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Business Marketing: Focusing on Your Target Market

What is business marketing? • Business marketing works by focusing on your target audience in a way that they will not just find out about you, but be convinced to buy from you. • You need to make sure that you know who your ideal customers are and target your marketing message directly to them.

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Your target audience may differ. They may be seniors, teens, homeowners, those who live on a college campus or another completely different audience. Each type of specific audience responds to different types of business marketing.

The goal of business marketing is to make people aware of your product or service and make sure that they know its purpose and why they want it. The way in which this message is delivered needs to be convincing.

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• If you wish to sell more and enjoy larger profits, you need business marketing. The only way to expand is to have more customers. It’s not enough to just get your name out there. • This means that you have to sell your product even harder. You have to compare and show why you have the superior product or service without making it obvious to the competition that you are comparing yourself.

Business Marketing: Focusing on Your Target Market