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November 2013

Halloween, Happy but Scary

M.M Studio

Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Greg Lindeman Head Editor Hi, I'm Greg I'm 25 and I am from Rockwall, Texas, USA. I attended Texas Tech University where i received a BA in History, Political Science and Psychology. Recently I am following the Cleveland Cavaliers as they try to make the NBA playoffs, reading 'A Storm of Swords' by George. R.R. Martin, listening to Arcade Fire's new CD 'Reflektor', and continuing to explore all Suzhou has to offer.

It is with great pleasure that we at MM bring you our second edition! The writers, editors, and designers have worked tirelessly this month to bring you our most detailed issue. We have even added many new features to MM including a RenRen page. I believe the sky is the limit as we continue working hard on delivering the most up to date news and information from around our university, Suzhou, and the world! At MM we believe it is important to progress each month, to bring you a better, more vivid magazine each time. We believe that giving up is easy, but those who stay strong and face adversity head on are those who do great things. After you finish reading this edition please add us on RenRen so you can find exclusive videos, comics, articles and much more there! We hope the second edition brings you even more pleasure than the first. Feel free to email us your thoughts at

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py b ut s cary

In the west October is a lways a fun because of H month alloween. Ha lloween is for It’s on the 31st a ll ages. October—a h appy but scary day. Families, busi nesses and sc hools will de their respecti corate ve places wit h skeletons, festive signs, w itches, and anything else that can their abode make look scary. Families wil pumpkins, w l buy hich are the symbol of Ha Pumpkins wil lloween. l be carved into a jack-o like a spooky -lantern face, and the n adults will candle inside put a to light it up . Children li very much. ke this Kids really h ave fun this day because dress up as an they can yone they lik e. When Octo comes the kid ber 31st s will dress up in the co g ra b a H a stumes ll o w e e n b u c k e t o r fo professional r m o re trick-or-treate rs they will pillow case (t grab a o fill up with more candy) door to door and go knocking yell ing "trick or So, you bette treat". r prepare can dies for the they will get n k id s or asty and play a trick on you . For college students and adults, Hallo also a fun tim ween is e to dress up a nd go to partie their friends. s with The parties consist of a socializing, d lot of rinking, and fun party gam best costumes es, the wins a prize o f some sort a a fun time to n d it is step out of y our ordinary and become so clothes meone else fo r a day. TIP: A good costume is ve ry important. kit, vampire Zombie fangs, werew o lf, skull or a clown are all scary good choices. So, did you h ave fun on this happy and sca this year? Se ry day nd us some photos of wh dressed up a t you as and we will choose costume for the best our first an nual MM C Contest. Winn ostume ers will receiv e a prize.

Single’s Day comes,are you still single?

ber lebrated on Novem ce lly ua us , ay D ’s Single ay in China. It was th , is an unofficial holid 11 sities in at various univer ) first celebrated Jiangsu Province of ty ci l ita ap (c Nanjing ngle mmemorate the si co to s 90 19 e th during since e students have eg ll co se he T . life on still r university traditi graduated but thei survives. y for all now a special da it Single’s Day is rprisingly enough, su d an hs ut yo e bl fashiona tries. some western coun in r la pu po ng tti is ge is e because the date m na its t go ay D Single’s me on es . A s th e na ur fo of ed is pr co m is one tively new holiday la re is th s, te ca di in living the ople who are still exclusively for pe n I bit surprised whe a as w I e. lif single found on the Internet, I ay D ’s le ng Si d le gogg e world only country in th e th is na hi C at th singles to a special day for that has set aside . celebrate their lives ay is to lebrate Single’s D The best way to ce it’s single friends and ur yo ith w er nn have di their each person pays at th t an rt po im also . Some their independence own share to show s in an ld blind date partie people will also ho es. e to their single liv by od go d bi to pt attem e to oose to say goodby ch so al s le ng si y Man you do this day. What did d their single lives on us your stories an nd Se ? ay D 's le this Sing ated ld how you celebr or w e th ow sh n we ca . your independence


0 5 As we are beginning to see, some western festivals are becoming even more popular than Chinese traditional festivals, especially among the younger generation. Though it may lead to the loss of some traditional values, these holidays can make our life more colorful and full of fun.

Writer Holly

Thursday Nov.28,Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving Day is a national ho liday celebrated primarily in the United Stat es and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the ha rvest and of the pr eceding year. Several othe r places around th e world observe similar ce lebrations. It is ce le br ated on the fourth Thur sday of Novembe r in the United States and on the second Mon day of October in Canad a. Thanksgiving ha s its historical roots in religious and cu ltu ral traditions, and has long been celebrat ed in a secular manner as well. Here I will show you how western people celebrate it. Families will plan on how to bring ev eryone together so they can share their ha ppiness with one anothe r. Schools are cl osed for almost a week. Dur ing the Thanksgiv ing Day the family meets and begins their day of celebration.


the tuned to is V T and orning the the mom's d n a In the m e d ra king ing day pa turkey, ma e th Thanksgiv g n ri a et are prep serole, swe s a c n a e grandma's b en ie, tatoes, gre ie, apple p p in k p mashed po m u eir esh rolls, p mily has th fa ry potatoes, fr e v E n the ch more! to place o t a and so mu h w t u o ions ab s it a very e k a m h own tradit ic h girls m table w guys and e h T dining roo r. a e the e of the y talk with d n a unique tim e id ts or they y go ou for a while will usuall n e e s t o n es, y have , horsesho ll a tb o family the fo food American tball as the e k s will play a b r o , baseball bocce ball . is cooking od is all the fo d n a s e e big time com s sit at th lt u d When the a e th the e served kids go to e th ready to b d n a gin g table milies be fa e main dinin th re and ble. Befo ankful for th re a smaller ta y e th ll of say what glasses fu ir e eating they th k n they cli afterwards eers. and say ch r e e b r o e win mily one the fa d re a s e e some main entr and play m o After the ro g in the liv let their to V T will go to h tc es or wa pumpkin board gam . Then the dessert of ed. At ettle being serv in g stomachs s e b ll a ay their eesecake families s pie and ch e th y t a d f the the busies e n o r the end o fo re 'Black and prepa r, called a e y goodbyes e th on sale days of rything is e v shopping e t u o b a ere just Friday' wh w prices. for very lo

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Every pumpkin can express one part of me.

How did you spend your Halloween?

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What is going on in campus this November? College news will tell you everything.

COLLEGE NEWS Writer: Steven

Copyright: M.M Studio

1. Heavy Rain Drowns Our School Leftovers from a strong typhoon struck Suzhou causing a heavy rain to flood our streets and sidewalks. Most of us may have never seen a rain as heavy as this, but we still had to have classes under this unparalleled heavy rain. Let us hope we do not see this kind of weather again any time soon.

2. Grand Welcome Party Held by the Organization Federation On the 18th of October, a party was held to welcome the new students by Organization Federation at the track and field arena. It was really an amazing party which cost over 40,000Yuan. I think you must have great fun if you were there as music played loudly for all the students to dance to. Looking around there were smiling faces everywhere. For a moment I forgot I was at my University, I thought I was at a Jay Chou concert. So many people waved their cell phones as the music and performances swept us into the late night. It was really a time to remember!

3. Fixed Gears is becoming popular The flats arranged for the freshmen this semester are far from the new campus. Having a bicycle has became necessary for each freshman. Young boys usually want an individualized bicycle. Look at the picture, do you want a bicycle like this?

0 5

4. Tutors from UK Delivering Modules at the IES Recently, a group of tutors from the University of South Wales came to our school. They taught the students in the IES for 2 weeks. Our university has been cooperating with the University of South Wales for several years now. This cooperation provides students an excellent chance to broaden their horizons while they study aboard.

5.Wonderful Dragon Dance at the College Sport Meeting The Dragon Dance is a common occurrence during USTS’s sports event, and it was once again performed at this year’s sport games. This Dragon Dance was made by students from the different departments in our university. Every department was in charge of designing a part of the dragon making it nearly 200 meters long!

6. Sports Meeting The annual sports meeting was held at our school's Track and Field Stadium on Oct.25 and Oct.26 this year. The athletes and staff from Jiangfeng, Shihu and Tianping were in full spirits. The sports meeting was divided into three parts-----the opening ceremony, the competition and the closing ceremony. The opening ceremony was very wonderful and interesting. Teams from the different colleges each had their own unique and creative way to show themselves off. Walking, dancing and shouting slogans, they showed us an energetic

generation and proved their determination to fight in the various games that were provided. After the show, there was a dragon dance performed by the students. This year’s was a really great one. Originally, the dragon was dancing to the music elegantly and then, with the colorful smoke rising, it flied to the sky. Seeing such an amazing scene the people all screamed and clapped! The competitions included running, jumping, high jump, medicine ball, and rope skipping. Different colleges were also divided into different groups.

This year, during the regular competition, there was a special game. Several little boys and girls had a running race on the playground. Like the adults, they also became running when the shot started. All the audience cheered for them and applauded when they reached the finish line. Now that the sports meeting has finished we still

feel excited when recalling those interesting two days. Everyone who took part learned from it and grew. I believe next year our sport meeting will be much more wonderful! Thanks to all athletes and workers who dedicated their time and efforts to making this sports meeting an event to remember.

Star Players

Jin Lian Sophomore 100m; 200m; 400m; 4*100m “I think what’s important on the sports field is not only the efforts made by the athletes, but also the supporters behind them. If there’s no audience sitting on the stand and encouraging us, we won’t have so much confidence or energy to run the last few meters. Why we can take part in the games largely depends on the logistics and the audience.” She thought the sports meeting is not only the athletes’ sports meeting, but everyone’s, so each of us is responsible for the competition.

Zhang Sheng Freshman Jump; medicine ball; 4*100m “Getting to the final is just like our football team reaching the World Cup. If I just competed in our own college, I think no one could run faster than me. But in the whole school competition, maybe I can just say ‘he, he’ because there are many more good athletes. And I feel confident in the following medicine ball competition. I am good at it.” As a freshman, he was a brave boy and full of confidence. The sports meeting was interesting and he had fun when playing together with his opponents and teammates.

Lu Mengjing Freshman 100m; 200m; 4*100m “After running, I felt tired. However, whether I have the award is not so important. Participation is what really counts. Doing sports is a kind of happiness. In the following 4*100m, I’m the third leg and I believe I can finish it well.” This girl was really cute. I was impressed by the word she says-----doing sports is a kind of happiness. I think this is what the message the sports meeting wants to convey.

6 0

Our athletes all made great efforts not only for themselves but also for their colleges.











0 7

A Man Named Tyler F



. arning is for you w is th n e th is th g If you are readin r e print is anothe fin ss le se u is th eed read of ther things you n Every word you o ve a h t o n u yo e. Do think of second off you lif u honestly can't yo t a th ty p m e so re you so to do? Is your life moments Or a se e th d n e d sp ive respect an g a better way to u yo t a th ty authori you read everything impressed with u yo o D it im a ho cl u are credence to all w k everything yo in th u yo o D d a ld you should to are supposed re re a u yo t a Buy wh a member of the t e supposed think e M t. n e m rt a p verf your a shopping and o want Get out o e iv ss e xc e e th top alive. opposite sex. S ht. Prove you are fig a rt ta S . b jo r you will become a u yo obsessing. Quit ity n a m u h aim your If you do not cl been warned.” ----Tyler statistic. You have

If I was exiled to a desert island and only permitted to take one film, I would choose this one without hesitation, Fight Club. Many people consider this film as a visual masterpiece. If I only stay in the angle of the shaky lens, sharp cuts and rich colors, I am afraid David Fincher will be If you are reading this then this disappointed in me. The warning is for you. Every word you spiritual core and selfread of this useless fine print is another second off you life. You salvation in the film is more have been warned. violent than the furious appearance which seems to be anti-social, anti-human and boring, empty, and suffering from insomnia. He worked as an anti-morality. accident-processor in a big car Jack, a thirty-year-old white- company. As all the department collar man, found himself lonely, managers did, his boss was acerb,

Writer Shawn FIGHT CLUB

disable and was always finding something wrong with him. In order to satisfy his vanity, he bought all kinds of luxuries, just as many of the so called elites do. In a matter of decades we walk through this life not knowing when it may end. At what point in life do we become preoccupied by whether the cloth we are wearing is made of cashmere or silk. After coming upon the big stage with the bright lights, the majority of people will become vulgar, cautious and obsequious, just like Jack. So, it’s necessary to let Tyler destroy it.

8 0

The things you own end up owning you. Tyler is Jack's friend. He is handsome, strong, agile, wise, brave, fearless, wild and unruly. He became Jack’s mentor and taught Jack how to walk out of his weakness step by step. When Jack fought with someone wantonly he vomited blood and yelled without scruple, he became a real man. As Tyler said, "how can you know yourself without a fight?". Since childhood we were brainwashed by adults, they told us to be obedient, be careful, be benevolent and support the old lady with your hands to help her cross the road and then write it into composition. I n t h i s w a y, w e b e c o m e hypocritical, ordinary even vulgar and we lost the courage to pursue the self and our freedom.

"you’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your khakis. You’re not the all-singing, alldancing crap of the world." If so then what are we, what makes us...human, what makes you ... you?

hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history. No purpose or place. We have no great war. No great depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won’t. We’re slowly learning that When the film first showed in the fact. And we’re very, very pissed theaters, a lot of moralists came off." out and said that not only was it filled with violent, bloody, sexual, and black scenes, but also a challenge to god. It was substantially disrespectful and a humiliation to mankind. But we should know that the real faith can’t be broken forever.

Should we be antihuman? Actually It ended with what Taylor know yourself. In this world what said, "advertising has us chasing can represent you? As Tyler said, cars and clothes, working jobs we

0 9













In October four tutors from the University of South Wales; Rae Gordon, Jeff Hutchinson, Rickie Lee, and Shane Galvin came to the International Education School to teach the engineering students who are planning to go abroad their senior year. M.M was able to secure an exclusive interview with these four tutors to talk about Suzhou, education, studying abroad and cultural differences.

1. Before you came to Suzhou, what were you thoughts of Suzhou, did they change after you got here?

2. Do you change your teaching style when you teach Chinese students, if so, how do you prepare before you teach us?

Ricky: This is my first time to Suzhou and I’ve been told that this is one of the most beautiful cities in China. After living in the city for a week, I was amazed by its views, the rivers (there are so many of them around the city!), the gardens etc. To be honest, the city is much better than I thought. Apart from its beauty, the city is also full of prosperity and development opportunities! It is also close to the mega cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing and serves as a manufacturing hub in the Changjiang Delta region. Great food, nice people, a fantastic city!

Jeff: You have to do everything much more slowly, deliberately speaking slowly, which is different in Europe and the UK because students have better English language skills and they are able to interact more freely. The Chinese are very good students but I think the language skills holds them back from interacting in class. I also think you have to lead the class in China while back home you can get the class to lead the lesson. A big difference is in the UK students get 12 hours of contact during university time but then have to do a lot of reading on their own while Chinese students are being taught all day every day. The UK has moved away from reciting and reciting to applying what we have just learned, allowing the students to think for themselves.

Rae: This is our second year teaching in Suzhou. Jeff: First to Suzhou Shane: I have been here 6 times under the international exchange program, I have only been to Suzhou and Shanghai. It's good, It's a good place.

Rae: In the UK for engineering majors we would do a lot of experiments but I am not sure that happens as much in China. Experiments can include a whole range of things including any type of friction tests, gyroscopic motion, and equilibrium forces experiments. We have reasonably extensive

0 1

with the tutors from the

University of South Wales



learning experience. We also have a flight simulator where students can design an aircraft and program it into the flight simulator and see if it flies. At the University of South Wales we are trying to prepare students for their working career. Industry professionals come to our university to tell us what students should be learning. We are trying to prepare students to be able to work in their industry of choice as soon as they leave the university.

Rae: In the UK students do GCSE's and focus on two or three subjects from ages 16-18, so when we have a class initially in the first year we have people who have studied many different subjects and we have a wide range of different people attending the university. It is a bit of a challenge because how the A levels work in the UK they are given lots of information and when they come to our university they enter a new type of education system.

Ricky: Compared to my teaching back in the UK, I do use a different pedagogy and teaching approach when teaching Chinese students. I use plain English to introduce and explain concepts of accountancy. I also use plenty of examples to help students fully comprehend complex theories. In addition, I’ve prepared a lot of in-class and after-class exercises to ensure students are able to put the theories into practice.

Jeff: In university you are taught and you write it down, but students need to learn to think about what they wrote and apply it and think for themselves about what exactly they wrote. In High School students recite and memorize but at the university level it encourages you to think for yourself, to innovate and those who can make that transition tend to do the best.

3. In your opinion what is one skill Chinese students and UK students lack before they attend university? Jeff: I think one thing Chinese students can do more of is practice their English language skills. Ricky: I think one thing Chinese students do is once they get to our university they tend to stick together and feel very comfortable with each other and do basically everything together, and I think I would encourage them to integrate and make new friends with locals. In my observation those students who have a lot of local friends tend to While those who stick together rarely see any improvements in their language skills.

4. Why did Suzhou University of Science and Technology form a partnership with the University of South Wales? Can you also give us some advice we should know before we study there? Ricky: The University of South Wales has a long history in offering high quality degrees in a wide range of disciplines. After the merge with Newport University, we are now the biggest university in Wales and the 6th largest university in the UK by student number. Our teaching staff are world-class and experts in the subject. We have a large number of international students who come from many different countries. Our staff and lecturers have a rich experience in delivery degree programs in an

1 1





international setting.You will have an excellent learning experience during your study at the University. Shane: They formed a partnership for a cultural and knowledge exchange to give students in China a chance to study in the UK, to receive an international degree and to study in English. I think it should also be noted that last year we won an award for Best University in the UK for Student Support, a national award. Rae: It's a foundation for building better relations with other countries and universities. I run a program with a German University at the master level and based on the success with that we now have an agreement in place for a PhD system in place, so it went from a teaching exercise to a research exercise. It's a two way street, we can both learn from each other. We see what is important in Germany and they see what is important here. It is a shrinking world, it is becoming a global market. Everybody is everywhere and I think that is a critical element of it, it is important to open up cultures and be able to work in a global environment. This is a great opportunity for SUST students to go to the UK and receive a degree in the UK which I know is a very positive thing for their future career. We also have a Chinese Society at the University of South Wales, so there are lots of other Chinese students there as well and they put on various banquets, celebrate the Chinese new year and there are still some of the cultural elements found here, also some of our staff can speak Chinese.

5. As we know, from kindergarten to primary school, from senior school to high school, a group of students attend classes, do homework, and graduate and another group of students attend the same classes, do the same homework, and graduate. So, do you think education is like an assembly line? Personally, I think the basic and secondary education in China is world-class. Students in China study many different disciplines in junior and high school. The education model of China provides its students with solid academic and theoretical foundation. This is evidenced by its outstanding academic performance in key disciplines such as maths, chemistry and physics,






compared to the OECD countries. However, Chinese university graduates are less competitive mainly because they lack creativity and a sense of curiosity. They tend to accept the theories and concepts taught by their lecturers and rarely critise or challenge them. Maybe it is a culture difference, in western countries, university students are encouraged to express their own ideas and thoughts and the lecturers are happy to discuss the idea with an open mind.

6. Did you study abroad? What are some of the advantages to Studying aboard? Shane: Yes I did, we did something very similar to what these students are doing. They call it a franchise there. I went to the UK to receive my degree and I stayed, I never left. Another thing to remember is that everybody in the class is Chinese here, in the UK you can be in the class with people from all over the UK, Africa, the middle east, China, and the Caribbean. When you are walking around the campus you can see people from all over the world. You may never get the chance to meet somebody from around the world, and the more people you can meet the more you can learn. The learning of life is important. Jeff: It is just a bigger picture to study abroad, if you just study in Suzhou that is your frame of reference but if you study in other countries around the world your frame of reference becomes bigger. The best ideas are not in the mind of one person but in many people. Rae: It is not just academic you learn so much more about countries and people when you study abroad. At the end of the day you are going to be dealing with people with cultural differences and this opportunity makes it easier to handle.

M.M wants to thank Rae Gordon, Jeff Hutchinson, Rickie Lee, and Shane Galvin for taking the time out of their busy schedule to talk with us and give students a chance to learn more about education in the West.

the Band on Shihu Campus

Escaping Writer Wilson

1 3


F carves I G HourT facesC into L the U B The melody is like a painter, he secrets inside us unconsciously. Everyone commemorates the past and has a vision of a wonderful future. I want to mention 6 young guys who pluck the strings of the present day, resonating with the memories and expectations. These 6 guys who make up the band In Escaping. They are the painter, painting scenes of music one song at a time.

Part 1 - Origin

We were born twenty years ago and have gone through the two unpredictable decades with both happiness and sadness. The landscape of Sichuan, culture of Hebei and gentle oil-paper umbrellas of JiangNan all reflect into a beautiful view on the soft rime of the northeast. No one would have thought that there would be a day when these young students from different parts of China all came to the same city and all sang the same song. This same dream let five strangers gather together in one hall, there they would go on an create: In Escaping --- the band in shihu.

Part 2 - The First Time We Met

I still remember the day when Joe played the guitar quietly on the stage one year ago, it was during the Welcome Party for the freshmen of the Foreign Languages Institute. While I talked about this beautiful memory with them it came to my surprise that they didn't know each other when they stayed in that little hall. It seemed that there was a subtle connection among them. Something was brewing within their heart and soul that would eventually bring them together. After finally meeting each other they decided to see if they could create music together. Many people believe creating music is easy but it is really hard. Being able to feel each members passion, what they want to do in a song, and being able to play in rhythm with one another takes practice. Luckily for this band they all connected, they all had the same dreams and goals and that little connection helped make the transition to making music that much easier.

4 1

Part 3 - In Escaping The band was formed on May 5 consisting of:


Singer : Du Yu (From Hebei) - A wild and magnetic voice The Drummer: Wang Yi (From Liaoning) - A quiet but crazy boy Keyboardist: Zhu

Ruoyu (From Suzhou) - He stays hungry and foolish Guitarist: Lu Jianglin (From Taizhou) - Doing math in the left hand


guitar in the right hand Guitarist: Miao

Zhongkui (From Fujian) - Black gentleman Bass player: Lu Siqiao (From Sichuan) - A woodman & fisherman


There is no light around them, but you can see the tenderness in their eyes. When melodies rise, their fingers start to move over the keys. Six kids flee on the road of youth, stubborn but admirable, not for the dazzling spotlight, not for cheers of the audience, but for the love of music and their dreams. There is only a person, a guitar, and a world.

Zhu Ruoyu, Lu Jianglin, Miao Zhongkui, Du Yu, Wang Yi, Lu Siqiao

1 5

f ro

Something You Don’t Know About

m S uzh ou to W uha n


Writer: Eiffel

Wuhan M.M Studio

Traveling is My Attitude towards Life TRAVEL TO WUHAN

If it takes one hour from Suzhou to arrive in Wuhan,I feel like I would go there every weekend with such ease. I go not because my boyfriend or parents are there, but because the food is too good to pass up. Wuhan is the largest city in China and is also considered one of the world's top ten cities. The world's third longest river--the Yangtze River and its largest tributary river cross the city dividing Wuhan into three parts: Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. During the National Day holiday vacation I went back to Wuhan for three days. While I was there,I was reminded of the many famous scenic spots that liter the city such as the Yellow Crane Tower and the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.Sometimes there are more tourists than students in Wuhan University during spring because of the cherry trees that dot the campus. Wuhan is also famous for food, the most famous food is duck neck.You can find people jostling each other in huge crowds at the Hubu lane,which is a paradise of dainty food freshly prepared every day. On the first day I visited the Yellow Crane Tower with my boyfriend in the early morning.The Yellow Crane Tower is the most famous of the three towers.Growing up we were told many fairy tales about the ancient Yellow Crane Tower. During the period of the Qing dynasty, the Yellow Crane Tower burned down. Since then, the Yellow Crane Tower disappeared from sight for almost 100 years. In 1981 ,the Wuhan government tried to rebuild the Yellow Crane Tower. Four years later the great building rose once again in and it was a glorious sight. Standing at the top of the Yellow Crane Tower we can see China's first bridge across the Yangtze River: the Yangtze River Bridge. The Yangtze River Bridge is 1,670 meters long and is divided into

the East Lake

Kongming Lantern

The First Day in Wuhan ^_^

Yellow Crane Tower

6 1


the Mulan Heaven Lake

two layers, the upper layer is a highway and the lower layer is a railway. People can also choose to walk across the bridge for only 2 Yuan.

the Hankou river beach. When we got there we wished on a sky lantern and released them, as we left I thought only about how wonderful a day it had been.

Coming out from the Yellow Crane Tower we headed towards Wuhan University. It is so big that there are school buses that take the students to their respective buildings. We decided to eat lunch in the canteen. After lunch we met a very nice student who showed us the way to the east lake. When we arrived at the lake we took a nap in a hammock. We found the hammock hanging between two trees and for more than half an hour we rested peacefully beside the lake as the sun glistened off the soft waves . It could not be any more comfortable, we were in c o m p l e t e e c s t a s y. I r e n e Nemirovsky once said that "happiness is a moment when people no longer have any expectation and have no doubt about anything". At that time I felt so happy. We finally forced ourselves to leave the lake and ate in the Hubu lane. Following our dinner we took a walk along

In the remaining two days,I visited the museum of Hubei province and Mulan Heaven Lake. There are many stories inside that tell people about the ancient Chu culture. What is most impressive for me, was what I found inside the Hubei museum. There I found a beautiful piece of ancient Chinese bronze ware, it really made me gasp at how much the ancient people understood about th e a r t o f c r a f t i n g m e t a l s together. The piece I found bears the signature of an exquisite craftsman. After we walked around for hours we decided to head to the Mulan Heaven Lake, which is the hometown of Hua Mulan. At the lake you can find beautiful and pleasant scenery. Mulan was an ancient heroine. She disguised herself as her father in order to join the army so she could fight and make great contributions to our country.

Hubu Lane

“Traveling is a gratifying experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Traveling awakens the soul, stirs the senses and paints the world in a new light.�

1 7

HAPPY LIFE FOODIE TIME HERE IN WUHAN After introducing those famous places, I must now recommend Wuhan’s food. What I would highly recommend first is to try hot noodles with sesame paste commonly known as reganmian. Reganmian is a traditional dish of Wuhan that has a long history in Chinese food culture that dates back 80 years. It is a typical food for breakfast in Wuhan, and is often sold in street carts found in residential areas.The noodle is inexpensive thus surviving as a popular breakfast choice in Wuhan for the ordinary and elite citizens.I would recommend Cai-Lin-Ji Restaurant which is famous for their take on noodles. There is also something called Waterloo, which is one of my favorite snacks, and has some of the same characteristics as reganmian. When it comes to duck neck, people in China will all say that Wuhan’s are the best. Wuhan has one of the most famous chain stores which have already expanded all over China and Australia Zhou black duck. Though I

don't know whether the United States or Europe have it or not, there are surely missing out on the experience. In Suzhou, black ducks open into a shop that is only less than 10 square meters, while in Wuhan, Zhou black duck shops are as big as Kentucky Fried Chicken. People will sit there to enjoy the spicy necks or take them back home to share with friends and relatives. In my opinion, a characteristics of Wuhan food is very hot and spicy. The people who like spicy food must be very excited to visit because when I ordered a bowl of ordinary noodles in the morning, I found a thick layer of chili oil floating on the surface. This amount of spice could be really scary for the local people in Suzhou who are fond of the sweet taste of food. The first day when we came out from the Hubu lane our lips had lost its feeling and was number then I could ever remember. It was only until I ate a small watermelon that made my poor lips feet better. Since I mentioned

Reganmian(hot noodles with sesame paste)

watermelon it is interesting to know that in Wuhan the watermelon is very small and cute. They are only as big as my hand. My Wuhan Travel has now been over for more than 20 days, but those memories still feel brand new. How I wish I can go to Wuhan again to buy more duck necks and lay in the hammock by the East Lake. If someone wants to go to Wuhan to visit, please contact me. I can give you some great advice and in exchange for my information I would appreciate it very much if you could bring me back some duck necks! Regardless of when I hope you can find a time and explore this city, it has left a lasting impression on me and I hope it can do the same for you.

Snack Street

8 1

Fashion spy Writer Miuca

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion week happens twice a year in the four major fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Fashion week for the spring/summer trends are held from September to October. Designers plan several months in advance of the upcoming season to allow the press and buyers to preview the upcoming fashion styles. Each of the four fashion capitals have their own unique style as well.New York is famous for its naturalism, London for its modernity, Paris for its luxury and Milan for its originality.

Marc Jacobs‘s Final Collection for LV Marc Jacobs, the head designer of the French luxury fashion brand Louis Vitton, made his last collection for LV during the Paris fashion week. This is his swan song collection which has been stimulating all of our senses. He has been at this French fashion house for 16 years and finally decided to part ways to focus on his ow brand. During those years, he transformed LV from an old-fashioned suitcase maker into a house-hold name brand. To top it off, his touch and technique was so grand that his dresses are still being worn by many famous celebrities.

Esprit Dior at MoCA Shanghai “Esprit Dior” represents the lofty spirit of the pioneer fashion designer Christian Dior. The exhibition is being held in Shanghai from Sep.13 to Nov.10 at MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Here you will see hundreds of pieces of haute couture, high-end perfume, and accessories, which were designed by the previous Dior designers. During the exhibition you may find yourself holding your breath as you stare endlessly at the beauty that is surrounding you. You will also have the opportunity to see how these skillful craftsmen created these works of art.

Shanghai K11--the First Art Shopping Mall in Mainland China K11 Art Mall holds the core brand value of “Art, People,Nature”. It provides the consumers with the most theatrical shopping experience that fashion can offer as well as bridging the gap between chic and modern trends from multiple culture backgrounds. Bringing an unparalleled sensual experience to everyone who visits.

0 2


2 1 Christian Dior, commonly known as Dior, is a French luxury goods company controlled by LVMH--the world’s largest luxury group. Christian was born in a wealthy fertilizer manufacture family with four siblings. Dior’s family had hoped he would become a diplomat, but Dior had a gift for art and wished to be a designer. In 1946, Dior founded his fashion house, backed by a cotton-fabric magnate. His first collection presented in 1947 was named “New Look” by the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar. The “New Look” revolutionized women’s dress and reestablished Paris as the center of the fashion world after World War II. In the same year, Christian Dior Parfum was founded and its first perfume, Miss Dior, was launched, which revolutionized the perfumery industry.

By the time Dior died, his name had become synonymous with taste and luxury.

--Contemporary Fashion Time’s obituary stated that Dior died of a heart attack while on holiday in Italy on Oct.23, 1957(aged 52). The death of Dior left the House of Dior in chaos and the General Manager even considered shutting down the business worldwide. To bring the label back on its feet, the 21-year-old Yves Saint-Laurent(YSL) was promoted as the Artistic Director.

2 2

Saint Laurent was hailed as a national hero. His design was daring and culminating. After six collections, the young Laurent was forced to leave the House of Dior to join the French army. Laurent was replaced by Marc Bohan in late 1960. His designs were prominent with social figures and he was credited as the man who kept the Dior label at the forefront of fashion. Actress Elizabeth Taylor even ordered twelve Dior dresses from Bohan’s Spring/Summer 1961 collection “Slim Look”. Gianfranco Ferré replaced Bohan as head designer in 1989. He introduced the concept and style of “refined, sober and strict” into the traditional romance. Under the influence of Anna Wintour, editor and chief of Vogue, Dior CEO appointed John Galliano to replace Gianfranco in 1997. Galliano graduated from Saint Martin’s School of Art with a first class degree in Fashion Design. He was the designer of Givenchy(July 1995--October 1996) and the first British designer to head a French haute couture house. He then moved to Christian Dior. He identified his love of theater and femininity as the core of his inspirational creations.“My role is to seduce.” This is his ambition. Galliano is called the “Haidao Ye” for his exaggerated dressing style. He often dresses like a pirate with a pair of moustaches showing off his adventurous spirit in designing. His ideology in aesthetics represents the paramount theatricalism of French luxury style. His name had given the brand Dior his own taste and made it the John Galliano Time.

On 23 February 2011, the House of Dior found themselves in a scandal after John Galliano was accused of making anti-semitic speech after drinking heavily in a Paris bar. The video shows that the drunken Galliano insulted a group of Italian women and declared “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead.” The incident happened just before the Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011. In France, expressing anti-semitic ideas is illegal. Galiiano had to face the trial and pay for what he had said. Finally, Dior officially announced that it had fired Galliano due to the controversy. After Galliano left Dior, his position was succeeded by Raf Simons. Raf brought his own manner, simplicity, back to Dior. It is sad for the people who back Galliano, because his time caome to a sudden end with so much more potential waiting to be exposed. However, the contradiction between Galliano’s ornately showy explosion of creation and Raf’s purely simplistic beauty, we can see the evolution of Dior clearly. The essence of style--simplicity with elegance. Maybe it is the trend to stick to brand culture and bring back the old times, such as the never-ending circulation of fashion is always running with the icons of each generation.

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2013-2014 NBA

Power Rankings


TEAM/Record (2012-2013)

Writer Jerry


Miami Heat 66-16

1 Brooklyn Nets 49-33

2 Los Angeles Clippers



San Antonio Spurs



Houston Rockets



Oklahoma City Thunder



The Heat retained 90% of their championship winning team.. Under the guidance of James, Wade and Bosh the Heat look to win more games than Jordan's Bulls. Since their squad is stable, and their chemistry is very good, I still believe that the heat once again dominate the league again.

After Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded to the Nets, they became theonly team which has five starters who are All-Star players. This team has a roster full of depth. If Kidd can lead the team and create a chemistry that rivals the Heat, the nets will be able to achieve amazing results this season. Though it's hard to say whether they can overtake the Heat at the moment. Replacing the Lakers as the team to watch in LA while Kobe recovers from his injury. Former Celtic coach Doc Rivers now finds himself at the helm of a promising team. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan look to build off their disappointing playoff exit last year. They have the talent and now they have a great head coach, are all the pieces in the right place to help this team reach the NBA Finals? What to watch for- Chris Paul has a new head coach who can manage the game much better, look for Chris Pauls stats to improve dramatically has he leads this Clippers team to new heights. The spurs can be said to be the most stable team in the NBA. Their coach Gregg Popovich is rigorous and all their players play in perfect harmony. Although Neil left, the arrival of the Belinelli is a complement to the Spurs perimeter offense. Barring any injury the Spurs have a chance to once again make it to the NBA finals. The Rockets are a team which now has an excellent Center back on court. Many people say that with the acquisition of Dwight Howard, the Rockets have the chance to make it to the Western Conference Finals. In my opinion,it sounds like a fairy tale. The Rockets have some excellent young players, such as Chandler Parsons, James Harden, and Jeremy Lin. Their biggest advantage is that they are young but they have great room for improvement. The Thunder was not able to make a big splash in free agency because of their high luxury tax. Fortunately the team is still full of good players. Kevin Durant is definitely expected to make a big impact during the regular season and if all goes well he should be rising the MVP trophy. Westbrook's ability to come back from a devastating injury will determine a lot about where the Thunder land in the talented Western Conference playoffs. Looking at the Western Conference I think the Thunder has the chance to take the 1st seed when the playoff begins.

TEAM/Record (2012-2013)

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls has little action this offseason. Nate Robinson and Richard Hamilton's departure could result in a reduced level of depth on the bench. All that really matters though is will Derrick Rose's return compensate for the negative impact the of the loss of these players had on the team. Will D-Rose show any rust from sitting out a full year. The biggest question is whether Rose can recover his skills from before the injury. If the Bulls can stay healthy than the Bulls have the chance to go far into the playoffs.

Indiana Pacers

If you want to find a team which can threaten the heat I will choose the Pacers without any hesitation. Their core has remained the same and the only big loss is that of Psycho T (Tyler Hansbrough).This summer they acquired Luis Scola, Copeland and Watson. George is also becoming more mature. All of this make the Pacers a stronger team from last years. Don't forget Roy Hibbert, who is one of the most dominant big men in the game, some say he is even more talented than Dwight Howard.




8 Golden State Warriors



New York Knicks



4 2



Los Angeles Lakers

Perhaps in order to avoid the high luxury tax, the Warriors give up Jarrett Jack and Landry. Though they were able to acquire O'Neal and Andre Iguodala. Combine Iggy with Thompson, and Curry the Warriors have a chance to go deep into the playoff. Fans from all over are looking forward to watching them perform on a daily basis! The Knicks have acquired Bargnani, and renewed J.R. Smith but besides that they failed to add talent to a questionable bench. This team lost a lot of good players in the offseason and did nothing to add more talent which greatly reduced the strength of the Knicks. However I am optimistic about Anthony and Chandler's performance. Melo is the core of this team, where the Knicks go depends entirely on how well Melo decides to play. If he can live up to his hype the Knicks have dreams of playing in the championship.


The mighty Lakers are missing their franchise player Kobe Bryant for the beginning of the Season. When will he come back is the biggest question this team faces. Can the Lakers compete at a high level as the star of the team sits and waits for his return. Pao Gasol and Steve Nash hope to show their fans that even without Kobe they can win. What to watch for- Can the Lakers win without Kobe or will they already be out of playoff contention by the time he returns?


A team with many if's. The offseason brought a lot of hype to this team as Mike Brown returns as Head Coach. The Cavs believe they can make the playoffs this year to help swoon Lebron James back to Cleveland. Offseason acquisitions such as Jarrett Jack, big man Andrew Bynum, and Earl Clark bring new life to this Cleveland team. Combined with All-Star Point Guard Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters anything is possible for this talented team. What to watch for- Can Kryie, Varejao, Bynum stay healthy? Will Anthony Bennett show critics why he was worthy of the No.1 selection in the draft.


Cleveland Cavaliers 24-58

2 5

Night falls, but I can’t fall asleep. Various thoughts come to me during this time. I think everyone has a part of Hamlet deep in the depth of their heart, especially as this tender and silent night takes over my thoughts. In retrospect, there were many choices in our life, we chose to leave our hometown for further study, we choose what careers to pursue, we choose the lifestyle we like and when you really think about it every choice leads us a different direction. We all think we choose the best way of life, yet, we are never relaxed. Why?

Tender is the Night

Writer Hannah

Because there is a


When you come to a crossroad in your life, there is always the one side that you want to walk on because it makes you happy, while the other side is the way that can give you more profit in exchange for following your passion.

6 2

Which ones should we choose? In this materialistic world, we all may be affected, do we choose profit because we think it is the best decision for our future outlook even though we will hate what we end up doing. Do we really feel happy? Or do we pretend to be happy with our decision, hiding behind our true feelings every day and behind the smiling mask we show on a daily basis, how do we really feel? Is it just a matter of time until our true emotions burst out? In this tender and silent night after one day’s heavy work, how many people doubt their decisions. Am I really right? Am I really happy these days? Is this what I really want? How can we be confident knowing we made the right choice when we have no confidence in what the future may bring?

However, what I want to say is that whatever your decision is, whatever your choices are, you should keep going. It is after all your final decision. We should all make sure we think about our decisions carefully before choosing on such important matters. We are responsible for all of our choices, as well as learning how to deal with the moments of unhappiness we are bound to experience. Just don’t complain about the work you don’t like, don’t continue imaging how perfect the other choice may be, don’t doubt yourself and don’t be disappointed for the future. What you should to do is to live in the moment and to finish your work with passion. We can’t change the past but we can change the life in front of us, we can change our view of the future.

Hence, keep going, keep smiling, life is still beautiful. Be responsible for your tender young age and learn and live and let go. Goodnight everyone and though you may feel all confused now, tomorrow will be bright and clear!

2 7 Greetings English learners! English with Greg is a chance for you to learn more about the English language. Each month I will give you a chance to practice your grammar, learn how to use the correct verb tense, as well as introduce a few popular phrasal verbs and idioms we use in everyday life. You can also find English with Greg on the M.M renren. People always ask me what is the best way to learn English. The best way to practice is to talk in English for at least one hour a day with your roommates or friends. Don't be nervous we all make errors but with practice we can begin to limit these mistakes.

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Phrasal Verbs consist of a verb and another element. Verb + Adverb or Verb + Preposition or a combination of both. Check someone/something outto evaluate someone or something Have you seen the movie 'Inception'? No, but I'll check it out!

The past progressive indicates continuing action, something that was happening or going on at some point in the past. This tense is formed with the helping "to be" verb, in the past tense, plus the present participle of the verb (with an -ing ending)

The past progressive indicates a limited duration of time and is thus a convenient way to indicate that something took place (in the simple past) while something else was happening:



I was walking to the store when I saw a car accident.

The past progressive is also used to make fun of or criticize an action that is sporadic but habitual in nature:



Shannon was always handing in her homework late.

Idioms are a group of words that have a meaning different from those of the individual words. The Ball Is In Your Court: It is your decision this time. Now it's time for you to practice on your own. Grab a friend and talk in English! I hope this has been an informative lesson and I look forward to seeing you again soon. While you wait for the next edition of the magazine, make sure you check out our renren for more English with Greg!

8 2

Verbs- Past Progressive (Past Continuous)

2 9

La Vie En Rose O my love’s That's newly O my love’s That sweetly

like a red red rose, sprung in june; like the melody, played tune.

The rose is a symbol of love.But roses can’t always keep her beauty, just like fireworks it is easy to become cold. If you want to keep your love fresh, you need a box of hand-made roses. These are not only charming but can also be held on to forever. Tell your love you want this feeling to last forever. Just call us. We are waiting for you.

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My love is like the red, red rose. My love for the special you.

0 3

Looking for


Islands of


Writer Catherine




Looking for the Islands of Immortality Formerly called Dengzhou,

An ancestral shrine restored for Su Shi with copied works of this literary giant and local official in history.

Penglai is a port and is located in the northern part of Yantai City, Shandong Province, facing the junction of the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. According to folk-tales this is the place where Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor, sent off five hundred boys and five hundred girls on ships to the east to look for the islands of immortality and the elixir of life. Once again, Han Wu Di, a famous emperor during the Han Dynasty, visited this land to seek for a glimpse of the fairy isles in 132 B.C. Nowadays, the Penglai Pavilion is the name of a large park of ancient buildings, palaces and temples that have been restored and rebuilt. The Pavilion is now ranked by the Chinese government as one of the top domestic tourist destinations (5A). It

“Penglai is said to be the place where Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor, sent off five hundred boys and five hundred girls on the ships to the east, to look for islands of immortality.�

has been a tourist attraction for more than a thousand years, and the site features inscriptions from eminent poets and calligraphers like Su Shi and Dong Qichang. In fact, the Penglai Pavilion itself is said to be situated in the best position to see a mirage out in the sea. For tourists who want to see this mirage, they should plan on visiting during May or June as that is when it is most frequently sighted. However, one of the problems with this tourist destination is that you may spend more than an hour queuing to get into this crowded room during the holiday season.

B.There is a plank walk along the cliffs nearby. Frankly speaking, the scenery is beyond amazing. You may also enjoy the sunshine on the beach either by going fishing or collecting nice shells and stones.


C.Among other cultural attractions of Penglai, the Naval Museum has exhibits of ancient ships and should not be missed because it is built directly on the excavation site.



A Top Domestic Tourist Destination The famous scenery of mirages has earned the place fame as the fabled spot where the Eight Immortals set out floating over the ocean from the Red Cliffs (Dan Cliffs). Because of this connection with the immortals, it became a sacred land to set up temples. The island has only one Buddhist temple known as Mi Tuo Si, while all the other ancient temples are Taoist. This park also includes the Penglai Water City or Water Fortress, a fortified harbor hidden from the sea. As one of China's oldest military ports it was built in 1376 under the Ming Dynasty1 to resist invasion by Japanese forces and is now a protected historical monument. It was "the harbor for the fleet of imperial war junks and town for the semi-imperial garrison." To recall this period of history, people rebuilt the formal AntiWokou Priates Commander's Office as a museum for relating relics as well as the restored residence of the famous patriotic general Qi Jiguang. Hopefully my words and photos can awaken your spirit and send you on your way to Penglai. If one day you happen to find your nirvana, remember to tell me in my dream the exact location so I can achieve my immortality just like you.


2 3

A.The special historical significance results in the missing of Japanese on signs for instruction of the tourist sites.

Hannah Fan Shuhan) Junior, English Love Reading, love HARRY POTTER Love singing, love Avril Lavigne Harry Potter said:That show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. I said: Life is full of new ideas for us to realize. And you? It’s your turn!

Eiffel (Deng Xin) Sophomore Construction management Love travelling and reading You can either travel or read, either your body or soul must be on the way

New&Faces Jack (Tang Cheng) Sophomore, Physics&Mathematics A passionate dream chaser A core member in Burning Club He writes for love and draws for life He is an artist who likes drawing abstract

Abstract Life Water, mountain,and one’s spirits all come into trinity.


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