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SAM-RX 100 A monitoring receiver for DVB-H/T networks

n n n n n n n n Key features: F Professional diversity receiver technology F Dual power device for mobile or stationary use F USB 2.0 interface to transmit the MPEG-TS to a PC F RF level, MER and Channel Impulse Response measuring F Multiple ASI configurations with or without diversity Uses: F Analysis of integrity of modulation and encoding F Mobile coverage measuring F ASI analysis at the multiplexer F Reference receiver with ASI input F Permanent QoS monitoring with alarming function

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Specifications Technical specifications


GPUHF Set of 3 ground plane antennas for UHF, GP500, GP600, GP750 and one magnetic base

Power supply control 2 LEDs

RF input Frequency range VHF band III (Ch 5 to 12) and UHF band IV & V (Ch 21 to 69) Frequency steps 166.6 kHz

Interfaces RF1 In, RF2 In RF inputs; N female, 50 Ω

Bandwidth 6, 7 and 8 MHz


Max. input level −20 dBm

ASI1, ASI2, ASI Loop ASI outputs; SMA female, compliant with EN 50083-9, MPEG-TS: 188 or 204 bytes, continuous mode

Adjacent digital channel rejection between 20 dB and 30 dB

ASI In ASI input; SMA female, compliant with EN 50083-9

Sensitivity min. −95 dBm for QPSK, CR 1/2, 8K at BER = 2 × 104

USB USB 2.0 high-speed for ASI and control


DC Power supply Neutrik 16 VDC

Standard compliance ETS 300 744, all modes

AC Power supply IEC plug, 85–264 VAC

Chip set DIBCOM chip, optimized for difficult channels Diversity Level 2, 2 combined demodulators



Bit Error Rate accuracy 10−8 , computed before RS decoder and after Viterbi Packet Error Rate uncorrected packets after RS, expressed in error packets per second MER in normal operation 0 to 28 dB, resolution of 1 dB; values at RF input of −40 dBm: for 64 QAM, 2 / 3 , 8K 28 dB for 16 QAM, 7 / 8 , 8K 27 dB C/N in normal operation 0 to 28 dB, resolution of 1 dB Constellation DVB-T/H constellation parameters Impulse Response CIR computed on 512 points; Time of FFT window: −Tu /6 · · · Tu /6 where Tu is the symbol duration Input signal strength accuracy ≥ − 5 0 dBm < − 5 0 dBm

General specifications Dimensions 440 mm × 340 mm × 44 mm (W × D × H); 1900 , 1 U with removable rack mounting Electromagnetic compatibility according EN 55081


Mass 3 kg Operating temperature range 0 ℃ to +40 ℃ Scope of delivery basic device, AC power cord, cable for power supply by the car cigarette lighter, manual

Ordering information SAM-RX 100 DVB-H/DVB-T RF Diversity Receiver


RF1 In


DVB-T Demodulator

RF2 In


DVB-T Demodulator

SAMcorder Recording of the MPEG-TS from various sources (SAM-RX 100, ASI/SPI input device, IP input), de-multiplex of all DVB-H services, IP streaming, various output interfaces to pipe data to other applications SAMcover coverage measurement, SiRF III GPS mouse, database, comprehensive filter features, result display in Google Earth™ or Google Maps™ SAMesg real-time ESG analysis, IPDC and OMA BCAST format, in-depth bootstrap file analysis, detailed container file analysis, XML, SDP and image extraction SAMflute real-time FLUTE/ALC analysis, announced/received file check, in-depth FLUTE packet analysis, infinite FLUTE file archive

Recommended add-ons

GP220 Ground plane antenna for band III; 223– 230 MHz, 50 Ω, 0 dB gain, magnetic base

±3 dB ±1 dB

SAMalyzer in-depth MPEG analysis, graphical time slice and jitter analysis, detailed SI table analysis, channel allocation at a glance, MPE-FEC verification SAMbera real-time MPEG analysis, Prio 1, 2, 3 according to TR 101 290, DVB-H specific analysis, MPE-FEC check, service analysis, PID loss detection

Power consumption 20 W

Measuring parameters

SAMager SNMP Agent SNMP master agent, RF monitoring, complete MPEG-2 monitoring (incl. DVB-H specific MPE/IP measurements), ESG monitoring

SAMitor audio/video decoding, watching all video services simultaneously, comfortable monitor wall, support of several media libraries (QuickTime, VLC)

MPEG-TS Output Management



DVB-T Receiver RXH-1020 (TEAMCAST) Control Power Supply USB/RS232

85–264 VAC 12–16 VDC

VAD Video-Audio-Design GmbH Dresden Laerchenstrasse 7 F 01097 Dresden F Germany phone: +49 351 811 98 30 F fax: +49 351 811 98 54 F e-mail:

ASI to USB Converter



USB 2.0

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