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inspired & inspiring Inspiration, creation, emotion, reaction... The creative universe has never limited itself to a single playing field, and MIXT(E) has always been dedicated to highlighting the different complementary currents that draw together the fields of fashion, beauty, art, music, design, cinema, architecture...

inspiré & inspira

At the crossroads of cultures and trends, the magazine sees itself as the mirror of changes and transformations in a world where creativityInspiration, and création, émotion, réaction… s’est jamais limité à un seul terrain de jeu creation continue to occupy more and more space. lumière depuis son tout premier numéro l complémentaires qui forment la trâme rich Our vision is unique, open and turned towards art, musique, design, cinéma, architecture… the future, yet keen to express the richness of the À la croisée des cultures et des tendances l’écho des changements et des transforma present moment.

où la création prend encore et toujours de unique, ouverte, tournée vers l’avenir tout en de l’instant présent.

Four times a year, MIXT(E) offers its vision of this Quatre fois par an, MIXT(E) propose donc moment, bringing together different influences, temps, mixant les courants créatifs, les inf artistiques, creative and artistic fields, providing a space for offrant un espace de liberté aux p artistes et plumes, donnant naissance à un et uneto aspiration à s’offrir les plus beaux ob our photographers, stylists, artists and writers express themselves freely and create a genuine source of inspiration - and one that will provide an aspiration to own the beautiful objects inside.


… L’univers créatif ne ux, et MIXT(E) met en les différents courants he entre mode, beauté, …

s, le magazine se veut ations dans un monde e l’ampleur. Une vision n exprimant la richesse

nc sa vision de l’air du fluences et les univers photographes, stylistes, ne source d’inspiration, bjets du moment.

joint talents and experts in the fields of press and luxury Christian Ravera, Guy Guglieri and Tiziana Humler, respectively creative directors and publishing manager, founded MIXT(E) magazine in 1996. They are supported by a passionate team of experts in the fields of fashion and luxury, both renowned contributors and upcoming talents.

With its bi-annual release coinciding with fashion week, its generous format, luxurious paper, more than 250 pages produced in-house and an artistic collectors’ edition box, the new MIXT(E) is a rare, luxurious object.




Constantly growing and developping, MIXT(E) will adopt a new termly frequency from the second half of 2013, with two issues devoted to fashion and beauty, and two issues focused on the fields of lifestyle, design and accessories.

2 issues focused on fashion, art & beauty Fashion is a creative space which allows for exciting collaborations with the fields of music, art... Twice a year, in time for fashion week, MIXT(E) gives its vision of the season through a key theme, inspired by the catwalk and which in turn inspires the different contributors to the magazine. More than 100 pages of fashion and beauty, powerful editorial content, a unique format which perfectly showcases images but also the (bilingual) texts.

Released on February 15th and September 15th 100 pages of fashion and beauty 5 women’s fashion stories 1 men’s fashion story 1-2 beauty stories 1-2 accessories or high jewellery stories

2 issues focused on lifestyle, luxury, design Where is design at today? MIXT(E) answers this question by opening doors into creative and living spaces to prove that inspiration and personality are as important as clean lines. A focus on heritage, savoir-faire, atmospheres, cities, humans...

And since accessories now play a key role in the world of luxury, MIXT(E) devotes some 80 pages of creative stories with its unique, keen eye.

Released in May and November 80 pages of accessories and luxury 2 to 3 design and decoration stories Features on design, decoration, architecture...

an editorial vision focused on inspiration, diversity and discovery GENERATION: new faces, new places, the latest products and releases. ASPIRATION: beautiful objects to covet.

INSPIRATION: the central section of the magazine with interviews, portfolios, encounters... Bilingual French and English texts.

CREATION: a space in which our photographers and stylists can express their creative freedom. RESPIRATION: a breath of fresh air, an escape to finish the journey through the magazine.

a collector signed by a contemporary artist For each issue, a contemporary artist is invited to sign a collector version, through the creation of unique and specific works. A strong creative collaboration between the drafting, the artist and a large House of luxury, this version is the subject of a limited edition.

Collector MIXT(E) FĂŠvrier 2013 CHLOE as seen by Sabrina Transiskus

a hedonist, consumer-driven readership An equal mix of men and women aged 30-50, belonging to leading socio-professional categories, interested in art, design and the latest trends. Concerned with their appearance and passionate about fashion, these early adopting consumers enjoy luxury goods for their beauty and high quality.

international distribution across two hig-end networks 60 000 copies per issue 6000 copies of the collectors’ edition 60% in France, 40% abroad

MIXT(E) is present in over 15 countries including France, Italie, the UK, USA, China, Brazil, Japan... With its two different formats, the magazine has two separate distribution networks: in regular newsstands and book stores with the original version, and in selected outlets including concept stores, art galleries, museum bookshops etc with the collectors’ edition.

international digital distribution

MIXT(E) is available through the most highly rated digital newsstand, shipping to France, Italy and the UK, with the digital version downloadable to tablets and computers worldwide.

a showcase for advertisers, with a unique approach to special projects Through its editorial creativity, high production standards and international distribution network, MIXT(E) stands out among cuttingedge fashion magazines because of its unique situation at midpoint between monthly magazines and international titles.

The MIXT(E) team shares its creative knowledge with brands to imagine special projects within the magazine and further afield: partnerships around our collectors’ edition, editorial programming, video content for internet, party and event organisation, exhibitions, design of retail tools...

film Beetlemania director : Vincent Gapaillard art direction : MIXT(E) Editions february 2012

exhibition «Chloé as seen by Sabrina Transiskus» an event by MIXT(E) Flagship CHLOE Paris Saint-Honoré february 2013

exhibition «Chloé as seen by Sabrina Transiskus» an event by MIXT(E) Flagship CHLOE Paris Saint-Honoré february 2013

video making of «Chloé as seen by Sabrina Transiskus» february 2013

an international promotion

Each issue of MIXT(E) subject to a promotion plan international (points of sale, display, television...)

RATES 2013

February 2013 / fashion issue s/s13 September 2013 / fashion issue f/w13-14 November 2013 / lifestyle issue f/w 13-14

Single page

15 000 €

Special positions Cover 4 Cover 3 Facing TOC / Masthead / Contributors / Editorial 1rst Righ Hand Page 2nd Righ Hand Page 3rd to 5th Righ Hand Page

22 000 € 22 000 € 21 500 € 20 000 €

Special positions Opening DPS 2nd to 5th DPS DPS before TOC DPS C3 Isolated DPS (TOC, Masthead, ...) DPS opening context (Génératio, Création...)

44 000 € 35 000 € 34 000 € 32 000 € 33 000 € 30 000 €

Double page

special projects or lay outs

35 000 € 23 000 €

28 000 €

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Mixte media kit 2013 uk sp  
Mixte media kit 2013 uk sp