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Real Life Barbies White femcees come to the forefront of hip-hop, but is the hype deserved? I believe in pushing boundaries, but how you do is what separates you from being here for a long time versus a short time. And these few emcees that they are mentioning now aren’t the ones who have been rhyming year after year. You have extremely talented, well versed artists like Eternia, Invincible, Kid Sister, and even Amanda Blank to name a few. The music industry in my opinion in about exposing mindless dumbed down artists half the time. Good or different music just doesn’t get the shine it deserves and that goes for Male and female.  Do you think that the more white females that come into the game make it bad for African-American females to break through?  Iyadonna: If you are truly talented, there is nothing or nobody who can stop you or “make it bad” for you. I think if anything, the new wave of white rappers are an encouragement for the other black & white femcees. If you want to be an important factor in this industry, you have to stay on top of your game at all times. What another is doing shouldn’t really be your concern. Or at least it isn’t mine. Troublesum: No, not at all. I like to see the diversity, we’re (Femcees) growing. It needs to be more of US in this boys club. So I salute any Woman that makes in.  Missy B: No. It wasn’t bad that Eminem brought his style and talent to the game. Did other emcees get less of a chance because a white dude penetrated the market?  What role, if any do you think race plays a part in it? 

"It has and always will be about the individuals drive and determination but it definitely helps. White or black, a female MC is just that."-lyadonna

Troublesum: A lot...c’mon son!  Iyadonna:  Color plays a huge role. Like I said earlier with the Jeremy Lin thing, it’s a different look. People are drawn to unique things & that’s why it is a plus for them (white femcees) because they are in fact the minority when it comes to the rap game. At the same time, if you can’t rap you can’t. Doesn’t matter the color. But if you can & you happen to be white that’s all the better for you in this industry because, again, it’s different.

or maybe they’ve created a great demand for themselves. We’ve never had a dope successful white FEMALE rapper in Hip Hop, maybe it’s their season. I believe every time a female comes up in this industry it’s another door open, whether I’m a fan of the music or not is irrelevant...the more of US that gets through, the more hunger we create for OUR field.

Missy B: I mean the fact that she was white I’m sure help Kreayshawn get some doors open. I think calling out the “N” word might have helped her too since I’m sure someone up top would enjoy it, if you know what I mean. At the end of the day, it’s who you know that gets you into the door.

Iyadonna: There have always been female emcees. I don’t think this hinders or helps either way. It has and always will be about the individuals drive and  determination but it definitely helps. White or black, a female MC is just that.

But could the hype around them make it easier for a woman of color to come through and get the same shine?

Missy B: I don’t think so. I think that they (female emcees) get a chance every time they step on the mic. There’s always going to be new people in the crowd. There is always someone surfing through videos. The more a female does to invest in her own career determines her chances to shine.  

Troublesum: Maybe it’s because they can cater to a certain audience or movement,


Troublesum: The Texas native has made a name for herself on the underground circuit for her razor sharp lyrics and flair for everything fashionable. Her new mix tape “Stiletto to the Pedal” drops soon online. Iyadonna: The Boston born rapper with the crazy show performance, witty lyrics and delivery has been a rising star since she grabbed the mic. Through her hustle, she’s blessed tracks with the likes of Fatman Scoop and more.  Missy B: The founder of the mix tape series “Female Flow” check out her blog 



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The Mixx Magazine March/April 2012, SXSW issue featuring Bun B, Slim Thug, Boss Hogg Outlawz and more...

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