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Mitsubishi forklift trucks and warehouse equipment Only Mitsubishi delivers such global strength and unrivalled local service

quality | reliability | value for money

Mitsubishi: the name people trust All around the world, people who depend on their forklift trucks, put their trust in Mitsubishi. If your forklift truck carries our name you can be certain of the utmost quality and reliability. But it doesn’t end there. As your authorised Mitsubishi Forklift Truck dealership we are also unique in the way we operate. You’ll find our highly skilled people are probably closer than you’ve come to expect: with everything from an exceptional wide range of equipment to all the services you need such as hire and finance. Experienced, highly trained and friendly, we are certain you’ll find them partners you can trust as much as the Mitsubishi name itself. We’re backed, of course, by excellent channels to our national and global Mitsubishi colleagues, so what we don’t have to hand, is in our hands, fast. You enjoy all the benefits of our global resources and local support.

Mitsubishi gives you more

With Mitsubishi, a very generous, practical specification is yours as standard – including many items that other manufacturers offer only as costly extras. The result is a truck that’s more productive and profitable for your business. More economical for you to run and maintain. More environmentally friendly. And more efficient and enjoyable for your drivers to operate.

GRENDiA ES FD15-35N Series

GRENDiA ES FG15-35N Series


The green diamond

Our most popular forklift range, GRENDIA means ‘green diamond’. Green for its low fuel consumption, low emissions and low tyre wear... Diamond because it’s tough, high quality and always a sound investment. No wonder it’s the world’s favourite forklift.

GRENDiA EX FG40-50 Series


TREXiA EX FD100-160N Series

EDiA EX FB25-25N Series

TREXiA ES FD70N Series

Quality, reliability ...and genuine value for money Innovative design, cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality are standards that define everything we do. Our award-winning product development team are world leaders in achieving the ultimate in ‘driveability’. At the same time, they define the ‘green’ standards for fuel economy and low emissions. Durable materials, low-wear systems and built-in protection all extend the trucks working life and extend service intervals. Meanwhile, RapidAccess features encourage your staff to carry out routine checks by making the process quick and easy – ensuring proper maintenance and so cutting your running costs.

Mitsubishi makes good business sense

A Mitsubishi truck is an asset to your business that will make you money – and save you money – every day. Our famously reliable trucks just keep on working longer – avoiding unscheduled downtime and maximising your productivity.

PREMiA ES PBP16-20N2 Series

PREMiA EM PBV20-25N2 Series


With a range that includes over 150 different models, each available with a myriad of options, Mitsubishi are certain to offer precisely the right truck for your exact needs

TBR30N Series

SENSiA EX RBM20-25N2 Series


AXiA ES SBP10-16N2 Series

VELiA ES OPB10-20NE Series

SENSiA EM RB14-25N2 Series

World-leading technology ...and local support Market-leading customer care is an essential part of the unique Mitsubishi package. Every dealer has been handpicked for its facilities, knowledge and commitment to our customers. And we are all backed by the huge resources of the global Mitsubishi organisation. Wherever you are working – on a single site or across the country – we bring you the local knowledge and expertise to ensure the best possible solution for your business.

Maintenance agreements Our Planned Maintenance and Full Maintenance programs deliver cost-effective, scheduled support. They are much more than just preventative – they save you time and money too. We work with you to develop a program geared to the specific demands of your operation, ensuring that your trucks always deliver peak productivity. So while we concentrate on your forklifts, you can concentrate on your business.





To ensure your equipment is repaired quickly every time, we hold large stocks of approved parts. In addition, our central parts facility offers next-day delivery with an industry-leading full-line first-pick rate of 97%.

To further help protect your investment; our warranties deliver complete peace of mind. As dependable as the trucks themselves, our standard and extended warranties provide you – and subsequent owners – with even lower operating costs and long-term insurance against unexpected repairs.

Forklift truck range Diesel Mitsubishi engine-powered forklifts excel at intensive, versatile and heavyduty material handling. The unrivalled range offers a generous specification of advanced features as standard.

FD15-35(C)N Series

FD40-55(C)N Series

4 wheel diesel solid pneumatic tyre 1500 – 3500 kg

4 wheel diesel solid pneumatic tyre 4000 – 5500 kg

FG15-35(C)N Series

FG40-55(C)N Series

4 wheel LP gas solid pneumatic tyre 1500 – 3500 kg

4 wheel LP gas solid pneumatic tyre 4000 – 5500 kg

FB10-15KRT PAC Series

FB13-20(C)PNT Series

3 wheel solid pneumatic tyre 1000 – 1500 kg 24 Volt

3 wheel solid pneumatic tyre 1300 – 2000 kg 48 Volt

Dual fuel and LP gas Popular with drivers and owners, these LPG trucks combine robust construction, advanced emission control and intelligent engine management systems with an inherently sure-footed, stable design.

Electric 3 and 4 wheel Only the extensive Mitsubishi range of award-winning battery-powered forklifts has so many advanced features. They take on the most demanding tasks and longest shifts, indoors and out, whatever the weather.


...developed for outstanding productivity

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FD70N Series

FD100-160N Series

6 wheel diesel pneumatic dual drive tyre 7000 kg

6 wheel diesel pneumatic dual drive tyre 10000-16000 kg

FGC20-33NY Series

FGC35-70K Series

4 wheel LP gas lugged tyre 2000 – 3300 kg

4 wheel LP gas lugged / cushion tyre 3500 – 7000 kg

FB16-20(C)PN Series

FB25-35(C)N Series

FB40-50 Series

4 wheel solid pneumatic tyre 1600 – 2000 kg 48 Volt

4 wheel solid pneumatic tyre 2500 – 3500 kg 80 Volt

4 wheel solid pneumatic tyre 4000 – 5000 kg 80 volt AC power

Warehouse equipment range Powered pallet trucks These Mitsubishi models are extremely strong, endurancetested and well protected. Easy to operate – even for inexperienced drivers – they are reliable performers (even on uneven surfaces and in extreme conditions).

PBP16-20N2 Series



Pedestrian power pallet AC power 1600 – 2000 kg

Platform power pallet truck AC power 2000 kg

Heavy duty platform powered pallet truck AC Power 2500 kg

Reach and Multi-way trucks


The award-winning reach and multi-way reach truck range sets a new standard, thanks to its intuitive operation, unique mast stabilisation systems, unrivalled visibility – and much more...

Compact, easy-to-use and highly versatile, these stackers deliver the exceptional productivity you need to meet your goals... whatever the application.

RB14-25N2 Series

RBM20-25N2 Series

Reach truck 1400 – 2500 kg

Multi-way reach truck 2000 - 2500 kg

SBP10-16N2 Series Pedestrian stacker 1000 – 1600 kg

Order pickers This intelligent range of high and low level order pickers offers smart features to reduce picking times. Highlevel models excel in narrow aisles, while low level trucks offer unrivalled versatility and efficiency.

OPB10-20NE Series Low level order picker 1000 – 2000 kg

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...built for businesses that never stand still Tow trucks PBV20ND

PBR20N Series

PBS20N Series

Platform powered double pallet handler 2000 kg

Stand-on powered pallet truck 2000 kg

Sit-on powered pallet truck 2000 kg

Mitsubishi’s tow trucks are popular in both clean and arduous environments including the most intensive factory production lines, airports and hospitals.

TBR30N Series Tow truck 3000 kg

SBV16N Series

SBR12-20N Series

SBS15-20N Series

Platform stacker 1600 kg

Stand-on stacker 1200 – 2000 kg

Sit-on stacker 1500 – 2000 kg

Warehouse: it’s what we do


OPBL10N Series

OPBH10N Series

Steering wheel order picker 1000 kg

High level order picker 1000 kg

It should come as no surprise to hear that Mitsubishi can meet all of your warehouse needs. The engineering excellence and inbuilt reliability that have made Mitsubishi counterbalance trucks the world’s favourites are found equally in our complete range of warehouse products.

You’ll never work alone. Mitsubishi materials handling equipment benefits from the huge resources, and cutting-edge technology of one of the world’s largest corporations.

We are here to keep your trucks working – through out extensive experiences, our technical excellence and our commitment to customer care.

So when we promise you quality, reliability and value for money, you know it’s a guarantee we have the power to deliver.

We are local experts, backed by efficient channels to the entire Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks organisation.

Every truck in our comprehensive, award-winning range is built keep on working for you... day after day... year after year... whatever the conditions... whatever the job. As your local authorised dealer, we take that promise personally.

Award-winning designs

No matter where you are, we are close by – with the capability to meet your needs. Only Mitsubishi gives you this combination of global engineering excellence and outstanding local support... only Mitsubishi offers you such a quality product at such an affordable price... and only Mitsubishi places reliability as high as you do in its priorities.

The term ‘Integrated Presence System’ (IPS) is intended as a trading style, only to describe a number of design features on the Mitsubishi trucks to which IPS is applied. It does not imply that the truck can be driven without appropriate operator training and without due care and attention. The manufacturer (MCFE, Almere, the Netherlands) cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by incorrect or dangerous use of its equipment. Performance specifications may vary depending on standard m ­ anufacturing tolerances, vehicle ­condition, types of tyres, floor or surface conditions, applications or operating environment. Trucks may be shown with non-standard options. Specific ­performance requirements and locally available configurations should be ­discussed with your distributor of Mitsubishi forklift trucks. Mitsubishi ­follows a policy of continual product improvement. For this reason, some materials, options and specifications could change without notice. CEBM1837 (04/17) © 2017 MCFE Printed in The Netherlands w­­­­

Mitsubishi forklift trucks and warehouse equipment  

All around the world, people who depend on their forklift trucks, put their trust in Mitsubishi. If your forklift truck carries our name you...

Mitsubishi forklift trucks and warehouse equipment  

All around the world, people who depend on their forklift trucks, put their trust in Mitsubishi. If your forklift truck carries our name you...