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New product catalogue of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH with “PowerSearch” function from communicode Essen, 31st August 2005 – On behalf of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

GmbH, Regensburg, the Essen system house communicode in cooperation with DHW Informationsmanagement has installed a system that will in future generate all necessary data for print, web and CD-ROM applications from one single, media neutral product bank ASIM®. With the help of this system, the world’s second largest producer of optical semiconductors will be able to keep on presenting its components in spite of the shorter and shorter product life cycles with complete technical data and detailed documentation in different media and languages. The new system will guarantee long-term high quality of product information and at the same time save extensively on costs for media-suited maintenance, editing and the processing of data. Online and offline catalogue from one data pool At OSRAM, all technical data, descriptive texts and associated documents such as licenses etc. are solely administered in the new Product Information Management System (PIM) ASIM®. Before introducing the system, DHW analyzed the product spectrum thoroughly, structured the existing data and then imported it into ASIM®. On top of this system, communicode has put a clear and fast application to search for products and technical information. From 1st September, this application will be available online at A short time later, OSRAM will provide its product catalogue on CD-ROM, the contents of which will also be generated by the communicode system from the data of the PIM system ASIM®. The catalogue can then be viewed without installation offline on any computer in a common browser. Apart from that, DHW will in a further part project make data available for the printing of catalogues. Intelligent search functionality “PowerSearch” Apart from the logical user guidance, the online system introduced by communicode in particular distinguishes itself through the intelligent search functionality “PowerSearch”. This powerful tool allows the user to identify any sought components quickly by means of technical data from the large number of product variants. For example, photodiodes can be selected in the precise aperture in accordance with the required spectral range or the temperature range, where they can be used. Products, which are no longer included in the current range, can also be researched. Thanks to the expert search in the database and in the linked documents, the OSRAM customer will quickly find the required information. In addition, clear navigation will enable the user to find a suitable sales contact at any time.

In future, OSRAM employees will maintain both all data and the online product catalogue. By selecting the required features for describing a product from the existing data pool, they can compile information for the product catalogue with the communicode system. This provides the required flexibility for including new products quickly and in an uncomplicated manner in the catalogue. communicode has also created flexibly in respect of all data updates in the online catalogue: The standard provides for an automated process for the import of updated data by ASIMÂŽ into the web application. However, any update can also be reconfigured so that all data or any individual data field, especially selected areas of the database (e.g. certain product ranges or language version) can be imported.

Further information and contact: Axel Helbig communicode GmbH & Co. KG Rellinghauser StraĂ&#x;e 332 D-45136 Essen Tel: 0201/84 188 188 Fax: 0201/84 188 199 Communicode-Osram 05_08_31_PB_EN Communicode-Osram 05_08_31_PB_EN.pdf Communicode-Osram 05_08_31_PB_EN Communicode-Osram 05_08_31_PB_EN.pdf