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Nuremberg, October 2005 CeMAT 2005: The HUSS Umwelttechnik GmbH was part of the show th


From 11 to 15 October this year the world leading exhibition for intra-logistic took place in Hannover. Already after the first days it was clear that this show will boost the expectations. More than 50.000 visitors informed their selves about the interesting topic of intra-logistics. With 1.000 exhibitors and a space of 75.000 sqm the show is rightly a global meeting point for the branch. Driven by the discussions around fine-dust emissions and driven by stronger emission standards in the future the diesel particulate filter solutions from the Huss enjoyed great popularity, too. A good reason to participate in the show with an own booth and to show our active and passive DPF solutions.

HUSS diesel particulate filters were shown very often. Manufacturers count on solid technique Beside Jungheinrich also well known manufacturers like Manitou or Mitsubishi presented their products with a Huss diesel particulate filter. While showing this technology, it got obvious for their customers: This manufacturer is up to date and offers already today a solution for the upcoming emission standards. Huss diesel particulate filters meet the existing and the new regulation due to the fact that we are filtering more than 99% of diesel particles, on the whole range of particle sizes, out of the exhaust gas. Wall-flow filtering systems make that possible. At the stands of these manufactures the fine-dust discussion is over – because a good solution is available.

I t ’ snott hequant i t y,i t squal i t yt hatcount s Above all, the big fraction of expert visitors, as well as the amount of direct sales on the stand, made the exhibition so attractive, tells Thomas Rahn, Managing Director of the HUSS Umwelttechnik GmbH. Due to the fact, that a lot of potential customers have never seen a diesel particulate filter before, it was very helpful that we were able to show a complete integrated DPF on a Jungheinrich fork lift truck. So it was much easier to explain the functionality of the product and the old saying is still true: A good example convinces more than thousand words.

CeMat 2005: An impulse for export business No other show before, the HUSS Umwelttechnik participated in, the portion of foreign expert visitors was so high as during the CeMat 2005. The reason for this is that also in foreign countries similar regulations regarding fine-dust and emissions are in place. Therefore the exhibition was useful to get in touch with foreign market or to enhance the cont act swhi ch al r eadyex i st .“ To setup i nt er national busi nessr el at i onsi samaj ori ssuef ort hef ut ur e” pointed Thomas Rahn out. Despite a stagnating economy in Germany and despite an ongoing fine-dust discussion, the exhibition was a great success. We are looking optimistic in a clean –particle free –future. HUSS Umwelttechnik –Breathe easy.

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