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No.1 February, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE By Odbileg Ganbaatar

Welcome back! Hope you guys had a brilliant vacation through the break. Hope you guys make tons of memories thi s semester. I am very thrilled and excited for this semester, thrilled and excited for this semester, because I was given the chance to bring MIU View back. To me it is such an honor to be in this position and lead MIU View. I am very thankful of MIU for giving me this opportunity. Also I am very thankful for every single one in MIU View for this happen as well. I couldn’t do this without them. To be honest, the reason I wanted to bring MIU View back was because I wanted to be in the field of Journalism or in the Writing field in the future. Because I think words are sweet and it can create love or make someone’s day better. Or on the other hand it can be a knife and hurt someone or, at the worst it can kill someone. Words are very powerful, but for me I find it enchanting. In this society Journalism has an important role and I hope that MIU View will have an important role in MIU with the help of the power of words. We’re all not familiar yet but, learning as we make every single thing of the newspaper. Still, we might lack in many ways but we will put all our effort to make it better and better on each issue. If you have any suggestions and criticism, feel free to contact us. So now lay back and enjoy the news!

Happy students are celebrating the New Year Party.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! By Odbileg Ganbaatar

With a theme “New Year in New York” the MIU’s New Year was held at school on the 21st of December. Everyone was dressed up, classy and elegant. As soon as people arrived to the red carpet, they take pictures at the photo booth. The night was divided into dinner, ceremony, cheese cake at the new book café and dance with the performers from the outside. The first part of the night was which was served in the cafeteria. The dinner included pizza, chicken, fries and salad. On the wall of the cafeteria there was a big long paper where we can write our feelings and opinions. That white paper was actually painted by beautiful feelings. This was the first part of the night. See NYNY, page 3


See Flashback Last Semester, page 2-3

Flashback, page 2-3

Winter Vacation, page 4

In Mongolia, page 5

New semester with new year, but we all look forward instead looking back. So here we are looking back at everything from last semester.

MIU has a tradition of taking students on a trip during the winter vacation. This year they toke a trip to places such as China and United States.

As college students, we need to be smart when it comes to money if we wish to be successful in the future.

Why not backward before foreword?

Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Are we using the government stipend correctly?


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Flashback Last Semester


Who became the next MIU Pop Star? Odbileg Ganbaatar

Last semester the Student Union came up with a new event which is MIU Pop Star. MIU Pop Star is a singing competition which had two stages. The first stage was held on November 16th and around 25 people signed to audition. On this day every performers performed their songs and their talent was spreading in the room. The judges were Professor Joanne, Professor Kimberly, Romah and MG from the student affairs. Everyone had amazing talents and was unique in their own ways, but unfortunately the judges had to make their decision and pick the top ten. These top ten performers got the chance to go for the final round. The judges also gave another chance to two performers by letting them go to the final round. So in the last round there were twelve performers. On November 22nd the last round was held in the main hall

and was full of people that some people didn’t have seats. John Ko and his band opened the night by performing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. They rocked the stage with having standing ovation. Next, the nervous contestants came out one by one and sang their songs. This time it was much more competitive than the first stage.

The National English Championship Amgalan Enkhtaivan

The National English Championship took place on November 23, 2013. This competition was organized by the National Youth Exchange and Scholarship Center of Mongolia. Over twelve thousands of high school and university students participated in this competition. The competition was divided into two types, type A and type B. The participants in Type A didn’t have any materials to prepare beforehand; on the other hand, the testing material was given to participants who were enrolled in type B. The testing material for Type B was about fourteen pages long. Participants had to memorize ten articles and each of them was at least a page long, and over eight-hundred ninety new words. Even though the Olympiad was challenging, the sheer number of participant was monumental and so was the prize. The first prize was five million togroks.

The second prize was two million togroks, and the third prize money was one and a half million togroks. There were many people who were able to get Silver and Bronze due to the grading system. If your completion rate was above 71 percent, you are automatically qualified for a Bronze medal. If your score was above 81 percent, you are automatically qualified for a Silver medal. Unfortunately, there can be only one gold medalist. As for our school, FD student Nomin.M got in 5th place, and our IM senior, Dulguun got in 5th place as well. Other students did well and received bronze and silver medals. As for our school, MIU was able to get in 2nd place due to overall scores of each participant from MIU. Next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if students from MIU get the gold medal and the highest score overall.

The contestants challenged themselves by singing Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Adele and many great artists. The judges of this day were, Professor Saebum, Professor Charles, Professor SunJung Kim and few other professors. Before the results there were special performances as well.

Since this is a competition the judges must chose the winner and the next MIU Pop Star was Uyanga(IT4), Tsenguun (IM 2) and Youngseon (IM 1) by singing a medley. Youngseon sang a Mongolian song by Bold and melted many girls’ hearts and they continued on by singing songs such as Officially Missing You and Merry You. The second place went to Dulguun (IM 1) by also singing a medley. First he sang a Nossa combining acoustic guitar and a harmonica then he went on singing a Lovely Night which is a Korean song and Lazy Song. The third price when to Rahmatullo(IT 2) who sang Kayfuem, a Russian song and was ruling the main hall like a king. Congratulations to those who won. Hope MIU Pop Star will be held next year as well!

«Open Fellowship» Altanzul Purevsuren

This part is about «Open Fellowship» which is one of the biggest parts of MIU. If you have not known what it is it yet, my news will be good for you. Enjoy! Meaning of the Open Fellowship is having an open fellowship. It’s a place where we can have real friendship with God. Open Fellowship is the same age as MIU. In the other hand, it was established when MIU was started. It has several good parts, but there are four main parts: worship, sermon, prayer and cell group meeting. WORSHIP: Worship is the first part of the open fellowship. There is praise team who worships God with you. It is worshiping God. We honor God by praising him. SERMON: After the worship, we have sermon time. MIU professors talk God’s words. They share God’s word with us from Bible. It is blessing to receive God’s touching words.

PRAYER: Prayer is power. Through prayer we heal each other, we help each other and we love each other. Also, it is one way to communicate with the living God. In the other words, we talk to God. CELL GROUP MEETING: Last exciting part of Open Fellowship is cell group meeting. It continues from 15-25 minutes. In each cell group there is a cell group leader. He or she will welcome you warmly. Of course, yummy snacks will be provided during the cell group. Now I hope you have an imagination about the Open Fellowship. Please come! It’s held every Tuesday at 6:40 in the Main Hall. Let’s worship God together!

February, 2014

Flashback Last Semester


New Year in New York Odbileg Ganbaatar

After the dinner, there was a ceremony for awarding the outstanding students from each department and each grade. Many talented students received their award as they give their acceptance speech. Also there were performances from MIU students; maybe it was better if they sang seasonal songs rather than love songs. The MCs of the night were Professor Saebum who is a New Yorker and IM Senior Dulguun (Timmy). Dessert time was next! Dessert, which was a chocolate cake and cheese cake from Sakura Bakery, was provided at the New Book café. Unfortunately the space was limited in the New Book Café, and people were squeezing to fit in, but everyone seemed happy to visit the new book café and spend some time there. Later the night there was a dance party with bands from outside and also from MIU. Everyone was enjoying the moment and each other’s company at that time dancing underneath the neon lights. Ending the night there was something that didn’t happen last year which was countdown and blowing Champaign.

Professors also like to have fun!

Everyone enjoyed their non-alcohol drinks. Hope everyone enjoyed the night and made it one of the best nights ever. Later the Student Union toke a survey on the internet and got 7.8 out of 10. According to the people who gave the survey, they said that the best part was decoration,

On the other hand they criticized that the food was bad, cold and wasn’t enough. The dessert time at the new book café was much unorganized. Also someone said that the university name on the ticket was wrong. Their suggestions for the next year was, have activities with the couples, have activities that involve the audiences and have the music seasonal.

Celebrating New Year in New York!

FD Exhibition Nomin Margad-Erdene

Fashion design department has held their interim exhibition to showcase their students’ works over the year on 21th to 22ns November of the last year, in the T-Hall. The exhibition included demonstration of their designing process, illustrations by students, highlights of the knits and clothes made by students in past and the 2013 Senior Fashion collection was projected on the screen. Fashion design department had introduced many interesting designs, including the collection “Harmony of elements” by B.Uugantuya, which got into the top 12 of the Audi Star Creation Show in Singapore. B. Uugantuya has successfully demonstrated her collection in the May 2013 in Singapore. However, her collection was not the only highlight of the exhibition.¬ Many people wanted to buy the designs made by our fashion design students! Curators of the show had said that almost every

«Nomi-Erdene in Enkh-Orgils knit dress.»

second person who came in had asked if they were selling them. The red knit dress by present senior Enkh-Orgil was sold and worn to the MIU Christmas Party by one of our freshmen, Nomin-Erdene. It seems like Fashion Design department

«Exhibition of that day.»

is successfully dressing up our students. The exhibition got a good response from teachers and students in general. Professor Noel Horton said: “It is a good exhibition, I liked the demonstration of the design processes.”

The exhibition also included knitwear and scarfs by juniors and sophomores, hand painted t-shirts by senior JongHo and selected outfits from each of the senior collections.

During Winter Vacation


February, 2014

Farewell to our Teachers Javkhlan Amgalan

“Very sophisticated and endearing at the same time and his fatherly figure and personality makes everyone around him comfortable and easy to have conversation.”

IM department senior, Onon.J

- What Mr. Ryan is like as a teacher? What is his best advantage compared to other teachers? All of Mr. Ryan’s classes were interesting indeed. He tends to teach everything in a most easy and efficient way. I think all students who took his class could say that. His new style of teaching always distinguished him from other professor.

«Ryan Newman»

This year, our amazing teachers from 2 departments are heading to their country for good, leaving their valuable lessons and precious memories in MIU. We will always be grateful for everything the professors have done in this school, in this country. Hence, we prepared following interview with students from leaving teachers’ departments.

- Would you please share us your memorable moments with Mr. Ryan? - For two years of being his assistant, I can say he is a really good father in his young age. With a 3 children and his wonderful wife we went to Gachuurt to see Mongolian beautiful nature with his family and some other student during spring semester vacation. His astoundingly caring spirit looked through his spending and caring every hour with his children. May God brighten his every step while walking in the path of truth and bless all your beloved ones now and always.

«Noel Horton» BT department senior Dadko.B

- What does Mr. Noel Horton a great teacher? What are his outstanding features?

- He was the most caring and considerate teacher who with a sophisticated and endearing personality in a same time. Moreover, his method of teaching was flexible indeed, not captured in old-fashioned way with the most proper eloquence. Bearing the fatherly figure featuring grand honesty, Noel Horton was absolutely the best of MIU.

- How did Mr. Noel Horton influence your life? - He was like my father. I was so honored for having him as a teacher for around 4 years. Thank you for everything. Every word he said, every lesson he taught through his action have retained in our hearts irreplaceably. I wish him every little beautiful thing, love, success to him and his amazing family. I am very thankful for him. The men of honors, they gave us not only the academic knowledge to become a leader, they gave us the immeasurable life lessons through their act. And it will remain in our heart, retain in our soul for the rest of our glowing future.

Want free education in USA? Odbileg Ganbaatar

«Many of us want to go to the States for studying, but because the tuition fee is very expensive we can’t. We end up hoping that we didn’t have to pay tuition fee. Well, there are actually few schools in the states where we don’t have to pay tuition fee.» Cooper Union

College of the Ozarks

Berea College

Webb Institute

This school used to give scholarship to every student who enrolled. But from this fall, the award will only cover the half. The scholarships are merit-based, so students can apply for need-based financial aid to cover remaining tuition.

Every student who is a full-time student receives free college tuition. But the students are required to work 15 hours a week. Because of this the school is nicknamed “Hardwork U”. They also provide summer work program to cover the cost of room and board.

Everyone gets a full-tuition scholarship. Like College of the Ozarks the school also has a work and study program to help students with other costs such as such as food, room and board. Students also receive a free laptop computer from the school.

According to “The Princeton Review” Webb Institute is ranked among the Best Value Colleges in America. This engineering school provides full tuition scholarships to anyone one who enrolls.

During Winter Vacation

February, 2014


Vision Trip

MIU has a tradition of taking students on a trip during the winter vacation. This year they toke a trip to places such as China and United States.

Uyanzul Ulziibayar

«Nongshim Factory» The main purpose of this trip is to broaden our perspective and make our visions clearer by experiencing new culture, places and people. We started our trip on January 6th with 14 members, including 3 teachers and 11 students. Our destinations were Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. First, we visited Beijing and when you are in China, you can’t miss The Great Wall Of China. People claim that the only man-made object visible from space is the Great Wall but we didn’t see it from the space, instead we had the chance to walk on it. We also experienced Beijing Duck

«In Shanghai»

and a very strange meal, “fried scorpions”. Next stop was Tianjin which is one of the five national central cities in People’s Republic of China. In Tianjin, we visited Young Chang, which is a Korean piano manufacturer and industrial wood working machinery. After Tianjin we went to Shanghai. At one of the famous towers in the world, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, there was a floor which is made of glass up at the height of 350m. The exciting part was that we walked and jumped on it. We also had the chance to visit one of

our favorite instant noodles company Nongshim. Then, we took off to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has one of the best universities. We got a chance to audit lectures from two universities; Hong Kong Polytech University (ranked 2nd for its Hotel Management in the world) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The president of Hong Kong Polytech University, taught us about vision and motivation. Hong Kong University’s lecture was related to IT. Our last city was Guangzhou which is

«China, At the Great Wall»

well known for its food and their reputation doesn’t lie. Throughout the whole trip, not only we visited great places, but the local people we met shared great love and treated us like brothers and sisters. Everywhere we went, we felt like we were in our uncle’s house because of those warm hearted people from the churches in China. They will always remain in our hearts. We learned a lot through this trip and this trip helped us to broaden our views and made our visions clearer and stronger.

During Winter Vacation


«Times Square, New York City»

«At Virginia University» We think MIU vision trip is one of the coolest things you can do during your college years. Our team were consisted of 4 Mongolian students, 2 Korean students and 2 instructors ( Sug-hun Bumm and Sung-pill Park). This year we went to the east coast; New York, Boston, Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey and Philadelphia. It was little chilly and snowy but we are from Mongolia, so we survived through it!

February, 2014

During our trip, we met many nice people who were always ready to help us. One of them lent their home for a week in New York. We admired many Koreans who live in the USA successfully. We thought we should learn from their life experiences and reflect them on ourselves.

We were so glad that we visited Harvard University, Yale University, MIT and University of Virginia, they are top universities in the world. Also we have been to many great places that most people would like to visit such as Manhattan view, Empire State, The Statue of Liberty, United Nation, NBA game, Comcast tour, memorials and museums in Washington DC, New England Aquarium and so on.

During the trip, our team members became close and we made nice memories with each other. This trip was one the most memorable moments in our life.


«USA, Washington D.C.»

«At Virginia University»

«On the way to America»

Motivation to Study

February, 2014


Are we using the government stipend


Amgalan Enkhtaivan

Every Mongolian university student gets a monthly stipend of 70200 togroks, and those who have exceptional GPA get extra money from the government. There have been many controversial talks concerning this monthly stipend. Many people claim that this money is spent on clubs, alcohol and cigarettes. Other people claim that this stipend is necessary for students who have trouble paying their tuition. Either way, all students will receive the money. As college students, we need to be smart when it comes to money if we wish to be successful in the future. So, naturally it leads us to a question of «How to spend this monthly stipend of 70200».

There are many smart ways to spend monthly stipend. One of the most popular ways is to put all the money in a savings account where it can earn fifteen percent interests.

Considering the fact that last year’s inflation rate was almost as eight percent, most of your money will be eaten away by inflation. But your money will still earn a little interest Another way is to invest it in companies by buying stocks. When it comes to making any financial decision, you should always do your research and be educated. Similarly, you can choose to invest your money in currency market, better known as the Forex market. The chances of you losing your money are much higher, therefore most people prefer stocks over currency trading.

Last but not least, you can choose to develop your own business. Recently, the concept of start-up has been very popular. In many well developed countries, there have been many start-up boot camps where people go to get help in starting their own business Mongolia faces many problems and this creates a huge opportunities for entrepreneurs. In Summary, as college students, we are learning how to make decisions about our life. Let us make sure that every decision we make is a good one.

The Purpose of your time in this University Amgalan Enkhtaivan

Congratulations. You are a student at a university. You are one step closer to your dreams and goals. All of the students are working very hard to learn as much as they can. Your parents pay a lot of money for you to go to school. Everyone runs out of will power so I am here to help you revitalize. I am sure all of you know the world famous Harvard University. To succeed in that school, one must follow certain rules to accomplish great things. I would like to share the 15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students. I hope these rules will motivate you to study harder.

1. If you fall asleep now, your fancy will appear in dreams, for sure. Although, if you prefer studying to sleeping, your fancy will come true. 2. When you think it is too late, it is still timely. 3. Suffering from studying is temporary. Suffering from nescience is infinite. 4. Studying is not about time, it is about efforts. 5. Life is not for studying only, but if you are not able to pass even through this part of the life, what then are you good at, at all? 6. Exertion and efforts can be pleasant, as well. 7. Only those who fulfill everything earlier, only those who expend efforts, can be truly delighted with their success. 8. To succeed in everything is not for everyone. Success though comes only accompanied by self- improvement and determination. 9. Time slips past. 10. Slaver today will turn into tears tomorrow. 11. Realists are those who contribute something to the future. 12. Your salary is directly-proportional to your level of education. 13. Today will never come back. 14. Even now your enemies are greedy turning the leaves of books.

«Harvard Library (four o’clock in the morning)»

15. Only sweating will you be earning.

Promoting Healthy Foods in Our Cafeteria

MIU View Team

Javkhlan Amgalan

Healthy Living is well recognized nowadays, the people start to embrace healthful diet for their own good. Exercise regularly and stay in shape. As a result, it will prevent the cardiovascular diseases and obecity. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends to fill your plate with colorful varied vegetables and fruits. These healthful food groups help you live longer, stay slimmer, and cut your risk of hear disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

And the other half of your plate with whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal. Also the legumes, another name for beans, peas and lentils which are the great sources of fiber, calcium and protein. According to that, it would be a joyful event if our school cafeteria promotes more vegetable oriented, healthy food to students. That would be the one big contribution to our students future. A Healthy person is a happy person and a happy person produces the great. And MIU produces The GREAT.

Charles Lee

Seungyun Suh

“Carpe diem”

«Without music, life would be empty.»

Odbileg Ganbaatar

Altanzul Purevsuren



Entertainment Editor-in-Chief


«Writing to express, not to impress.»

“Let’s make MIU view that you want!”

Amgalan Enkhtaivan

Javkhlan Amgalan



«Enjoy life!»

«Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.»

Enkhjin Otgonbat

Aiaal Romanov

«Never forget to say Thank You»

«The best you can is good enough»



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