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Week 1 Assignments Individual Assignment: Literature “Show and Tell” o Choose a work of literature that has attracted you in some way. This work of literature may be a short story, novel, poem, play, or even a magazine that you frequent. The literature may be fiction or non-fiction. It should be something that you can bring to class and share, either in Workshop 1 or 2. o Find the document in the Course Materials Forum titled “Literature Show and Tell Prompt.” Complete it, save, and post to the Assignments section as an attachment. o This written component should be submitted no later than 11:59pm MST on Day 1, Thursday, January 6, 2011. You should choose to share the literature in class either in Workshop 1 or 2 (informally). Individual Assignment: Report of Chosen Book for Final Book Report Choose one of the books listed on Appendix A that you will read over the next five weeks and on which you will complete a book report. For this assignment, report the name of the book you have chosen, and in 3-5 sentences, explain why this book caught your eye. Post as a MS Word attachment in the Assignments section.

Week 2 Assignments Assignments Individual Assignment: Analyzing a Poem/Song • •

Choose a poem that has attracted you to it. The poem may be from the readings in the textbook, or it may be from another source. You may choose song lyrics that you perceive as being poetical in nature. Closely analyze the poem or song lyrics. Compose a MS Word document that answers the following: ~What is the name of the poem/song?

~What is your interpretation of the poet’s/songwriter’s thoughts and feelings? How did he/she use imagery, symbolism, and other literary devices to create meaning in the work? Give specific examples from the passage. (7-10 sentences) • •

How does this poem/song influence society, or how does society influence it? (3-5 sentences) Post your document as a MS Word attachment in the Assignments section.

Week 3 Assignment Individual Assignment: OPTION 1, Creative Writing: Write a fiction short story (5-10 pages in length) that is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Make sure that you include modern equivalents of the main characters, and use symbolism and imagery as necessary to create a similar effect as in Hamlet. Have fun with this, and be creative! OPTION 2, Analyzing Hamlet as a Tragedy Discuss the following: • •

• •

Explain the strategies you think Shakespeare used to convey a particular idea and the literary conventions and devices that Hamlet includes. (5-6 sentences) How can seeing a live performance influence your reading of a drama? Does reading the drama before or after the live performance enhance or detract from the experience? Why? How is this similar to watching a movie version of a book before reading the book? (3-5 sentences) Why are heroic characters so important to a tragedy? How does a specific character influence the work and how was a moral lesson conveyed through that character? (5-8 sentences) How does drama illustrate particular societal behaviors? (3-5 sentences)

Post your assignment as a MS Word attachment in the Assignments section.

Week 4 Assignments Assignments Individual Assignment: Analyzing a Work of Non-fiction

Choose one of the readings listed above, or choose a non-fiction work not in the text (must obtain instructor approval first). Discuss the following: ~What is the purpose of the work of non-fiction that you chose? (1-2 sentences) ~What is the main idea being conveyed? (1-2 sentences) ~How are the ideas in the work relevant in past, present, and future societies? (2-4 sentences) ~What is your interpretation of the author’s message? How did you react when you read it? (2-4 sentences) ~Give a few biographical details about the author that you believe influenced the work (you may find the biography in the textbook or by doing a Google search). Do you believe this created any bias on the topic? (4-6 sentences)

Week 5 Assignments Assignments Individual Assignment: Final Book Report Submit a MS Word attachment of your book report on one of the chosen books from Appendix A. Use the following as a checklist: o Book report at least 750 words in length o Includes title page, essay, and references list, if sources aside from book were used o The essay includes the following components: -Introduction: a summary of the book -Body: a discussion of the themes, literary devices used, examples of those devices, how the reader may relate to the main character(s), and the relevance of the book in society -Conclusion: your opinions about why the book was effective as a cultural story, and why it should continue to be read by future generations o Report should be double-spaced and submitted in a MS Word attachment only o Formatting should follow APA guidelines (see Library and CWE for assistance)

Learning Team Assignment: Compare and Contrast PowerPoint o Prepare a PowerPoint that compares and contrasts 3 works of fiction that you have agreed to discussed together o 6-10 slides discussing comparisons and contrasts of literary devices, themes, etc. used in the works of literature o Provides team’s stance on why literature is important in society and how it affects the human experience or it affected by the human experience o Include a title slide

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