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1. Affordable Searches can help protect your company from Negligent Hiring Lawsuits which could bankrupt you and your company.

2. Affordable Searches can help protect your family and loved ones with thorough screenings on people working in your home or business.

3. Affordable Searches can help reduce costs associated with the hiring process.

4. Affordable Searches can help prevent internal theft.

6. Affordable Searches offers quality reports at affordable prices.

7. Affordable Searches offers volume discounts.

8. Affordable Searches offers a complete package of background screening services.

9. Affordable Searches offers complete nationwide coverage.

10. Affordable Searches works with all industries and non-profits.

For a no-cost consultation concerning your background screening needs, please contact us at 1-877-685-6691, or 281-494-6691; E-mail us at or log on to and visit our website located at

Top Ten Reasons To Use Affordable Searches  
Top Ten Reasons To Use Affordable Searches  

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