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919 Behind The Music Documentary

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6. The Game Brake Lights & Gucci Mane Jewelry Selection 18. Teairra Marie The Point Of No Return

The Radar 7. The Release

7. Leaks Of The Week 14. Meek Millz Mr. Philadelphia 15. MTV VMA’s Nominees and Performers 23. Kanye West Down To Earth 23. Los Vegas No Pen No Pad II 25. The Real BMF Vs. Blowin Money Fast 27. Is It Beef? Gucci V. Waka


28. Young Jeezy 1,000 Grams 28. 919 Behind The Music 29. Hip Hop Cash Kings 2010


9. Tony Braggs

Sept 1, 2010


24. Night Life Mixers 30. Cole World/Outro

“I don’t know what the future has in store, but all I know is I want more”- E&J

17. Kaze Puttin’ On For Carolina

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The Music Plug

Mixtape Hype

Mixtape Hype

SunTrust Leland (Yung LA)

Bowen Homes Carlos (Shawty Lo)

I Am Travis Porter (Travis Porter)

If you heard Yung LA wasn’t with Grand Hustle anymore, then you heard WRONG! Yung LA is still with Grand Hustle and still buzzin’ on the streets of ATL. Yung LA recruits Mr. Southern Smoke himself DJ Smallz for another Yung LA banger SunTrust Leland. Legggooo

After gettin’ “hit” for $25k in the hood, Shawty Lo bounced back a week later and dropped $40K on 2 items. Bowen Homes Carlos was born and it’s been uphill ever since for Shawty Lo. Now take a ride through the trap wit’ Lo who never disappoints on decent street mixtape releases. Oh yeah and it’s a Gangsta Grillz, you bastards!!

In my book Travis Porter is the next big thing. I’ve watched their movements from a distance and witnessed them turn the south upside down. Take a listen to I Am Travis Porter and see why they’re a force to be wreckoned with in the near future.

DJ/Hosts: DJ Smallz

DJ/Hosts: DJ Drama

DJ/Hosts:DJ Pretty Boy Tank

Mr. Futuristic 2 (DJ Scream) DJ Scream by all definitions is Heavy in The Streets and that’s why J. Futuristic recruited the Hood Rich H.N.I.C to host Mr. Futuristic 2. Watch out Mr. First Name Last Name is back on the streets. DJ/Hosts: DJ Scream


The Music Plug

Mixtape Hype

Mixtape Hype

G.O.O.D Ass Mixtape (Kanye West) A mix of artists on G.O.O.D Music’s rosters and their recently released music. This isn’t your typical mixtape. No crazy DJ shout outs or drops just G.O.O.D music. Featured artist include Big Sean, Common, Pusha T, Cyhi Da Prince Kanye West and more.

DJ/Hosts: Perajok

Southern Slang 16 (The Empire) Whatchu know about The Empire? It’s one of the Top mixtape groups out there, with another installment of their hot street mixtape series Southern Slang. Featuring new music from Yo Gotti, Cam’ron, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne and more. DJ/Hosts: Empire Mixtapes

Comin’ Soon

August 10, Gracie Productions released Enter the Mind of Joe Budden, a special edition book of hand-written lyrics from some of the biggest hits of the Jersey City rapper’s career. Joe Budden recently held a meet and greet and performed in front of a sold out crowd at S.O.B’s (Sounds Of Brazil) in New York City. Before the show some loyal and lucky fans got to meet Joe Budden and some paid $100 for an autographed copy of the book. Only 300 copies of the book will be printed. Joe Budden is also set to release the 4th installment to his street album/mixtape series Mood Music with Mood Musik 4 A Turn 4 the Worst, October 26.


The Music Plug

Dope Spot

The Dope Spot Game Brake Lights DJ Skee

The Game’s “Brake Lights” mixtape is as dark as the mixtape cover. But whoever said gangsta rap and creativity couldn’t go hand in hand, never heard The Game. Since The Documentary album dropped, Game has been the gangsta rap king pin of the West Coast reigning with lyrical dominance. Now with “Brake Lights” on the streets The Game is warming up for another platinum album effort with his new album R.E.D which is slated for a fourth quarter release. “Brake Lights” hosted by DJ Skee is easily one of the top 10 mixtapes of the year, featuring production from Cool-n-Dre and guest appearances from Akon, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Dre (from Cool-n-Dre), T.I, Robin Thicke, Rick Ross, Snoop, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka and more. Brake Lights has the feel of a street album more than just a regular mixtape with cuts like “Cold Blood” where The Game and Dre (of Cool-n-Dre) go in over a dark beat and a sample that repeats the sinister phrase of “Shot down in cold blood”. The Game and Dre paint a picture of the people lost due to gun violence. The Games says “NYPD can go to hell, for killing that boy Sean Bell (Shot down in cold blood), for killing the n*gga Pac, killing the boy B.I(G) two of the greatest rappers just (shot down in cold blood)”. The Game also shows some street love for the ladies by including “Pushin It” featuring Robin Thicke and T.I. “Brake Lights” is a street classic for gangsta rap fans and overall hip-hop fans to enjoy. Though heavy on violence, money, sex and drugs; “Brake Lights” is a lyrical treat to say the least. Nice work Game!

Gucci Mane

Jewelry Selection DJ Holiday

Gucci Mane Lafluer has successfully manage to kill the internet, the streets, the industry, radio, tv and any other form of media Gucci can scream “Burr” over. Since his release from prison after violating probation Gucci Mane has been on a tear. Upon his release from prison he shot over 5 videos with videographer/director Mr. Boomtown for his BurrPrint 2 HD, EP which was released during his incarceration. After he shot out the gate to catch up he followed up with another Gangsta Grillz Mr. Zone 6 with DJ Drama to put it in overdrive. Now preparing for his latest major label release The State Vs Radric Davis- The Appeal, Gucci Mane drops Jewelry Selection mixtape hosted by 1017 Brick Squad DJ, DJ Holiday. Jewelry Selection is like most Gucci Mane mixtapes in a good and bad way. There isn’t too much bad though, yes Gucci’s songs are repetitive and some are simple, but they are catchy, hypnotic and you have no choice but to turn it up. Jewelry Selection is full of Gucci branded confidence, swag and pomposity which he displays on tracks like “Makin’ Love To The Money”. Gucci brags “Strippers can’t see me wit all this money flyin’, 30 years old talking ‘bout retiring/I’m show these hoes who the King of Diamonds, soon as I walk in the King of Diamonds “. Can’t forget about the work, Gucci Mane is still slingin that white stuff bar after bar, you might have to check your nose after “Trap Talk”. Gucci Mane even collabed with Talib Kweli on “Poltergeist” where Gucci was easily out rhymed but he still held his own in his own way. Jewelry Selection also included features from Trina and Swizz Beats. As Gucci Mane continues to kill both the internet and streets we’re wondering if he can deliver and maintain the momentum while remaining free for his next album. I’m pretty sure he has given enough to the streets and fan across the country to make Gold this time. We’ll find out September 28th when The State Vs Radric Davis- The Appeal hits stores. The album will contain guest features from Wyclef Jean and more.


The Music Plug

Hottest Leaks of The Week

The Radar

The Release

Kanye West ft Jay-Z & Swizz Beats (Power Remix)

J. Cole (No Holdin’ Me Back)

Rick Ross (The Summer’s Mine)

Amidst Lil Wayne’s legal battles in New York City which ultimately ended with Lil Wayne incarcerated serving 8 Months on Riker’s Island Correctional Facility, The Empire and Lil Wayne leaked the controversial cover art to the 7th installment of the infamous Drought series. That was February of this year. 6 months and 400,000,000 google searches later the cover appeared again on mixtape websites with a special leak from Weezy featuring Drizzy Drake. If you haven’t heard Right Above It you must be sleeping under a rock, it’s Wayne’s new single from I’m Not A Human Being ,EP and potentially one of the biggest songs to end the summer. Since the song was obviously recorded before Lil Wayne’s incarceration (unless the same c.o who got him the ipod, got him a studio too) there may be a video under wraps some where. But whats been under wraps for too long is The Drought Is Over 7 which may finally be released in the upcoming weeks.

Usher ft Jay-Z (Hot Toddy)

It seemed like the ATL was producing another star in the making when The Definition of F*ck Sh*t was released earlier this year by Atlantic recording artist Alley Boy. Alley Boy would start to follow up his debut street classic with a DJ Drama assisted Gangsta Grillz Purgatory. But in the process of making that mixtape, Alley Boy came across some legal trouble which caused the project to be delayed heavily and almost scrapped. But now in August the mixtape cover resurfaces online and the project seems to have some life. If you haven’t heard of Alley Boy, he maybe Atlanta’s next biggest gangsta rap act, and word on the street is Alley Boy is really bout it. It is unsure if DJ Drama will still host the project but either way this project should see the light of day.

Young Dro ft Gucci Mane & T.I (Freeze Me- Remix)

DTP shawty Lil Scrappy has always been known to drop some decent mixtapes but would fall short come album time. He’s trying to breathe life back into his career with his latest mixtape effort Suicide. Hosted by DJ Scream it should be dropping soon. Will Scrappy commit (career) suicide if the streets don’t pay attention? Update: With the two tracks leaked off of the upcoming mixtape Lil Scrappy might actually have some fire behind him. We jumped to conclusions and actually thought this project may not live up to the hype. Stay tuned

Young Jeezy (Death B4 Dishonor)

Red Cafe ft Diddy and Fabolous (Money, Money, Money)

For someone who’s been dropping major label albums like independent mixtapes you would think Plies wouldn’t need a mixtape. Well Ft. Meyers, Florida representer Plies is heavily promoting his DJ Scream hosted You Need People like Me mixtape project due out in 7 days. Plies returns back to the streets, which he never left (if that makes any sense) for a mixtape to remember. Plies has been substantially successful with his major label releases lately even though they’ve totaled less than 2 million copies for 4 releases and now looks to set the streets on fire at the end of a summer which has seen its share of classic material.


The Music Plug

Who's Next

Tony Braggs

The movement is strong Tony Braggs represents 100 Proof, a local group based in Durham, NC made up of DJ BX, Big Kidd and Tony Braggs. You may have heard Tony Braggs on tracks with Los Vegas and other Local 919 artists, seen him killin’ open mics around the city or you may have seen his cameo on 919 Behind The Music documentary. But if you don’t know Braggs, here’s a little info on him. Were you born and raised in Durham? Nah, I was born in Laurenburg, NC, I moved to the Bull City like 2004, I moved with my moms because all my people was moving up here. When I came up here that’s when I really blossomed with this rap sh*t. That’s when I started taking this music more serious when I came up here, its more opportunities up here then where I was at in Laurenburg. Laurenburg is just a small country (town) where it aint nothing but the sticks. When I came out here to the bull I started reppin 919 to the fullest. How long have you been doing music now? I started rhyming at 12 but I was just playing with it, but I really started doing this at 14 cause my Brother -in- Law. I used to walk in and see him recording his own raps on cassette tapes. So what he told me to do was memorize my stuff and he said we were going to record it and if I liked it then just keep doing it. So the first sh*t I did, I liked, so I kept doing it. Tell me about 100 Proof… Yea that’s my group 100 Proof, DJ BX and my nigga Big Kid and we got a lot of people we are affiliated with like Sec 9, Shawn Da Don and a lot more. All the niggas out here doing they thing for the Bull City, we know them and we f*ck with them. It’s like 100 Proof that’s my sh*t, that’s the sh*t I’m with. Do you have any upcoming projects..whats your latest project? Right now its a lot of stuff going on everybody is trying to do they dolo thing right now, but what it is I just dropped Blue December and my next project coming up is Blacc Face, Im gonna do the mixtape Blacc Face leading up to the album. DJ BX got something dropping and Big Kid got BMW “Boy Meets World” that’s his new project coming out. We just did a competition at (Club) 1013 where we won some studio time and they’ll press up like 200 copies of our music up and move the mixtape for us. So we about to come out with one big mixtape for the 919. We’re going to get all the hottest (919) rappers on that. So you won a competition at 1013? Yeah it was me BX, and my boy Big Kid and we

won the competition. It was an open mic series where these rap groups meet up and go head to head on the performance, and what it is you’ll win 12 hours of studio time, they’ll press your mixtape up and get it out there. So my nigga BX had a good idea, saying instead of us just focusing on 100 proof, we gonna show the whole 919 love and make the hottest mixtape out here. Collaborate with everybody out here, get everybody on the tape and make it a 100 proof thing. We tryna make big moves out here. Cause the little sh*t… we been doing the little sh*t for a minute, so its time to jump into some big sh*t. Cause dudes is comfortable where they at, you can’t be comfortable where you at, you always gotta want more. Where can people find your music? The actual cd’s we had in different spots, we had some in EZ Records which used to be in North Gate Mall. We distribute them through hood stores, mom and pops (local record stores) and shit like that. We be out there selling the CD’s ourselves putting in the work ourselves getting them off. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced trying to get your music out in Durham/North Carolina? Wow. So many challenges my nigga, good question. The challenge really is if you don’t have your money right then you really can’t do sh*t. You can’t make as many moves as you wanna make, if you aint got the dough. And around here niggas is choosing money over talent, as long as you got money you can do something. You also have to know the right people. Just network with the right people, cause ain’t nobody tryna give you no connections to this game so you have to make your own way into this shit. So networking and just having your money up and being ready for this shit. Because as far as networking that’s what we’re trying to do with the Music Plug, we’re networking with the DJ’s, promoters and industry insiders to bring attention to this area and the talent in it. The Music Plug won’t only be a local entity this will be our area’s gateway to the rest of hip-hop. And that’s what we need, that’s what niggas like us need all the promotion we can get. All we need is support, everybody support each other, any promotion is good promotion.

Tell about 919 behind the music and how did you become a part of that? My dude BX know Jay Bang and they cool as hell, so what he did was before they even put the joint out they came to the crib and was like “we making a dvd documentary and im just tryna get some footage”, and we shot some footage and come to find out he put it on there, he just came through and f*cked with us. How do you feel about the NC movement and do you feel it even exists yet? The only thing that’s wrong with us is that people don’t want to support each other and dudes don’t want to be unified in this sh*t. Everybody want to be that one rapper that make it out the Carolina, but you can’t be that one guy, you gotta have everybody behind you. That’s the only thing wrong with this NC sh*t. Besides that everything hot, everybody doing they sh*t, everybody on the grind everybody putting out hot material, it’s just everybody don’t want to f*ck with each other. If everybody was together and they worked with each other we’d make even hotter music and niggas cant do nothing but recognize us. But NC bubbling and people down here looking at us. If we more unified and do more collaborations with different artists then we’d be straight. They would have to f*ck with us. Was there anything else you wanted people to know about you, your movement ? People can look out for Blacc Faces coming early 2011 and check us out 100 Proof Cartel TV on Youtube. 919 we’re gonna do our sh*t, Bull City we gonna do our sh*t and NC we gonna get up in there sooner or later. Shout out to my nigga Los Vegas. -Clint Easthood

What inspires your music? Around here and me growing up, sh*t been rough, but what inspires me is that when I make something hot to see the reaction of somebody else off of my music that like my sh*t, that inspires me. Don’t nobody really inspire me besides BX and my nigga Big Kid that’s it. But to see the reaction of somebody when they like your music and they’re singing your words, that’s what inspires me to do what I do and make hot music. Photo Credit- Tony Braggs (far left) and crew

9 The Music Plug

Violent Trend

Special Report

Professional athletes are becoming targets of violence After the recent murder mystery of former Memphis Grizzlies Forward/Center Lorenzen Wright, the Music Plug took a look at some of the most notable incidents of violence involving professional athletes. We took a look at some recent incidents to include some you may have seen reports on and some you may have heard of but never got the full story.

Richard Collier (NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars)

Richard Collier was shot and critically wounded outside an apartment building on September 2, 2008, in Jacksonville as he and former teammate Kenny Pettway waited for two women they met at a nightclub. Pettway was unharmed. Later that month on September 29, it was reported that Collier suffered 14 gunshot wounds, including five to

his bladder and two to his lower spine that left him paralyzed from the waist down. A blood clot later caused the amputation of his left leg above the knee.

Richard Collier

Jacksonville Jaguars

One man, Tyrone Hartsfield, was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Jerome McDougle (NFL, Philadelphia Eagles)

On July 28, 2005, just four days before McDougle was scheduled to arrive for the Eagles 2005 training camp in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he was shot in the abdomen during a robbery in Miami, Florida. Following the shooting, McDougle was flown by helicopter to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

McDougle initially was expected to recover fully and play for the Eagles in the 2005 season. However, further complications from the shooting and surgery left him out for the entire 2005 season.

Steve McNair (NFL, Tennessee Titans/Baltimore Ravens)

On July 4, 2009, McNair was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds, along with the body of a young woman

named Sahel Kazemi, in a condominium rented by McNair in downtown Nashville. McNair was shot twice in the body and twice in the head, with one of those shots fired within a close range of three feet. Kazemi had a single gunshot wound to the head, proven to be fired from a gun that was held to her temple. McNair was believed to have been asleep on the couch when the shooting occurred. The bodies were discovered by McNair’s friends

Wayne Neely and Robert Gaddy, who called 911. The Nashville police declared McNair’s death a murder-suicide, with Kazemi as the perpetrator and McNair as the victim. The 9-mm gun used was found under Kazemi’s body and later tests revealed trace evidence of (gunpowder) residue on her left hand. Kazemi had a worsening financial situation and also suspected that McNair was in another extramarital relationship.

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10 The Music Plug

Special Report McNair, who was married at the time, had been dating the 20-year-old Kazemi in the months prior to their deaths. Two days before their deaths, Kazemi was pulled over in a black

2007 Cadillac Escalade in Nashville with McNair in the passenger seat and Vent Gordon, a chef at a

restaurant McNair owned, in the back seat. The vehicle was registered in the names of both McNair and Kazemi. She was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. McNair was not arrested

and left in a taxi with Gordon, despite Kazemi repeatedly asking the arresting officer to tell McNair he could come to the police car to talk to her. However, McNair later bailed Kazemi out of jail. On July 6, police stated that the gun found at the scene of the crime under Kazemi’s body had been

purchased by her after her release from jail on the DUI charge. Kazemi purchased the gun from a convicted murderer she met while looking for a buyer for her Kia.

Photo Credit AP Jim Hardaway wears a Steve McNair jersey as he looks at the tributes left to McNair at McNair’s Gridiron 9 restaurant in Nashville, TN

Fred Lane (NFL, Carolina Panthers)

On July 5, 2000, Lane made a phone call to his father telling him that he

wanted to sell his motorcycle because he needed the cash. On July 6, 2000, he was shot and killed by his wife Deidra during an alleged domestic

dispute. Law enforcement investigators believe Deidra Lane shot her

husband moments after he arrived at their Mecklenburg home for the $5 million in life insurance.

Deidra pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. She claimed that Fred emotionally and physically abused her; however, the judge ruled that the shooting was premeditated and that she deliberately shot Fred twice, even though the first shot rendered him helpless. The judge determined that those factors

outweighed the alleged abuse and gave her eight years in prison, the maximum sentence allowed. She served her sentence at Raleigh Correctional Center for Women. She was released on March 3, 2009.

11 The Music Plug

Special Report Julius Hodge (NBA, Denver Nuggets)

After visiting a nightclub on April 8, 2006, Hodge was on Interstate 76 in North Denver around 2:00 a.m. when another vehicle

pulled alongside his and fired several shots. Hodge was told he came within 5 minutes of bleeding to death. The case has yet to be solved.

Bison Dele (NBA, Detroit Pistons)

In July 2002, Dele and his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, sailed on the South Pacific Ocean along with skipper Bertrand Saldo on Dele’s catamaran, the Hakuna Matata. Dele’s brother, Miles Dabord (born Kevin Williams), was the only person involved

in the voyage who was seen or heard from after July 8, when the party was in Tahiti. Dele and Karlan had previously kept regular contact with their banks and family members. On July 20, Dabord was by himself when he brought the boat into Tahiti.

On September 5, police used a sting operation organized by Dele’s family and friends to detain Dabord in Phoenix. Dabord had forged his brother’s signature in order to buy US$152,000 worth of gold under his brother’s name. He had used

Dele’s passport as identification. Mexican police later found that Dabord had been staying at a hotel in Tijuana,Mexico. Two days before, the Hakuna Matata, which had been registered in Tahiti under another name, was found off the coast of Tahiti with its name plate removed and some possible bullet holes patched. About the same time, Dabord phoned his and Dele’s mother, Patricia Phillips, telling her that he would never hurt his brother and that he could not survive in prison.

The FBI became involved in the investigation along with the French authorities and concluded that Dele, Karlan and Saldo

were probably killed, and then thrown overboard by Dabord. Given that the bodies were likely dumped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it would be highly unlikely that the three would ever be found.

Dabord, the only major source of information regarding the case, intentionally overdosed on insulin and slipped into a coma. On September 27, 2002, he died in a California hospital. After Dabord’s suicide, officials did not expect to find much more

regarding the case. A memorial service was then held for both Dabord and Dele. Before his death, Dabord stated that he knew for sure that Dele and Karlan were in French Polynesia, but did not say much more other than he was trying to help Dele. Dabord and Dele were frequently at odds with each other. After Dabord’s death, his lawyer and life-long best friend, Paul White, was questioned regarding his client but gave little information about what happened.

12 The Music Plug

Special Report Javon Walker (NFL, Oakland Raiders)

Just after 7 a.m. on June 16, 2008, Walker was found unconscious in Las Vegas on a street just off the Vegas Strip. The previous

evening he attended the Body English, a nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel there and he left around 3:30 a.m. Walker, who was found

unconscious, was taken to a local hospital with what police described as “significant injuries,” including a concussion and a battered

face. He was listed in fair condition and released from the hospital on June 18. Police said Walker was the victim of an apparent robbery, as a large amount of cash and some jewelry were taken from him. Police arrested two suspects, one in late June and the other in early

July. Deshawn Lamont Thomas, an 11-time convicted felon, was sentenced to life imprisonment on July 7, 2010, without the possibility of parole for his part in the crime.

Darrant Williams (NFL, Denver Broncos)

On January 1, 2007, Williams was shot during a drive-by shooting, at approximately 2:10 a.m. Williams and two other passengers

were shot when another vehicle pulled beside his rented Hummer H2 limousine in downtown Denver. The shooting occurred near

11th Ave. and Speer Blvd. It happened less than 12 hours after the Broncos played their final game of the 2006 season against the San Francisco 49ers in Denver.

Williams had attended a New Year’s Eve party and birthday party held for and by Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin at the nightclub, “The Shelter.” The Denver Police Department reported that the shooting was preceded by some type of altercation

or argument at the nightclub between Crips gang members and other patrons, one of whom was Broncos teammate Brandon

Marshall. A police spokesman said, “There was some confrontation between a group of people in the vehicle and a group at the nightclub.” Williams was not involved in the altercation.

According to the county coroner’s office, Williams sustained a single gunshot wound to the neck, killing him instantly. After Williams was shot, he fell in the lap of Broncos teammate, Javon Walker. He was pronounced dead around 2:30 a.m. The two other passengers injured in the shooting, Brandon Flowers and Nicole Reindl, were both released from the hospital the day after the shooting.

Sean Taylor (NFL, Washington Redskins)

On November 26, 2007, at 1:45 a.m.EST, Taylor was shot in the upper leg by an armed intruder at his Palmetto Bay, Fla., home, where he had been recuperating

from a football injury. He was mortally wounded in his femoral artery. His long-time girlfriend, Jackie Mofett (niece of actor Andy Garcia), hid under the bedding with their 18-month-old daughter also named Jackie. Mofett then called 911 from her cell phone.

Taylor was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he underwent surgery. He emerged from surgery about 12:30

p.m. He had lost a significant amount of blood and remained in a coma. His doctors speculated he may have suffered brain damage due to the blood loss, and an unnamed Redskins source reported that Taylor’s heart stopped twice during the emergency surgery. On November 27 at 3:30 a.m., Taylor died at the hospital. 


The Music Plug

The Radar

The Music Plug recently chopped it up briefly with official Fleet DJ’s member DJ B Barnes. B Barnes recently hosted Los Vegas’ No Pen No Pad 2 mixtape and is a local DJ spinning at some of the hottest night club spots across the Triangle area almost on a nightly basis. He didn’t get to where he’s at though without grindin’. Are you originally from the 919 area? Originally from the Bronx, NY born and raised. I was raised in Parkchester east 177th on the North Side. When did you relocate to the 919? I relocated to NC back in 1998, I was in the military, it took me to NC. I was stationed in Camp Lajune, North Carolina. I was in the Marine Corp for 4 years. When you did first start DJin? I started DJ’ing in high school the summer of my junior year and senior year. My homeboy this Spanish dude named DJ Chico who lived 2 buildings down from me, he had his own equipment because at the time I didn’t have my own equipment. I used to go work with him and another cat who was just doing it on the side he really wasn’t tryna DJ, I think his brother used to DJ so he just had the equipment. So it was more so me and DJ Chico, we used to just get it in at the apartment cause at the time I was a just a bed room DJ, until I started to want to learn a little more and got my own equipment and went from there. What was the timing like for you from just DJ’ing in your friend’s apartment to getting your first gig? It was actually pretty quick, I had an Uncle that used to throw parties all the time, that’s what my family did. So he was like “Oh, you wanna DJ I’m just gon’ throw you out there,” and you know it wasn’t a small function. We are West Indian so it’s like you either get it in or you don’t, so he kinda threw me to the wolves. Were you just working the party scene or were you (are you) doing mixtapes too? Originally I was just working on parties, but then I

had put out a mixtape just to see what I could do with it. I remember going to Jilo Fashion uptown in the Bronx (NY) in Sound View. And I went to them like I’m tryna get my mixtape sold here, and I only had one tape. I aint have no copies. He was like “If your going to push your mixtapes you gotta be prepared to push them, you need to have more copies and you might just wanna give em out.” So after that I was just like I’m going to get myself where I felt good enough to even say I can put a mixtape out. Who are you affiliated with as far as any DJ crews, labels? Fleet DJ’s yea that’s my crew out of (New) Jersey but we got DJ’s from all over the country and even in the UK. We real strong. They was actually the first DJ crew to kinda embrace me, I was DJing at the radio station at Duke University 88. The urban music director who is actually the vice president of Fleet DJ’s (DJ O-S) that was my first time being on the radio and my first time being introduced to him. He heard me rocking and was like “Are you affiliated with anybody?” and I was like nah I just do it for me. So he kind of put me on, introduced me to Klassic who is the president of Fleet DJ’s and from there they just embraced me, gave me music, put me with connects and some opportunities to do some mixes on Sprint Radio, and things like that. Recently I went to Atlanta for the Core DJ retreat,we went to the conference and I was introduced to this guy Sal out of DTP who be pushing artists and asked me to become a part of DTP DJs. So at that point he started sending me music, exclusive joints and that’s where I be getting my drops from, from artists like Lil Scrappy and things like that. I’ve heard of Fleet DJ’s and their making big moves out there… We got a movement that’s real strong and we doing a lot of different things. I’m also doing the Fleet DJ radio now each and every Thursday from 6-8, sometimes 8-10. So the people can catch me every Thursday doing that.

It’s also a website that counts BDS spins to artists when their music is played. If artists want their music played and I’m rocking with them I encourage them to send me they music. I’m willing to work with anybody cause we all trying to get on, and we all trying to get NC where it need to be, so I be embracing whether its local artists here or just artists anywhere, all the time. What artists have you worked with? As far as artists mixtapes Los Vegas was the first local artist I’ve worked with, before I was just putting out mixtapes with various artists pushing my work as a DJ. Now more so I’m into the mixtape game where I’m telling artists I got the connect for graphics, and not only doing your mixtape but sending your music to my DJ affiliations and just the ability to have your music played all over because of the affiliations. I’m pretty sure if I’m feelin’ it somebody else is feelin’ it. I’ve have a connection to 400-500 DJ’s and that’s just the Fleet (DJ’s) alone, and not even talking about DTP. But in my experience in this area you’d be surprised at how many artists aren’t working with DJ’s and you got some DJ’s in the club not messing with these artists for some reason whatever the case may be. But I feel it’s the time right now with the emergence of J. Cole because he’s in the light right now, its only a matter of time before people say ok where he come from I want to see what else is out there. You’re going to see more things pop up where they looking for artists. So I say if you’re an artist have your shit together, have your package together, have your quality work. Don’t wait until it’s here and then have your work, have your work together now. It was good to work with a cat like Los Vegas who have his work together, who got a team who doing the same thing, everybody on the grind putting out quality music. You’d be surprised to know how many artists I’ve reached out to in NC and they like yeah I’ll send you something and don’t actually send it. But those who have responded I have embraced. Because if im in the spot I’ll actually play your

joint in the club if it’s something I know people can rock wit, I’m not afraid to play nothing in the club. Was this a good summer for music? As far as artists doing it this summer, I think NY artists made a lot of noise this summer, with that whole team in Brooklyn wit Fab (Fabolous) Café (Red Café), and Maino. I think NY made a lot of noise this summer. On the tail end I like how Cam and Vado came out of nowhere and smacked a lot of people in the face. Atlanta artists still doing what they doing, they doing they numbers. You can’t hate on Roscoe Dashe killin them in the clubs down there, you know Waka and Gucci who was just on everything. Can’t forget Young Money and what they did with Drake and now Nicki Minaj. What Tyga is doing with Chris Brown off the strength of a mixtape, and then (Jae) Millz is killing the streets on the mixtapes There team is real strong. This was a good year for music in terms of what’s been coming out because their all memorable. You may say they won’t be here next year but they’re all memorable for now. Any upcoming projects? I got the Michael Jackson tribute one year later joint dropping Saturday. Then I’m working on the The Lost Files mixtape with another local artist out here Jae Vegas. He’s actually a dope cat who was in it back in the day grinding, heavy in it, kind of fell back for a sec, but now he’s refocused back in the studio and he got some stuff coming. He got The Lost Files mixtape stuff that he did back in 05’ that’ll rock right now and then he got the Wake Up The Block coming out the end of September. You know we working! -Clint Easthood Also check out:

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Meek Millz Mr. Philadelphia DJ Ill Will DJ Rock Star Last the streets heard from the Philadelphia spitter Meek Millz was his Gangsta Grillz release Flamerz 3 hosted by the I-Pod king DJ Drama. If you were fortunate to hear Flamerz 3 then you already know Meek Millz goes in. This time around Millz is riding with DJ Ill Will & DJ Rock Starr to release his latest effort, Mr. Philadelphia. Correctly titled Mr. Philadelphia, Meek Millz shows why he has the biggest buzz coming out of Philadelphia right now, with fire singles like Rose’ Red remix featuring, Rick Ross, T.I, and Vado; where Meek displays his versatile flow and ability to hold his own on tracks with real rap heavyweights. The tape has features from other Philly natives Young Chris (Young Gunz), Beanie Sigel and Peedi Crakk. Meek spits over a host of Jahlil Beats and other banging instrumentals from the next wave of hot producers. Meek Millz was incarcerated for some time for a shooting incident before the release of Flamerz 3 but now on the streets he’s poised to make noise for his city. Though it’s unsure if he’s officially signed to Grand Hustle, Millz has been affiliated with T.I and his camp for some time now. The standout tracks include Hate is My Motivator, and Ain’t Gonna Sleep, both produced by Cardiak. In the Hate is My Motivator hook Millz addresses the haters, “Nigga stop hatin-get off your ass, worrying about the next nigga that’ll cost yo’ ass/ go get on your grind nigga and off the past, slow grinding to the top but you falling fast/ you can hate on me, hate is my motivator”. Ain’t Gonna Sleep is a grimy trap savvy track for the street runners and all night grinders, where Millz comes hard with all 3 verses ending with “I ain’t gonna sleep til’ I’m rich”. Overall, there aren’t any tracks that he could have done without. The mixtape is perfectly balanced and the lyrics are on point. If you don’t know about Meek Millz, I suggest you check out Mr. Philadelphia.

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MTV Video Music Award Nominee List Once again the MTV Video Music Awards are upon us and this time the spectacle takes over L.A’s Nokia Theatre. The VMA’s never fall short on drama, great performaces and this year looks to be no different. Lady Gaga is nominated for a massive 13 moon men, with 2 nominations coming in the same category for video of the year. Eminem who has had the #1 album in the country spot locked for almost the entire summer is nominated for 8. B.O.B is up for 5 VMA’s and the teenage phenom Justin Bieber is up for 1. The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards jump off live Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 9PM. VIDEO OF THE YEAR


Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’

Ke$ha, ‘Tik Tok’

Florence + The Machine, ‘Dog Days Are Over’

Jason Derulo, ‘In My Head’

30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Kings and Queens’

Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, ‘Baby’

Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé, ‘Telephone’

Nicki Minaj featuring Sean Garrett, ‘Massive Attack’

Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’

Broken Bells, ‘The Ghost Inside’

B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams, ‘Airplanes’


Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga, ‘Video Phone (Extended Remix)’

Miike Snow, ‘Animal’ Editor: Frank Macias

Usher featuring Will.I.Am, ‘OMG’ Janelle Monáe featuring Big Boi, ‘Tightrope’ BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’ Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, ‘Empire State of Mind’

MGMT, ‘Flash Delirium’

Mumford and Sons, ‘Little Lion Man’


Florence + The Machine, ‘Dog Days Are Over’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’ Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull, ‘I Like It’ Cascada, ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ David Guetta featuring Akon, ‘Sexy Chick’

BEST DIRECTION Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, ‘Empire State of Mind’ Director: Hype Williams

Usher featuring Will.I.Am, ‘OMG’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’ Director: Francis Lawrence Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’ Director: Rich Lee

B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams, ‘Airplanes’


Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’

Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’

Ke$ha, ‘Tik Tok’

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, ‘Forever’

Florence + The Machine, ‘Dogs Days Are Over’

Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga, ‘Video Phone Kid Cudi featuring MGMT and Ratatat, (Extended Remix)’ ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’

P!nk, ‘Funhouse’ Editor: Chris Davis

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’


Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, ‘California Gurls’ Jay-Z & Swizz Beats, ‘On To The Next One’

Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, ‘Telephone’

Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’ 30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Kings and Queens’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’


Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’

Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, ‘California Gurls’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’

Ke$ha, ‘Tik Tok’

Drake, ‘Find Your Love’

Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga, ‘Video Phone (Extended Remix)’

Jason Derulo, ‘In My Head’

B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars, ‘Nothing on You’



B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams, ‘Airplanes’

30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Kings and Queens’

Muse, ‘Uprising’ Special Effects: Sam Stevens Green Day, ‘21st Century Breakdown’ Special Effects: Laundry Dan Black, ‘Symphonies’ Special Effects: Corinne Bance & Axel D’Harcourt BREAKTHROUGH VIDEO Dan Black, ‘Symphonies’ Gorillaz featuring Bobby Womack and Mos Def, ‘Stylo’ Coldplay, ‘Strawberry Swing’ The Black Keys, ‘Tighten Up’



B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams, ‘Airplanes’

Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’ Special Effects: Animaholics-VFX

30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Kings and Queens’ Director: Bartholomew Cubbins


Usher featuring Will.I.Am, ‘OMG’

Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’ Special Effects: Tim Jarvis

P!nk, ‘Funhouse’ Director: Dave Meyers

Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga, ‘Video Phone Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’ (Extended Remix)’ Editor: Jarrett Fijal

Taylor Swift, ‘Fifteen’


Eminem, ‘Not Afraid’ Editor: Ken Mowe Rihanna, ‘Rude Boy’ Editor: Clark Eddy For the rest of the nominee list visit

VMA Performances Kanye West

Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga, ‘Video Phone Muse, ‘Uprising’ (Extended Remix)’ Paramore, ‘Ignorance’ 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha, ‘My First Kiss’ Florence + the Machine, ‘Dog Days Are Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, ‘Empire State of Mind’ Over’

Drake B.O.B Justin Bieber Florence + The Machine and more

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Still on his grind; Signed or Unsigned

KAZE…Still on his Grind; Signed or Unsigned There are some rappers sitting at their man’s and em house, spitting bars, passing a dutch; waiting for that big break and then there’s Kaze (pronounced Kah-zee). A rapper, who took it from the house to the streets; jumping into rap battles, craving the love of competition.

the instrumental in one deck, a blank tape in the other, and then when we would just write our rhymes out, make our song or whatever to that joint. We would spit it right there, record it and that’s how we were making our tapes. It’s like we were making whole full mixtapes like that.

That competitive edge had Kaze entering a contest for a record deal. He didn’t hesitate even though he was added a week late. The underdog went up against 8-10 other rappers, then tied for the win only to find out that he had to continue to grind just as hard as a signed artist. So, where is the break?

For Kaze It has always been about the grind. The army brat grew up in Fort Belvoir, Va., moved to this area in 1995 when he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He wanted to be apart of anything music or hip-hop related when he realized there was a void on campus; so he filled it.

Kaze gave the Plug some insight on the contest that led to a deal with SRC Universal/Motown and the grind of a signed artist, which leads us to the question; do artists ever really get a break?

“When I got to Carolina I was immediately looking for organizations to join for my interests,” said Kaze. “I wanted to learn how to make beats and was tryna rap and throw shows. I had mad friends who were doing spoken word and break dancing but we didn’t have any organizations, so we came up with one.”

“I think that the misconception for people is that once you get signed its boom you’re immediately thrown into the spotlight into the game right away,” said Kaze. “And really that’s not necessarily the case, at that point they say to you basically find a way to make yourself hot and we’re not gonna hold your hand.” “They’re expecting you to know what to do, have your own management and publicist, have your own everything to figure out ways to make yourself hot,” he added.

“We made an organization called Hip Hop Nation and that was the group for everybody that rapped, danced, did art, wanted to make beats, poetry and all that,” said Kaze. “We used to do shows on campus. That was really the first chance I got to really start getting into that, you know throwing shows, rapping.”

“By the time my junior year rolled around we were able to get $18,000 from the university because we were really active in doing positive things,” he continued. “So we were So, if you were thinking there’s a able to build a studio on campus. We got drastic change once you are signed; MPC’s (drum machine), keyboards, mixing think again. According to Kaze, you boards, everything. Once we got that, it’s need to be doing whatever you can easy to say I quit going to class pretty much.” to build your following. Start your Hip Hop Nation helped Kaze develop his style Kaze (middle) , T. Grills (left), and J. Cole (right) grind now with the people on your of rap. A style that is a culmination of every street, neighborhood, city, and state because Kaze was signed due to his genre of music meshed and flavored into hip-hop. talent and how well he could market himself. “North Carolina style, that’s my style of rap,” said Kaze. “We ain’t New “Each week was like a new challenge; to me it was just the grind, York but we ain’t that dirty, dirty south; we are like right in between. We everything I’ve been doing anyway as an independent artist,” said Kaze. get the best from up top and the best from the bottom. My rhyme style “Shooting my own video, trying to get the songs played, and still get stuff is very heavily influenced by the mc’s from up north but my attitude put on the internet. The contest was the grind; they wanted to see who about music has like a lot of southern hospitality in it. It’s like taking all could handle the grind and who could do the most on their own. They my influences whether it be Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Prince, Michael didn’t want an artist they needed to baby sit. And really it was a good Jackson or whomever and finding a way to make that into hip-hop.” chance for me to show them everything that I was capable of doing.” “I think that we still don’t have that identity, with what that one sound “In the end it came down to me and this cat from Philly,” he continued. is,” he continued. “We’ve had Little Brother do they thing but then we “They decided they liked both of us so they signed us both and we split the had Petey Pablo do his thing and now J. Cole and you really can’t say money 50/50.” any of those sound like the other.” So, he got a deal and $50G to jumpstart his career, but the label stepped back after that. Everything he did to win the contest now became his blueprint as a signed artist. He had to do everything himself, but at least now he had the dough to make some moves. Back in the day Kaze used to rap on a karaoke machine with his cousin (AK Slaughter); the work back then was the base for his grind now. “When I was in high school, I had a karaoke machine, it had two decks and we used to go buy the tape just to get the instrumental,” said Kaze. “Throw

Although there is no distinct Carolina sound at this point, there are several artists putting in work like Kaze through open mics and rap battles. Kaze discussed how he was invited to one of these battles (The Red Bull Competition) a couple of weeks ago.

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Who’s Next “One of the things I always do at my shows is I freestyle at the end I tell everybody in the crowd to hold up an object,” said Kaze. “Whatever they got, wallets, cigarettes, keys, whatever and I go around and while the beats playing I just freestyle to it. So I did that in Atlanta at this showcase and I made like a big impression. When Red Bull was putting the contest together they wanted cats that could freestyle and really know what they were doing. They saw me do that in my show, you know the guys that were putting the show together so they thought I would be a good person to have in their show.” “When they called me about competing in Greensboro, ‘cause I competed in Atlanta last year and I made it to the finals,” he continued. “I didn’t win but they was like yea, you know we want you to judge. They was like the winner goes to Detroit to battle with Eminem and I was like yo’ f*ck being a judge, yo’ I wanna be in it! I was like yo’, I’m not a multi-million dollar cat sitting on like platinum level records. Like, I still need to be hungry in the battle so I just jumped right in it.” “So, I did the Red Bull Competition just to show cats that not only do I do music but I do this for real because I love it,” he added. “Freestyle, I make up something, you know what I mean, that’s why it was important for me to hop in there and show some skills. I wanna show you that I rap, beat on this wood table and I can rap. I always want that to come across.” At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to, the love of it. If you take anything from Kaze know that you got to be about your grind all the time; constantly. Be on it from the first track you spit on and battle to battle. So, when you finally get that big break…wait a minute; stop focusing on a big break. Focus on the grind and the rest will follow. As for Kaze, receiving a big break did not add up to much of a break at all; just breaks to exhale, breathe, spit, then grind again, baby! “That’s that competitive spirit that I maintain,” said Kaze. “Yo, until I’m ready to retire I got to be acting like I’m still hungry like the first day I started. Check for Kaze at to get more information about his upcoming projects. Don’t miss out on the show in September with producers Ninth Wonder and artist Raekwon in Raleigh; the Plug will be in the house.

Kaze (far right) and Freeway (left) in NYC

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Dope Spot

Teairra Mari The Point Of No Return DJ Drama

Talented and sexy Teairra Mari has the potential do some damage as one of the next best female artists in the game. Maybe? Her latest mixtape Point of No Return hosted by DJ Drama has revealed both her strengths and weaknesses as an artist. Though overall the mixtape was good, the internet was pretty harsh with the comments. Body was one song she could have done without; it just wasn’t an appealing song. But Teairra Mari did shine on tracks like Girl Power, a cover of Kanye West’s latest smash Power where she tries to empower her female fans stating they have the “power” not the dudes (P*ssy power that is). She also displays her ability to put together songs her fans can relate to like Find My Way Back, and ultra sexy tracks like Lights Go Down; which sounds like a perfect summer night cut song. If you hesitated to listen to this mixtape you missed out on good music. Teairra Mari may be the next big thing in the female R&B game. She killed the radio and the streets earlier this year with her female anthem Sponsor. It would’ve killed 106 and Park but BET decided that the video was sending the wrong message to young females with its sugar daddy like concept. Really?

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Radii Footwear Leading us into the future of urban footwear Relatively new to the shoe game, Radii (pronounced Ray-dee-eye) has made its mark in urban and high end footwear fairly quickly. Launched in 2008 and headquartered in southern California, Radii aims to exceed the expectations of the consumer climate by offering quality products, creative concepts, comfort and value. The latest trend in footwear has been the high top sneaker and Radii seems to have that lane locked. Both styles, Moon Walker and Straight Jacket, have become hot items. Radii’s Moon Walker was spotted on the feet of Jay-z during his national Blue Print 3 tour featuring Jeezy and Trey Songz. That kind of exposure should do wonders for Radii’s sales. Even without the Jay-z effect, Radii is poised for success with its unique styling and overall emphasis on comfort. With its futuristic designs and fashion forward ingenuity, Radii are a step above the rest.

Jay-Z (L) during his Blue Print 3 tour wearing Radii footwear

Young Jeezy during his Vibe Magazine cover shoot rocking a pair of Radii’s DJ Drama receives a special package from Radii Photo credit Radii Footwear

Chris Breezy receives a special package from Radii Photo credit Radii Footwear

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Let Your Footwork Speak For Itself

Unstitched Utilities Next Day Mid lt brown / dark brown

Nike AF1 High Premium Black/Metallic Silver $159


Air Jordan 9 IX Retro Black Varsity Red Dark Charcoal

Nike Blazer AC High Black/Black.Photo Blue







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Show em what you got Its still dress and skirt weather

Okay ladies! Nothing like showing a little or maybe a lot of leg to get a little bit of attention. Various skirt lengths line the runways but nothing falls short on as sleeveless, denim, and lace cut-outs or overlay minis (Motel) slenderize and elongate the feminine stature this fall. Cute little bubble dresses (Luc by Lucy Betty Bubble Dress featured) bounce above the knee; okay, find the right one to flatter your shape and add a wide belt for an hourglass look. Ever tried on your man’s dress shirt and looked damn good, but the dang sleeves were way too long? Check out this classic oversized shirt dress (RVCA) with slouch sleeves that are just the right arm length. Pair it with some platform peeptoes or add a belt, faux fur vest, some thigh socks and boots on those chilly Fall nights. Don’t be afraid to flash a little leg. Now get ta steppin’!

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Betsey Johnson Handbags The Craze

What up with the Betsey Johnson handbag tweet craze? Not knocking the brand, just knocking the frenzy over it. Okay, they are alright but some of the designs are cra-zee! The embellished, playful designs are immediate attention grabbers; accenting any outfit unless you are wearing a piece from her offbeat collection. Don’t be surprised if you find some pink lips attached to a skull-head in some shape, form, or fashion paired with updated 80’s and 90’s fashions when you check out the site. The bags range from around $88 to $485 in various shapes and sizes with studs, zippered bows, sequined cheetahs, lip prints, cartoons and quirky combinations of skull, bones & roses. They are guaranteed to satisfy cravings for misplaced symbols on hobo, totes, and purses in updated styles from the past. The brands signature color is pink helping consumers recognize its stores worldwide; which are also pink. A comment from Johnson taken from her website describes the brand best.

“Making clothes involves what I like…color, pattern, shape and movement…I like the everyday process…the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life…drawing attention to her beauty and specialness…her moods and movements… her dreams and fantasies.” – Betsey Johnson

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Kanye West Down to Earth

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The often misunderstood Kanye West seems to be in a different space lately. Remember the last time we saw Kanye was at the VMA’s when he interrupted Taylor Swift as she gave her speech for receiving the best female video award. Who could forget the infamous Kanye shrug as he handed the mic back to Taylor Swift. Before that we knew he was arrogant but his arrogance turned to ignorance that night. Shadowed by his mother’s untimely death at the peak of his career in 2007, Kanye has been a man of transformation. He went from Graduation, 808’s, and Heart Breaks to the Glow in the Dark tour and then on to what we can call a meltdown at the VMA’s. During an on-air interview with Angie Martinez on New York’s Hot 97FM, Kanye expressed changes and transformations, accepting his mother’s death and trying to create good energy. He went on to explain how he was in a delusional state after the passing of his mother. “Even when the MTV thing happened, it was sort of like I was throwing a Molotov cocktail at my career… Since my mom passed I had never stopped I just went straight to stage, even with the whole Glow in the Dark (tour), the whole concept I was almost Iike in a delusional place,” said Kanye. “Whenever something tragic happens it’s like I turn into this 5-year-old,” he continued. “So Glow in the Dark, I wasn’t actually giving a rap concert. I was back in my mother’s house as that 5-year-old as like Luke Skywalker on the top of the stage so I was completing that (mother’s death) dealing with any responsibilities of reality or anything, it allowed me to be neglectful if anything to come off arrogant and just aloof for just not understanding what other people are feeling. Now I’m at a place where I started to deal with my mom’s passing and deal with my attitude and the problems that I have, you know, come down to earth in a way.” Kanye wasn’t only on Angie’s show to talk about himself (his favorite subject) but to drop a new exclusive off to the epicenter of hip-hop radio Hot 97FM. He gave the world the heads up via Twitter the night before. So as the world waited, Kanye’s come back plot was set in motion. The next afternoon Mr. West walked into Hot 97 suited up and dropped another epic track from his forthcoming project. It was a feel good Kanye West song, everything from the instrumental to the lyrics and the hook is classic. For production credits Kanye co-produced the record with No I.D and Lex Luger. It also features R&B legend Charlie Wilson and international superstar Beyonce for the hook. I think Beyonce kind of shocked the world when she sang “My n*ggas is home, guess I got everything that I want.” Wasn’t a big deal, just felt awkward hearing the “church” going southern bell Beyonce say n*gga, but other than that it was hot material. Kanye dropped his witty bars as usual “Ima need you to kill the hypocrisy this is an aristocracy, I’m Socrates but my skin more chocolaty.” Kanye may have started a little internet controversy when talking about artists that were “scary” competition when he stated, “I think the scariest artist in the game right now is definitely Nicki Minaj…I think she has the most potential out of everyone to be the #2 rapper of all time, because nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem.” Even Angie Martinez basically agree with him. But then that statement was just a sage-way for Kanye to slip up and say he had a Nicki Minaj feature for his upcoming album. Throughout the interview Kanye seemed ecstatic and elated to be back on the radio and to hear the reaction from the world about his new music. Kanye didn’t hold back on any questions and Angie Martinez asked about Amber Rose, Twitter and his infamous paparazzi incidents. He even talked about his growing leather pants collection which is currently at 7. To have Kanye West back in hip-hop in a good space is great for the game. Kanye has always made good music and is one of the game’s top five mc’s. But it is no secret that his past ignorance and arrogance has damaged his image, yet after each blow-up he seems to come back stronger and the public forgives and forgets. This looks to be his biggest album yet. With the release of singles, Power featuring Dwele and See Me Now, and the enthusiasm he’s showing about his music; we can only imagine what the album sounds like. We already know Drake, Beyonce, Jay-z, and Big Sean will be on the album, and as the release date approaches the anticipation will build. With Lil Wayne coming home, Nicki Minaj’ debut album dropping, and Kanye West possibly leading the way it’s going to be a hot winter. Welcome back Mr. West.

This young MC has been patiently waiting to shine for some time now quietly bubbling on the streets of the Bull City. Now with the release of his latest mixtape No Pen No Pad 2 he’s looking to stretch his reach beyond the 919 and attract the major attention he’s been grinding the past 5 years for. No Pen No Pad 2 might bring him that well deserved attention. Los Vegas reached out to DTP/Fleet DJ’s soldier DJ B Barnes a 919 native to host this classic affair. The original No Pen No Pad was released at the beginning of the year (Jan 1st to be exact) and now 8 months later on his 24th birthday, LV follows up with a much more well put together and crafty mixtape than the first one. If you got a chance to listen to the NP1 Los Vegas put in work, but mostly over other artists instrumentals. For NP2 Los Vegas recruited upcoming internet producers for original tracks like “Murder”, “Feel Me”, and “Love Wit’ Me” to name a few. Los also reached out to more artists in the local area for collaborations. NP2 included features from 919 artists Chad A. , Jozeemo, E&J, Notiy, and Tony Braggs who all helped out with tight verses for the project. Vegas exhibited lyrical prowess on beats like Drake’s “Miss Me” and Kanye West’s “Power”, and separated himself from the rest of the competition with original track standouts like my personal favorite “No Loser” and “Real”. “Real” left me wanting to hear another verse and “No Loser” is a street anthem in the making. Overall it was a good balance of subject matter, but there was one instrumental LV should’ve done without and that was Usher’s “OMG”. I respected Los’ effort and the verse was nice, but for his style and word play that beat was a poor choice. But throughout the mixtape Los remained consistent with his lyrical intensity and may have a banger on his hands. No Pen No Pad 2 was a great listen and I suggest you check it out.

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Night Life

Night Life Mixers It’s been a long eventful summer, but it isn’t over yet. Mix it up this weekend with this week’s Night Life Mixers the Tequila Breeze and a Watermelon Margarita. This week’s concoctions both feature tequila to add spice to your end of summer celebrations.

1.5 oz. Cuervo Especial Gold 3 oz. Pink Grapefruit Juice 1 Splash Club Soda 1 Lime Wedge

Tequila Breeze

Fill shaker with ice.

Add Cuervo Especial Gold and pink grapefruit juice.

Shake well.

Pour into a glass with ice.

Top with club soda and garnish with lime.

1.5 oz. Don Julio Blanco Tequila .5 oz. lime juice .25 oz. agave syrup 1 slice watermelon •

Muddle watermelon and agave syrup, add rest of ingredients and shake well.

Double strain into a frozen martini glass.

Garnish with a watermelon slice.

Watermelon Margarita

**Muddle- combine ingredients in the bottom of a glass using a muddler a large stick designed for this particular purpose.

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The Real B.M.F VS It was rumored earlier in the summer after Rick Ross dropped his monster street single (which became his official single and a hit) that Young Jeezy had a problem with Rick Ross’ infamous lyrics “I Think I’m Big Meech/Larry Hoover/ Whippin’ Work, Hallelujah”. Jeezy dropped the song the “Real BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast) featuring Big Meech calling in from jail and squashing any rumors about him and Jeezy not being cool. Big Meech was the leader of the infamous BMF (Black Mafia Family) and ran a criminal enterprise which distributed cocaine throughout the country. He is currently serving a life sentence. “As far as speakin’ on our relationship they need to squash that homey, they don’t know what they talkin’ about. Make our name taste like shit in they mouth….you wouldn’t be hearin’ me on this phone if we aint have no relationship.”

From the title of the song alone and it’s lyrical content who wouldn’t speculate that, that song was directed right at Rick Ross. But then both DJ Folk and Young Jeezy deny that the record was aimed at Rick Ross. The record got mixed reviews on the internet, but the streets loved it. Rick Ross was asked what he thought about Young Jeezy’s record and the possible beef “No I didn’t (take it as a diss), Jeezy he got my number, he know where I be at…We blowin’ money fast over here.” He then went on to explain how Big Meech and Meech’s mother reached out to Ross to let them know they approved of the song. Ross even went to Chicago to meet with Larry Hoover’s son. So with the REAL gangsters approving of Ross’ song does Jeezy have a legitimate beef? Is he sneak dissin’? Or just making music that he feels is REAL? So with nothing said between the two for weeks and Ross’ popularity still soaring. Jeezy comes out of nowhere (to further raise the suspiscion of him sneak dissing) with “Death B4 Dishonor” a 2 verse banger over Ross’ BMF and a mixtape entitled 1,000 Grams vol. 1, hosted by DJ Scream. Containing this obvious Ross aimed shot “How you Blowin’ Money Fast and you don’t know the crew, oh you part of the fam sh*t I never knew.” Immediately that sent the internet and the blogosphere wild. Torch a member of Triple C’s (Ross’ group) was spotted on twitter goin’ in on Jeezy who doesn’t have a Twitter account. “SIN€E This F***** ass Rap Nikka Sneak Dissing I Think Its Only Right We Start A Trending Topik Kalled #JeezyWhyUMad.”

“#JeezyWhyUMad Def-Jam Done Pushed Ya Album Bakk 5Times & U Still Aint Gotta Release Date??” “#JeezyWhyUMad Trying 2Steal Plies Swagg Aint Work 4U??” #JeezyWhyUMad GU€€I went in Jail Hotter Than U Kame Home & He Still Hotter Than U & Now His lil Nikka Waka Hotter in the Streetz than U2.? #JeezyWhyUMad BMF the Biggest Rekord in the Kountry & Even tho that’s the name of Ya Krew Yo Lame ass Kouldnt kome up with That?” Later that night Jeezy spoke to MTV over the phone and cleared the air once again about the record NOT being about Rick Ross. “It’s not a dis,” Jizzle told MTV News via phone from ATL. “First of all, I’m not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That’s one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people

can read into things too deep. They trippin’ man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he’s insecure, and anybody else out there who does, they are insecure.

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B.M.F (BLOWIN’ MONEY FAST) “That’s for real,” Jeezy explained. “That’s for anybody. I got niggas in prison behind that shit I feel that if you speaking on sh–, you gotta at least know who you talking about. That’s like n—as speaking on Cash Money: If he ain’t never

been a part of Cash Money, [then] I’mma speak it better if I’m a part of Cash Money. To me, [BMF] was real. I know

all the members. Who else would say a line like that, but me? I’m one of the few people who can say that, so I said it.

That’s real life, though. You gotta know the crew, baby. I thought that was the purpose of the game: to get on records and talk your shit, right?

“Subliminals, for what?” the Snowman added. ‘What’s understood ain’t gotta be said. I didn’t think people would take the record like that. I did it like I would have any Shawty Lo record, any Rocko record, whoever. I got on [Ross’ beat] and did it like how I do it, the best way I know how. I don’t know if because the BMF situation is for real for me that everybody is like, ‘Ooh. Oh, shit’ Twitter is a muthafucka, by the way.”

So after that explanation, the streets, the internet and maybe even Jeezy is confused. Is there a beef or not? Not that people really want the beef to happen (some do), but if it is why keep dissing and then keep beating around the bush? Only Jeezy has the answer to that question.

Since everyone thinks Jeezy is sneak dissing, Rick Ross decided to do some of his own with a track entitled “The Summa’s Mine” which dropped Thurday afternoon on the one of the hottest days of the summer for most parts of the country. Ross fired back over a dark Lil Lody production growlin “The summer’s mine, the summer’s mine” and then bar after bar droppin subliminals that makes you wonder who Ross is referring to? “See I broke it down like a quarter ki, bitch I run the south im who you wanna be.” “Motherfuckers mad that I’m icy, talkin’ to a pussy nigga yea I might be”.

Ross goes on for two verse’s not really digging into his nameless victim but merely just setting the tone for what may be an onslaught of diss records to come. There is definitely some kind tension there, especially after Torch of Triple C’s Twitter comments, 1,000 Grams droppin’ and Ross’ “Summa’s Mine” sublime diss record. We’ll see what happens.

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Was It Beef? Or are the bloggers trying to manufacture a beef ? There are heavy weight Hip-Hop rumors that have had the internet buzzing for about a week now and things just keep developing daily. One beef between long time friends Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane is simmering, but is the heat coming from the rappers or everybody else?

Gucci Mane (r) and Waka Flocka (l) photo credit Ozone Mag

Two weeks ago on Hot 107.9 during DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz radio , DJ Drama asked his guest Waka Flocka about the rumored beef with him and Gucci Mane. His response “I don’t think it’s a split….I think one man grew farther, and another man grew farther and we just couldn’t meet in the middle.” But he also added that if he saw 10 people jumping on Gucci he would most definitely fight for his big brotha, Gucci. So with that said you would think there was no beef, but that only left inquiring minds on the internet to speculate even more about if there was a beef or if they were really just not “talking”. Gucci Mane was at Power 92.1 in Richmond, Va., and was being prepped by the radio staff for the next on air segment when a question about Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane’s relationship came up. Gucci Mane’s manager cut the interview short and Gucci walked out. Why would Gucci react so unprofessionally to a question that he should have expected from the moment the subject surfaced? Why is there a beef between two very close friends; the Plug is wondering if there really is one. This isn’t just a rap friendship, Waka has been with Gucci since the beginning and you can see a skinny Waka Flocka in some Gucci’s earliest street videos like “Street N*gga”. But we won’t speculate when the truth comes out, we’ll know. For now, Waka said all he has to say about it and Gucci hasn’t said anything. Waka’s mom (Deborah Atney), who was once Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka and Nicki Minaj’s managers, went on to clear up the rumor about Waka Flocka and Gucci saying, “I’m pissed off at Vibe magazine for twisting up the words of Waka and what he said.” Referring to the comment Vibe printed stating how Waka doesn’t mess with them (Gucci Mane/Brick Squad) anymore. But what Waka really said was “I haven’t talked to Gucci in a minute.” As Waka explained in his interview everybody has gone their “separate ways” and “moved on” and Ms. Atney confirms the same. So maybe the internet and the bloggers can put the Gucci Mane v. Waka Flocka beef to rest or will it grow into something it probably never would have been without the public’s intervention? Why is it when lights, cameras, and bloggers get in the way of in-house feuds things tend to turn ugly? Honestly, there may not be a beef between the two men, but with constant questions, twitter and the rumor mill on the internet, who knows what will happen next. Hopefully things will settle between the two if there is a beef and they can continue to make dope music.

Waka Flocka wearing a Let Gucci Go!! Tee

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Young Jeezy 1,000 Grams Vol. 1 Ok me and over 51,000 hip-hop fans were present and logged in to at 1:03 pm Thursday when Young Jeezy dropped 1,000 Grams vol. 1 hosted by DJ Scream. Whether they were there to hate or appreciate the new music from Jizzle, they were there via DSL and 4G connections to hear what Young had to say (some thought he really would diss Rick Ross on the mixtape). This 12 track kilo of dope music was released to the streets two days after the controversial freestyle over Rick Ross’ B.M.F (Blowin’ Money Fast) ; which was the first track Young Jeezy jumped the disc off with. Before that Young Jeezy delivered a dope boy inspired voicemail intro. Other than that Jeezy hopped on some of the latest beats (diss free) from over the past year and laid down some real dope boy music. When Young Jeezy dropped Trap or Die 2 the streets didn’t immediately take to the change he displayed with tracks like Hood Politics and Just Saying. Some of the haters said he went for more Hov type beats instead of sticking to that d-boy ATL sound. What do you have to say now? Even though TM103 (Thug Motivation 103) has been pushed back, this is potentially his second street classic mixtape release in one summer. Jeezy hopped on beats like Hard in the Paint (Choppa N Da Paint), Pretty Boi Swag (Dope Boy Swag); attacking the beats with his own swag and authentic trap talk. So, if you’re a fan like me you will appreciate the new music. 01. Intro 02. Death B4 Dishonor 03. Choppa N Da Paint 04. Dope Boy Swag 05. In Da Wall 06. Powder 07. Whippin All Of Dat 08. Spray Somethin’ 09. Yayo 10. Drug Dealin’ Muzik 11. Popular Demand 12. Porsche Music

919 Behind The Music “The faces on this DVD, your gonna remember em, you better remember em..cause we coming.” 919 Behind The Music is a documentary highlighting the grind and struggle of 919 area artists trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Directed by local videographers King Ace and Jay Bang, 919 Behind The Music questions whether North Carolina (specifically the 919 area) has the talent to compete with major music markets like New York, Atlanta, Miami and Houston. The main question asked was ,“Did Petey Pablo put North Carolina on?” The question sparked mixed reviews with some saying Petey Pablo abandoned NC and didn’t put anybody else “on”. While some say Petey Pablo represented for NC by becoming one of the ONLY hip-hop artists out of North Carolina to go Platinum, all while pushing a song called “North Carolina”. Me, I personally agree with the latter. The documentary also highlights local artist signed to major labels like Brolic (DTP) and Ike & Shyste (Asylum) who are grinding to put the 919 on the map. But the one thing with the documentary was the continuing reference that Petey Pablo didn’t put any rapper from North Carolina on, which makes me wonder if our area artists REALLY know the in’s and outs of the game. Gone are the days of well known rappers putting other local rappers “on”. You may look at the success of Young Money or 1017 Brick Squad and think Weezy and Gucci just put their people on, and then the next day they were famous. It didn’t and doesn’t work like that and never will, and the sooner artists realize that they have to make “themselves” hot and not rely on a handout the quicker artists will reach their goals. But let me stress not all 919 artists have that mentality, there are alot of artists making themselves hot and this documentary highlights that. Featured on the DVD were a long list of up and coming NC artists like Hiboi Sosa, Black Godi, Tony Braggs, Sec 9, Tony Millz and more. They all gave their point of view of where the North Carolina movement is at, who’s the king of NC and more. King Ace and Jay Bang even took a look into the field of female rappers in the 919 trying to make a name for themselves in a local scene full of male talent. Artists like Micah Swain, Shelly B are in the forefront of the movement but even they would like to see more competition and more ladies stepping up to the mic in NC. But I can’t tell you about the whole DVD, just know if you support NC hip-hop then this is a must have. 919 Behind The Music documentary will take you behind the music and behind the movements to showcase the real talent that this area has to offer. Are you ready? -Clint Easthood

Clint Easthood

To get info on where to get your copy visit

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HipHop Cash Kings Forbes Magazine just recently published their annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list and The Music Plug takes a look at who made the top 10 list Forbes Magazine just recently published their annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list and The Music Plug takes a look at who made the top 10 list.

Shawn Carter aliases Jay-Z, Jigga, Hov Total take $63M Blue Print 3 Album & Tour 40/40 Club New Jersey Nets Broadway show “FELA!” Rocawear Artful Dodger

Sean Combs aliases Diddy, Ciroc Obama, Puffy Total take $30M Ciroc Sean John Justin’s Bad Boy Records Last Train To Paris (Album) Get Him To The Greek (Movie)

Aliuane Thiam alias Akon Total Take $21M Konvict Clothing Pepsi World Cup Endorsements Kon Live New Album Stadium Music

Dwayne Carter aliases Lil Wayne, Weezy F. Baby Total take $20M Rebirth Touring Young Money/Cash Money

Andre Young alias Dr. Dre Total Take $17M Executive Production for Eminem’s 2x Platinum Recovery Shady/Aftermath Beats by Dr. Dre Royalties from The Chronic

Christopher Bridges alias Ludacris Total take $16M Tag Body Spray endorsements Trojan Magnum Condoms endorsements Battle of The Sexes album and tour Conjure Cognac Straits Atlanta restaurant

Honorable Mentions Aubrey Graham “Drake” $10M Kasseem Dean “Swizz Beats” $9M Jay Jenkins “Young Jeezy” $8M Deandre Way “Souljah Boy” $6M

Calvin Broadus alias Snoop Dogg Total take $15M Malice In Wonderland album and tour

Timothy Mosley alias Timbaland Total Take $14M Shock Value II Mosley Music Production for Jay-Z, Drake and Shakira Appearance on DJ Hero 2

Pharrell Williams Total take $13M N.E.R.D Tour and Album Design’s sunglasses for Louis Vuitton Ice Cream Billionaire Boys Club Production and Song Writing

Kanye West Total take $12M Blue Print 3 Production G.O.O.D Music

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Cole World My new favorite rapper, J. Cole, who happens to be from N.C. stopped by Hot 104.1 in St. Louis where rapper Nelly is currently holding down the afternoon spot and hosting a radio show. It was the first time I really listened and wanted to hear an interview from him or about him. I heard of J. Cole; how he is signed to Roc Nation and from Fayetteville, but for some time he wasn’t under MY radar. He wasn’t someone I was consistently checking for (at the time). I heard him on Blue Print 3 “Star Is Born” and that was an impressive verse. Earlier this year “Star Is Born” became his mainstream introduction and almost like an anointment for J. Cole. “Star Is Born” was in regular rotation in March on Hot 97 and Power 105.1 FM in New York City. Around that time I was in New York so I heard it every time I turned on the radio (which at one point made me sick), but no video was ever shot for it. Me being the mixtape connoisseur that I am, I can’t explain how I missed J. Cole’s The Warm Up (which I’m listening to as I write this) and it sounds like I missed a gem of a mixtape. But now J. Cole is no longer warming up, he’s about to blow up. On air Nelly asked J. Cole about his album situation with Roc Nation; when it’s coming out and who is on the album, “We had an October 26 release date, but Ima stop saying that ‘cause I know how it works. So it’s

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Outro feeling more like November/December. But I ain’t put the title out yet; I’m real secretive on my titles. I want to come out a certain way, but just know it’s sounding incredible, it’s sounding like something special.” J. Cole talked about leaving Fayetteville and heading to New York to try and get a deal. While residing in NYC J. Cole attended St. John’s University and got a college degree. He also talked about how Mark Pitts (former manager of Notorious B.I.G) discovered him and played his song “Lights Please” for Jay-Z , who immediately wanted to sign him. One thing you should know about Cole is that he produces his own records. So all the soulful bliss you hear on a J. Cole record comes from him. Also his debut album, which will drop toward the end of the year, will only have 1-2 features with one definite already, Jay-Z. Cole said, “I feel like it’s something special to come out and not have ya whole album; every song is a feature, I feel like I got a lot of things to say.” Even as far as production is concerned Cole produced the majority of his music for his album, with only legendary producer No I.D producing a few other tracks, “If the album were to drop today with 15 songs, I would have produced 12 with No I.D producing the other three.” For a rap game over crowded with dope boys and “certified” killers, J. Cole is a breath of fresh air for the fan of the lyrics. Look for his currently untitled album; although it’s rumored to be titled Cole World.

Last week a song from NC native J.Cole “BunB For President” leaked to the internet with J. Cole endorsing Bun B for president over a Kanye like instrumental. Come to find out that track was sent to Bun B to be included on his album, but when Bun B received the song he says he didn’t know how to “approach” the song so he put it aside. Fast forward to a few days ago after the leak the track sparked heavy buzz on the internet due to its crafty lyricism and fierce instrumental (which J.Cole produced not Kanye) Bun B says he will revisit the studio and lay something down in the next few days. The track is on our website but I wanted to include the crafty lyrics for this issue’s outro. Enjoy

Below that Mason Dixon my residence, dirty south Confederate/hey we should hold elections I say Bun B for president/ He represent them real niggas, tx-to atl-to nc yea them ville niggas/them trill niggas/ chill nigga this that rider shit, my bottom bitch say im not a bitch/boy I gotta bitch/I keep her ass in prada shit, these rappers counterfeit/I potty train niggas yea this that teach you how to shit/im bout this shit/my minds a glock my mouths a clip, my words is bullets im about to spit, I leave you leakin’ you lay in pieces like the streets a couch and shit/you see me on my bouncer shit-watch how I put you out this shit, man im makin so much money gotta pay somebody to count this shit/probably gonna make my accountant sick, boy im higher than the mountains get/these new niggas aint talkin bout nothing cause its obvious they aint been around this shit/they bound to split/when it go down, profound wit these pronouns/ladies lovin j.cole now, so you betta not bring yo hoe round/

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