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Power plant construction now under one roof at RWE  RWE Technology to start operations Essen, 30 December 2009

RWE Technology GmbH will be up and running on 1 January 2010. The company will be responsible for the construction and modernisation of all power plants within the RWE Group. Some 600 engineers and technical staff, sales people and lawyers form a pool of expertise on a subject that was previously spread across various companies and countries. RWE Technology GmbH will be based in Essen, and its subsidiary, RWE Technology UK Ltd., will have its headquarters in Swindon, to the West of London.

Separating and pooling RWE’s power plant engineering is fully consistent with the growth strategy of the Group. The new company will ensure that any future RWE power plants are among the most economically efficient and technically advanced of their kind. “RWE Technology will implement the largest investment programme in electricity generation in the history of RWE. Climate protection is of particular significance in this regard”, said Dr. Ulrich Jobs, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of RWE AG.

Matthias Hartung, Management Director for RWE Technology, said: “By pooling its new-build operations, RWE will be able to maximise its major projects in both a technical and economic sense. They will be run according to uniform, Group-wide standards. What is more, in future RWE will be speaking with one voice to all subcontractors and suppliers.”

RWE’s largest power plant investments include its projects in Neurath in Germany and Eemshaven in the Netherlands, as well as those in Staythorpe and Pembroke in the United Kingdom.

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