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welcome to the JUNE/July 2012 issue of mix... The 10th June 2012 will be a memorable date; it’s the date for which I am writing this introduction. It will be the first time I write a magazine introduction and sign it with my name, and it’s also the last time I will write such an introduction at all… Egypt has been in an epic era of change for the last year and a half, so has my beloved city of Sharm. The place I call home. Mix magazine’s clients, suppliers, vendors and staff have all worked hard against the adversity of Egypt’s political instability. As I wrote in the January issue of Mix magazine this epic period in Egypt’s history will be talked, studied and written about for as long as time and I feel blessed to have experienced it firsthand. The articles, guidance and news I have written and presented to Mix magazine readers over the past 15 issues have all been inscribed out of the love I have for Egypt and Sharm. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and encouraged my work. I will depart the Mix magazine office with excitement and enthusiasm for the new challenges which lie ahead of me and wish Mix magazine every success for the future. With the warmest of regards, Rebecca Holmes.

Managing Director Rebecca Holmes tel. +2 0122 1617 944 Editor In Chief Gamal Abdolah

Photography: Shaun Bell, Tim Green, Yann Vautrin, Helen Ragab, Sabs Elsabry, Timur El Hadidi, www.

Sales Manager Sherif kamal tel. +2 0127 1668 822

Editorial: Sean Cooper, Emilia Shehata, The TankBangers, Morad George, all the ladies from Sharm Animal Welfare, Alun Evans, Lisa Sibley, Vicki Jarman, Sarah Fahamy, Theresa Khalil, Valentina Verbenko, William Lambert, Naomi Houghton, Anta Draper, Lara Gerdes, Cassandra Jones, Chantelle Wilson, Charlie and Luca from the Tavern Bar

Character Illustration: Victor Bailey Character Copywriter: Mostafa Farid

Correcting my terrible spelling: Esther Burke, Alison Hill, Gillian Holmes and Lauren Cooper

Editing and Proof Reading: Lauren Cooper

CTP and Printing - Sahara Printing Company 80.000 - 84.000 Copies Distributed Yearly

MIX is a publication of Artmix Publishing LLC. P.O Box 300, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Tel: +20 012 283 1355


Rebecca wishes to say a sincere thank you to the following people for their support, encouragement, hard work and guidance:

Special thanks to: Rebecca, Romeross and Victor at Little Buddha, DJ Chadash Cort plus the club’s supportive owners at Dolce Vita, The Sharmaweya Team, all at The Camel Bar with special thanks to Clare and Dorothy and all the advertisers! Finally and most importantly thank you readers for picking up and reading Mix magazine every month!

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12






MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

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WWW - What Where When Zane’s Visitors Guide to Sharm el Sheikh Luca’s What to do? What To See?

KNOW 10. Arabic Made Easy

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Soho Ice Skating School - Enchanted Forest Praise for Sharm Pet Hotel Schools Out 4 Summer Health advice for busy Sharmers


24. MIX Food - Summer Sizzlers - Sponsered by 247 Supermarket 26. Dinning at Privilege Lounge, Nabq


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Sharm’s Kiss FM Weekend MIX Meets Roger Sanchez Nabq News Cocktail Review - Little Buddha Sharm Follow Euro 2012 Football with MIX

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What? Where? When? Monday Party @ Terrazzina Too Face of Sharm @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00 ALL YOU CAN DRINK PARTY NIGHT @ Little Buddha 23.00 Party Night @ Pangaea, Soho Square 23.00 Acrobatic CIRCUS DISCO @ El Fanar 23.00 MELT the night for Eastern Europeans @ Pacha Sharm 23.00 Chinese Circus Show @ Soho Square, main stage 21.30 Ultima Spiaggia BEACH PARTY @ Fenandos Beach 23.00 Twisted Tuesday Party @ Pataya Beach, Nabq 23.30 CHERRY DROPS, Juicy sassy House @ Pacha 24.00 Karaoke @ Viva Bar, Nabq & Naama Bay - DAILY ladies Night, 50% off all drinks @ Tavern Bar 23.00 - 01.00 La Dolce Vita Party @ The Desert 23.00 LADIES FREE COCKTAILS NIGHT @ Little Buddha 23.00 HITS MANIA, for RnB & Hip Hop Lovers @ Pacha 23.00 Free Shot with every drink @ Monty’s Bar 22.00 Crazy Luca’s Karaoke @ Tavern Bar 22.00 Delta Sharm Beach Partys @ Detla Sharm Beach 22.00 Pink Thursdays @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00 V.I.P. Night @ Little Buddha 23.00 HOUSE NATION, The Famous Foam Party @ Pacha 23.00 BIKINI Friday Party @ Terrazzina Too 14.00 DJ Katia on the Roof @ Camel Bar 22.00 La Dolce Vita @ Taj Mahal, Alf Wa Leila 23.00 Space TERRACE @ Space Nightclub Sharm 23.00 Hedkandi @ Pacha 23.00 LADIES FREE COCKTAILS NIGHT @ Little Buddha 23.00 Family Day @ La Strada, Nabq 15.00 SATURDAY PARTY @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00 Beer Lovers Night, buy 2 beers & get 1 free @ Monty’s Bar 20.00 - 24.00 Delta Sharm Beach Partys @ Detla Sharm Beach 22.00 Buddha Resident DJ @ Little Buddha 23.00 Traffic Night Party @ Bus Stop, Nabq 24.00 Traditional Carvery @ Tavern Bar, 19.00- 21.00 reservation required Karaoke with DJ Cat @ Camel Bar 22.00 Weekly Party @ Caligula Night Club, Savoy Hotel 23.00 Sunday SWAGGA RnB & Hip-Hop @ Pacha 23.00


Friday 22nd June - DJ Quentin Mosimann @ Dolce Vita - Taj Mahal 28th June to 2nd July - KISS FM WEEKEND Wednesday 4th July - TERRAZZINA Full Moon PARTY Tuesday 10th July - Pacha Sharm DJ Competition Final


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Zane’s Visitors Guide to Sharm! VISITOR

Taxis – blue and white saloon cars holding a licence number are the official taxis licensed to carry foreign passengers. They are meant to have a working meter but I wouldn’t count on it! Thus, the best practise is to agree on a price before you get in. There is a minimum charge of 10 EGP. Going from Naama Bay to Old Market (approx. 5 km) costs a maximum of 15 EGP and never agree on an AC supplement. Once you agree on the price and reach your destination, leave the taxi first and then hand the money over through the window. Try to carry small notes such as 10 or 20 EGP to avoid waiting or negotiating for change. I don’t advise ladies to sit in the front passenger seat and if alone, always sit in the back and try not to answer any questions concerning your name, marriage status or nationality etc. Never accept a lift from a private car even if the driver offers you a taxi service.

Hi Mix magazine readers, I’m Zane. I’ve been working here in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh as a tour guide for many years. My job means I am responsible for ensuring my guests take home the best possible memories of our beloved Sharm. I have been kindly asked by Mix magazine to share some of these insights with you. So here goes… Below is a quick and easy guide to make sure your holiday runs smoothly, trouble free and most importantly enjoyable!

Travelling:The safest way to reach Naama Bay, Old Market or any other destination is to use your hotel’s shuttle bus. However, when shuttle buses are not available there are three alternative ways of travelling: Rent a Car – you can rent a car by day, week or month and with or without a driver. Rates start from 150 EGP per day depending on the rental company, the car’s kilometer limit, make/model of the car and the rental period. International companies are usually more expensive than the local ones, but please always ensure if using a local company, that the car is fully insured. This option is best for those who like to discover the area by themselves and are aware of the driving style in Egypt. Cars drive on the right hand side. Please put on your seatbelt at all times although it is only compulsory for the driver and the front seat passenger. The speed limit is 60 km around town. Don’t use a mobile phone whilst driving and stay fully focused as the behaviour of other drivers in Egypt can be rather erratic! 6

Mini-bus – also blue and white. They go up and down the main Peace Road for as little as 1le. They must be hailed from the roadside as there are no designated “bus stops”. The Mini-buses go all the way to Old Town Sharm and then onwards to Hadaba. On the inward bound trip they go from Hadaba direct to Naama Bay and onwards towards Sharks Bay, the Airport and Nabq. The Mini-buses are generally used by the Egyptian staff but tourists can still use them. Expect each bus to be full by the end of the journey. Please dress appropriately as you will need to bend to get in and out. Simply shout ‘Henna Kwais’ (“here’s good”) when you need the Mini-bus driver to stop anywhere along the route.

The People:Take a look around you. You will notice more Egyptian men than women living in Sharm. This is because most of the men’s wives and families live in Cairo, Alexandria, or the country. Sinai is home to many Bedouins. These people are historically nomadic and have a rich culture different from Egyptians. The Egyptian and Bedouin societies are conservative when it comes to dress sense and public behaviour. Women will wear clothes to cover themselves, sometimes wearing a head scarf (hegab). Even the men are fairly covered, sometimes wearing a Galabeyia (an ankle length long cotton shirt).

Love and romance:Oh the bliss of a holiday romance – but here are just a couple of tips which might help. First, if you meet an Egyptian local and fall head over heels, you cannot simply head off into the sunset. Egyptian law states that an unmarried Egyptian cannot share a hotel room with you unless he/she can present your marriage papers. MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Street smart:-

Simple rules:Just think before you drink when walking in the street. Egypt is not a drinking nation; however alcohol is acceptable in bars and clubs. Public displays of affection: Egyptian men often greet each other by giving a kiss on each cheek; this is usually for family and close friends and is culturally acceptable. However, it is unacceptable for couples to have an amorous kiss, grope or clinch on the street or the back of a taxi. Get a room!

Mobile and internet:There are three main telecommunication companies in Egypt which provide both telephone services and internet services. These are Vodafone (with the red logo), Mobinil (written in orange) and Etisalat (which is branded with a lime green sign). Whilst on holiday, instead of using your foreign sim card which may have extraordinary high rates, you can simply buy an Egyptian sim card and credit (this way you can easily manage your expenditure rather than receiving a large mobile phone bill when you arrive home). If you want to stay in touch online you can buy a prepaid USB modem from any of these companies for only 99 EGP. Simply plug it in your laptop, recharge using a top-up card and surf away. Credit costs around 30pst / MB and all three companies have competitive rates and good coverage in and around sharm. Please note you will need to take your passport with you when purchasing a sim card or USB in order for your number to be properly registered. This way, it will stay connected even if you only use it once a year whilst on holiday! If you are not asked for your ID, this means you are probably not getting the standard charges. All three companies have branches in Sharm, however they also have many franchises. In order to get the best service and standardised rates, it is best to go to the actual branches, all of which can be found at the shopping district of Il Mercato (Hadaba). Please note the franchise store will take a fee when you buy a top-up card. They can charge up to 50% more than the credit you will receive! Whereas at the companies’ own stores, a 10le credit costs 10le!


Currency Exchange Currency can be exchanged at the airport, banks, exchange offices and some ATM’s. Major credit cards and well known brands of travellers cheques (preferably in US dollars, sterling or Euro) are honored almost everywhere. ATM machines are abundant and you can withdraw money using your credit card or international ATM cards.


If you don‘t want attention or stares... Bikinis and speedos are for the beach and the pool, not the street. Hot pants, minis, and barely there tops are for clubbing, not the Souq (shopping areas). Don’t walk along the street or go to the supermarket in swimwear – take a sarong with you and wrap up.

0.50, 1, 5, 10 (two different versions), 20, 50 (two different versions), 100, and 200 denominations. Coins come in 0.25, 0.50 and 1 LE. The 0.50 piasters and 50 pounds notes can be mistaken and easily confused. To avoid handing over too much money, please memorise them.

Shopping:Sharm el Sheikh offers a wide choice of shopping districts where you can find bazaars and also branded shops. The most popular are Old Market and Naama Bay. In most bazaars and shops you must ask for the price. Egyptians are excellent in judging the value of your wallet and therefore the first price will be at least triple the value of the product. Offer 30% of this first price and if you hear “no” just leave the shop. The shop assistant will then probably follow you and eventually say “yes”. If not, simply try in another shop where you are highly likely to find identical items. There are also shops with fixed prices where you can buy not only typical bazaar products but also local

artists’ small and large masterpieces. Fixed prices are found in all of the branded shops in Il Mercato (Hadaba) and also Soho Square (White Knight Bay). These locations are recommended for “no hassle” shopping where you can also enjoy a nice ambiance and a great dining experience. When going to the Old Market area, I highly recommend you avoid wearing provocative clothing such as miniskirts, shorts, transparent tops and uncovered arms as this will help you enjoy hassle free shopping! Pay attention to the quality of the souvenirs. For example, for the light papyrus to be an original, you should see a crisscross pattern when looking at it under the light; whereas the darker one with no crisscross pattern will not be an original. For grocery shoppers, I recommend local supermarket chains such as 247, Metro, Carrefour and Sheikh Abdullah. Prices are fixed and you can find plenty of imported products but also good quality locally sourced items. Here would be the best place to buy Egyptian delicacies such as tahina paste, sweets, dates etc. If you are a fruit lover you must visit Old Market and its “Veggie” stores to try the rare, fresh and chemical free fruits such as mango, guava, dates, caca, green melon, water melon and many more.

Monetary unit: Egyptian Pound (LE or EGP) 1 pound (LE) is worth 100 piasters. Notes come in 0.10, 0.25, MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12



Luca’s “What to do? What to see?” Yo yo yo, Luca here! Goodness what a month! I came to Sharm on a one week’s diving holiday and do you know what? Exactly 29 days later and I’m still here… oops! It’s been crazy; I have met so many great people and have done so many cool things. I thought Sharm was just sun, sea, sand and fish! But there are loads of activities for all ages in this city I call “Sharm el Fun”! Ok - I don’t actually say that but… it’s true!

Motor sports:Please stand up, turn your back to the sea, and what do you see? Desert and mountains. Experience the desert at its best while off-roading in or on the vehicle of your choice, be it a motor bike, quad bike or 4x4 jeep. I took a wicked day trip exploring the desert one late afternoon. We then chilled and enjoyed the sunset followed by a show and dinner. There are many different companies providing desert excursions as an alternative to your travel reps selection, but as my buddy Zane always says: check they have insurance or that your holiday insurance fully covers your trip. Oh, and make sure you get a receipt when booking any trips! Believe me… running around town trying 8

to find “Mohamed” to get a refund for an excursion that he never picked you up for is not fun; been there, done that, never again ;-) Here are a few useful numbers Riders Safari 012 2774 230 Sahara Express 010 1794 907 Sand Action Safari 010 8854 086 Sinai 4x4 Extreme 010 9334 144

Water sports:Apart from snorkelling and diving, I have discovered there are many new and exciting activities available for enjoying the sea here in Sharm. You can learn to wake board, water ski or kite surf, go parasailing, try a banana boat, or if you prefer to stay dry, how about a cruise or a glassbottom boat trip. Wake boarding and Cruises 012 2182 614 Bobos Water Sports Glassboats and parasailing 069 3600 931 Sharmania Water Sports parasailing, water ski and water sports 010 1314 152 Sun ‘n’ Fun Hilton Fayrouz, all water sports and glass bottom boat trips 069 9601 623 United Submarines glass bottom boat trips 069 3662 252/0255

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Old Sharm:-

Escape from the Sharm sun in one of the two ice rinks located at Concorde El Salam Hotel or Soho Square. Skating lessons are available. Concorde El Salam Hotel 069 3601 460 Soho Square 069 3602 752

Meander the streets filled with towels, leather goods, fruit, Galabeyas, scarves, perfumes and restaurants. Eat freshly baked flat bread, or try koshari. Dress modestly and get ready to barter.



Improve your game with a lesson from a golf pro, or enjoy a round of golf with friends on an 18 hole PGA Championship Golf Course at Jollie Ville Golf 069 3603 200

Wander the seafront shops, relax and watch the world go by in one of the cafés. Find cheap accommodation in one of the simple but comfortable camps.

Bowling:Enjoy family fun at one of two fully automated Bowling Alleys at Mas Bowling, Na’ama Bay and at Soho Square, White Knight Bay Mas Bowling 069 3602 220 Soho Square 069 3602 752

Horseback riding:Take a riding lesson if you are a beginner, or for the more experienced, enjoy a ride along the beach or through the desert on horseback. Concorde El Salam Hotel 010 5340 028 National Park 010 3050 052 Omar Riding Club 012 3493 830 Sofitel Equestrian Centre 069 3600 081

Aqua Parks:-


Ice skating:-

Mount Sinai:Inextricably linked to the biblical story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. It also has religious significance to Islam as the place where Mohamed’s horse, Boraq, ascended to heaven. The 7,497 foot mountain has 3,750 stone steps made by the monks of St Catherine’s Monastery.

St Catherines:Sits at the foot of Mount Sinai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, run by Eastern Orthodox monks and one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world. It was built between 527 and 565. In one of the holiest parts of the building is the Chapel of the Burning Bush where a living bush, said to have come from the bush that Moses saw burning, still grows today.

Sharm is a great place to enjoy Aqua Parks, especially as the weather means you can jump in and out of the water all day. There are two main Aqua Parks in Sharm. Cleopark which is located in the heart of Naama Bay’s hotel strip, with a Pharonic theme offers a wide variety of attractions and slides from the Scorpio Attack ride, The Solar Boat, The Snake Terror, The Unfinished Temple, The Queens Trophy and last, but not least, the amazing Lost Pyramids with its three different type of slides. There is also the Aqua Park City located on the cliff of Ras Om El Seid, close to Alf Laila Wa Laila Entertainment Centre. Aqua Park City spreads out over 133905 m², and consists of an Aqua Park, two hotel buildings with 260 rooms, and a 450 m long promenade with cafés, restaurants, bazaars, a supermarket and a bakery. The huge water paradise offers 20 water slides and games, and wildly wet fabulous fun for you and your family. In addition, many hotels have their own mini parks with slides and games , two of the largest are the “Aquablast” which is located at the Park Inn hotel and also the Sunrise Tirana Aqua Park Resort and Hotel, both located in Nabq.

The Red Sea:Ranked at the top of the world’s most rich and varied aquatic environments; swim, snorkel, dive in it or view it from a boat. A definite must do! MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12



Arabic Make Easy! by Lauren Cooper

Although many Egyptians have superb foreign language skills especially those working in tourism, knowing a little bit of Arabic is a great way to engage with locals and converse in a respectful manner. It also shows that you have made an effort for their culture which is always beneficial. What we have provided below are a few phrases that will give you the basics and maybe help in a situation where your native language cannot be understood. We have deliberately tried to spell the words to help you pronounce them correctly. The Arabic Language Arabic is a name applied to the descendants of the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century CE. This includes both the literary language and the spoken Arabic varieties. The literary language is called Modern Standard Arabic or Literary Arabic. It is currently the only official form of Arabic, used in most written documents as well as in formal spoken occasions, such as lectures and news broadcasts. The spoken Arabic varieties are conversed in a wide arc of territory stretching across the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic if considered as a single language, counts for more than 300 million people’s first language however there are so many varieties of Arabic that they form a dialect chain with no clear boundaries. If these were all considered separate languages, the most-spoken variety would most likely be Egyptian Arabic, with more than 50 million native speakers — still greater than any other Semitic language. Please note that the Arabic translations below are colloquial Egyptian Arabic, the words and phrases of which are used by locals here in Sharm, the translations are not text book Arabic and therefore may not necessarily be understood in other Arabic speaking countries. Start simple


English - Egyptian Arabic


Salaam aleykum

Good bye

Maa salama

Good morning

Sabah el khair

Good night

Tisbah ala khair

Thank you Please


Law samaht (m) Law samahti (f) Min fadlak (m) Min fadlik (f) Yes




How are you?

Izzayak? (m) - Izzayik? (f)

I’m fine, thank you Ana kwayess (m) kwayessa (f), el hamdullilah You’re welcome

Il afw

See you later Ashoufak (m) ashoufik (f) baadein Excuse me (When asking for something) Law samaht (m) - Law samahti (f) I am lost

Ana tayeh (m) tayha (f)

Where is…?


Can you help me? Mumkin tesaaedni (asking a male) tesaadini (asking a female)? Where is the bathroom? Fein el hammam? Where is the pharmacy? Fein el saydaleya? I do not feel well

Ana taaban (m) taabana (f)

Do you speak English?

Bitikallim Englizi?

I am sorry I do not speak Arabic. Ana asef (m) asfa (f), ana mabakallimsh Arabi How much is this?

Be kam dah?

This is too expensive

Da rheli awi

Please may I have…?


Thank you for your help Shokran le musaadetak (m) musaadetik (f) I need a taxi to… Ana aayez (m) aayza (f) taks le…

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

DIVE mix

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Diving World Red Sea The Rock Hotel tel: 069 – 3660 065 divingworld@ Emka Divers tel: +2 0100 431 5475 EmKa Divers are a group of Diving Instructors with more than 20 years of experience. Services cover Diving Courses, Diving Safaris in addition to Professional Diver Courses. Emperor Divers Bay View Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601 734 tel: 012 – 35 02 433 Extra Divers Melia Sina tel: 010 - 5837 986 Free Style Naama jetty Holiday Service Diving College Hilton Dreams Sharm Resort Naama Bay tel: 012 – 22 49 828 International Divers Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601 939 aquamarine@sinainet. MAgic Divers Magic Life Hotel tel: 012-7334 500 ext. 8125 Millennium Divers Crowne Plaza Hotel tel: 069- 360 4266 info@millennium-divers. com Moon Divers Falcon Inn Hotel tel: 069- 366 3298 NAUTICA SHARM

Polish Diving Center, Hotel Regency Hadaba Sharm el Sheikh tel: 012 – 48 88 298 ONly Six DC Turquoise Hotel Sharm el Mayah tel: 012 - 7963 155 Oonas Dive Club Oonas Hotel Sonesta Beach Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 581 fax: 069 – 3600 582 Pirates Dive Club Sol Verginia Hotel Motel Street Sharm el Sheikh moody@piratesdiveclub. com tel: 012 - 2442 148 Red Sea Diving College Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 145 fax: 069 – 3600 144 red sea Waterworld Red Sea Waterworld Hyatt Regency Resort tel: 069-3600145 RED SEA WATERWORLD The Ritz Carlton Hotel tel: 069 – 3620 533 Sharks Bay Umbi Diving & Camp P.O. Box 275 South Sinai tel: 069 – 3600 942 fax: 069 – 3600 944 Sheikh Coast Domina Hotel tel: 069- 360 1713 tel: 069- 360 1713 Sinai Blues Four Season Hotel tel: 069-3621145 fax: 069 – 3603 550 sinai.blues@fourseasons. com Sinai Dive Club Novotel Hotel, Hilton Sharks Bay

tel: 012 – 28 15 210 012 – 24 63 754 fax: 069 – 3601 040 Sinai Divers Ghazala Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 697/150 fax: 069 – 3600 158 Sinai Scuba Diving Centers Sun Set Hotel City council street.Hadaba tel: 012 - 2887 398 Subex Red Sea Maritim Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 122 sunshine divers club sharks bays tel: 012- 783 1388 email: The WAVE DIVING CLUB El Kheima Sharm el Maya tel:012- 778 7004 hotline: 012- 3 428 409 Fax: 069-366 4161 thewavedivingclub@gmail. com Werner Lau Helnan Marina Hotel tel: 069-3600 456


ANTHIAS DIVING CENTER Sonesta Beach Resort & Casino Naama Bay tel: 010 – 11 74 400 tel: 010 – 11 75 500 Aquarius Sheraton Sharm tel: 069 – 3602 070 Blue Lagoon La Perla Hotel tel: 069 - 3663 180 C Fun Divers Iberotel Palace Sharm el Maya tel: 069 - 366 3393 CAMEL DIVE CLUB Naama Bay Tel: 069 3 600 700 Grand Rotana Resort & Spa Sharks Bay Tel: 010 688 30 344 Royal Grand Sharm Resort Ras Umm Sid Tel: 010 688 30 341 Colona Divers Hotel Amar Sinai tel: 069 3663670 mob: 0100 1242 829 liveaboard-sharm@colona. com Dive Africa Water Sp Sharm Holiday Hotel Peace Road Sharm el Sheikh tel: 012 - 4521 086 Diving & Discovery Fanara Iberotel Fanara Ras Umm Sid tel: 069 – 3664 324 Divers United Coral Hills tel: 012 - 7445 833




A lot of people are scared of the moray eel. A lot of people will tell you that they (the moray eel not the people themselves) are aggressive, dangerous and, above all, real ugly. It is easy to understand these misconceptions (with the exception of the aesthetic value of the moray, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder); morays are a snakelike fish (most humans have a fear of snakes or anything that slightly resembles a snake), are often “seen” demonstrating an aggressive posture (constantly flashing their fearsome teeth by opening and closing their mouths) and, thanks to movies such as Pete Yates’ The Deep, have a reputation for liking nothing better than to chow down on an unsuspecting diver. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll have, if not a love of the moray, at least a positive appreciation of these wonderful creatures. Moray eels are cosmopolitan eels (i.e. its range extends across all or most of the world in appropriate habitats) of the family Muraenidae. With a maximum length of 11.5 centimetres, the smallest moray is most likely the Snyder’s moray (Anarchias leucurus), while the longest species, the slender giant moray (Strophidon sathete) can reach up to 4 metres. The largest in terms of total mass is the giant moray (Gymnothorax javanicus), which reaches almost 3 metres and can weigh over 36 kilograms. The moray’s body is generally patterned. And what patterns! Speckled, tattooed, freckled, striped … the moray’s skin patterns are easily comparable with the most beautiful printed fabrics. This body pattern (or camouflage) is also present inside the mouth. Their jaws are wide, framing a protruding snout. 12

They possess large teeth, designed to tear flesh as opposed to holding or chewing. The dorsal fin of morays extends from just behind the head along the back and joins seamlessly with the caudal and anal fins. Most species lack pectoral and pelvic fins, adding to their serpentine appearance. Their eyes are rather small and they rely on their highly developed sense of smell, lying in wait to ambush prey. Generally fish use negative pressure to swallow their prey (the mouth pops open extremely quickly, creating a vacuum in their mouth, and causing whatever is near the mouth to be instantly sucked in) but moray eels’ heads are too narrow to create this negative pressure. Probably because of this, they have a second set of jaws in their throat called pharyngeal jaws, which also possess teeth. When feeding, morays launch these jaws into the mouth, where they grasp prey and transport it into the throat and digestive system. The best known set of pharyngeal jaws is probably those of Ridley Scott’s Alien which were inspired by, you guessed it, the pharyngeal jaws of the moray. Homicidal extraterrestrials aside, the moray eel is the only known animal that uses pharyngeal jaws to actively capture and restrain prey. Morays secrete protective mucus over their smooth, scale-less skin which in some species contains a toxin. Morays have a very thick skin and high densities of goblet cells (cells that produce mucin which dissolves in water to form mucus) in their skin that allows mucus to be produced at a higher rate than in other eel species. This covering of mucus then enables the moray to slip and slide easily through the reef. Most fish breathe by closing and opening their gill covers to force water over their gills (the gills are a respiratory organ that extract dissolved oxygen from the water). Apart from scales, pectoral and pelvic fins that most other fish possess, morays MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

also lack gill covers and therefore must constantly open and close their mouths to breathe. So, when people see morays “acting aggressively”, they are doing nothing more than breathing.

The moray eel is often found with loyal friends: it maintains a symbiotic relationship with small shrimps and wrasses known as “cleaners”. These guests, like a lively toothbrush, will clean off, and at the same time feed on, parasites and scraps of food from the moray’s mouth. Reef-associated roving coral groupers (Plectropomus pessuliferus), have been observed to recruit morays to join them in hunting for food. The invitation to hunt is initiated by head-shaking. The rationale for this joining of forces is the ability of morays to enter narrow crevices and flush prey from niches not accessible to groupers. This is the only known instance of interspecies cooperative hunting among fish. As we’ve already mentioned, the morays are frequently thought of as particularly vicious or ill-tempered animals. In truth, morays hide from humans in crevices and would rather flee than fight. Morays are shy and secretive, and attack humans only in self-defense or mistaken identity. Most attacks stem from disruption of a moray’s home (to which they do react strongly), but an increasing number also occur during hand-feeding of morays by divers, an activity used by dive companies to attract tourists. Morays have poor vision and rely mostly on their acute sense of smell, making distinguishing between fingers and held food difficult; numerous divers have lost fingers while attempting hand feedings. The moray’s rear-hooked teeth and primitive but strong bite mechanism also makes bites on humans more severe, as the eel cannot release its grip even in death and must be manually pried off.

In general, morays make excellent photography subjects. Their tendency to stay in one place for long periods of times allows photographers to take their time when composing their shots. If you are able to, settle close to your subject and then wait a minute while the moray adjusts to your company. Also, morays are often found with cleaners (such as wrasse and shrimps) which gives a photographer the chance to take “down the throat” POV of the morays (the wrasses and shrimps also can add a nice contrast to the eel in terms of colours). Morays are in general passive creatures and are usually quite happy for divers to get very close to them, another reason they make for good photography subjects, but you should always bear in mind that they are wild animals and, if they feel threatened will react in two ways - fight or flight. So, always ensure your moray has an escape route, preferably one that doesn’t involve swimming through you, should they feel the need to depart. Also, be mindful of your exact distance to the fish when taking your photos, especially if you are shooting macro.


Morays are carnivorous and feed primarily on other fish, cephalopods, molluscs, and crustaceans. Morays hide in reef crevices until their prey is close enough for capture, they then lunge out and clamp the prey in their strong jaws. Morays usually hunt at night, preferably targeting with its keen sense of smell - which compensates for its poor eyesight - a weakened or dead animal; the importance of this scavenger function is utmost, and, as such, the moray unknowingly plays a genuine ecological role in the proper balance of the marine environment. Morays have few predators, but among them are groupers, barracudas and sea snakes.


A neat trick to grab a moray’s attention (i.e. you’ve found a moray but its head is hidden in the reef) is to simply click your fingers together. This will usually cause the moray to poke its head out of the reef to check you out and allow you to photograph it. Just make sure you don’t do this too close to the moray. Never try to “pull” a moray (or any marine creature for that matter) from its burrow; this is a very stupid thing to do and will probably end in tears (and not the morays’).

So there you have it. A shy, secretive and unique creature, that plays an important role in the ecology of the marine world. Isn’t it time you considered this “sea monster” anything but?

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


Soho Ice Skating School Enchanted Forest! Friday 12th May saw the Ice Skating School at Soho Square perform their summer show “Enchanted Forest” a dreamy story about one small girl who learns to play the piano.

Mix magazine would also like to congratulate the Children, keep up the hard work! For more information to get your child involved contact the Ice Rink at Soho Square.


The fantasy story of love and altruism was the creation of many dedicated mothers who spent their time and passion making dresses and decorations and brought their ideas together to create a story for which the children could show off their talents. Magic butterflies, funny ladybirds, whimsical flowers, happy caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies, shy swans, noisy bumble-bees, sparkling firebirds and graceful flower fairies performed and danced on ice skates to classical music showing off their skills and enthusiasm for the ice rink.

The School’s ice skating teacher Olga Zvereval would like to thank Soho Square for organising the amazing event and their on going support for the residential community. Thanks also to Valentina, Anna, Tatiana, Laura, Isabel, Shorouk, Manuela, Janjira, Marina, Maxine, Stella, Lyudmila, Maria and many others for helping create the dresses and decorations. Plus a big thanks to Elena for the wonderful face painting and to Naomi for her role as narrator.

photos by Shaun Bell


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Praise for Sharm Pets Hotel!

by Maggie Benson

Sharm’s Pets Hotel first opened in 2010 to accommodate pets whilst their owners were on holiday. Due to the kind hearts of Sonia and Dara, it has changed paths over the years and now at any one time, at least half the animals in the Pets Hotel are rescued non paying guests. Here are a few of the Hotels heart warming success stories…


There has been Mop, found with a wire round his neck and a horrendous infected wound on his back. He was treated, then fostered, travelled to Europe, was adopted and he is now in his home for life. Arlo, (who’s before and after photos can be seen to the side) was spotted by Sonia in the middle of the road. He had been kept in a cage in the old zoo on Delta Sharm until he became so anti-social, they dumped him. He was treated, fostered and is now a pampered pooch in Europe. Another dog, now residing in Europe, almost died from internal injuries sustained from being kicked by his owner.

BEFORE - Arlo found caged

Teo, was found with a rope embedded in his neck. The Pets Hotel took him in and painstakingly removed the rope only to find another underneath. The wound took several months to heal. Just before he went to the departure gate at the airport, he jumped up on Sonia and wrapped his paws round her. His new family met him in Italy and fell in love with him. Shy, was found with a bullet in her neck and another dog was kept in a cage that was not high enough for its legs to develop properly. There is also usually a puppy or two at the Pets Hotel, for which donated and fundraised money is used to pay for them to be inoculated and sent to Europe where homes are found. Another project which many golden hearted Sharmers as individuals and part of organised groups are working on, is getting the street dogs sterilised and encouraging all owners to do the same.

AFTER - Arlo happy at the Pets Hotel

Mix magazine urges all pet owners to ask themselves one question “can I give this animal a happy life for life?” Nobody should take a pet if they do not want it as part of the family and to live in their home. Tying animals up for long hours, in the heat, sometimes without even shade and water is cruel. Owners should be aware of basic training methods. Why would an animal want to come to you if you hit it? An animal that is fond of you will guard you. Praise for correct behaviour is very effective and a cross word is an adequate deterrent for bad behaviour. Keep your eyes on the Sharm Animal Welfare Facebook page for information on their forthcoming events and money raising ideas. In addition all donations, especially food is warmly received by the Pets Hotel call Sonia tel: 0100 501 4470 . Mix Magazine praises and encourages all those in Sharm helping our street animals!


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Summer Swimming Lara Gerdes is offering Open Water (sea) and Confined Water (pool) swimming lessons for all levels of swimmer education this summer from infant toddlers, to junior life guard training. All classes are intensive and run for 10 days (Sunday - Thursday). Students will be grouped based on both age (3 years to Adults) and skill level. Pool lessons will take place at the Ocean Club Pool in Hadaba and the open water lessons at Terrezzina Beach, Sharm el Maya.

Flash Forward Summer Dance Camp The last 12 months have seen the rise of Sharm el Sheikh’s first ever certified Dance Academy. Within its first year it has gathered 60 students who attend classes throughout the week at La Strada’s Community Centre and Fit and Fun at Viva Mall. Flash Forward Dance Academy specialises in Break-dance, Hip Hop, basic Gymnastics and Cheerleading. With all tutors professionally qualified with UK/USA qualifications to teach and train in these subjects.


Lara will also be running an Infant/Toddler Course (8 classes/30min) from 4th – 27th June, meeting Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am at Ocean Club, Hadaba. These classes are for children 5 months - 3 years with their parent or guardian in the water with them. If you are interested please contact Lara as space is limited. Private classes are also available on request during the months of July and August. To make an enquiry or to book your swimming course call Lara tel: 0100 498 9488

The academy will also be running a similar camp at Fit and Fun at Viva Mall – dates to be confirmed. For more info, email: flashforwarddance@live. or call: 0109 815 5473 by Naomi Houghton

Due to the hard work of its students we have seen Flash Forward grow from strength to strength with amazing performances many of which have been covered by Mix magazine, from La Strada’s Family Day events, cheering at a Sharm Sharks Rugby Match, Fit and Fun Recitals, the Dahab Festival and Pataya Family days. Malak Mohab, Samia Daher, Noor Duncan and Alice Noanan are the top names to watch at the Academy, all of whom have won break-dancing competitions over the year, but the tutors are proud of all their students. The Academy has become a family and an important part of Sharm’s residential community. The best news is that you don’t have to wait until the new school term for your children to be a part of Sharm’s famous Flash Forward Dance Academy as they are running a Summer Camp from 1st – 13st July at the Sharm Community Centre, La Strada, Nabq. The camp is for ages 6-16 (capped due to the long hours). Taught by B Boy Omar and Lil Nai the first week will be Hip Hop and Break dancing and the second Cheerleading and Gymnastics. Availability is limited so book now. MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12



Health Advice for busy Sharmers! Daniela (aka Sinai Princesa Do Mar) walked confidently into the Mix magazine office filling the air with her enthusiastic energy along with a contagious smile nearly as bold as our trade mark bright red walls. As an avid Mix magazine reader she came to seek advice on how best to advertise her new fitness studio and personal training services. Returning to Sharm after time in Europe Daniela has ambitiously converted part of her Sea Street, Hadaba villa into a fully functional, high tech studio complete with steps, weights, TRX (used for suspension training), skipping ropes, boxing equipment, mats, Swiss balls etc.

action Daniela sweetly said “its ok we all have vices”. Indeed we do.

Mid conversation it became clear that Daniela lives and breathes fitness, she proudly showed me her qualifications - Reps level 3 (the highest level of personal training qualification), she has also got many years of experience working at top Gym Brands such as - Fitness First and Virgin Active in Italy and England.

Exercise 1. Why not get your groove on when you are doing your basic house cleaning chores, put your favourite tunes on and boogie with your broom – all forms of exercise is good exercise. 2. Power walk with your pooch and/or Ipod to the supermarket. Very few of us do a big weekly shop and instead tend to pop to the supermarket most days, integrate exercise into this habit. 3. Park your car 10 minutes from your work or house. 10 minutes walking each way, will result in 20 minutes a day worth of exercise.

Daniela explained to Mix how she believes anyone regardless of age, size or history has the ability and potential to live a healthy active and more balanced lifestyle. It’s time to get over our negative habits and step into a more self confident and happy place. Embarrassed I tried to hide my cigarette packet and diet coke can behind my computer monitor, noticing my re-

The basic health rules of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, sleeping early and taking regular exercise are common knowledge to us all however due to our long working hours and the fact take away food is so readily available and affordable in Sharm our health can become somewhat forgotten about. So I asked Daniela if she could give Mix magazine readers a few hints and tips on how best to avoid the Sharm trap of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, ok maybe a bit dramatic…

Our children We must be role models for our children because we all know children are like sponges, monkey see, monkey do! In a place like Sharm where there are no health advertisements or government sponsored health programs, it’s important we teach our children by showing a good example - being active and eating nutritious food as a family. Drinking water Daniela suggests that we start checking the labels on our bottled water - some brands can cause water retention rather than actual hydration. Which by the way ladies can cause cellulite. This can occur due to the mineral content being too high, select the brand with the lowest percentage proportion. In the most extreme cases – long term consumption can even cause kidney stones. Food One mistake common to many of us is starving ourselves until we are so hungry we then over eat. By doing this we will not lose fat but we will lose crucial muscle. Muscle is essential for a well functioning metabolism – the mechanism which burns our food calories. Why not make your own snacks to munch during your busy day… This can save money and also save your consumption of unknown fats and keep us from rushing home at the end of a working day and over eating.


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

EAT mix El Masrien Old Market tel: 069 – 3662 904 Traditional oriental grill, with all the Egyptian barbecue classics. Fayrouz Ritz Carlton tel: 069 – 3661 919 Authentic Egyptian and Lebanese cuisine in an exotic ambience. Try El Khan terrace area for a true feel of 16th century Cairo. Saffron Middle Eastern restaurant Soho Square White Knight Beach Open from 6.30pm – midnight Dress code: Smart (no shorts or slippers) tel: 069 – 3602 752

Tiran Center (old Market) Tel. : 010 3997526 Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant w/View India House Na’ama Center (Na’ama Bay) Tel. : 010 54 60 195 Tiran Center (old Market) Tel. : 010 3997526 Indoor-Outdoor MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

tel: 069 3600137 Siam Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort tel: 069 – 3604 200 Open daily for dinner Authentic Thai restaurant with our award-winning Thai Chefs preparing your favorite dishes. Sala Thai Hyatt Hotel Tel: 069 - 3601 234 Quite arguably the most elegant restaurant in Sharm, with a majestic sea view, excellent cuisine, and good service. Silk Road Grand Rotana Resort & Spa tel: 069 – 3602 700 Where eastern cooking meets western cuisine, Silk Road is the signature restaurant of the Grand Rotana Resort & Spa

BOMBay Soho Square Savoy Hotel, White Knight tel: 069 – 3602 752/3 Open: 6:30 – midnight Mughal Mahal Rosa mall, above 24-7 peace road Hotline +20 014754 5590 E-mail: sharmeg mughalmahal. com Tandoori Camel Dive Club and Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 700 Open: 18.00 - 23.30 Tandoori is a favourite with locals and guests alike. This atmospheric award winning restaurant in the heart of Naama 19th hole Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open until sunset. At the golf club house,

overlooking the 18th hole golf course. CAL fresco Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open until sunset. Fresh, healthy & light meals with calorie counts. At the beach overlooking the Tiran island. Ghazala Beach Bar & Grill Ghazala Beach Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 150 A la Carte grilled items & sandwiches. Fresh Seafood daily “Sold by weight” Best Seafood in Na’ama Bay with a large selection, Charcoal grilled fish right on the beach (as if the name didn’t say it all) Hard Rock Café Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3602 665 Apart from the waiter dancing sessions, the place has good service and decent food. Hard rock café is one of Sharm’s hottest nightspots, especially on weekdays. JOLIE BISTRO Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open for lunch and dinner. International a la carte restaurant with live entertainment. In the lobby. La Fleur Maritim Jolie Ville Resort Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 100 Fine French cuisine in a cozy elegant setting by the beach promenade. Terrazzina Sharm el Maya tel: 012 – 27 35 119 tel: 010 – 50 06 621 Beach bar restaurant with new international menu including exclusive Russian Kitchen, Italian menu, Egyptian traditional dishes, as well as seafood


Blue Ginger Ritz Carlton tel: 069 – 3661 919 Authentic Japanese cuisine with an open Sushi kitchen and authentic Makimono rolls. Dragon Group Restaurants China House Na’ama Center (Na’ama Bay) Tel. : 012 2250586 Tiran Center (old Market) Tel. : 010 39 99 416 Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant w/View (15% Discount For Delivery & Take Away) Tiran Branches ThaiHouse Na’ama Center (Na’ama Bay) Tel. : 010 54 60 195

Restaurant w/View Sushi House Namma Center Tel.: 010 54 60 195 Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant w/View Eest Savoy Hotel tel: 069 – 3602 500 ext. 8604 Open: 19.00 – 23.00 A rich mix of Asian cuisine with a breathtaking sea view and outdoor seating.. Kona Kai Marriott Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 190 Set in a modern environment, Kona Kai offers great sushi at very good prices. Tepenyaki show cooking nightly. Little buddha Naama Bay Hotel tel: 069 – 3601 030 The Sharm branch of the world famous Buddha Bar. Offering Sushi and a unique fusion cuisine in an elegent atmosphere. MAI THAI Soho Square tel:069 – 3602 752 Authentic Thai cuisine. Open: 18:30 – midnight Dress code: smart casual Mandarin Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open for dinner. Chinese Buffet every Saturday indoor and outdoor, overlooking the main swimming pool. MIKADO Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open for dinner. Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Lounge (soon with Sushi-Belt). Kiwi Modern Asian Cusine Hilton Fayrouze –Namma Bay


EAT 20

Al Forno Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort tel: 069 – 3604 200 Open daily for dinner. Fine Italian restaurant with open kitchen, live cooking station and original wood-fire pizza oven. CHARLESTON Il Mercato, Shopping Mall tel: 069 – 3666 318 www.charleston-sharm. com Fresh home-style italian food with all of the classic italian dishes. Great menu, great venue and BYO option for drinks. Delta Beach-Amira Sinai Group Namma Bay - promenade between Hilton and Novotel Hotels tel: 01149999748-

01002786465 El Fanar El Hadaba by the lighthouse tel: 069 – 3662 218 With Italian management, El Fanar seduces you with good food, a chill out beach and a wonderful spot to watch the sunset. Fernando Tuquoise Hotel Sharm El Maya tel: 010 – 50 64 964 The signature restaurant of one of Sharm’s most famous restaurateurs. With fine Italian cuisine and the freshest home made pastas and bakes. IL PALIO Renaissance Golden view Beach Resort tel: 069 – 3664 694 Pool view, a la carte restaurant. Indulge your self with dishes from Italy’s most celebrated regions. Reservation is

recommended La Favola Delta Sharm tel: 069 – 3665 146 Open 7.00am – 2.00am Genuine Italian food in a traditional atmosphere with both air-conditioned and terrace area La Luna Ritz Carlton tel: 069 – 3661 919 Casual refined Italian dining in a Mediterranean villa atmosphere. Mezzaluna Grand Rotana Resort & Spa tel: 069 – 3602 700 A refined version of the typical Italian trattoria, Mezzaluna offering a casual yet chic selection of Italian cooking. The terrace dining area overlooks the swimming pool and stunning Red Sea. Melodies Old Sharm by the market entrance

tel: 069 – 3662 240 ext. 315 For anyone who appreciates standard Italian food the way they make it in Italy, this is definitely the place to go, with super thin pizzas and hard to find menu items like rice Suppli. Great value for money. Parmizzano’s Marriot Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 190 Open: 12.00 noon to midnight Experience the Italian mood at Parmizzano’s Restaurant at the promenade of Marriott Sharm serving a la carte Italian menu. Pomodoro Camel Dive Club and Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 700 Open: Lunch 12.00 - 15.30 Dinner 18.00 - 24.00 Stylish Italian indoor and outdoor

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

restaurant with Italian specialties and a perfect view of the lively promenade. Romantica Delta Sharm, shop 119\ tel: 016-969 6975 Fresh Italian food, great variety of pizza and pasta. Rosmarino Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Hotel tel: 069 – 3602 500 Elegant atmosphere, with unique specialties including Zuppa di Pesce and Lasagna with veal and mushrooms. Zigolini Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 100 Fine dining with great views over the Naama Bay promenade. Traditional italian cuisine.

Daily open for dinner, Lebanese Buffet every Wednesday At the Royal Club, overlooking the golf course. Mexican Bar Naama Bay Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 570 Very creative Mexican cantina decor, with a commanding view of Naama bay’s main two streets. Tex Mex Restaurant and Grill Hilton Sharm Dreams tel: 069 – 3603 040/53 Indoor and poolside Tex Mex (dah!) food with a la carte menu.

Dananeer Restaurant Shamandora Mall King of Bahraen Street Naama Bay

tel: 069 – 3600 321 Open: 12.00 – 24.00 One of the old time favourites for Sharm locals, with good sea food in the heart of Naama Bay. dolphin Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort tel: 069 – 3603 200/214 Daily open until sunset. International seafood restaurant with hot-stone cooking. At the main pool, overlooking the Red Sea coast. Fares Old Sharm Market next to the bakery tel: 069 – 3663 076 Hadaba Horus mall tel: 010 - 929 0090 Take away: 069 - 663 076 Excellent quality fresh sea food. Laguna Beach Laguna Vista Resort. Nabq Bay Tel: 010 907 8752 Open from 11:00am


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Dar El Qamar Sheraton Sharm tel: 069 – 3602 070 Open: 13.00 – 15.00 / 19.00 – 23.00 Lebanese cuisine, with a nice Arabic Decor and a beautiful terrace. Fairuz & Sidi Wadie Restaurant Naama Center 2nd floor, sharm el sheikh , Egypt 018802 1418 018 914 88 13 069 360 4358 Zahle Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort tel: 069 – 3663 232 Open: 19.00 – 22.30 Deluxe Lebanese restaurant and terrace serving authentic mezzeh and traditional delicacies. ZAMAN Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort Tel: (069) 3603 200 - 214


EAT everyday until late. Unique Seafood Restaurant on the beach. Hilton Fish Restaurant Hilton Fayrouz Resort, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 137/8 Open air restaurant serving seafood specialities.


On Deck Iberotel Lido Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3602 603 Open: 19.00 – 1.00 Fresh Seafood in the middle of the water on a jetty right in the heart of naama bay. Red Sea Fish old market city center beside exit gate

Tel: 069 3664250 - 01065388833 01223404331 www.redseafish-sharm. com Sea Food Island Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Hotel Tel: 069 – 3602 500 Open: lunch: 12.00 – 17.00 dinner: 19.30 – 23.00 With unique dishes like Madagascar lobster tail, and jumbo shrimps. Sinai Star Old Sharm Market tel: 069 – 3660 323 For a long time, the number one spot for die hard sea food lovers, this transformed old market hangar is still popular, with good food at reasonable prices. Terrazzina Sharm El Maya tel: 012 – 27 35 119 tel: 010 – 50 06 621 More known for its laid back private beach,

Terrazzina offers good sea food meditteranean style, with daily imports from Alexandria.

Don Panino Camel Dive Club & Hotel, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 700 Open: 12.00 – 4.00 Serves hot and cold wraps and sandwiches, paninis, gourmet burgers, pizzas, salads. Draught beer available. Makani Bakery Gazia Mall, Hadaba Peace Road, Rosa Mall tel: 069 – 3604 421/22 Inspired sandwiches, delicious donuts, and great coffee, and now offering great sushi and home delivery. tel: 0100 6731 758

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Delivery Table 247

Super Market

069 360 3504



012 7880 224



012 69 73 727

El Masrien

Oriental BBQ

069 3662 904


Fast Food

069 3663 330


Fast Food

069 3603 036


Il Mercato

069 3661 179

La Favola


069 3665 146

Gino’s Pizza


010 361 1056

Makani (Hadaba)

Fast Food

069 3664 422

Fast Food

069 3604 421/2

Manchow Wok


069 3661 720

McDonald’s (Il Mercato)

Fast Food

069 3665 462

McDonald’s (Rosa Mall)

Fast Food

069 3602 111

McDonald’s (Naama)

Fast Food

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069 3664 044



069 3600 050


Fish and seafood

012 11 37 000



069 3603 306

Pizza Caliente


010 56 55 313

Pizza Hut (Il Mercato)


069 3663 350

Pizza Hut (Naama)


069 3603 035

Red Sea Fish

Sea Food

069 3664 250

Thai House


010 546 0195

Sadiki Cafe


012 11 98 780


Sea Food

069 3660 474


Super Market

069 3661 193

Grill House

Oriental BBQ

014 400 4552

Sharm Sports Cafe


014 400 4553

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi Enjoy every Tuesday and Friday Nights all-you-can-eat sushi at Marriott winning awarded Japanese restaurant


Makani (Roza Mall)

“Kona Kai” Hold on your chopsticks and take your pick from the delicious bites displayed on the first plate which contains 15 pieces or any additional plate of 7 pieces.

Starting with LE. 150 per person (Excluding of service charge and taxes) Any extra special items it will be charged additionally. 15% off any Teppanyaki set menu only if purchased with Sushi promotion. Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Beach Resort to reserve your dinner call us: 069 3600190 or email us:



All ingredients available at 247 Supermarket!

MIX FOOD - Summer Sizzlers This two page Mix recipe special gives you some amazing summer recipes for outdoor cooking, whether you’re out camping (hear Nuweiba’s nice this time of year), in your back garden or have a mini barbecue on your balcony/terrace. The recipes aim to capture the buzz, energy and excitement of summer. It’s all about encouraging you to enjoy the warm summer evenings with good friends and mouth-watering food. Mix will demonstrate how to turn old favourites like chicken legs and homemade burgers into absolutely knock-out meals that will have everyone fighting for more! Summer Jerk chicken & Jalapeno breads Ingredients • 1 tablespoon allspice • 1 tablespoon black peppercorns • 1 tablespoon dried chilli flakes • ½ tablespoon brown sugar • 2 tablespoons runny honey • a few sprigs fresh flat-leaf parsley • a few fresh coriander sprigs • 2 chillies • 1 garlic clove • a 3cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled • 2 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced • olive oil • 4 chicken thighs and 4 drumsticks, preferably higher welfare, skin on • beer, for drizzling (optional) • olive oil • 1 lime


For the flatbreads • 250g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting • 250g yoghurt • ½ teaspoon baking powder • 1 jalapeno chilli, finely sliced Method Allspice, or pimento as it’s called in Jamaica, is the secret to jerk chicken. The allspice adds about five flavours in one, so it’s a powerful little thing. Pound the allspice, peppercorns and chilli flakes in a pestle and mortar until fine (alternatively use pre ground pepper and chilli powder), then mix in the sugar and honey. Finely chop the herbs, chillies, garlic and ginger, add to the spice mixture. Add the green parts of the spring onions and a good drizzle of oil and mix well. Pour the marinade over the chicken and massage it in – wear rubber gloves if you want as those chillies are hot! Leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 1 to 2 hours, but preferably overnight. Place the chicken, skin-side down, on the barbecue over a medium heat and cook for 40 to 50 minutes, turning often, or until the chicken is golden and cooked through. Why not drizzle over a little beer near the end of cooking for extra stickiness! You could also cook them in the oven at 200°C/400°F/gas 6 for 25 to 30 minutes, turning occasionally. Meanwhile, make the flatbreads. In a bowl, mix together the flour, yoghurt, baking powder and a good pinch of salt. When it starts coming together, flour your hands MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

and knead the dough on a lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into 4 pieces and roll out into circles about 2mm thick. Scatter over the jalapeno and a pinch of salt and press in. The flatbreads take only 2 to 3 minutes to cook on the barbecue, turning once, until golden on both sides. When the chicken is ready, squeeze over a little lime juice, then take off the grill ready to tuck in. This dish goes amazingly well with a hearty traditional Egyptian salad and a little Tahini or Baba Ghanoug.

Method For the dry rub, pound all the ingredients in a pestle and mortar until combined (or as before use powdered alternatives). Divide the minced lamb into 6 pieces. Pat each piece into a ball then squash into a burger, about 1.5cm thick. Pat some of the spice rub all over the burgers then drizzle over a tiny bit of olive oil. Cook on your barbecue or in a griddle pan for 6 to 7 minutes each side, or until done to your liking. Don’t worry if you think they look burnt, that’s just a combination of the spices, the caramelising lamb fat and the smoke. When the burgers are nearly ready, toast the buns on the side of the barbecue or griddle (or in a toaster).

Ingredients • 800g potatoes, scrubbed clean • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper • 200ml natural yoghurt • zest and juice of 1 lemon • extra virgin olive oil • ½ cucumber, peeled • a small bunch of fennel tops • a small bunch of fresh basil, leaves picked • 400g hot smoked salmon Method A delicious dish that’s perfect for the Summer season. Cut any large potatoes in half. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and add the potatoes. Bring back to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes until nicely cooked. Meanwhile, make your dressing by mixing the yoghurt with the lemon zest and juice, a good pinch of salt and pepper and a glug of extra virgin olive oil. Drain the potatoes well, tip into a mixing bowl and season immediately with salt and pepper. Drizzle with a little olive oil and, after 5 minutes, stir in most of the dressing. Leave the potatoes to cool.


Moroccan-style lamb burgers Ingredients • 600g quality lamb minced • olive oil • 6 soft rolls, halved • 6 heaped tablespoons natural yoghurt • juice of 1 lemon • extra virgin olive oil • a handful of fresh mint leaves For the dry rub • 1 teaspoon sea salt • 1 teaspoon black pepper • ½ teaspoon cumin seeds • 1 teaspoon ground coriander • 1 teaspoon ras el hanout or garam masala • 1–2 teaspoons sweet smoked paprika For the salad • 1 round lettuce, washed and spun dry • ½ a bunch of fresh mint, leaves picked • lemon juice • extra virgin olive oil • ½ pomegranate

Summer Salmon Salad This dish does not require a barbecue but it is a great fish dish perfect for outdoor summer dining. It can be prepared in advance and taken with you when picnicking.

Halve the cucumber lengthways, remove the seeds and cut into ½cm slices. Roughly chop the fennel. Add the cucumber, fennel and basil leaves to the potatoes and mix well. Add the salmon. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Tip: Make sure you season the potatoes while they’re still hot – they’ll absorb more flavour.    

Spoon the yoghurt into a bowl and squeeze over a little lemon juice to loosen. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and add the chopped mint leaves, serve on top of the burger inside the toasted buns. For the salad, place the lettuce leaves and mint in a bowl, dress with the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil and tap over the pomegranate seeds to add little capsules of sweetness (sliced apple or pear is also very nice). Delicious! MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12



Panoramic Luxury Dining at Privilege Lounge, Nabq

Privilege Lounge, Nabq first opened its doors on Saturday 7th April. The Launch party was hot, crowded and swarming with Human eye photographers and film crew alongside vocal superstar Shawnee Taylor and Privilege Ibiza DJ Oriol Calvo. Although the air-conditioning units struggled to combat the hot energy of the dancing guests, the staff successfully poured many a free drink. Over the course of the past two months steady operational improvements have been made to Sharm’s newest nightspot and thousands of partying visitors have left satisfied. So we’ve all had a drink at Privilege! But how many of us have dined at Privilege? Yes the venue comes alive for daily parties but pre party the venue makes for an amazing dining experience. With almost 75% of the venue having waist to ceiling glass windows, the view up and down Nabq bay from any seat inside is breath taking. Three stories up you can watch the world go by. The panoramic nature of the views gives you a feeling of escape, being somewhere calm looking down on the bustling streets of Sharm. The venue is airy due to its open plan design and the large free standing oblong bar, with pillars and raised areas allowing privacy while you dine. The menu is a classic collection of well appointed international fair, a selection of six salads, six starters, seven main courses and four desserts. The dishes are


a combined creation from Privilege Ibiza’s acclaimed menu, decadent imported ingredients such as Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian olive oil to name but a few and the best locally sourced items all chosen to ensure each dish satisfy your senses. Mix magazine started with the “Santa Fe” Salad - Cherry Tomatoes (which were excluded on our request), Mixed Green Salad, Red and Yellow Bell Pepper Strips, Bread Croutons and Famous French Brie Cheese. The salad items were fresh and crispy, cold and hydrating perfect for a summers evening dining. The Brie was a French dream served at room temperature any Frenchman would have been impressed. Every forkful had a hint of expensive sticky balsamic vinegar resulting in a superb luxury salad. For our main course we feasted on “Grilled Rib Eye Steak” – 300 grams of steak served with Grilled Vegetables, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and to our request Mushroom Butter Sauce. Although Mix magazine types the following in trepidation, we believe the steak served by Privilege was the best we have ever eaten in town. It was amazing. The vegetables were a little over char grilled for our taste, but the creamy mash potatoes were earthy, honest and perfectly seasoned and we even requested extra to go with the masses of too good to leave steak. With a little paprika and a touch of garlic every bite was as good as the first. MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

In order to complete what can only be described as an impressive dinner, we choose two different desserts. The “Tiramisu”, a classic Italian dessert made by the original Italian recipe and the “Amaretto Cheese Cake”. The cheese cake sat alongside almonds and honey syrup and from the first mouthful you will discover the biscuit base is soaked and caramelised with Amaretto lacquer. One word “yummy”. We eat the cheese cake base first in our element we then dived spoon first straight into the Tiramisu.

Price wise Privilege’s food menu works well for your wallet, the starters and salads average at around 70le. The main dishes range from 70le – 190le and a dessert will sit comfortably in your stomach for 40le. With the tax charges and a glass of wine each, you can enjoy a three course panoramic luxury dinner for 600le. Alternatively you can enjoy one of the Lounges extraordinarily good salads, accompanied with a cocktail for approximately 150le. Quote Mix magazine when arriving at the venue and you can claim a 20% discount on your total bill when dining at Privilege. For more information or reservations call: +20 11 22 44 2552


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


OUT mix Bars & Clubs

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

with lavish visual effects, resident DJ and a classy style. QUEEN VIC PUB Soho Square White Knight Beach tel: 069 – 3602 752 Open: midday - 01:00a.m space sharm el shiekh Behind Naama Heights Hotel Info line: +2 0110 122 020 VIP Table Reservation: +2 0110 123 123 The first franchise of THE Worlds No.1 Club (SPACE IBIZA) Savanna Beach Club Old Sharm, Sharm el Maya - before the uphill road for Habada Tel: 0110800500 www.savannabeachclub. com facebook Savanna Beach Club. Sports Café Horus Mall – Il Mercato (Dolphin Show Side) Tel. 010-001-61-43 StELLA BAR Il Mercato Um Sid Hill Open from 12.00 to late. Creative Stella design with quirky chandeliers made from bottles. Great place to relax while the wife goes shopping. Sugar Hut Alf Leila wa Leila, Promenade No. 15 tel: 069 3660 554 tel: 010 6031 331 Great drinks and very friendly staff! TAJ MAHAL Alf Leila, Hadaba Open air venue with a unique castle style. “Dolce Vita” Friday & “Desert Part” Wednesday parties are not to be missed. The Blue Fountain (Formerly Palazzo) Next door to Carrefour rear exit, Naama Bay. tel: 0169 360 1117 mob: 0114 400 4401 The Tavern Naama Bay tel: 012 7785 509 tel: 012 7652 800 Traditional British Pub and sports bar featuring Big Screen footie and rugby. Sunday Carvery. Karaoke and DJ nights. Tavern 2 (T2) Rock Hotel, Hadaba Great place to chill out and enjoy good pub grub.

Outdoor terrace and on site parking. THE ZONE (previously - The BUS STOP NABQ) La Strada mall, facing Oriental Resort Hotel, Nabq Bs_nabq@busstopnabq. com Tel (02) 01516005908 Opening from 1:00 PM till 3:00 AM Union jack bar and restaurant Next to the Sharm Bride Hotel, Nabq tel: 019 670 9302 tel: 010 461 1426 Open All day till late. Live sports, fully aircon, great british food, ice cold beer! Daily happy hours. Vampire Delta Sharm mob: 0100 13 41 091 VIVA BEACH Naama Bay Promenade, in front of the Red Sea Diving College tel:010 456 9483 Viva “La Vita”Lounge: Roof Top Lounge and Night Club 50 Bar: Karaoke and Disco. British bar that serves food as well. Windsor Bar Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort tel: 069 – 3604 200 Open: evening until midnight. Elegant English style bar with classic leather sofas and fire place, serving the best cognacs and cigars.


Bar One Horizon Hotel, Nabq, infront of CIB Grand Azure tel: 017671 78 78 New international restaurant and lounge bar THE ZONE (previously - BUS STOP NABQ) La Strada mall, facing Oriental Resort Hotel, Nabq Bs_nabq@busstopnabq. com Tel (02) 01516005908 Opening from 1:00 PM till 3:00 AM Caligula Savoy Hotel tel: 069 360 2500 CHAMPIONS Aqua Park Hadaba Bar serving local drinks and food. Pool table, and flat screen TV for sport. Camel Bar, Terrace & Roof Camel Dive Club & Hotel, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 700 Open: Open 15:00-late, Sat/ Sun 13:00-late Karaoke, resident DJs, divers nights, full dinner menu, cocktails and more. El Fanar Hadaba tel: 010 134 8226 Open: 21.00 – 24.00 (Except Party Nights) Ghazala Beach Bar & Grill Ghazala Beach Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 150 Happy hour for three hours every day on all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages at the bar from 5.30pm – 8.30pm Live music with Zaki starts at 8.30pm HARD ROCK CAFé Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh tel: 069 – 3602 665 This famous international chain is one of Sharm’s hottest nightspots. Great music, great selection of beverages, food and cocktails.rock tunes. ICE BAR Soho Square White Night Beach tel: 069 – 3602 752 Truly unique in the Middle East. It is the coolest place to have a drink. Its walls, seats, tables and even glasses are made of real Ice. Open: 19:00 - 02:00 Little buddha Naama Bay Hotel tel: 016 350 6077

The Sharm branch of the world famous Buddha Bar. Early chillout music with late night dancing in a classy atmosphere. mexican bar Tropitel Hotel, Naama bay tel: 002 069 3600570 ext. 6093 Traditional cuisine set in sharm el shiekh’s only and original mexican bar & restaurant MIRAGE – Sharm Mind Club Amarante Garden Palms Resort All kinds of games, wide-screen TV’s, Food and drink 12.00”noon” till 04.00am Tel: 0101004415 0197182602 Montys Naama Bay Restaurant and Bar tel: 016 9688 766 tel: 016 0493 192 Oxygen Bar Soho Square White Night Beach tel: 069 – 3602 752 Sited on the ground floor below the Pangaea nightclub, this bar creates that exciting feeling of anticipation for a good night ahead.Open: 19:00 – 04:00 Pacha Sanafir Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 197 The Sharm branch of one of the hottest Ibiza clubs. The premier place to party. Pacha lounge all week long and Weekend outdoor mega parties. Panorama Naama Bay tel: 069 360 06 05 mob: 0122 7390 664 PANGAEA Soho Square White Knight Beach tel: 069 – 3602 752 Luxury African themed club. Pirates Bar Hilton Sharm El Sheikh Fayrouz Resort tel: 069 – 3600 137/8 Pirate’s is Sharm’s very own version of the popular TV series “cheers.” With a regular local clientelle and a laid back atmosphere. privilege lounge sharm La Strada,Nabq twitter@privilege_sharm privilegesharm Pulse Grand Rotana Resort & Spa tel: 069 – 3602 700 An eye-catching place to party or chill-out

Casinos Casino Royale Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino tel:069 - 3600 100 Open 24hours. Black Jack, Roulette, Poker. Naama Bay Casino Naama Bay seafront opposite Naama Bay Hotel tel: 069 – 3600 704/5 Open: 14.00 – 6.00 150 reel slots and video slots machines. American Roulette, French Roulette, Black Jack, Oasis Poker, Daily Texas Hold’em. Sharm Casino Hilton Dreams Resort, Naama Bay All classic casino games. Open: 17.00 – 5.00 Sinai Grand Casino Sonesta Beach Hotel


Sharm’s kiss fm weekend September/October 2011 saw Soho Square’s nightclub Pangaea celebrate its 3rd birthday in style and prove their place as one of Sharm’s leading night spots by hosting four top Kiss FM DJ’s over four different weekends in two fantastic clubs (photos below). Almost 9 months later, Kiss FM is coming back to Sharm but this time it’s bigger and better. So what is Kiss FM?

Sharm’s Kiss FM weekend Four of the radio stations DJ’s will be coming to Sharm from 28th June to 2nd July and this time playing all around Sharm, making Kisstory! They will play two times in Pangaea - Soho Square, once in Caligula - Savoy, once in Dolce Vita’s - Taj Mahal and also once in Space. Mix urges you to choose your favourite DJ, choose your favourite venue and mark it in bold pen in your diary – be sure not to miss Kiss FM’s mega Sharm weekend. 28th of June – Pangaea Night Club, DJ Swerve 29th of June – Taj Mahal, DJ Shortee Blitz 30th of June – Space, DJ Ez 1st of July – Caligula Kisstory, DJ Manny Norte 2nd of July – Pangaea Night Club, Kiss FM party


Kiss FM is one of London’s leading radio stations. Kiss FM began in October 1985 as a pirate radio station, which broadcasted across South London and subsequently across the whole city on 94FM. It attracted a huge following before finally acquiring a legitimate licence - it was thought to have commanded in the region of 500,000 listeners even as a pirate station. Kiss was ‘owned’ by Gordon Mac who in 1986 sold shares to 10 of the DJs, including Tim Westwood, Jonathan More, Norman Jay, Trevor Nelson and others. Gordon Mac, Wesker and Wingate, the team of DJ’s and an army of helpers took the station forward through a combination of grim determination and clever marketing. It wasn’t until 1st September 1990 that Kiss relaunched as a legal station, its studio and offices located on

the Holloway Road, and was supported financially by EMAP. Kiss FM’s legacy is that it has been run and organised by DJ’s for music lovers, specialising in hip hop, R&B, urban and electronic dance music.

Enjoy Euro 2012 at the Camel Bar Feel the Euro 2012 buzz at Camel Bar and enjoy drinks specials every day from 5-11pm until 1st July! Enjoy 5 bottles or a 4-pint jug of Heineken for 100 LE, a bottle of house wine for 125LE, and any cocktail jug for just 180LE. Camel Bar has added big screens outside too, so you can watch the matches in air-conditioned comfort inside, or at the Terrace Bar which is cooled by huge fans. 30

What’s that, you can’t stand football?! Don’t worry, for those who want to escape Euro 2012 the Roof Bar opens early at 6pm and offers the same drinks promotions, but it’s a footballfree zone! All three bars also serve full dinner and drinks menus as normal.

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

mix meets Roger sanchez!

Some of Mix magazine’s favourite party memories from the past year are from last September when Grammy award winning DJ Roger Sanchez played at Dolce Vita in the desert; there really was a phenomenal party atmosphere, a picture from which even made the magazines October front cover! Thus when the news was released that Roger Sanchez was returning to Sharm, this time playing Dolce Vita’s inside venue Taj Mahal on Friday 18th May, Mix magazine was eager to re-meet the DJ sensation behind the “Release Yourself” Radio show, which he hosts weekly on terrestrial and online radio all over the world including our very own Cairo Nile FM 104.2. The broadcast has an estimated 15 million listeners each week. Roger and his tour manager Jermaine were warm and friendly – remembering Sharm’s hottest magazine, they flicked through recent issues chatting away and Roger kindly answered a few of my questions before hitting the decks.

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

A quick look at Roger Sanchez’s facebook page or website and you will see that he is one of the hardest working DJ’s on the circuit. We asked Roger, where are you off to next? “I’m playing Ministry of Sound London, then the Space Opening Fiesta in Ibiza ummm then Memorial Day weekend at The Palms Las Vegas” the list continued! Mix then asked Roger if he has any time to work on new music and his response, “Yes I have some great collaborations coming with Cascada, Christina Milian, DJ Rehab and lots more”. Big thanks to Roger Sanchez and Dolce Vita for what was another phenomenal party and thank you Roger for supporting Mix magazine!


Roger had just returned from his Australian tour, Mix was keen to find out what his highlights were. “The Australian tour was great, playing at the Ivy Nightclub in Sydney was a highlight and also Villa Nightclub, Perth, they both had really good

crowds”. Mix thanked Roger for his Desert Party for which he also had fond memories “yes it really was a great party, looking forward to playing again tonight, I’m always happy to see Sharm on my schedule”




TOP 10 CLUB CHART 01- Albin Myers - Tick Tick Tock

02- Coldplay Feat Rihanna - Princess Of China

02- Brockman, Basti M - Raise Your Hands

03- Katy Perry - Part Of Me mp3

03- Damien J Carter, Matt Devereaux - Avalon

04- Gotye Feat Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

04- Chadash Cort Ft.Iossa - Freak Me

05- Jessie J Feat David Guetta - Laserlight

05- Dannic - W.O.P.

06- Labrinth - Express Yourself

06- Darius, Finlay Feat. Carlprit, Nicco - Do It All Night

07- Rihanna - Where Have You Been

07- Disfunktion - Galette

08- Skrillex Feat Sirah - Bangarang

08-T homas Gold - Sing 2 Me

09- Far East Movement Feat Justin Bieber - Live My Life

09- Jason Herd, Andrew Phillips - Throw Your Hands Up

10- Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music

10- Wendel Kos, Rokcity - Take Me Away


01- Calvin Harris Feat Ne - Yo - Let’s Go


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Nabq news

Nabq Bay sits east of Sharm el Sheikh Airport; with a fresh breeze straight off the sea the area is expanding quicker than the Mix team can produce magazines! International hotel chains and residential compounds continue to line the sea front and mountain ring road. An increase in residents and visiting tourists in the area has led to the heavy development of commercial projects. There are enough supermarkets, restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and clubs to rival Naama Bay. Mix suggests you explore Nabq’s great nightlife by taking yourself on a bar crawl. Start at the Union Jack Pub opposite the Grand Azure Hotel and work your way to Bar One, pop into the Three Crowns, walk merrily to The Zone (previously The Bus Stop) which is situated at La Strada shopping mall and end the night at Privilege (Nabq’s very own franchise of the famous Ibiza Night club) - full listings at the beginning of the OUT section.

Privilege Lounge, Nabq, has three main weekly events. Every Saturday they host “I LOVE G” the best international tunes for your clubbing pleasure, then there is “Masked Mondays” the Face of Sharm and Thursday is “Pink Thursdays” which gives you the opportunity to dress and impress at Privilege with its modern funky décor and Ibiza style. Very soon you will also be able to add Hard Rock Café to Nabq’s ever expanding nightlife list. The impressive building next to the Laguna Vista Hotel is under full construction and merely days away from opening its doors to welcome you with the international brands guaranteed quality and service. So what are you waiting for? Whether you want a chic cocktail, a cold beer while watching the Euro 2012 football or simply a chilled glass of wine… Nabq Bay’s Night spots have it all!


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


cocktail review! Little Buddha Sharm el Sheikh is in the process of launching a new and improved cocktail menu and Mix magazine were invited for a pre launch tasting session… Here are a selection of the hottest, choose one that takes your fancy and take a trip to Little Buddha and try for yourself! Wasabi XP Intrigued by the name, this Buddha Bar Paris bestseller does not fail to also intrigue your taste buds. A mix of Wasabi, Saki wine and Lemon juice served in an ice cold martini glass dressed with a cross décor of two delicate strips of dried seaweed. The Wasabi XP cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to Little Buddha’s famous Sushi. Your first sip reaction will be “wow this is a powerful drink” but it’s the Wasabi spice which hits, the alcohol from the Saki simply runs gently through your veins.

NEW Chocolate Martini


Brandy De Cassis This Brandy, Crème de Cassis and Sweet and Sour mix cocktail is an after dinner drink, sitting well on a full stomach. It’s a friendly drink with a smooth continuous taste from start to finish. Its berry, ruby flavour is comforting like a velvet blanket. Very drinkable, very enjoyable.

A few months ago Mix magazine had a Chocolate Martini at Little Buddha while sampling their new food menu. We said it then and we will say it again “Chocolate heaven”. Buddha’s chocolate Martini is a blend of Vanilla Vodka, Bailey’s, Crème De Cacao which sits inside a chocolate sauce coated martini glass. It’s the cocktail equivalent of a Starbucks Frappuccino. It’s a luxury cocktail not a drink you would necessary want on a “drinking session” but the kind of drink you savour, just try and resist the temptation to lick the glass clean!


Mango Spicy Mango, mango, mango. Mango Syrup, Mango Lacquer, Mango Juice oh and some vodka! To give spice the vodka is infused with pepper. It’s a girly drink but a naughty girly drink. A full mango taste with every sip with a wild pepper kick.


We think this cocktail should be renamed the Coconut Dream, not just another coconut based vacation drink but a classy martini made with Bacardi Rum, Malibu, Pineapple syrup and juice and coconut milk garnished with orange peel. Pale and interesting, the layers of alcohol and pineapple multiply and tantalise your taste buds.

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Spicy Whitey This intricate balanced blend of Gin, Crème de Cassis, Rose Syrup and Sprite makes for a fresh summer drink. The lime garnish looks like a rose in bloom and the delicate after taste of the Rose Syrup feels like a cool summer breeze. The flowery infusion plays with the sprite bubbles creating the perfect way to enjoy a spot of Gin, cheers.

Saki Melon Sword This cocktail is a professional cocktail, the kind Mixoligists worldwide endeavour to create. Another favourite from Buddha Bar Paris, this Saki based cocktail is a mix of Saki wine, Melon, Sprite and Sweet and Sour. Each sip takes your senses through three stages; first a hit of Saki, then the Sweet and Sour tingle ending with a delicate melon haze.

Smoked Appletini Whisky lovers beware this Scotch Whisky based cocktail is very very drinkable. With the use of apple juice and apple syrup plus simple syrup this green martini is sweet, sticky and grown up. Imagine a simple glass of JD and apple juice given a five star, VIP make over and an upgrade to first class!

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

With the Pineapple slice as your moon this fruity tropical cocktail is a faultless party drink, each of the drink’s ingredients work as essential elements to any tropical beach party. The sweet and sour mix works are your disco lights, the melon and pineapple juice the cool sea breeze, the rum hits you like the beat of the disco music. With this cocktail in your hand you have no reason not to dance.


Full Moon Fever


little Buddha Whats on @ little buddha!

EURO 2012 – All the games – LIVE on the Little Buddha Big Screen with INDOOR & OUTDOOR seating – Call us for more details! Thursday - VIP Night – Clubbing in Style with Little Buddha – Contact us to book a VIP table for a very special, unforgettable night out! Friday & Wednesday - LADIES FREE COCKTAILS NIGHT – Ladies get free entrance and a selection of mind blowing cocktails for free from midnight until 2am and guys get a club full of very happy ladies – a great night out Saturday - Buddha Resident DJ’s spinning some awesome mixes – Perfect for an all nighter…

The Thomas Cook team launching their Sunday - Buddha House Party – The only place to be seen in new uniform in style at Little Buddha! Sharm! Monday - ALL YOU CAN DRINK PARTY NIGHT – Little Buddha Sharm offers their famous ALL YOU CAN DRINK tickets – call us for the prices and package or contact your Holiday Rep Tuesday - Let Buddha tempt you on Temptation Tuesdays with our sensational Resident DJ’s DAILY – ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI ROLLS for 150LE only inclusive of tax and service charge - from 4pm – 9pm A Sharmers favorite… DAILY – SIZZLING SHRIMP SENSATION – 4 course Shrimp Set Menu offering the best Little Buddha Shrimp dishes together in one package – Only 200LE per person inclusive of tax and service


WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY – Little Buddha INDIAN SET MENU – 150LE inclusive of tax and service charge from 5pm – 9pm


Reservations are recommended for dining so call us on: (002) 0106 3506077 Sharmers receive a 20% discount on dining!

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

viva group

Facebook: Viva Beach

ViVa Beach and Restaurant: Have a Perfect Day on the Beach and A Romantic Sea View Dinner!


Address: Laguna Vista Promenade, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh . Hotmail: Facebook Page: Viva Bar


Address: “Cataract Layalina” Hotel, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Hotmail: Facebook Page: Viva Bar Naama Bay



CAMEL BAR Whats on @ camel bar! - All major Sports LIVE. - EURO 2012 from June the 8th - Euro Specials: June 8th to July 1st, every day from 5 PM to 11 PM. - Karaoke with DJ Cat every Friday and Sunday Starts@10PM.


- DJ Katia playing on the Roof every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Starts @ 10PM


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


Football is an international language, whatever your back ground, nationality or occupation football brings people together and what better way to keep track of the fixture schedule and results then this Mix magazine chart…


With a host of great bars, clubs and restaurants all over Sharm showing the Euro 2012 football matches live; Mix magazine encourages you to get out and about and enjoy the atmosphere.


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Friday 8th June – Friday 15th June: The evening’s two matches will be played at 6.00pm and 8.45pm, there after all match times are at 8.45pm (local time).


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


LIST mix Air Con & Satellite Electro House Old Market tel/fax: 069 – 3664 800 mob: 012 – 31 58 883 Sales and service center. Sharm Air Mall El Farana Lot n.27 - Office #2 Hadaba beside Travco Company Open: 10.00 – 15.00 and Fridays: 13.00 – 22.00 Repair and installation for satellite dish For quick serve and good price Mr. Mohamed Tel: 0122 840 1840 Email: mo_mo52054@ Alcohol Karma Old Market facing City Center tel: 069 – 3661 969 Home delivery available. Airline Info EGYPT AIR Sharm Old Market tel: 069 – 3661 056/8/9 Call Center: 1717 from Mobiles Open: 9.00 – 21.00 Thomson Office: 069 366 1653 thomas cook OVERSEAS LTD. Inside Gafy Mall Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601 809 tel: 069 – 3601 808


Appliances & Furniture


BTEC Ritz Carlton Mall All major appliances from washing machines to flat screen TVs. Radio Shack Mall 8, Naama Bay Hadaba Center tel/fax: 069 – 3601 152 Popular international chain with a big choice of electric accessories, phones, TV & Audio equipment and connections. Rapido Group 121 Delta Sharm tel:069-366-5040 - 016-

554 0667 27 Aqua Park, Hadaba, 069-366-5717 - 016-5523585 Computer Hardware & Software Repair ST Furniture & Accessories Head Offices: Peace Road-Royal Gate Mall, Shop #’s.25 - 26 Next to South Sinai Hospital ST Furniture inquiries 01006344593 Email: Sally@ www.stpropertyservices. net Sama Mega Shop No. 113 Delta Sharm tel:002 0100 970 628 msafwat@megasama. com Computer Hardware & Software Repair Banks & Money Transfer al rawda exchange Foreign Currency Exchange, Infront of al Mawardi Coffee Shop, Old Market tel: 0117 588 488 Arab African IntERNATIONAL Bank tel: 069 – 3600 125/7 (ABC) – Egypt tel: 069 – 3603 742/3 fax: 069 – 3603 741 Banque Misr tel: 069 – 3660 508 Barclays Bank Peace Road Criss Compound tel: 010 – 01 21 216 Commercial International (CIB) tel: 069 – 3601 571/602 Credit Agricole Egypt tel: 069 – 3601 424 HSBC Egypt tel: 069 – 3600 614/5 National Bank tel: 069 – 3660 667/337 BNP Paribas Egypt Il Mercato, Hadaba tel: 012 – 77 03 131 fax: 069 – 3660 804 Peace Road, Criss Village Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3603 872/3 fax: 069 – 3603 874 Thomas Cook tel: 069 – 3601 808

Western Union tel: 069 – 3640 466 Car & Motorbike Rent Avis Car Rental Morgana Mall, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3602 400, 069 – 3600 979 Open: 8.00 – 13.00 / 17.00 – 22.00 Hertz Bank st, Hadaba tel: 069 – 3662 299 mob: 010 – 18 08 490 Thomas Cook El Gafy Land, Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601 808/9 Thrifty Car Rental. Car Sales & Service Bridgestone Peace Road near Mobil Gas Station tel: 069 – 3662 273 Sales and service outlet for tires EIGCO TOYOTA Rowaysat tel: 069 – 3664 900/901 Full service and Toyota authorised center and dealership. El Masria Aida Street, Hadaba tel: 069 – 3660 796 tel: 069 – 3665 837 hotline: 19095 Sharm Automotive Peace Road next to Mobil Gas Station tel: 069 – 3663 900 Open: 9.00 – 21.00 Sat/ Thur Authorized service center for Opal, Chevrolet, and General Motors. Digital Printing imagine PRINT in front of aqua parkhadaba tel: 012 – 74 32 106 High quality digital printing for flyers, business cards and menus. Same day delivery for most orders. Flight Info EGYPT AIR Sharm Old Market tel: 069 – 3661 056/8/9 Call Center: 1717 from Mobiles

Open: 9.00 – 21.00 Thomson Office: 069 366 1653 thomas cook OVERSEAS LTD. Inside Gafy Mall Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601 809 069 – 3601 808 Flowers Sinai Flowers Um El Sid tel: 069 - 366 07 52 Divano La Strada, Nabq Kitchen and home furniture mob: 012 – 39 66 926 mob: 012 – 45 84 122 Open: 12.00 – 23.00 Graphic Design Solo Graphic Design 56 Hey El Nour tel: 010 – 66 92 571 Sharmer Artist tel: 069 – 3663 458 mob: 010 - 0490 990 Health & Beauty Credo In Deja Mall, IL Mercato Nail Care Beauty Salon + 2012 212 79 78 + 2012 214 71 34 Swiss original products Credonailcare@gmail. com Fish cure Old market, Tiran Mall, In front of Ibrotel Palace Tel: 069 3666 085, 0152 3882 323 Hyatt Regency Resort tel: 069 – 3601 234 Open: 8.00 – 21.00 Club Olympus: a complete indoor gym and aerobics studio with five massage and aroma therapy rooms plus a spa with sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, and plunge pool. Thai Massage. Oasis Health Club Renaissance Goldenview Hotel tel: 069 – 3664 694 Fully equipped Gym offering Cardio vascular, resistance and Free weight equipment. Massage, Aroma therapy, MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


Reflexology, Sport Massage, Sauna and swimming pools. Oriental Spa Oriental Resort Hotel Peace Road, Naama Bay tel: +20 693 604 530 -31 - 32 016 89 21 881 SKE Savoy Beauty Salon tel: 069 – 3602 500 Open: 10.00am – 9.00pm Wellness Center and Spa: facilities including Sauna, Jacuzzi and Steam Bath in addition to a wide range of body massages: Classic Swedish, Anti Stress, Thai (Acupressure), Aroma therapy (Lymphatic Drainage), Vacuum (Banking), Facial and Foot Reflexology as well as a variety of facial treatments. Venera Beauty Center & Spa Horus mall, Sharm Elysee St. Hadaba tel: 017 - 13 33 111 Neat and elegant interior, providing highly professional hair and cosmetics brands to meet the top requirements for products and service quality.


tel: +2069 3660216 Ext. 8226 The Three Corners Palmyra: Nabq Bay tel: +20123 999257 Ext. 880 Conny Lammers Montazah Osteopathy A unique set of very focused manual techniques that address pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. call 016 7959016 for appointment. Dentoart clinic Hadaba, Banks Street, In front of South Siani Protectorates Dr. Amr youssef Dental Clinic For reservation Call: 012 115 7559 - 010 460 6508 Dura Lab Fully automatic lab tel/fax: 069 – 3666 161 mob: 010 – 95 02 295 HYPERBARIC MEDICAL CENTRE (Recompression Chamber) tel: 069-3660 922/3 Hotline: 012 212 42 92 012 333 13 25 Sharm lab Delta Sharm resort villa 22 Tel: +2069 3660216 ext: Hospitals & Doctors 2242 Nabq Dental Clinic St. Peter Dr. Ahmed Sherif Medical Services Amwaj Hotel Mall, In Front Dr.: Ashraf Samy of Arab Sat, Nabq. Hot line: 012 27 71 770 tel: 0100 546 900 Emergency, Trauma, tel: 0100 547 900 Specialized Clinics, dentist.ahmed.sherif@ Highly equipped 24/7 ICU Ambulance car 1st Care medical * Delta Sharm Medical service Center Medical centers. Tel: 0182018045 – Ext. 70 Specialised Clinics. Dental * Tropitel Naama bay clinic Clinics. The only 24 Hours clinic in Hot Line tel: +20125 Naama bay area 628202 Tel: 0100395951 * Laguna Medical Center Delta Sharm Resort Laguna vista hotel- Nabq Medical Clinic: bay Delta Sharm Resort Non hotel guests are Building 1 welcome tel: +2069 3665916 Tel: 0100289194 Domina Coral Bay Medical South Sinai hospital Center: Kennedy Mall, Peace tel: +2069 3601610 Ext.18 Road Sharm Lab: Open 24 Hours 7 Days Delta Sharm resort Villa 22 Tel 069 920 57 90 / 4 tel: +2069 3660216 Ext. 012 000 35 33 / 44 2242 Our Patient and Inpatient Royal Rojana: Clinics, A&E, Operating Montazah area Theatres Investigational

Facilities and ICU. Sharm Dental Clinic Mall 8, Naama Bay La Strada Mall, 3rd floor, Nabq Dr. Hassan El Sharkawy tel: 069 – 3602 302 mob: 012 – 12 06 078 Dr. Karim El Baz A brighter whiter smile in about an hour with “Zoom!” professional whitening system mob: 012 – 16 86 603 Sharm Local Hospital tel: 069 – 3660 425 Sharm Int. Hospital tel: 069 – 3660 894 Sharm Medical Centre tel: 069 – 3661 744 Pet Care Miro’s pet shop 44 Tiran Center, Old Market. tel: 012 7385 881 Open from 12.00 - 12.00 Sells a vast selection of Dog and Pet food, at affordable prices. Full aquatic store and pet accessorises. pet home clinic Dr. Mamdouh Magdy Vet. Surgeon tel: 0100 - 624 15 81 address: 127 Sea Street apartment 7, Hadaba, Sharm el Sheikh Pharmacy El-Ezaby Il Mercato tel: 069 – 3665 256 mob: 012 – 16 16 130 Al Khan Nabq mob: 012 – 16 16 190 Home delivery service available Omar & Omar King of Bahrain Street in front of Falcon Hotel Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3600 960 7 days per week. Medecine plus a wide variety of cosmetics. Local and imported brands (i.e. Avon, Oriflame). Towa Pharmacy City Center Old Market tel: 069 – 3660 686 Open 24 hours. Towa Pharmacy Naama Bay

in front of Bus Stop tel: 069 – 3600 779 Open: 10.00 – 2.00 Private Schools L’Ecole Francaise de Sharm el Sheikh French School tel: 069 – 3665 892 fax: 018 – 88 70 757 iwww. St. Joseph’s International School Bank Street, Hadaba tel: 01003111220102103173 Sharm British School Halomy St. Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3601237 mob: 010 – 04 64 175 Open: 2.30 – 4.00pm Monday - Friday. www.sharmbritishschool. com Sharm El Sheikh College Naama Bay tel: 069 – 3603 780 mob: 010 – 17 53 226 tel: 069Real – 3660 400 Estate harmony estates Sales office next door to Chili’s Restaurant Naama Bay. Property inquiries 002- 01018644949 www. info@ Pioneer Property Head Office: Viva Mall, Peace Road Open: 10.00am – 9.00pm Naama Bay Shop: Al Zehoor Mall, info@pioneer-property. realty sea view Agenzia Immobiliare 214-A, Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh tel: 0106 2190 051 To make an appointment and for more information please call or email us.

MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

BEAUTY PRO Hair & Beauty Salon

-Collagen Facial Special LIMITED PRICE Helps to brighten up your skin

-Gel and Acrylic Nail Promotion Available until the end of June

-Is your hair making you hot? Make an appointment with Elia for hint and tips for the perfect up do!

-Exclusive Revlon Hair Care and Colour Products from Italy ONLY at BEAUTY PRO Delta Sharm (Shop 162), Right from the main entrance

Free and easy parking Open daily from 10:00 am till 8:30 pm Beauty Pro - Tel. 0127 478 9321



MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12


Mix Quiz! Wordsearch!

In the grid opposite there are ten words hidden inside. PRIVILEGE NABQ SUMMER FITNESS SKATING ARABIC SANCHEZ FOOTBALL COCKTAIL GOODBYE The object of the puzzle is to find and mark all ten words. The words may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Spot the Difference


between the two pictures below. There are TEN differences to find, some are easy to spot and others are a little tricky!


MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

Summer 2012 Horoscope Big astrological events are happening over the next few weeks. The June Venus transit, which proceeded on June 4th by a lunar eclipse, will have a powerful effect on us all.

Venus, often referred to as the Morning Star by many cultures, marks times of spiritual and intellectual revolution. We are entering a new age of radical change. For the next few weeks we will all be experiencing strong emotions traversing the love/hate dichotomy. Use this time to get your bearings for a tumultuous summer. Below are general astrological forecasts for Sun Signs over the course of the next two months. Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb) You have a growing sense of discovery as you get to know your inner self. The experiences of the past several months have increased your awareness of the world around you. You may experience a confrontation with someone with a very different value system, but your ability to work with diverse people will allow you to manage any problems. A good time for career. Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar) You have set down roots and are ready to grow. A new sense of commitment is driving your relationships. Cleanse your body and mind. Be appreciative of your material possessions, they will contribute to your success during this period. Aries (21 Mar - 20 Apr) The summer will be spent digesting new ideas, preparing to build a foundation for something greater. Stay thrifty, you are saving for your ultimate goals. You may run into some strain in relationships. Trust your instincts when it comes to love and appreciation.


Taurus (21 Apr - 21 May) Over the next few months you will find yourself rejecting the superficial aspects of life. A big idea will consume you. Self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude will be your mode of thinking.


Gemini (22 May - 20 Jun) It’s important “not to sweat the small stuff.” Look past life’s little annoyances and keep your eyes on the bigger picture. People and places close to you will inspire creativity and expressiveness. Enjoy your confidence and make your dreams real.

Cancer (21 Jun - 22 Jul) Cancer, it’s time to practice what you preach. Act on your desire to contribute to your community. Find some time for seclusion as you will be driven to obsess over past memories. Good advice will come from the sage in your life.

Leo (23 Jul - 22 Aug) The pragmatic side in you will be active this summer. You know what you want and you know how to get it. This will have a very positive effect in your career. Looking for a job or promotion? Now is the time. The people around you will be supportive and your memories will be especially powerful. Virgo (23 Aug - 22 Sep) You are on the search for truth. This summer will find you contemplating deep philosophical and spiritual thoughts. This is a good thing and your friends will be supportive. Get rid of your old stuff and find out who you really are. Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct) You’ll be in the same boat as Virgo, but expect to find special support, perhaps financial, from the women in your life. Relationships are especially important during this period and they will have a big impact on your career decisions. Scorpio (23 Oct - 22 Nov) Ready to get down to business and let old memories fade away? Not feeling particularly sentimental this summer? You’ll be a bit self-centered and more concerned with your appearance than usual. Your friends will support you because you look great. Enjoy the social scene. Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) You are feeling spiritual and social. Feeling enlightened, you are moved to share with others. Remain understanding and you will find support from family and friends. Get creative and live from the heart. Don’t ignore the good ideas you have for career and business. Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan) It is time for self-examination. Look back over the past year and think about what you can make of it. Seize on the worthwhile and join your friends in communal activities. You’ll be feeling confident and this will help you in career matters. MIX - June ‘12 - July ‘12

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Mix Magazine June 2012

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