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Breakfast Issue: Tips, Trends & Recipes



Wake up your morning menu and earn up to $1500 or 75,000 Foodservice Rewards ® bonus points. January 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011

Breakfast Over Easy

Breakfast — The Big Opportunity In times of limited growth, it pays to seek out every possible opportunity for building sales.

Bacon and eggs, pancakes and baked goods will always represent the core of traditional breakfast menus, but operators have found that—as with other dayparts—the real key to a successful breakfast is offering something none of the competition does. And that means signature dishes.

Let’s face facts: Sales in many restaurant and lodging sectors have been lackluster over the last few years, and the recovery is proceeding slowly. That calls for a strategy that’s more proactive than simply waiting it out. The morning daypart shows great promise for sales growth. With lunch traffic flat and dinner visits showing a slight decline, breakfast is projected to continue to be a bright spot, according to the Chicago-based NPD Group.

The Sunny Side Breakfast looks particularly good right now for a number of reasons: For patrons, the segment represents a less expensive alternative to other dining-out occasions It’s universally popular and appealing for most diners (unlike late-night dining, for example) Breakfast is convenient and can be less time-consuming than lunch and dinner as a dining-out occasion Traditional breakfast foods are comforting and approachable—an attribute many customers appreciate during these unsettled times

How to Succeed with Breakfast

get recipe

Potato and Egg Breakfast Strata featuring STOUFFER’S® Cheesy Hash Browns

All of these factors point to the continued appeal of breakfast for consumers. But operators like the segment, too, citing reasons as varied as low food costs and competitive advantages (see the sidebar on the next page for the complete lowdown). Breakfast represents an effective way of building sales without adding seats or investing much in the way of inventory and labor. Customers are using breakfast as both a social occasion and a restaurant meal to enjoy with family, as well as a more time conscious and less expensive occasion for conducting business. In many cities, in fact, the “power breakfast” is actually staging a comeback. Leisurely brunches, complete with chefdriven specialty menus and eye-opening cocktails, are also experiencing a resurgence. Brunch traffic grew 8% last year, according

Offer specialty drinks at breakfast like NESTLÉ® HOT COCOA MIX

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Tip: Replace regular eggs with egg substitute or egg whites

Breakfast accounted for nearly 60% of the restaurant industry’s traffic growth over the past five years - NPD

Specialty omelets and egg dishes, unique breakfast sandwiches, distinctive brunch items, and other one-of-a-kind offerings will set your operation apart, creating a destination-breakfast program that can also support premium pricing and make the transition into other time periods as well. According to Technomic, 46% of consumers surveyed wanted breakfast served all day at full-service restaurants, while 32% wanted it at limited-service venues. Companies like Denny’s have recognized this opportunity with a robust selection of breakfast favorites at all hours and are earning up to 50% of sales from breakfast foods, as a result. Breakfast is also an important segment for hotels, whether in room service—and not just in the mornings, but also at night when

to NPD, prompting Time magazine to devote a story to the rise of this niche meal. Operations as varied as Ruby Tuesday and The Stanhope Grille in Boston’s upscale Back Bay Hotel have added brunch. And speaking of hotels, many have been experiencing F&B-related share gains thanks to the growing popularity of complimentary breakfasts, which can range from straightforward Continental buffets to cooked-to-order selections that might cost $10 to $15 or more per person if purchased individually.

tired travelers might want the comfort of breakfast—or in restaurants and catering/ banquets, as part of the meetings trade. A well-thought-out brunch program has turned many a hotel or resort into a destination for the local community, while free breakfast is being used as a valueadded enticement to the lodging part of the business. Boutique hotels often include breakfast as part of the room rate, and chains like Embassy Suites are known for their complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast.

The Operational Advantages of Breakfast  Breakfast is great for food costs. Most

morning. And because it usually consists

pancake-making supplies—are low in

of just one course, service requirements

product cost, which offsets the lower

can also be lower

menu price point of breakfast items  The daypart represents an effective utilization and lower costs. Those eggs and bread are already part of the inventory of most foodservice operations, along with onions, potatoes, butter, flour, cheese, bacon, ham, fruits, and vegetables  Adding another daypart, such as breakfast, leverages other existing resources and costs, such as kitchen prep and storage space, real estate costs, and labor. Many operations

 Breakfast is a relatively easy meal to produce, in either an à la carte or madein-advance setting (such as a buffet)  Offering breakfast represents a true competitive advantage. For hotels, in particular, including breakfast in the price of a room is a particularly effective way to build occupancy rates and loyalty  According to NPD, a good breakfast program also builds volume across the board: Patrons who come in for breakfast are also more likely to come for lunch and dinner, and to recommend their favorite breakfast place to others

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Tip: Substitute turkey bacon for the pork get recipe

2  MIX  WINTER 2011

already have a prep crew on hand in the

core products—eggs, bread for toast,

strategy for better product cross-

Dutch Style Apple Pancake featuring STOUFFER’S® get recipe Escalloped Apples

All the more reason why breakfast demands some creativity when it comes to recipe R&D. And that’s where NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL™ comes in. With a portfolio of brands and products ranging from CHEF-MATE® Corned Beef Hash and TRIO® Southern Gravy Mix to MINOR’S® Hollandaise Sauce and STOUFFER’S® Cheesy Hash Browns, Nestlé makes it easy to create highimpact breakfast specialties in short order.

For all 10 recipes pictured here, visit by 6/30/11 and download the Breakfast Over Easy collection 3

Trends in Breakfast


Creamy Egg Skillet featuring STOUFFER’S® Creamed Chipped Beef

The breakfast foodservice market is

get recipe

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Tip: Serve with whole grain toast

forecast to expand 13% by 2014 - Mintel Foodservice get recipe

Country Fried Steak featuring TRIO® Southern Country Gravy

Comfort foods, regional traditions and ethnic favorites rule—with some room for healthy alternatives too. Striking a balance between traditional and trendy is a relatively easy task. Use these ideas as starting points.

Regional Favorites From New York-style lox and bagels to the South’s ham and redeye gravy, regional favorites are showing up on menus everywhere, unrestricted by location or menu concept. These items also fit handily within your customers’ appetite for comfort foods. The South: biscuits and gravy; redeye gravy (made with the cooking fat from ham, deglazed with coffee); country fried steak; grits; buttermilk biscuits; cornbread and hoecakes; country ham; salmon croquettes Cajun/Creole: eggs Sardou (poached eggs and hollandaise on a spinach-filled artichoke bottom); pain perdu (similar to French toast); beignets and callas (rice cakes dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with syrup); grits and shrimp or grillades (a savory braised beef dish)

New England/Northeast: corned beef hash; donuts; blueberry pancakes; Johnny cakes; cinnamon rolls; baked beans; scrapple; potato pancakes; hot chocolate Southwest: huevos rancheros; breakfast burritos and tacos; migas (scrambled eggs with vegetables and bits of toasted tortillas); chicken fried steak; green chili omelets or casserole; chorizo

Ethnic Innovations France has its croissants and café au lait. The Japanese have miso soup, steamed rice and dried seaweed. People everywhere love their breakfast traditions. Consider these international possibilities: Mexico: Menudo (pork or tripe and hominy stew); chilaquiles (leftover tortillas with eggs and sauce); fresh fruit with lime; Mexican hot chocolate; pan de yema (a sweet, soft egg-yolk-based bread); beans; breakfast tacos, burritos, and enchiladas; machaca con huevos (marinated dried beef scrambled with eggs)

get recipe

4  MIX  WINTER 2011

Italy: frittata; sweet cakes and cookies; eggs poached or baked in tomato sauce France: traditional rolled omelet; crepes; oeufs en meurette (eggs poached in red wine); tartine (baguette spread with butter and jam or cheese); baked goods, including brioche and croissants of various types Switzerland: roesti (a shredded potato pancake); muesli Spain: tortilla Espagnole (a baked layered omelet made with potatoes); toast with olive oil and fresh tomato, ham, paté, or cured sausage; churros and chocolate England and Ireland: a hearty meal of eggs, bacon and sausages, toast, broiled tomatoes and/or mushrooms, and beans; kedgeree (cooked fish or smoked haddock mixed with cooked rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, butter, and cream); black or white pudding (two types of sausage)

Rising awareness of health-and-wellness issues has spurred many operators to menu healthier breakfast alternatives. Hotels, to please their health-conscious guests, have jumped on the trend, and restaurants can also benefit by catering to dieters and other nutrition-conscious diners.

Menu Greek yogurt, farmer cheese, or granola and yogurt parfaits, incorporating healthy nuts and fresh and dried fruits

Offer the alternative of turkey bacon, or ham for sausage or pork

Make whole wheat and other whole grain breads available

Offer oatmeal or a grain like quinoa with cinnamon, sugar, and milk during the colder months

Prepare egg dishes with egg whites or egg substitute

Use buckwheat and other whole grain flours in batter-based specialties

10 Easy Ways to Add Signature Items Breakfast items are fun and easy to turn into daily specials and signature favorites. Here is some inspiration. 1. Create a special omelet, Benedict, or other egg dish of the day 2.

Offer a unique variety of toppings and fillings with pancakes, waffles, crepes, and French toast, both sweet (such as Stouffer’s ® Escalloped Apples) and savory (CHEF-MATE ® Country Sausage Gravy)


Add value to home fries with à la carte additions: sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, bits of bacon or ham, and Trio ® cheese sauce

4. Present your specialties in single serve cooking vessels for more drama and premium appeal 5. Menu a basket of specialty breads as an add-on or signature item


Dress up oatmeal and other cereals with raisins, brown sugar, flaked coconut, toasted nuts, jams, and preserves


Offer a European-style Continental breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, sliced cheeses, and cold and cured meats such as ham and mortadella


Add smoked fish, such as salmon and whitefish, to bagel sandwiches, New York-style lox, scrambles, or as a premium smoked-fish sampler entrée


Catch the breakfast sandwich trend with your own unique combination of breadstuff, eggs, meats and toppings

10. For a variation on the brunch buffet, experiment with “tapas,” small portions of items like baked single eggs, mini-omelets, or egg sandwiches that can be offered on trays or carts, like Chinese dim sum

The Trend List

get recipe

Southern Style Benedict featuring MINOR’S® Hollandaise Sauce, as shown on the cover

Healthy Alternatives

Green Chili Beef Breakfast Burrito featuring CHEF-MATE® Creamed Sliced Beef

Breakfast 24/7

Ethnic & Regional Inspirations

Destination Brunch

Bed and Breakfast, Included

Healthy Alternatives

Morning Comfort Foods Social and Business Breakfasts

Donut holes featuring Butterfinger®, NESTLé Crunch® and Wonka® Nerds®

get recipe

For all 10 recipes pictured here, visit by 6/30/11 and download the Breakfast Over Easy collection 5

Earn Up to $1500 or up to 75,000 Foodservice Rewards® Bonus Points with TWO exciting offers:

Ultimate Breakfast Pizza Yield: 1 ea 

Beverage Offer: $500 or 25,000 bonus points

Servings/Size: 1 ea

Earn $3 or 150 Foodservice Rewards Bonus Points per case of qualifying NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix

Cuisine: American Categor y: Breakfast Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 15 min INGREDIENTS


Prepared 8" pizza crust, fully cooked



1 ea




6 (50 x .713oz.)



January 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011

Breakfast Over Easy Redemption Form

(continued from reverse)


Trio® Country Gravy, prepared

6 oz

½ cup

Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Sausage, crumbled, cooked

3 oz

½ cup

6 (50 x .713oz.)


Mushrooms, sliced, cooked

2 oz

¼ cup

Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix with Mini Marshmallows

Cheddar, shredded

2.5 oz

½ cup

Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

6 (50 x .713oz.)


1. Purchase qualifying NESTLÉ ® products between January 1, 2011, and June 30, 2011.

Eggs, scrambled

2 oz

2 ea

No Sugar Added with Calcium Hot Cocoa Mix No Sugar Added with Calcium Hot Cocoa Mix Rich Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows

6 (50 x .52oz.)


2. Complete this official redemption form.

6 (30 x .52oz.)


6 (30 x .71oz.)


3. Mail completed form with proof of purchase (copies of your distributor invoices or tracking reports showing purchases of qualifying products during the promotion period) postmarked by August 15, 2011 to:

Tomatoes, diced ¼"

¼ cup

Chives, chopped

1 Tbsp


Subtotal Cases

1. Spoon the gravy over the pizza crust and spread evenly. Top gravy with sausage, mushrooms, and cheddar. 2. Bake in a 350ºF oven for 10 minutes until crust is golden brown and cheese melted. 3. Top with the scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, and garnish with chopped chives.

Earn $2 or 100 Foodservice Rewards Bonus Points per case of qualifying COFFEE-MATE® Single Serve Powder and Liquid Pump Bottles

NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL™ Breakfast Over Easy Promotion P.O. Box 457 Rogers, MN 55374-1618


SERVING SUGGESTION: For a spicier offering, mix the country gravy with 2 teaspoons of hot pepper sauce.

Breakfast Pizza featuring TRIO® Country Gravy Mix

To order Trio Country Gravy, please contact your local NESTLé Professional sales representative or call us at 1-800-288-8682.

French Vanilla Sticks

10 (50 x 4g)


French Vanilla Sticks

1000 x 4g


Hazelnut Sticks

10 (50 x 4g)


Hazelnut Sticks

1000 x 4g


Original Sticks

10 (50 x 3g)


Original Sticks

1000 x 3g



Sonoma Classic Brunch Yield: 6 ea 

Exclusive Recipe Offer

Servings/Size: 1 ea

Cuisine: American Categor y: Breakfast

Sweetened Original

2 x 1.5L


French Vanilla

2 x 1.5L



2 x 1.5L

00-50000-31831 Subtotal Cases

Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 15 min

Earn 50¢ or 25 Foodservice Rewards Bonus Points per case of qualifying COFFEE-MATE® Single Serve Liquid




Bell pepper (orange, red, or green) trimmed

42 oz

6 ea

Chef-Mate® Corned Beef Hash

36 oz

3 cups

Amaretto Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)


Onions, diced ¼’’, sautéed

6 oz

¾ cup

Creamy Chocolate Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)


Cheddar cheese, shredded

6 oz

and cored


¾ cup

French Vanilla Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)


Chives, chopped

6 tbsp

Hazelnut Liquid Creamer Tub

180 x .375 fl.oz.


Eggs, scrambled

12 ea


1. Steam the bell pepper for about 6-8 minutes or until tender. Cool. 2. Mix the corned beef hash with the sautéed onions. Use the mixture to fill the cooked bell pepper. 3. Sprinkle the shredded cheese on top of the pepper, bake upright in a 375ºF oven until heated through and cheese is melted, about 15 minutes. 4. Garnish with chopped chives and serve with soft scrambled eggs. To order Chef-Mate Corned Beef Hash, please contact your local NESTLé professional sales representative or call us at 1-800-288-8682.

6  MIX  WINTER 2011

get recipes Download all 10 Breakfast Over Easy recipes


Here’s a list of the new breakfast recipes available for your enjoyment and key ingredients you can use throughout the day in recipes of your own.

Irish Cream Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)


Amaretto Liquid Creamer Tub

180 x .375oz.


French Vanilla Liquid Creamer Tub

180 x .375oz.


Hazelnut Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)


Irish Cream Liquid Creamer Tub

180 x .375 fl.oz.


Original Liquid Creamer Tub

180 x .375oz.


Original Liquid Creamer Tub

360 x .375 fl.oz.


Original Liquid Creamer Tub

4 (50 x .375 fl.oz.)

00-50000-35110 Subtotal Cases

Recipe Name

Key Ingredient

Southern Style Benedict

MINOR’S® Hollandaise

Potato and Egg Breakfast Strata

STOUFFER’S® Cheesy Hash Browns

Dutch Style Apple Pancake

STOUFFER’S® Escalloped Apples

Creamy Egg Skillet

STOUFFER’S® Creamed Chipped Beef

Country Fried Steak

TRIO® Southern Country Gravy

Sausage Spoon Bread

CHEF-MATE® Country Sausage Gravy

Beverage Offer

Green Chili Beef Breakfast Burrito

CHEF-MATE® Creamed Sliced Beef

NESTLÉ Hot Cocoa Mix

x $3



x 150


Ultimate Breakfast Pizza

TRIO® Country Gravy

Sonoma Classic Brunch

Chef-Mate ® Corned Beef Hash

COFFEE-MATE Single-Serve Powder & Liquid Pump Bottles

x $2



x 100


Mango Smoothie

COFFEE-MATE ® French Vanilla Liquid Creamer

COFFEE-MATE SingleServe Liquid

x 50¢



x 25


Follow us on Twitter @NestleProUSA for ongoing menu ideas and recipes all year round. FS-6733MIX-E

Use the two tables below to calculate your total earnings: Culinary Offer

# Cases

Culinary Products

Total Rebate

Rebate x $5



Total Bonus Points

Bonus Points X 250


MAX $1000 or 50,000 Bonus Points per operator.

# Cases

MAX $500 or 25,000 Bonus Points per operator.



Total Rebate

Total Bonus Points

Bonus Points


For more information on this exciting offer, please contact your local NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL sales representative or call us at 1-800-288-8682.

To receive your rebate or bonus points, mail in the completed Breakfast Over Easy Redemption Form with copies of your distributor invoices or tracking reports showing purchases of qualifying STOUFFER’S®, CHEF-MATE®, TRIO®, MINOR’S®, BUTTERFINGER®, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH®, WONKA NERDS® and/or COFFEE-MATE® Creamers, NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix products purchased during the promotion period to: Breakfast Over Easy Promotion, PO Box 457, Rogers, MN 55374-1618. Qualifying products must be circled or highlighted. No handwritten invoices or sales history receipts will be accepted. Validated distributor invoices or tracking STOUFFER’S®, CHEFMATE®, TRIO®, MINOR’S®, BUTTERFINGER®, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH®, WONKA NERDS® and/ or COFFEE-MATE® Creamers, NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix SKU numbers or brand name, product description, pack sizes, and price. Requests must be postmarked by 8/15/11. Operator can only receive one reward type, rebate, OR bonus points. Rebate or bonus points will be based on total number of qualifying cases shown on distributor invoices or tracking reports. Please allow 8 weeks for processing. Offer open to Foodservice Operators in the United States only. This offer is not available to distributors. This offer is not available to vending or office coffee service operators. To receive Foodservice Rewards Bonus Points, operator must currently be enrolled in the Foodservice Rewards program or enroll as a new member by 6/30/11. Eligibility is contingent on meeting the terms and conditions set forth by Foodservice Rewards. Go to their website, www., for more information. Bonus points will be deposited into operators’ foodservice rewards accounts on or about 10/15/11. Void where restricted or prohibited by law. Limit one (1) Redemption Form per customer. Only original Breakfast Over Easy Mail-in Redemption Form will be accepted. Not responsible for lost, late, stolen, misdirected, or illegible requests. Federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Certificate cannot be assigned or transferred and cannot be combined or used with any other offer. Rebate or Foodservice Rewards points will only be given to foodservice operations, and must be in conformance with Operator policies. All trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland unless otherwise noted. Foodservice Rewards® is property of BI, Inc., Reg. USPTO.

Earn up to $1500



OR up to 75,000 Foodservice Rewards ® Bonus Points with TWO exciting offers. January 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011

NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL™ brands and products work deliciously on your current breakfast menu. Or you can use them to create a fresh new batch of house signature breakfasts. Either way, your qualifying case purchases will earn you valuable rebates or Foodservice Rewards Bonus Points. Download the 10 new breakfast recipes pictured on these pages at:

Breakfast Over Easy Redemption Form (continued on reverse) Culinary Offer: $1000 or 50,000 bonus points Earn $5 or 250 Foodservice Rewards® Bonus Points on every case of qualifying NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL™ Culinary Products QUALIFYING PRODUCTS



STOUFFER’S Cheesy Hash Browns

4 x 76oz Tray


STOUFFER’S Escalloped Apples

4 x 72oz Tray


Stouffer’s Creamed Chipped Beef

4 x 76oz Tray


Chef-Mate Country Sausage Gravy

6 x 105oz Can


Chef-Mate Creamed Sliced Beef

4 x 76oz Tray


Chef-Mate Corned Beef Hash

6 x 107oz Can


TRIO Country Gravy

8 x 22oz Pouch


TRIO Southern Country Gravy

8 x 13oz Pouch


MINOR’S Hollandaise Sauce

12 x 24oz Pouch


WONKA NERDS Rainbow Bulk

1 x 15 lb


NestlÉ Crunch Pieces

6 x 3 lb



1 x 25 lb



6 x 3 lb



1 x 25 lb



Subtotal Cases

Beverage Offer: $500 or 25,000 bonus points

see inside for details FR1436MIX-E

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