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LG PRADA KF900 - Cellular phone - 3G - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - slider QWERTY

PRADA Phone II by LG preserves the same original minimalist exterior that has now become a key design inspiration of touch screen handsets worldwide. A defining modification for the new handset involves a set of aesthetics keys that slide out to form a more professional look that grazes an elevated level of sophistication. Multi-tasking capability runs up to 7 applications. Featuring an accelerometer sensor (G-sensor) for auto-rotation. Prada Phone II also has Video Telephony for video calling with sub-camera on the front. The unlocked PRADA Phone by LG (Model: LG-KF900) offers a collection of technical upgrades catering to today's highest mobile needs. For nearly a century, Prada has been a star in establishing broad and subtle statements of fashion and style. Unique and feature-esque, the KF900 is your bold way of controlling your mobile life and style. Multi-tasking capability runs up to 7 applications simultaneously Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation, G-sensor 5.0 Megapixel AF Camera with Flash Slow motion video recording / DivX playback / TV-out Multimedia Player Document Viewer - MS office, PDF, Text reading Video Telephony - Video calling with sub-camera on front G-Sensor Games Internal memory 60MB / External memory up to 8 GB (via MicroSD expansion memory card) Battery - Li-Ion 950 mAh Dimensions - 4.11 x 2.12 x 0.65; Weight - 0.28 lbs (with battery) 30 Day J&R USA Warranty Coverage only Features may vary based on your chosen GSM service carrier.

Products Feature 1. Full touch screen (3.0 WQVGA 240 x 400) 2. Physical slide-out QWERTY keypad 3. WAP 2.0/HTML/Wi-Fi 802.11 b.g. 4. HSDPA up to 7.2mbps / Internet full browsing 5. USB ver. 2.0 /Bluetooth ver. 2.1/ iSync support Get Discount - Click Now!

LG PRADA KF900 - Cellular phone - 3G - WCDMA (UMTS) GSM - slider - QWERTY