. I have to be a little bit more stern, so everyone understands that I’m not here to show my tits. I’m here to work.” Aside from working one-on-one with Yelawolf and notable producer, Will-Power, Nikkiya has also joined forces with hit-makers such as Tech.N9ne, Jackie Chain and Wiz Khalifa, plus a list of other talented artist. But she has the most love for her ‘Wolf team, stating that each one (Yelawolf, WillPower and Tasha Brown) have had opportunities to work with a lot of people, just off the strength of each other. “Anytime someone fucks with one of us, they fuck with all of us. We always make sure that everyone eats.” Anyone can look over Nikkiya’s past work and hear for themselves, that she is blessed with true talent, no protools, just her. For years, she has blossomed and gained notoriety, saying that everything that she has worked on with her producer and Yelawolf in the past decade, are her “babies.” “I often say, I feel like I’ve been in labor forever. And finally, I have birthed my babies, especially with my new street record, Speakher.”

“I roll with the punches, I basically think… no…know that I’m a Gangsta. And I tell people this often: don’t make me pull out my balls out of my purse, because I will…” Mixx asked Nikkiya if she wanted to stay independent, or ultimately be signed, which could potentially take her away from her ‘Wolf family. She simply replied that right now, she’s enjoying what she’s doing. “It doesn’t matter to me. Just as long as I am still happy.” Download Nikkiya’s free mix tape SPEAKHER, which can be found on For more information on Nikkiya’s movement, visit: -Krista Hayes



Model of the Month

ALESHA PAULETTE BELL 5’6” 34-26-40 135lbs dark brown eyes jet black hair aleshabell

Team APB Info: Event Marketing & Promotional Staffing Company Office # 404-910-3967


Top left: Joi Pearson Bottom Left: Drexina Nelson Middle: Derek Blanks Top Right: Andrew Thomas Clifton Bottom Right: EyeCandy Anthony



feature •Chase N Cashe• Chase N. Cashe has been making serious moves since being discovered on Myspace and working with hip-hop superproducer Polow the Don — but the latest up and comer to burst out of the New Orleans scene isn’t done making his name a staple in the game. Whether it’s with collaborating with Eminem and Lil Wayne for “Drop the World,” a new track on the highly-anticipated Drake project Take Care, or working on his own solo career Chase N. Cashe takes his love for music as serious as any artist and producer out there. “I’m an artist and producer, not half and half, 100 percent,” he said. Having to put his own raps aside carve out his own path, Cashe is finally getting the opportunity to show off his own mic skills. “I started off producing because

I wanted to work my way into the game, and learn the business,” he said Check out his debut solo project Gumbeaux (an effort Lil’ Wayne would approve of as “so New Orleans” no doubt) or if you keep up with hip-hop blogs, all the new tracks Cashe has put out. Each time you hear a something new from Cashe, just remember it’s original, from the heart and created with the high level of precision that has got him this far to this point. Slated on the horizon is a DJ Drama hosted mixtape called The Heir Up There, which will include features from Tha Bizness, aarabMuzik, Rich Kid, Megaman and of course Cashe. He also plans to go on tour with Drake and get to see more of the world. Of Drake’s 2nd annual OVO Fest, Cashe called it a “life changing experience” and was pleased to have to the opportunity to see Stevie Wonder and Nas live, but also see people receive music. But for A3C Cash gets his turn and is ready to show out. “I’m just trying to put on a show for those who came to see me... (but even more so) for those who are seeing me for the first time more than anything,” he said.

-Wesley Robinson & Damar Davis


•Aleon Craft• How did you come up with the rap moniker “Aleon Craft?” Being not of the normal world. When I’m creating music, I often visit the future , as well as, the past to motivated in the present. Moving like an “aleon craft”. My craft is also “spacey” and can come off as cosmic at times. Atlanta is the birthplace of many of hip-hop’s biggest stars. What is special about the city? Is it hard to stand out? What makes Atlanta special is the dense concentration of talent in the city. It’s so many talented artist around here. Many which get overlooked. You just have to pride yourself on being creative enough so that ears and eyes turn your way sometimes. What advice do you have for other indie artists just starting out? Stay focused and humble. Also, take your product seriously. Will we ever hear new music from Da Backwudz? Shweuuww… I sure hope so! What is most difficult when it comes to working in the music business? Do you remember report cards from Grade school? Ha! Working well with others, might be the most difficult part. No one will ever see “your” vision like you do. I think I get an “E” in that conduct column, though!

“The Stargazing Soundtrack” is hosted by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. How did this come about and for those who haven’t hear it, tell them what they can expect. This project came about as I was literally stargazing one night. It’s a collection of songs that I put together about my life at that time. It’s jamming pretty hard too. You should also check out ‘Mothership Decatur’ hosted by SMKA and DJ Smallz. That’s a hell of a ride too! What are you looking forward to at this year’s A3C? What should A3C fans be looking forward to see from your performance? I always walk away from the A3C Festival motivated and ready to work. Just looking forward to catching the artist performances and watching my playa patna compadres do their thing. When I hit the stage, though…fasten your seatbelt, because we’re blasting off to galaxies unknown!!! This is your first time performing at A3C. How do you feel this experience will be beneficial to you as an artist? I feel like it’ll be humbling for me. As an artist, there are always new experiences, and new plateaus to reach, and for me, A3C will be that experience. Earlier this year, I performed at my first SXSW, but that was a little more scattered, and unfocused. What I look orward to with A3C is that it’s Hip Hop focused. It gives us a chance to come together as a culture, and and celebrate.


The Bronx is the birthplace of hip-hop. Do you feel more pressure since you come from the same place?* I feel more motivation than pressure... Pressure is nonsense to me. What is pressure? It’s an illusion. I’m FROM the Bronx. I grew up around “officer, officer, officer, overseer, overseer”. I grew up around “dead in the middle of little Italy...”. And I don’t mean the songs, I’m saying I grew up around the mentality that birthed those lyrics and those songs. I grew up around the culture that CREATED Hip Hop. So no, no pressure, I’m excited. How do you stay relevant and afloat in a city that is home to so many other rappers? By being me. By being unafraid to be different. If this rap thing is a race, I try to make sure to train 1,000 times more than my competition. I live, breathe, eat, sleep, dream, music. You can’t fake what I do, and I love it.*


With the self-booked tour that you’re putting together, what cities have you hit and what cities are you wanting to hit? So far I’ve performed in New York (twice), Boston (twice), Philadelphia, and Vienna. In the next few months I’ll be in Atlanta, Knoxville (opening for WALE), Agawam, Auburn, and Cleveland. There are a few other places I’d like to book; Greensboro, Charlottesville, Raleigh, Miami, Pittsburgh, LA, and of course the over seas countries and cities. I’m really learning a lot about the different areas that support my ovement, and support new school hip hop in general. It’s amazing. Is there any artist at A3C that you are looking forward to meeting? I’m truly looking forward to kickin’ it with everyone down there. No one in particular.

•Thee Tom Hardy• First off, who are you? Where you from? Where’d you get your name? I’m Thee Tom Hardy, from Durham, North Carolina. My birth name is Thomas Hardison and I shortened that into Tom Hardy, and threw the “Thee” in there to separate myself from an actor with the same stage name. Just so people wouldn’t get it confused, that THIS is “Thee” Tom Hardy! (laughs) How’d you get your start in music? I loved music my entire childhood. My dad is a very musical and creative type and he exposed me to good music from his era. I got really heavy into hip-hop around the time I was in middle school. I was a fan and enthusiast of hip-hop music and a kid who respected the culture and what it grew from and what it grew into. I recorded for a good 3 or 4 years with my friend and producer Brad Brown in his parents’ basement and put out a mixtape in high school and sold about 150 copies. It was a start.
 How’d you get introduced to 9th Wonder and what’s it like working with him and his label? 
   Actually I introduced myself to 9th. He was teaching a hip-hop class at NCCU down the street from where I went to Durham Tech community college in 2007. He critiqued me and it was positive enough that he let me keep coming back to the studio. I went there a couple times a week for about a year and some change before I got a call January 2009 saying that 9th was starting a label and interested in me being one of the artists. Working with 9th and my labelmates at JAMLA has been really positive and I’ve


For those who don’t know, explain who KD is.
 KD is a rap artist from the Westside of Birmingham, Alabama who specializes in Country Rap Tunes, Southern rap.

Your latest project "Trill Azz Essentials", how did you come up with the title? After dropping the G-Fluid album earlier this year, I wanted to give my fans something different than just another mixtape. I had been chopping it up with DJ Breakemoff about doing a blend tape mixing some of my older work over some known instrumentals. The title is something like a dedication to the lengendary UGK and Lil Boosie 'Trill Azz Mixes', tapes that were an influence to this project

gotten further than I ever dreamed by being a part of his movement. He opened a ton of doors for me that I never would’ve been able to get in without his cosign. And for that I’m always gonna be appreciative. If you had to sell your music on one track, which one would it be? The music that I’ve released so far has been dope and fun but the stuff that I’m sitting on now and working on is a lot more personal. The music I’ve dropped so far are either really sarcastic, humorous joints where I’m just rapping to be rapping, or more reflective joints that aren’t that humorous. I’m really trying to find a way that every song is a combination of both in my new shit. But, if I had to sell it based off one song so far that’s available now it would probably be “I’m Grinnin.” That was the first record I ever did with 9th Wonder and it’s definitely one of my best. What about the rest of your music? Released projects? Upcoming projects? Features? 
  I’ve been working a lot in the studio the last year on my album “Doubting Thomas.” That’s going to come out in the near future but before that I’m dropping an EP with a really talented producer from Scotland named Jaisu. I’m really just gearing up to release new music and making sure that what I drop reaches the most people and is

'Hardy' Continues on page 25

What are you most looking forward to at A3C and what do you expect to gain from attending? I came for the first time last year and got a chance to meet a lot of good people, so the networking part is the best part of the A3C for me. Its a better atmosphere than a lot of the so-called industry events. Me performing this year is a big thing because not only is it my first time performing at A3C, it's the first time that someone where I'm from (Birmingham, AL) gets to perform there. So it's gonna be good to represent that. What feature endeavors do you have? New projects? I'm constantly recording new music and I've got a couple projects, plus I been doing a lot of features and working with a lot of different people. I'm gonna drop the G-Fluid again in October with some new tracks and I'm working on a mix tape with DJ 5150 & DJ Burn One dropping end of this year. If you could give one piece of advice to an independent artist, what would it be? Stop trying to do what you see or think is what the industry does and just do you. Make the type of music you like to hear. I believe if you relate to the people they will respond to the authencity of your records instead of chasing whatever is hot at the time. Every successful musical artist that has longevity, I've heard them say stay true to yourself and make the music for the people who relate to your way of life. Stop trying to get rich quick, you gotta work hard and not be too lazy to do the little things that help make the big things happen.

You work closely with DJ Burnone. Do you feel you get more exposure by being associated with with a well-known dj/ producer? Definitely, I been working with Burn One for some years now. He was one of the first people to reach out to me when I first started recording music. Its a plus to have respected people in the game on your team but at the same time, I work everyday to increase my Contact Info. fan base and reach different circles and avenues because it's a lot For booking of wack ass rappers who got co-signs from people and got a few For collabs and producers send tracks people to dick ride them because of that. But I'm gonna work for mines.


•Skyzoo• Skyzoo is one of A3C’s most successful artists for one reason: He makes music that people can see themselves in. Armed with a successful track record and unparalled rapping skills, this Brooklyn native has pure talent and drive that is sure to impress the masses. Skyzoo’s love affair with music is deeprooted , starting with his name: “My middle name is Skyler…when I was a baby, there was a Brookyn band called Skyy and they had a song called ‘Skyzoo’… When it came out, I was a baby and my fam would call me ‘Skyzoo’ because it was similar to Skyler and it just stuck. When I started rhyming, I went with what was already there, as opposed to making something up.” Not only was Sky named after music, he grew up surrounded by it as well in Bedstuy, where he was raised just one block from the legendary Biggie Smalls: (“As a kid, we would see Big all the time”). While many artists would feel pressure representing a city often called “the birthplace of hip-hop,” this New York MC is confident about his abilities: I don’t feel pressure because of being from New York. I feel pressure more from myself because of the caliber of music that I know I’m able to make.” In fact, before the onset of social media and internet marketing, Skyzoo was able to garner a large fan following up and down the east coast (he calls


Baltimore his “second home”), and eventually across the globe. This is how he’s been able to not only stay afloat, but grow in the midst of an ever changing industry. Long gone are the simple and straight forward days when you made a demo, brought it to a record company and showcased your skills in hopes of securing a record deal. Today, a two minute, attention-grabbing and not necessarily good YouTube video can lead to million dollar profit, a hit record and fame, something Skyzoo shies away from when it comes to his career: “I think to survive in any environment, whether it’s music or anything else…you have to adapt to the changes. I definitely adapted and I understand it, but, I don’t think it’s healthy for the game…The chances of you having what it really takes for a long withstanding career lies more in hearing 4,5 or 6 records that show the range and what an artist can do as opposed to one YouTube video you made that got 200,000 views in a week.” Skyzoo’s personal and emotional stories are the center of all of his past and present work. He was named “Best Lyricist” at the 2008 Underground Music Awards and the only unsigned artist on a Hot 97 poll of “Top 10 Emcees Alive.” His 2007 mixtape, Corner Store Classic, was rated “XL” (4/5) by XXL Magazine. The Great Debater and The Salvation without a doubt forced people to pay attention as Sky brought rap back to what it should be about: lyrics. More recently, Sky has released “The Penny Series,” a set of freestyles inspired by his childhood hero Penny Hardaway and the Jay-Z/Kanye record “Otis.” Instead of sending just one track to a blog and risking getting lost in the shuffle, he instead made something continuous that people could refer back to and remember. Now, with a slew of tours, mixtapes and freestyles behind him, Sky is now signed to Jamla Records with the help of 9th Wonder who helped him get his start: “He was one of the first people I met in the game. That opened the doors to me working with a lot of other people as well.” Along with his fellow Jamla signees, Skyzoo will continue to do what he does best everyday: “It’s all about consistency. It’s all about keeping new material out there. It’s all about staying in the people’s eyes with shows and things of that nature. It’s all about moving around.” Keep your eyes open as this MC paints pictures through his words…and hopefully you can see yourself in them.

-Nikki Brown

•rockie Fresh•

tough with the homies of the inner-city. So as his love for music grew, he wanted to figure out a way to reach both sides of the fence. As he accomplishes that goal with each track he delivers, Rockie starts the diverse movement with ease. Rockie Fresh terminates the negative connotation that true hip-hop is a dying breed. Working with on-the-rise artists like Casey Veggies out of L.A,, Phil Ade in D.C., to heavy-hitters in the game; his recent track “Breakthrough” with Chamillionaire and his “interesting” collaboration with Lil B on the “So Gone Remix,” Rockie truly is dipping his hand in many different musical cookie jars. His latest project, “No Fear,” recently was released from his new mix tape, Driving 88, due to be delivered to the public this fall. Future collaborations include songs with Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (who recently gave praises to Rockie on RollingStone. com) plus many more hit makers. He refused to spill the beans to the Mixx regarding tracks on Driving 88, he wants to surprise his fans. With due time comes greatness. J

There is nothing more relieving in the music realm, than rappers who don’t do one thing: conform. When it comes to being edgy, original and reaching a broad audience through creativity, Rockie Fresh does it for you. Right off a 30-day, national tour with Fall Out Boy favorite Patrick Stump, the Fresh man himself graces the A3C stages again for the second year, but this time, with a larger fan-base. “Actually performing was the best thing about the tour because I am still a growing artist and I still have to grow my audience reach. I didn’t have the opportunity to reach it and the Patrick Stump crowd was that group for me because they aren’t typical rap fans. With me, being able to perform and reach out to that kind of crowd and they relate to me, that did a lot for my self-esteem as a rapper.” The Chicago suburbanite grew up in the outskirts of the city, but went to school and kicked it

You can find Rockie Fresh preforming this year in The Perfect Attendance Showcase and the LRG event. For additional information on Rockie Fresh, visit:

-Krista Hayes


LRG’s LR Generations Show at the True Heads Stage will bring together some of hip-hop illest MC’s for a show that is sure to wow AC3 attendees. The entire showcase is headed by superstar producer 9th Wonder, who has already made his critically acclaimed mark in the music industry. Born Patrick Douthit in Winston-Salem, NC, 9th Wonder has been in a love affair with music for most of his life and has dedicated it thus far to learning all there is to know about the art and culture of hip-hop. He received his first major label placement when he produced “Threat” off Jay-Z’s The Black Album. Since then, he’s produced for a plethora of platinum selling artists including Destiny’s Child (“Is She The Reason,” “Girl,” “Free) Mary J. Blige (“Good Woman Down”), Erykah Badu (“Honey”) and Ludacris (“Do The Right Thang”). 9th’s knack for creating soulful sounds is not his only talent; he also rocks the mic as rapper, putting out well-received music as a solo artist and in collaboration with others. Today, he is head honcho at Jamla Records, an independent record label under his imprint, It’s a Wonderful World Music Group. Jamla consists of a group of promising artists, including Mixx Highlight artist Skyzoo, that no doubt have what it takes to make an impression on hip-hop; they will grace the True Heads Stage on October 7. Rapsody, who is also member of North Carolina-based group Kooley High, is the first femcee signed to Jamla and sure to shake up things with her high energy style. Remo, who hails from the same city as 9th Wonder, is a “passionate and articulate storyteller” whose lyrics constantly captivate his listeners. Rappers Sundown and Enigma make up Actual Proof. This hip-hop duo, whose EP The Genius Edition is currently available for download, will showcase their smart and thought provoking deliveries for the LG Generations audience as well as Thee Tom Hardy who went from college student to Jamla signee just a few years ago. Other headliners for this showcase include Corey Gunz, Freddie Gibbs, Kid Daytona and Laws. Bronx Native Cory Gunz is the newest signee to Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment. His quick fire delivery and numerous mixtapes caught the attention of critics and fans alike everywhere. His journey toward a budding career was recently chronicled by MTV for the reality show Son of a Gun. The DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar mixtape


of the same name was released this year to critical acclaim, further cementing Gunz’ well-deserved spot in the culture. Freddie Gibbs, who hails from Gary, IN, didn’t let a failed record deal stop him from fulfilling his dream. He’s recently been signed to the Atlanta based-record label CTE, founded by Young Jeezy. A compilation of his work, The Freddie Gibbs Compilation, is a fan favorite and preview of what AC3 attendees can expect to hear. The Kid Daytona is signed to Hot 97’s Cipha Sound’s production company Jack Move, Inc. and has created a buzz for himself through multiple magazine write-ups, mixtape and performances and is sure to continue that buzz as an A3C performer. “Your Future Favorite Rapper” Laws has made a smooth transition from battle rapping to songwriting and will no doubt bring his quick-witted rhymes to the stage come October 7. A3C Showcase - LRGSed -Nikki Brown, who “never miss a beat”, host a exciting line-up of deserving artists on the outdoor stage at this year’s A3C Festival. The sure to be rousing show will be hosted by Hustle Simmons, Chicago’s go to guy for music, fashion and social events. Backing the artists and providing the soundtrack for the showcase is DJ Burn One. This budding DJ has done everything from touring, to backing mixtapes and working behind the boards. As a country rap ambassador, he’s done production for a variety of artists including Freddie Gibbs, Pill, Young Buck and backed Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa and many others on tour. In an interview with, Burn One tells readers why he looks forward to A3C: “I’m most excited about seeing all the people. With the internet age I’ve found that we now develop working relationships with people we’ve never met or only met on occasion. So its nice to get to see the folks I’ve been grinding with in that type of open musical environment.” While Burn One works the back of the stage, some of today’s most talked about hip-hop MC’s will rock the front. Big K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time) is a XXL Top 10 Freshmen and Def Jam signee. Born to humble beginnings in Mississippi, the future rap king is expected to perform cuts from his entirely self-produced 2011 mixtape Returnof4eva which has been critically acclaimed by rap critics for his advanced skills in both songwriting and production. Tyrone Rivers, better known by his rap moniker “Pill”, is also a XXL Freshmen alumni (2010) and was signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group this year. He’s been praised by fans, numerous publications and renowned rappers and is sure to fill your prescription for good music this year. Femcee Jean Grae rose from the underground New York music scene to gain an international fanbase through her various mixtapes and albums. Signed to Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith Records, she released Cookies and Comas after a short hiatus. A3C will welcome her with open arms after seeing her perform her thought provoking lyrics for the masses. C.O.D., Dred Skott and Southbound make up hip-hop supergroup The League of Extraordinary Gz. A combination of three underground Texas groups, this new crew share a passion for hip-hop and songwriting that will catapult them to a spot in hip-hop history…and great A3C performance. Born and raised in the small city of Providence, RI, Jon Hope makes a big impact on the outdoor stage. This young MC’s ability to translate his life struggles and experiences to pen and paper have earned him praise from

many people, including The Source and video rotation on MTV. Canadian born Shane Eli is not only a rapper, but a music instructor, producer, self-taught musician and even college graduate. Though this is his first performance at A3C, he is a seasoned pro when it comes to the entertainment industry. He’s opened for artists including J. Cole, Talib Kweli and Common, produced for the likes of Diggy Simmons and Earth Wind and Fire, and performed at the South by Southwest Music Festival. Eli will bring a fresh, new sound never heard by A3C attendees. Surburban Noize signee Saigon will present “The Greatest Story Never Told” with an electrifying performance of his latest music. “A Rapper From Miami” J. Nics and New Orleans native Dee 1 will also make their A3C debut alongside Mixx Highlight Artists Aleon Craft and Yonas. -Nikki Brown



Hustle Simmons


When you think of Odd Future the first thing that might come to mind is the front man, Tyler The Creator, whose controversial and energetic rhymes have put him on the industry’s radar. You may also be reminded of the very talented singer/songwriter Frank Ocean, who dropped one of the best mixtapes of the year and was recently featured on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s, WATCH THE THRONE album. Well now you should throw Domo Genesis in the mix…he’s the cool, laid back, weed smoker of the group. Following the success of his first mixtape, ROLLING PAPERS, Domo chose to rap over some of his favorite artists’ tracks on his sophomore mixtape, UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Domo’s flow can be described as a hybrid of the styles of Curren$y and Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids. Domo and Ace (Tyler The Creator) swag out about their newly gained success on “Whole City Behind Us,” which is produced by Kanye West and commonly recognized from the Boost Mobile advertisements from early in Kanye’s career. Tyler silences his haters on that same track where he boasts about purchasing a house the day of his album release while his haters were at home paying bills. My favorite song is “Lets Smoke” produced by The Bizness. It’s in this song that he expresses his desire to remain grounded amidst all of the fame and fortune; “All of this money all of these hoes all these bright lights and all these shows all these wild nights life on the road is all the shit I was dreaming before…. so lets smoke.” Lyrically he gets stronger as the mixtape goes on and that’s apparent on the track Benediction that is done over Mobb Deep’s HELL ON EARTH. I’m sure HAV and P is proud of the young rapper’s bars. All in all, even if you’re not big on smoking, this mixtape is sure to get a lot of burn on your iPod!


•lungz• One thing I hate about mix-tapes is that they are rarely dope from beginning to end. That theory went out the window for me after listening to Chicago native LUNGZ’S new music, Dream Killaz, hosted by mix-tape giant DON CANNON. The first thing that struck me from Dream Killaz was the prime production that features tracks from Rich Bake, Justice league, Nez And Rio, QB & Nascent, and Dipset’s own Araab Muzik. Now, with production like that, one has to follow it up with great collabs; Lungz did that with the help of Sir Michael Rocks, YP, Mic Terror, Fred The Godson and Joe Budden. My Testament sets the tone for the mix-tape, which is Lungz’s introduction to the world. The track’s hook, which is a simple and catchy chant, will have you singing it all day after just one listen. Sir Michael Rocks and Lungz took it back on the track CLOUDS; made me reminisce the times I spent riding around Chicago in my Cutlass Supreme bumpin Po’ Pimpin’ by Do or Die. The homies Nascent and QB produced what might be the best song on the whole album, STADIUM featuring XXL Freshman Fred The Godson. I haven’t heard a lot from Fred but damn, he bodied the track! Don Cannon, Hustle Chi of Glacier City Ent and Lungz did an amazing job making this Dream Killaz mixtape…. it has an album feel and I’m sure we will be seeing a bunch of visuals from this project soon.

Visit Hustle Simmons Blog at:

A mixxed


Do you believe in "cuffin" season?

we asked our staff “Cuffin’ Season” does exist, it runs from November to March... Errrybody wants somebody to spend the winter with and if that goes well then a relationship can follow haha... -Tony Nope. I’m on this whole independent kick right now, so my opinion is biased. Ask me in six months and let’s see what my answer will be then. - Krista

I personally don’t believe in it. I’ve never contained my chance to “cuff” or be in a relationship to a specific time. I’m a “go with the flow” kind of girl. - Nikki No. Because its hard to get rid of them when the weather gets warm. So to save all the drama, I just avoid the whole cuffin season thing. -Kia If you stick to the script and don't read too much in between my tweets, then you'll be OK. -Denia *Kia Shrug* -Danielle

Hell no. How can one put a season and or an alotted time to find someone? Leave that to the Kardashians -Nadia

'Tigers & Girls' drops a unique blend of dopeness After a few delays and minor setbacks Kentucky native, rapper/singer Tarik Adams drops his highly anticipated project Tigers & Girls.  The title, immediately thought-provoking (like, is this tape gonna be an ode to wild animals or what?) and perfectly apt, coupled with the striking monochromic album art, sets the tone without even having to take a listen at all. With just one play though, it’s clear that Tigers & Girls isn’t a generic throwaway record. Opening with Eyes Shut, a track that could easily be described as an orchestral piece in reverse, serves to be a mellow precursor to debut single Wake Up. As the title suggests, the electro sounds take the record from 0-60 in about 3.29mins, a short ride that shouts “let’s get right to the music”. Well okay then! Then comes one of Tarik’s strongest tracks on the album Heaven Only Knows. Everything from the infectious chorus and melodious synths make this song a definite winner. Tarik raps with a smooth but silent power; a hopeful voice that evokes that universal emotion of yearning for another (cc. Troubled Heart, another track where Tarik displays an inherent knack for honest words over soothing beats.)  Vashtie provides a note of summer and fun with it’s old skool, play-in-the-fire-hydrants vibe while A Lot Like Love, feels a lot like the nineties; picture strobe lights, rave scene and energetic dances moves (from me anyway). Careful not to go into overdrive, the tape pauses for moment in form interlude Easy Words then re-enters with that super-killer bass on the title track Tigers and Girls. The funk-inspired tune, laced with elements of 60’s/70’s rock, skates between a shrieks and emphatic drum beats, while both rappers talk of wild girls and club nights. No

way you could be mad at it though - another stand out track. Although the tape does peter out towards the end, T&G proceeds to close on the same soft aura it began with, tracks such as Runaway Runaway and By Any Means give the whole record a strong and sincere finish, one that almost forces the listener to start all over again from the top! I suppose that’s what Tarik succeeds at most with Tigers and Girls. Each song has it’s own story, with compelling and curious undertones; those who have synaesthesia will see rainbows when listening to this tape. Production nods go to the uber talented Josh La Rock who manages to pull together a stellar project weaving in samples of Aaliyah, The XX, and Meshell Ndegeocello. Not to mention singer JD Green, J Cannon, Fatal and Jalin Roze who all lend their artistry to round out the project. In all, Tigers and Girls proves to be a triumphant mélange of electro-pop and hip-hop - one that’s easy on the ear and necessary in your music collections. Dope, dope, dope. -Sage Aurélie Rose


•A.Dd+• Texas and southern rap. What immediately crosses your mind? Houston. Chopped-n-screwed. Donk whips. Candy paint. Purple (or pink) stuff. Just a few of the many connotations associated with the representation of that true southern style of hip-hop. But wait. What about Dallas, Texas? DALLAS? Rap? Wait, you must mean sports, Krista. No, A3C readers, not sports: hip-hop. Not just that commercial, quirky, something to get you on your feet, one-hit wonder type stuff (well, with the exception of the original Dougie), either. Often labeled the “OutKast of Dallas,” the VERY underrated, yet booming duo, A.Dd+ (aye-dee-dee, with the plus sign silent) plans on showing up and showing out during their performance with their DJ, Sober, here at Atlanta’s signature music conference. Paris Pershun, by way of north Dallas (the short one) and Slim Gravy, holding down Forest Lane, are already making major moves by working with serious power players in the game. From Dallas producer and local favorite, PicnicTyme (part of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids crew) to S1 (SYMBOLYC ONE One, co-producer of Kanye’s “POWER”,


Beyonce’s “Best Thing You Never Had”, and Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Excellence”) to Detroit’s Black Milk, it’s obvious that industry greats such as the ones listed aren’t going to just produce tracks for anyone. They see something special when these two come together. “We have distinct styles and approaches to writing, but when we create music together it always seems to come out quite cohesive.” As the Mixx chats it up with the two, the energy and comedic relief these guys release set the tone that they aren’t your run-of-the-mill southern rappers. We asked Paris who he’d like to work with five years down the line. “Shit, I wanna work with K.R.I.T. five DAYS down the line, eff five years. K.R.I.T. reps the south in a genuine and genius way.” Slim interrupts, throwing in his favorite lyricists who he’d like to be in the studio with ASAP: “Kanye…Frank Ocean… oh yeah, and Kendrick Lamar… artists who aim to be masters or of their crafts like we do.” Mixx could sit here and

wrap with readers all day about how talented these two are, but being that we have to be unbiased (cough), we suggest hitting up their Bandcamp page and taking a listen for yourself. With hits like “Likeamug” (an ill collaboration with Brown from Sore Losers) and club-hopper “Mary-Go,” from their debut album When Pigs Fly, A.Dd+ has a diverse style and

strives to make classic music. For more information on A.Dd+ and their music: (you can get the whole album FOR FREE here)

-Krista Hayes




Over the years, in my dealings with people (particularly the opposite sex for the sake of the article), I have earned the reputation of being bluntly honest and at times, emotionally numb. Think you look fat in that dress? I’m probably the wrong person to ask if you want to hear a lie. Think you look better than her? Don’t ask me, unless you want to hear the truth. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand the art of tact, however, sometimes I choose to not subscribe, especially if I am romantically involved. The aim of my transparent conversation aims to promote awareness. Without taking a poll, I know that all of us have either encountered or resided near a situation, which featured the “what are we” exchange – or more drastically, the fallout from someone walking in on their “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” in the middle not having that exchange. After partaking in one ambiguous relationship, I knew I never – let me reiterate, never – wanted to occupy any side in another unclear soiree, if you will. So, when I speak to promoting awareness, I am referring to the status of what is happening within the relationship. Whether we are together, just talking, or only engaging in 2 a.m. “what you doin?” phone calls, I want it to be clear. Some people strive to live in a state of ambiguity, but I simply avoid it. The former renders keyed cars, smashed

windows, and long-lasting bitterness in the persons on the other end. At this point, you are probably wondering why the title of this post poses the question, “Is honesty the best policy?” Well, I’m glad you inquired. While I, obviously, find great value in “keepin’ it 100”, I must admit I have not batted 1.000 with this strategy. There have been a few instances, where the situation has been laid out on the table, and she cut her loses, walking away. *shrug* Personally, these instances where the ladies opted to not accept what I felt I could offer did not bother me – not because I didn’t care, but because she made a decision. See, my ex-flames may not all have extraordinary commentary when asked about their dealings with me, however the one thing they will not say is, “He didn’t keep it real with me.” Now, before you applaud, let’s analyze. As humans, we have bad habits of praising what we do not appreciate and asking questions we do not want answered unless it is what we want to hear. This embodies a main reason that people will purchase real estate in that state of ambiguity, offering less than full truths. Often, I hear my female friends saying, “Why won’t he

just tell me the truth? I can handle it.” Could you handle him saying that he enjoys spending time with you, but he wants to still kick it with any and all girls interested as well? Probably. BUT the manner in which you would handle it, more than likely, involves ending your relationship with him. Guys and girls know this, and thus, they lie to avoid this outcome. It is my opinion that, while shortly successful, lost respect and resentment serve as the bi-products of selling dreams and/or thriving in ambiguity. I always say that clarity resides in communication, and though, her walking away may

be a possibility, at least she knows that when I say something, it’s real, even when I do not benefit personally. Additionally, my windows and tires remain in tact. J What do you think? Do you prefer full disclosure, or would you rather just quietly ride a situation out until “the talk” ensues? Why do you feel this way? As always stay tuned for more posts! God Bless!

–GQ /


mixx highlight

Glovez Queens, NY native Glovez has a sound that’s hard to put in one box. Raised as part of a military family, he’s lived all over the country, resulting in a sound that is part New York and part southern. Mixx had the privilege of chatting with this up and comer about his music, influences and much more: What is the significance of your rap name? The name Glovez comes from an older dude in Flushing, Queens who showed me love when I first moved to NYC.  When I moved to Flushing, I was in elementary school, and I just moved there from Tennessee.  I moved here in the middle of the summer so I didn’t have any friends.  Also, if you know anything about Flushing, it’s pretty much a predominately Asian area, with a few areas that are African -Americans and Italian- Americans. We lived on Colden Street, which is a mix of Asian and African Americans; so I basically stuck out like a sore thumb. I remember I used to ask if I could join pickup games and I would get the N.O.  But one day out of the blue, this older dude approached me with his man, and asked me if I wanted to play. This dude was Glovez.  Ever since that first day we played, every time I seen him on the courts, he would invite me to play with him and his people.  Because of that, I always appreciated that love.  Plus, at the time, coming from a military base in Tennessee, I never met a person with a cool name like that.   Today, we don’t see many rappers who come from such a rich educational background.  Do you think there are any advantages to having a bachelor and master’s degree in relation to the music you create? I don’t think there are any advantages or disadvantages to having a bachelor and master’s degree in music.  At the end of the day, it’s just an expensive piece paper.  At first, I never wanted to go to college; it was always something my mom pushed.  At the time, I was content making my $6.50 an hour working at WalMart.  But I remember telling my mom if she could find a way for me to go to college for free then I would do it. Fortunately, I was able to get financial aid because my parents didn’t really make that much money.  When I was in high school my dad was out of the Army, also working at Wal-Mart for $12 an hour and my mom was a men’s barber pulling roughly $12,000 a year. You’re from Queens, NY, but your music has a bit of a southern sound.  Can you explain that juxtaposition?   Being raised in a military family, I lived in a lot of laces.  However, I mostly lived in the Midwest and the southern states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, and Moussouri.  Growing up, I mostly listened to either the main stream hip-hop of that time or southern hip-hop such as anything No Limit.

What is the inspiration behind the video for “Goblin?” Did you have any part in the creation of it? The inspiration to “Goblin” was to be eye appealing and funny.  I think in hip-hop, a lot of artists want to be hard or gangster and they don’t want to have fun with the music and the videos.  I want to be different and have fun with all my videos. I recorded and directed each video you see on my YouTube page. For my animated videos, I put the concept together and worked with my team in developing my ideas into a video.  I believe that since I created the music I would be the best to create my video because I already have the vision in my head. You say that although Tupac’s rapping style is different than yours, he’s your rap idol.  Who are some artists out today that you enjoy although their styles are drastically different than yours? Besides the top 6 hip-hop artists Eminem, 50 Cent, Nas, Jay, Kanye, and Lil Wayne,  I definitely have to say Mac Miller is an artist I enjoy listening to.  Every time I pop his mixtape in, I feel like I’m back in college chilling with the guys.  Another person is Tech N9ne. Living in Kansas and Missouri for some time, I always liked Tech N9ne from his flow and his performances.  Lastly, would be Kid Cudi.  I feel like Kid Cudi is a hip-hop artist that is not afraid to really take risks with his music. Everything he does is different which I really enjoy. Does Corporate Grind-You’re Fired have one underlying theme? Yes it does.  It basically means the failed “American Dream.”  Whether you work at Wal-Mart as a blue collar worker or you work at Goldman Sachs as white collar worker; at the end of the day, you’re working and grinding your ass off for these large corporations.  Once you have busted your ass and gave your all for these companies to make their money, they are thinking of ways to fire your ass so they can send your job overseas or automate your job so that they don’t need you anymore.  So at the end of the day, we as people are drones to the corporate grind! What is your goal when it comes to music- are you looking for a major label deal?  My first goal is to just get my music to the public and for the hiphop community to accept me. Hopefully on September 24, 2011 when I drop my first official mixtape Corporate Grind-You’re Fired Vol. 1, I can make that mark.

-Nikki Brown


mixx highlight

2Deep If you’re looking for water-downed, artificial and commercial rap, then don’t listen to 2Deep. This Memphis, TN native makes reality rap for the underground masses who appreciate his mixture of “witty lyricism and smooth punch lines.” Mixxers will definitely want to keep an eye open for this underground sensation that is bound for rap stardom. Introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with your music: “I am 2Deep, the ‘Southern President.’ Born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. My music is entertainment; something organic and in touch with the people. My style is very much introspective and laid back.” When did you start rapping? “I really got into rapping when I was 14. I would listen to Jay-Z, 2PAC and Outkast and study their music. I felt like I could do the same thing. I knew I had what it took to be successful, so I went harder rapping and never looked back…Around that time, there was a real hole in the game and it was all about the East Coast and West Coast rappers; we were rapping in the south, but we weren’t as present in the game. I feel like I can represent the South in a very good manner.” What artists have inspired your music? “I’ve definitely gathered creative influence from other artists; from rappers with deep southern roots like UGK and other Memphis artists to Jay-Z, Tupac and T.I. I like rappers that rap about reality.” Where does the moniker “Southern President” come from?

“ ‘Southern President’ came from me saying I am the south and nobody can lead the future like me for the region.” How do you stay relevant in a city known for its immense hiphop talent? “Well, I stay relevant by riding my lane. Nobody in my city does what I do. My style is not like other artists from my city.” Who do you make music for? “I make music for every type of listener, but I appeal most to players because I live a player’s lifestyle. I’m not a dope boy and I’m not a 9 to 5 guy, so I give you another perspective of game. Nothing’s watered down. I keep it real with you and give you something you can relate to; something to get you through the good, bad and ugly. You’re not my fan; you’re my supporter.” What is your ultimate goal as a rapper? My ultimate goal is to reach the masses, make an impact and making the money will naturally come. I want to bring the underground to the mainstream. I’m going to always cater to the underground because they appreciate it. I’m not focused on being a platinum selling artist or being on MTV every day. Tell us about your next project, No More Mr. Nice Guy. No More Mr. Nice Guy is the next release. Its epic, classic music; timeless like Scarface or UGK. You can drive from Vegas to NY with it and not skip songs. I worked with Hot Rod (“5 Star Chick”), Web, Skewby, Gorilla Zoe, Tone Yates and more. I’m going to show the people both sides of me. You’re going to hear personal, aggressive and street songs.

-Nikki Brown

'Hardy' Cont'd from page 15 recieved well. And I’m doing features with other artists that reach out to me that I think are dope. I just got a placement on 9th Wonder’s “The Wonder Years” which is in stores now. Who are you listening to right now? Who is your competition? 
  Honestly I only really listen to music now that I listened to growing up. There are some exceptions but not very many. Big Krit is an exception, Yelawolf is an exception, Kendrick Lamar is an exception, King Mez is an exception, and my labelmates on JAMLA. I don’t exactly see other new artists as competition but I feel that I am better off focusing on my music. So I listen to the stuff I grew up on instead. Phonte “Charity Starts at Home” and 9th Wonder “The Wonder Years” are in rotation right now. Before that I had some Pimp C solo stuff and Field Mob in the deck. I

listen to a lot of music in the car. What is your goal with the music? 
  My goal with the music is to be able to carve out a place in the game and a lane that I can stay in and make a living off of. And besides that just making the most jammin and original music that I can, and changing peoples’ perceptions in the process. Where can we get more info/music/updates on you? My website links to pretty much all of my social networks. I’m on twitter and facebook talking to my fans every day. You can follow me at @theetomhardy or

-Wesley Robinson


•iStandard Producer showcase• •needle to the record dj competition•

Once again, the good people of iStandard Producers and Native Instruments have gone and outdone themselves. This year’s Producer Showcase at the A3C is going to feature world-class producer judges as well as outstanding performances from some incredible names. A special thanks goes out to Native Instruments for making all of this possible. The judges for this year’s iStandard Producer Showcase at the A3C will be: Tha Bizness Needlz S1 Nard & B The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE Royal Flush Additionally, the following artists will also be performing at the showcase: Sha Stimuli Donny Goines Varsity Squad

A.D.D + Torae Laws 2Ew Gunn Ciz & Diggs An A3C staple for the past 4 years, the iStandard Producer Showcase presented by Native Instruments provides upand-coming beatmakers and producer hopefuls the opportunity to showcase their talents for multi-platinum producers, industry executives, songwriters, engineers as well as the music lovers who attend this stellar event yearly. 20-24 producers will be selected through online submissions. All participants receive on the spot constructive feedback and the winning producer takes home a coveted prize package consisting of production software/hardware from a variety of brands, interviews and other industry oriented perks to assist in furthering their craft.

Needle To The Record DJ Competition
Presented by Traktor Saturday, October 8th

the inventor of scratching, the legendary GrandWizzard Theodore [Fantastic Five]

Prize package includes $500 cash plus DJ equipment and products Hosted by Fort Knox

Showcases by –
DJ Jeff C [2010 N2TR Winner, Alabama]
DJ Shiftee [2009 DMC World Champion, New York]
Grand Wizzard Theodore [Fantastic Five, New York] Competing DJs –
DJ Aquaria [Allyantz DJs, Georgia]
DJ Slice [Cr8Kickers, Delaware]
DJ Charlie Kroy [New York]
DJ Cysko Rokwel [Crunk Bros, Colorado]
The Don Santos [Table Vision, Maine]
DJ King James [Cr8Kickers Crew, Georgia]
DJ Gravel [Florida]
DJ Logic [Georgia]

Music by DJs Cha-Cha Jones and Ghost Produced by Kimberly Stewart of Absolutely Divine Events 7:30 p.m. Jägermeister Stage Special Guest DJ Judges –
DJ Jaycee [Ludacris, The Aphilliates]
DJ AppleJac [Sounds of Mecca Entertainment],

•for complete listing of showcases visit A3C online:•


time and I’ve never seen that much snow & I’ve never been that cold. All the while it’s freezing-balls there, the citizens of New York City “grind”, “get it”, work like it’s Florida weather. They go that hard year-round, but to see it in the middle of a blizzard is life changing. It felt good to be surrounded by that form of insanity:)

•Nemo achida• Who is Nemo Achida? I’m a black-man, musician, theorist, spiritualist, jerk, genius, stoner... yea. Most friends/foes would likely describe me as eccentric, vain, determined, a little wacky. I imagine “Nemo Achida” to be perfectly-flawed. How important do you think it is for Ky artists to branch out to other markets? I think it should be priority #1. In order for any artists to stay relevant &/or substantial-financially, you have to tap into cities that still spend dollars on entertainment. It helps to do research on the city though, to be sure it’s your demographic. New York was perfect for me because it’s filled with people who “overstand” the culture... and I’m a “overstander”, haha. So yes, it’s extremely important. The tracks from your EP “Goodbye Brooklyn”, contain 6 songs that are personal from your journey in Brooklyn. Explain what inspired you the most while there?  My biggest inspiration in Brooklyn might’ve been the weather. Yea, it was winter-

This is your first time performing at A3C what are you looking foward to the most? Showing the good-folks a great time. What projects do you have in the works? I have a mixtape, “Nemotional”, all original music coming to you sometime in November. This will be my 1st project in collaboration with a DJ.. my man DJ Corey Grand is holding me down on this endeavor. Just trying to get the videos & Artwork in order. After that, it’ll be all yours. What would be your dream collaboration, dead or alive? My dream collaboration would be produced by ?uestlove & Dilla featuring Kanye West on vocal adlibs, & Jeff Buckley, r.i.p., on the hook! Please give all your contact info how you can be reached.


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Mixx Magazine: October/ November 2011  

The October/ November issue of The Mixx Magazine is the official publication of the A3C Hip-Hop Festival. Featuring Artist: Thee Tom Hardy...