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How Do They Do It? Have you ever wondered how PSC can maintain such a beautiful complex, yet still have one of the lowest club fees in the state? The answer is simple. It’s because of the incredible volunteers which have continued to support us for years. There are many different reasons why people volunteer. Some do it because it’s a requirement; others do it because they feel they have to. We are privileged to have a rare group of people who simply volunteer because they want to! They have demonstrated their compassion and unselfish caring with the countless hours they perform working behind the scenes mowing both complexes, striping fields, moving nets, etc. all season long. They see the club as a family and continue to demonstrate they are willing to do anything it takes to allow the players, parents and fans of this club an experience more memorable and enjoyable. These volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, on the contrary, it's because they're PRICELESS!

Volunteer Maintenance Crew Gordon Groves, Verne Genisio, Mike Flynn, David Rice, John Calnin, Sean Bowser, Bill Restivo & Norm Jansen


Table of Contents Opening Letter……………………………………………………………………………. 4 Welcome from Mayor Strazdas …………………………………………………………. 5 General City Area Map ………………………………………………………………….. 6 Field Location – Layout Map ………………………………………………………….... 7 Tournament Committee …………………………………………………………………. 8 Portage Soccer Complex & Zylman Cox Fields Rules ………………………………… 10 Soccer Club News ………………………………………………………………………… 11 Girls Schedules …………………………………………………………………………… 12 2012 Tournament Champions …………………………………………………………. 26 Boys Schedules …………………………………………………………………………… 30 Tournament Rules ………………………………………………………………………. 45 Academy Program ………………………………………………………………………. 52 Portage Soccer Club Tryout Information …………………………………………….. 55


PORTAGE SOCCER CLUB P. O. Box 1593 Portage, MI 49081-1593

June 6, 2013

Dear Soccer Friends:

Welcome to our 27th Annual Portage Soccer Classic Tournament. Tournament headquarters is the Portage Soccer Complex, the premier nine field facility in Southwest Michigan. Together with the adjoining fields at SoccerZone and the Portage Soccer Club practice facility, less than one mile away, all of your games will be at convenient locations. Our Tournament is made possible by the hard work of our Tournament Committee (over 100 years of experience and counting) and many volunteers from the Portage Soccer Club. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort these volunteers give to make the Tournament a success. Throughout this program you will find recognition of contributes to our success. We hope you all enjoy the weekend in our community and wish you the best of luck in your games. If you need anything, look for any of our Tournament volunteers in their bright green shirts. We are here for you. Finally, please remember that the games are for the player and let good sportsmanship prevail. David Rice Tournament Director/President Portage Soccer Club





Thank You To The 2013 Tournament Committee Director / Registrar

David Rice


Beth Elliston


Dana Pope – Got Soccer

Field Operations

Kathi Rice & Verne Genisio

Volunteer Coordinators

Dana Pope & Jennifer Welch

Vendors / Concessions

Kathy Brown

Program Book

Ken & Dana Pope

Program Sponsors

Gordon Groves, Marcia Cudney, Kathy Brown & Jay Hoffman

Referee Assignor /Coordinator

Gil Urban & Debi Genisio

T-Shirt Sales

Luanne Cook

Team Operations

Kim Maystead


Ken Pope


John Calnin & Jeff Lukasek /Premier Events

Trophies / Awards

Mike Elliston


Gary Maystead

Field Marshalls

Sean Bowser Verne Genisio Gordon Groves Ken Pope

David Rice Tournament Director

John Calnin Gary Gilchrist Werner Magg Bill Restivo





B.J. Snow Head Coach US U-17 Women’s National Team

The Portage Soccer Club (PSC) is proud of the accomplishments of our players; with the most recent noted accomplishment of PSC Alumnus B.J. Snow. At age 36 Snow, who is married to Lindsay Tarpley (also a PSC Alumni – two time Olympic champion and professional player) was recently named the U.S. Under17 Women’s National Team head coach. This is the first time this position has been a full time position. B.J. Snow began his travel soccer career with the Portage Soccer Club. He attended and played for Portage Central High School Mustangs before moving on to the University of Indiana. While there he was a four year starter and helped them grab four straight Big Ten titles and back-to-back national championships. He then returned to Portage where he began his coaching career with his alma mater. He served as head coach for the Mustangs Men’s program and assistant coach for the Women’s program. He then moved onto the University of California where he quickly moved from a voluntary to permanent coaching position. After serving as assistant head coach, in 2011 he was promoted to head coach where he led the Bruins to their second straight National title. In addition to coaching at UCLA, Snow served as the assistant coach for the United States Women’s National Under-20 Soccer Team in the Germany 2010 FIFA U-20 World Cup. In January of this year he was hired as the first ever full time head coach for the United States Women’s National Under-17 Soccer Team with the hope of guiding this team to the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup which will be held in 2014 in Costa Rica.



































RULES FIFA rules will apply to all games unless otherwise specified.

LENGTH OF GAMES All games will start at the scheduled time with a 5 minute break between halves. Games may be shortened at the discretion of Tournament Officials. Tournament officials also reserve the right to suspend or terminate games as they deem necessary. Game lengths are as follows: DIVISION U9 & U10 U11 & U12 U13 thru U16 U17 thru U19

GAME LENGTH 50 minutes (2 - 25 minute halves) 60 minutes (2 - 30 minute halves) 70 minutes (2 - 35 minute halves) 80 minutes (2 - 40 minute halves)

BALL SIZE #4 #4 #5 #5

UNIFORMS All teams must have an alternate set of jerseys. In the event of conflict of jersey colors, the home team (first team listed on schedule) will change uniforms. All players must wear shin guards covered by their socks. Casts, splints or body braces made of a hard substance must be covered on all outside surfaces with no less than ½ inch think padding to protect the injury. The referee’s decision to allow or not allow a cast is final.

VENUES All games will be played at the outdoor fields at the Portage Soccer Complex, PSC Zylman Cox Fields and SoccerZone.

VENUE RULES All venues (parking areas and fields) do not allow alcohol, tobacco or pets. Please leave these items at home.

REGISTRATION CHECK IN All teams are required to check-in their teams on either Thursday evening 5:00 – 8:30 PM or Friday evening 3:00 – 8:30 PM at SoccerZone (7187 S. Sprinkle Road, Portage) which is adjacent to the Portage Soccer Complex. A designated team contact and phone number will be required to facilitate emergency conditions. If your team cannot check-in during the designated times, please contact our Team Operations Director to make arrangements to check-in at least


one hour prior to your first game on Saturday at the Main Tent at the Portage Soccer Complex. Teams with the first game on Saturday morning, must complete check-in before Saturday. Each player must have a valid youth player pass and medical release form. All teams are required to have their player passes checked at their scheduled field at least 30 minutes prior to each game by the Field Coordinator assigned to that field. Coaches are required to bring medical release forms to all games.

RISK MANAGEMENT All coaches, assistant coaches, managers and any other volunteer on the sideline of the players must have a valid risk management card. Risk Management cards must be presented at team registration and at any time when requested by the Tournament Director. Team officials from state associations other than Michigan must provide their respective state association’s risk management or kid safe clearance documentation.


GAME 6 v 6 8 v 8 11 v 11



*maximum 18 players may dress per game.

TEAM ROSTERS An official team roster based on the 2012-2013 Seasonal year (8/1/12 – 7/31/13) must be on file with each team’s application. A final tournament roster must be submitted at the time of tournament check-in including any guest players. Players’ names cannot be added once the tournament begins. Guest players must have a valid player pass card, a medical release form and approved MSYSA guest player form (available from Guest players from other than Michigan need to use the guest player form available from their state association. Dual roster players may only be registered with and play on one team.

SCHEDULES AND SCORES Following the conclusion of a game, both coaches are required to sign the official scorecard attesting to the final score. The scorecard will then be given to the Field Coordinator or Field Marshal to be delivered to the Main tent within 45 minutes. Coaches are responsible for checking the accuracy of scores reported on the Official Scoreboard at the pavilion at the Portage Soccer Complex.


COACHES AND MANAGERS Teams shall take the same side of the field for their benches. Parents and spectators shall take the opposite sideline from the teams. No spectators are allowed behind the goal areas. The home team is located on the north side of the midfield line, provides a game ball and kicks off to begin the game. The away/visiting team is located on the south side of the midfield line. A maximum of 3 coaches per team is allowed. Teams must have a rostered coach or manager on its sideline. Coaches may not cross the center line. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team, parents and supporters. Tournament officials reserve the right to relocate teams as they deem necessary.

SUBSTITUTIONS Substitutions are to be made from the centerline. Substitutions may be made by either team at the following times: 1. Prior to a throw-in, with the following exception: if the team taking the throw-in does not substitute then substitution is prohibited. 2. Prior to a goal kick. 3. After a goal is scored. 4. For a player who has received a caution, but only if the game has not been restarted. The opposing team may substitute one for one. 5. Between halves (referee notification of substitution of goalkeeper is required). 6. After an injury when the referee stops play.

EJECTIONS Three yellow cards to any one player during the tournament will result in ineligibility for the next scheduled tournament game. One red card ejection will eliminate that player from the remainder of the game in which s/he is red carded and at least one more game as determined by the Tournament committee based on the gravity of the incident. No substitutions can be made for the red carded player during the red carded game. Abusive language is cause for ejection. Any player, coach, assistant or manager who does not sit out the related number of games during the tournament must sit out the required number of games starting with her/his next scheduled league game. Any coach who plays a red carded player who has not sat out the required game(s) will cause her/his team to forfeit games in which the ineligible player participated. All red and yellow cards will be reported to the applicable state association and league pursuant to MSYSA tournament regulations.


PROTESTS No protests or appeals are allowed. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final.

TIES Ties will be allowed to stand in preliminary rounds. For semi-final and final games, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, two 5 minute overtime periods will be played in their entirety (no sudden death endings). If the score is still tied at the end of the second 5 minute overtime, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA rules to determine the outcome of the game.

CONDITIONS OF PLAY A round robin or preliminary competition will be held. At the conclusion of the round robin play, all teams will be ranked within their group based on results of the preliminary games. Ties will be broken according to the “Performance Ranking Criteria.” This ranking will determine the teams which play in the finals. 

In the case of a division with 6 teams, the teams will be divided into 2 groups of 3 teams. After the 2 games of round robin play, the “Performance Ranking Criteria” will be used to rank the teams. For the third game, the top ranked team in the first bracket will play the second ranked team in the second bracket, and the winners will advance to the finals game; the third ranked teams will play each other in a consolation game. The third game will be considered a semi-final for purposed of breaking a tie at the end of regulation.

In the case of a Division with a single bracket of 4 teams, the top 2 ranked teams after round robin play will play in the finals.

In the case of a Division with 5 teams after the conclusion of 4 games of round robin play, the “Performance Ranking Criteria” will be used to rank teams. The top ranked team will be declared the winner and the second ranked team will be the runner up.

WILD CARD TEAMS In divisions where a wild card team advances to the semi-finals, Bracket A plays Bracket B and Bracket C plays the wild card team. If the wild card team is from Bracket C, then A plays the wild card team and B plays C.


PERFORMANCE RANKING CRITERIA Teams will be ranked in order of points earned for wins and ties (3 points for each win, 1 point for each tie, 0 points for each loss). Among teams with the same number of pints, final placing will be determined by the following tie-breaker rules which will be applied in the order outlined below. First Tie Breaker:

Head to head competition (not applicable if tie involved more than two teams).

Second Tie Breaker: A team will receive a bonus point for each goal scored up to 3 goals. No team can receive more than 3 bonus points per game. However, each goal allowed up to 3 goals in a game will be subtracted from their bonus point total. Examples: If Team A beats Team B by a score of 3-0, Team A receives 3 bonus points. If Team A beats Team B by a score of 4-1, Team A receives 2 bonus points. If Team A beats Team B by a score of 7-2, Team A receives 1 bonus points. If Team A beats Team B by a score of 5-3, Team A receives 0 bonus points. Third Tie Breaker: The team having the fewest goals scored against them will be determined to have the better record. Fourth Tie Breaker: Most wins during the preliminary round. Fifth Tie Breaker:

Penalty Kicks.

FORFEITS A maximum of five (5) minutes grace period will be allowed after a scheduled kick-off time before a game is awarded to an opponent (weather or tournament delays not included). A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team and if seven (7) players are present, the game will not be delayed. Any team leaving the field during play will result in a forfeit. In no case shall a team, which has forfeited a game, be declared a bracket or wild card team winner. All forfeited games will be recorded as a 3 to 0 win for the opposing team with maximum bonus points.

BLOOD SAFETY RULE If during the course of a game a player is witnessed to have an open sore or wound, the referee will require the player to leave the field. As in the case of an injury, the player can be substituted. The opposing team, if desired, may substitute (one for one). The referee will


determine the player’s status for return only after complete clean up (including uniform) has been accomplished.

INCLEMENT WEATHER In the unlikely event adverse weather necessitates reducing game length to complete the tournament by Sunday afternoon the tournament committee may modify schedules and game lengths as necessary. Unless tournament play has been suspended due to severe weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the game. Only referees and/or the Tournament Director can cancel or postpone a game. Severe weather before games: in cases of severe weather conditions before play, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of a game by 50%. Notifications of severe weather: should severe weather occur during the tournament play and the Tournament Committee suspends play, a seek shelter warning will be issued by the sounding of air horns or flags. For the safety of players and spectators, please adhere to this warning and clear the fields quickly and safely.

TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION In the event of tournament cancellation one week prior to the first day of play, teams will be refunded 50% of the tournament fee. No refunds due to cancellation once the tournament has begun.

U9, U10, U11 AND U12 RULES The players and coaches participating in the U9, U10, U11 and U12 divisions are subject to all tournament rules with the following exceptions: 1. All players must be registered with the USYSA or an affiliated organization (AYSO, SAY). 2. Teams and games may be co-ed. 3. Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage of play and are unlimited. 4. Club linesmen may be used. If needed, each team will supply one linesman for each game. 5. Offside rule will not be enforced in U9 and U0. 6. Finals games will be played for U9, U10, U11 and U12 divisions. A team trophy will be awarded for first and second place and players will receive individual first and second place awards. 7. All players and coaches will receive participation awards. 5/13







Soccer enthusiasts play with Portage Soccer Club!

If you want to develop your soccer skills, knowledge and passion, Portage Lightning is the answer. We offer quality training, tough competition and lots of fun. We offer all of this for a lower price than any local club. Join one of the largest soccer clubs in Southwest Michigan. Portage Soccer Club offers the following advantages to its players: Club owns & maintains a state of the art facility with nine beautiful fields Private practice fields – no fighting for space with other organizations Teams may play at Select, Elite or Premier level depending on team capabilities Sportsmanship, Respect & Integrity are core values Structured Non Profit organization run by a volunteer board which puts the interests of the players first and foremost Academy Play for U7/U8 Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches & Parents can be found on our website How much time is involved? Where are games played and how much travel is there? Teams usually practice 1 ½ hours – twice a week during the season Two seasons: eight games in the fall & eight games in the spring Home games played at Portage Soccer Complex located on Bishop Road Away games are played at surrounding clubs (usually not more than an hour away – many much closer) What does it cost? Club fees for 2013 – 2014 Season

Academy Elite/Select (Spring and Fall) High School (Spring or Fall) High School MRL & Premier (Spring or Fall)

$ 60 $235 $170 $250

Same uniform previous season; new uniforms purchased through Team Gazelle approximately $115 full set Like any Non-Profit group Volunteer time is necessary. Volunteer time includes Portage Soccer Classic Tournament & concessions 1-3 times per year Scholarships available – see website for details For more information & to sign up for tryouts visit our website: 56

Portage Soccer Club Tryout Information Where:

Portage Soccer Complex 4422 Bishop Road Portage, Michigan

Dates & Times: Registration starts 30 minutes prior tryout time *Premier: Girls

*MRL Boys

*Premier Boys

Elite/Select Girls

Elite/Select Boys

June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012

June 16, 2012

June 18th 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

June 19th 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

9:30 AM – 11:00 PM

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

June 20th 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

June 20th 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

2012 – 2013 Coaching Staff Birth Date Range


August 1, 2005 – July 31, 2007 August 1, 2004 – July 31, 2005

U7 – U8 U9

August 1, 2003 – July 31, 2004


August 1, 2002 – July 31, 2003


Team Academy Portage SC 05 Portage SC 04 Green Portage SC 04 White Portage SC 03 Green Portage SC 03 White

Boys Coach

Girls Coach Mark Murry Scott Eby

Mark Murry Scott Henry Scott Henry Tim Kish

Portage SC 02 Green August 1, 2001 – July 31, 2002


Portage SC 02 White

John Twiehaus

Portage SC 02 Yellow August 1, 2000 – July 31, 2001


Portage SC 01

August 1, 1999 – July 31, 2000


Portage SC 00

August 1, 1998 – July 31, 1999 August 1, 1997 – July 31, 1998 August 1, 1996 – July 31, 1997 August 1, 1994 – July 31, 1996

U15 U16 U17 U17-U19

Portage SC 99 Portage SC 98 Portage SC 97 Green Portage SC 97 White

August 1, 1995 – July 31, 1996


Portage SC 96 Green

Mark Murry & Brian Lam

Vu Le/Wayne Harpenau Deb Kreps Russ Mitchell Mark DeClercq Doug Lovell & Wayne Harpenau Wayne Harpenau & Doug Lovell Wayne Harpenau & Neil Saucier David Rice Paul Knight

Vu Le *David Rice *Vu Le Jim Kelly

David Rice Jerry Orwin *Paul Knight TBD *Vu Le

What to bring: Water bottle

Shin guards

Ball – appropriate size


What coaches look for: Selected players will possess a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and above average soccer ability. Portage Soccer Club wants players who possess an intense desire to train and compete at the highest level with a passion for the sport of soccer.



2013 Portage Classic ebook program  

Portage Classic Soccer Tournament

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