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Five new cheap thrills 1) The Baowry

On a quiet corner just west of north Lombard, this torch-lined bungalow glows like a little bao beacon in the silent St. Johns night, drawing a steady stream of north Portlanders flowing through the front door like moths to your favorite silk kimono. In September, chef-owners Ross Skomsvold and Molly Scott finished an extreme makeover on what was an extreme fixer-upper and traded their beloved food cart for a brick-and-mortar kitchen and full bar. thus, you can sip signature cocktails alongside eclectic Asian-inspired eats like sizzling rice soup with pork belly, rich miso butter noodles with shaved shiitakes, and the fat, satisfying house buns — try all three for $10. — JEn StEVEnSOn 8307 N. Ivanhoe St., 503-285-4839,

The Baowry

2) Pupuseria Factory

If Salvadoran food remains an international cuisine of mystery to you, get a pupusa primer at this new northeast Sandy outpost of 82nd Avenue’s popular Pupuseria El Buen Gusto. Besides being an exceptionally entertaining word to repeat over and over again in someone’s ear, the mighty pupusa warms a winter-blighted belly like only a hot, golden pumpkin-, loroco flower- or pork paste-stuffed masa pancake can. For a mere $3 to $4, they’re served fresh off the griddle with traditional sidekicks — a mild-mannered tomato salsa and spicy fermented slaw. to further thumb your nose at Jack Frost, order the plantain custard-filled empanada and housemade champurrado, a creamy,

Uno Mas / p22 hominy flour-thickened chocolate atole. Pupusa! — JEn StEVEnSOn 6728 N.E. Sandy Blvd., 503-284-2033,

3) Songbird

Sitting pretty at the northern base of Mt. tabor, this cheerily chic Belmont Street cafe draws a cozy crowd of locals delighted

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NE 30th & Killingsworth, Portland OR

503.227.2669 www. CocottePDX .com

Local & Organic Produce & Groceries Deli Specialities ~ Local Oregon Wines Full Service Catering Natural Health & Beauty Products 251 N. Third Street, McMinnville, OR 503.472.5740 ~ DECEMBER 2012 MIXpdX.coM


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MIX Magazine December 2012  

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