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RFID Products Brooks Automation (Germany) GmbH

RFID Division Brooks Automation Inc., headquartered in Chelmsford (MA) in the USA, operates worldwide as a provider of automation solutions. The company‘s RFID Division, based in Mistelgau in Germany, has for almost 17 years focused on the development, manufacture and integration of highg rade RFID hardware. It s por t folio includes readers for LF 134.2 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz, and UHF 868/915 MHz f r e qu e n c i e s a s we ll a s g a t ew ay s .

RFID Division A read/write module for the use in OEM With worldwide applications we have products completes the product line. accumulated ex tensive skills and a wealth of expertise in and around sySupporting the choice of RFID devices stem integration for many sec tor s. t h e r e a r e a v a r i e t y o f a n t e n n a s We are your dependable RFID partner and accessories such as sensors, in- from concept to the point of handover. dicators, cables, and power supplies. The latest product information and In addition to reliable hardware imple- project details can be downloaded from our mentation, integration is also decisive website at for the success of an RFID project.

Brooks Automation offers excellent RFID systems for contactless identifiction, which are available in LF, HF, and UHF ranges. Product groups LF devices operate in the 134.2 kHz frequency communicating with transpon- Differentiator: Function ders of the TIRIS™ family from Texas Instruments. All HF readers are designed to i n t e r n a t i o n a l I S O1 5 6 9 3 s t a n d a r d Differentiator: Frequency and identify compliant RFID Transponder (Tags). The UHF devices comply with the Differentiator: standard ISO18000-6c/EPCGlobal Gen2. Construction For medium distance

The product ranges include RFID hardware for installation in existing infrastructure plus a variety of portable or plug-in components. Mobile solutions are notable for their easy integration, while stationary products come with numerous protocols and various functions for more sophisticated requirements.

Reader, Antennas, Transponder

Low Frequency 134.2 kHz

LF80 RFID Reader

HF80 RFID Reader

UF80 Antennas

HF70 RFID Reader

UF70 RFID Reader

LF70 Antennas

HF70 Antennas

UF70 Antennas

LF60 RFID Reader

HF60 RFID Reader

LF60 Antennas

HF60 Antennas

Mobile Reader

LF40 Mobile Reader

HF40 Mobile Reader

OEM Solutions

LF30 OEM Module

HF30 OEM Module

For short distance

LF20 Custom. Solutions

HF20 Custom. Solutions

LF Transponder

HF Transponder

Part number EVAL-KIT-HF80-010

Tel +49 - 92 79 - 991 550 Fax +49 - 92 79 - 991 501 ID080005/10.05.2011

UF80 RFID Reader

HF80 Antennas

Evaluation Kit LF

Brooks Automation (Germany) GmbH RFID Division Gartenstr. 19 95490 Mistelgau Germany

Ultra High Frequency 868/915 MHz

LF80 Antennas


High Frequency 13.56 MHz


LF70 RFID Reader LR

For high distance

Customized Solutions

Sales RFID


UF Transponder

Evaluation Kit HF Part number EVAL-KIT-LF01