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Press Release 03/2006 Audience: Economy / IT / CeBIT 2006

CeBIT 2006: Gaining True Added Value from Existing Software Solutions InterSystems’ Application Technology Provides Competitive Edge for End Users, Software Houses and Implementation Partners Hanover, March, 09 2006 – At CeBIT 2006 (hall 3, booth C20), InterSystems, leading provider of application technology, demonstrates under the slogan „We make applications more successful“ how end users, software houses and implementation partners will benefit from their investments in existing software solutions. InterSystems focuses at CeBIT on creating added value by extending existing solutions in a multi-staged approach. How to generate added value specifically in the healthcare industry will be demonstrated at a second InterSystems booth in the eHealth Area in hall 9, booth C52/1, stand 16. Here the focus is on process integration in hospitals, integrated care and linking of the IT of hospitals, pharmacies and medical practices. As the leading „embedded database“, InterSystems post-relational database Caché today serves as the technological foundation of a broad variety of industry applications. Migrating to Caché turns out beneficial for end users and software houses alike: applications become platform-independent with Caché acting as a „black box“ in the background, thus ensuring the seamless operation in a variety of system architectures, operating system environments and framework paradigms. Caché eliminates performance bottlenecks, ensures the efficient use of system resources, and reduces administration overhead. In addition, due to its „Unified Data Architecture“, Caché understands the models existing applications are based on – from the relational Data Description Language (DDL), and various object models to state-of-the-art XML – thus enabling a seamless and easy migration to new architectures. The Ensemble universal integration platform on the other hand provides a seamless integration with the existing enterprise applications. Due to its integrated development environment for business processes and composite Contact: in-house Agentur +49-1801-585 585 6734

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Press Release 03/2006 Audience: Economy / IT / CeBIT 2006 applications, business processes across applications may be mapped easily, and users are thus able to leverage new applications components in a fast and efficient way. As Ensemble leverages the business logic of existing applications instead of re-implementing it, errors are eliminated and projects will be completed in shorter time. In addition by using the universal integration approach the applied integration logic may by reused in different contexts for a variety of business processes, and investments will deliver two or three times the original ROI. Using Ensemble, the integration does not have to take place at the end user, as this is usually the case. InterSystems offers software houses the core components of Ensemble as „embedded integration“ which can be integrated in their solutions. Thus industry-specific integration tasks may be implemented in out-of-the-box solutions in advance. Using embedded Ensemble, developers are able to develop business processes across applications in short time, and deploy them as part of their applications. A set of more than 165 adapters ensures that the business processes can be linked with almost every popular application, technology, and framework at the client site without requiring a lot of programming. In the eHealth Area in hall 9, InterSystems presents innovative integration solutions for the healthcare industry. A special highlight is the online access to a running integration solution for the scoring of complex intensive care at Deutsches Herzzentrum in Berlin, Germany. For this demonstration, a special filter algorithm has been developed guaranteeing completely anonymous patient data. Also at the main booth in hall 3, examples of real life applications and actual project reports are presented. Here application and implementation partners including Cutex, Emprise Process Management, Lib-IT, and Synerva show how application technology of InterSystems generates measurable added value in organizations. „Together with our partners we will demonstrate how applications will be become more successful by using Contact: in-house Agentur +49-1801-585 585 6734

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Press Release 03/2006 Audience: Economy / IT / CeBIT 2006 the appropriate technology“, states Jörg Klingler, Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe at InterSystems. „Today end users can not afford to simply write off existing software investments. Using Caché and Ensemble we provide our partners with the mission-critical tools to generate added value from existing solutions in an efficient and cost-effective way.“ (644 words / 4.495 characters) About InterSystems For over 25 years, InterSystems Corporation has been a technology innovation leader in database and integration software. The Caché postrelational database and Ensemble universal integration platform enable software developers in every industry sector to rapidly create, deploy and integrate high-performance applications. With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and over twenty-five regional offices, InterSystems serves more than four million users around the world. For more information, visit For more information, please contact: InterSystems GmbH Peter Mengel Hilpertstraße 20a D-64295 Darmstadt Phone +49 (6151) 1747-0 Fax +49 (6151) 1747-11

Contact: in-house Agentur +49-1801-585 585 6734

in-house Agentur eK Michael Ihringer Kastanienallee 24 D-64289 Darmstadt Phone +49 (6151) 30830-0 Fax +49 (6151) 30830-11

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