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cocktails on tap might seem gimmicky, and even anathema to the craft-cocktail movement in portland, but the city’s bartenders are embracing the trend. tap cocktails won’t replace hand-mixed drinks, they say, but will serve as a useful addition to the menu. putting a few cocktails on tap saves on labor, so drinks with quality spirits can be offered at a discount. and because the drinks are dispensed with gas, bartenders have another way to experiment photograph (far left) By jamie francis, (left) By john m. Vincent

the Vieux Carré. Making one cocktail normally takes a few minutes, but mixing up a large batch doesn’t take that much more time. And, more impressively, he can pour 200 servings from that batch — all without compromising the drink’s integrity. Because the labor is so low, Imperial can offer that cocktail on tap for a song

during its two daily happy hours. In a world of $13 and $14 cocktails, the $5 Vieux Carré makes a lot of people happy. But both Josie and Wise say that one of their favorite things about the concept is its instant accessibility. If either notices a table of regulars stroll in for dinner, they can quickly send over a round of tap cocktail shots as aperitifs before the meal. Likewise,

if they want to spread good will to some first-timers, they can send over a round as a digestif to go with dessert. ThE FuTuRE So are tap cocktails a fad meant to pass or will they become a permanent fixture on bar menus across the city? At present,

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