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ProCab tiltable cabin VersaCab panel cabin PlusCab panel cabin Diesel and LPG Counterbalance 4 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres ● 1.5 – 5.5 tonnes

Non-stop action... whatever the weather At Mitsubishi, we understand that comfortable drivers are productive drivers. That’s why we have developed our VersaCab and ProCab ranges specifically around the needs of your drivers, as well as your business, with ergonomics and comfort a top priority at every stage. Our VersaCab and PlusCab panel cabins, for example, offer a variety of flexible configurations to protect your drivers from the elements. Whatever you require, from a simple but effective roof-only option to a totally enclosed and air-conditioned steel structure, this competitively priced range delivers the right level of comfort... at the right price. The deluxe ProCab fully floating tiltable cabin offers a host of ergonomic features that are sure to keep your operators happy and your operations productive. Set on floating rubber mounts, the cabin interior is effectively insulated against vibration... as well as the weather.



VersaCab Versatile weatherproofing From a simple but effective roof-only option to a totally enclosed and air-conditioned steel structure, the VersaCab range of panel cabins offers a variety of flexible configurations. Custom-designed to fit our trucks perfectly, VersaCabs are stylish in appearance and can be removed in minutes whenever the weather is more suited to open-air operation.

panel choices include: High-visibility overhead guard roof featuring protective steel shield and tough polycarbonate plate gives a clear view of raised forks and loads.

Laminated glass front screen with wash-wipe system provides optimum operator protection and maintains high visibility.

Tempered hinge-opening rear window with wash/wipe and roll-up PVC side windows allows good ventilation and rear vision.

Sliding side windows and steel doors with a choice of heating or air conditioning maximise comfort and safety.

PlusCab Retro-fit panel cabin For customers who already own a GRENDIA truck, we offer robust, weatherproof panel cabins that can be fitted to the truck’s existing overhead guard. Offering outstanding visibility and all-round protection from the elements, they represent excellent value for money and a rapid-fit solution. This cabin is also available as a factory-fit on new trucks, of course.

PlusCab retro-fit cabins increase truck height by 10 mm.

VersaCab Versatile weatherproofing Clear and safe Uniquely, the protective but highly transparent roof plate contains no bars to spoil the view. Also unique is its combination of tough polycarbonate with a special coating that resists the scratching, weathering and deterioration with age that affects perspex roofs.

Rolling doors PVC side doors/windows can be simply rolled up when not needed.

Forward vision Equipped with a wash/wipe system, this screen can be added to the highvisibility overhead guard roof option.

Top of the range In the top-spec cabins, roll-up doors/windows are replaced by steel doors and sliding windows. Heating or air conditioning can also be specified.

Looking back A tempered glass, hingeopening rear window, with wash/wipe, is part of the roll-up PVC windows/doors option package.

ProCab Ergonomic luxury In developing the ProCab fully floating, tiltable cabin, we have created a space in which the operator will feel appreciated and work effectively.

standard specifications include:

Behind its attractive appearance lie many ergonomic features designed to make life easier. Set on floating rubber mounts, the cabin interior is effectively insulated against vibration... as well as the weather. And thanks to its simple tilting mechanism, and the exceptionally wide access it allows, service engineers will be happy too.

Fully floating cab on four rubber mounts means exceptionally low levels of vibration and noise for the operator.

High-strength frame and unobstructed windows give clear visibility through front, back, sides and roof.

Two-speed and intermittent wash/wipe on the front screen – plus single speed and intermittent wash/wipe on rear – gives excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Clear rear-view mirror

Smooth-operating sliding windows

Effective wash/wipe systems

High-quality, watertight and draughtproof seals keep cabin free of draughts and leaks.

Sliding side windows and opening roof window allow good ventilation. Choice of heating system with inbuilt filter, full air conditioning or climate control ensures operator comfort whatever the weather. Fully lined interior adds to the operator’s sense of comfort. Full lighting kit

Comfort-controlled environment

Convenient reading light

Rear-view mirror, tool storage box and reading light are fitted for driver convenience. Centralised controls close to the steering column enable easy operation of washers, wipers, 12 volt connection and heater. ©

Special Hella road-type lights enhance see-and-be-seen safety.

Luxury seat with hip restraints and belt is fully adjustable to suit individual comfort levels.

Fingertip hydraulic controls with integrated, fully adjustable, high-comfort armrest (an award-winning concept) allow effortless precision.

Complete backward tilting gives full and rapid access to engine compartment with minimal effort, encouraging regular checks and allowing fast servicing.

ProCab Ergonomic luxury AV ready

Insulated environment

Climate control

Brackets, spaces and wiring are available – in case required – for easy installation of audio, video and computer equipment.

High-quality seals are air and water tight, protecting driver and cabin from the elements.

offers all the environmental comfort you need.

Breathe easy

Sliding side windows and opening roof window allow good ventilation.

Clearing the view

Simple controls allow rapid washing and wiping of front and rear screens.

Central heating

Full tilt ProCab's luxury heating system permits rapid warming of foot area and demisting of front, side and rear screens.

High visibility

The cabin can be tilted and lowered via a single key switch on the side panel. There is no need to run the engine, as tilting is independent of the truck's hydraulic system. External electric 12 volt connections allow tilting even if the truck's battery has insufficient capacity remaining. When opened to its maximum angle, the tilt cylinders lock to hold the cabin safely in the raised position.

Frames have been specially designed to minimise obstruction of operator’s view.

Easy entry Easy-open, easy-close doors, windows and locks offer operators quick on/off access.

ProCab increases truck height by 75 mm.


reliability is everything... Whatever your application and however demanding the conditions, if you need a truck that will never let you down, you need look no further than GRENDIA: our latest 1.5 to 5.5 tonne diesel and LPG models. As you will see, their quality is better than ever... and each combines a feature-packed specification and impressive performance with true value for money. ● Stylish, purposeful design reflects

this machine’s power to work productively, non-stop, whatever the conditions. ● Advanced LPG engine with 3-way

catalytic converter delivers precisely controlled performance, great fuel economy and very low emissions. ● Advanced diesel technology lowers

fuel consumption and ensures complete, clean burning – as well as low noise levels. ● Fully floating powertrain maximises

gradeability and travel speed while minimising noise and vibration. ● Market-leading ErgoCentric design

results in easy on-off access, a unique, adjustable steering column with position memory, user-friendly controls, a practical layout and great all-round visibility – for maximum precision and productivity. ● Strong, high visibility masts allow

● Clear, informative panel includes

essential warning lights and LCD display with speedometer, clock and dual hour meter. ● Integrated Presence System

(IPS/IPS2) pioneered by Mitsubishi prevents all movement of the truck and its mast if the operator is not seated, as well as providing an automatic parking brake (IPS2 only), a seatbelt warning light and a parking brake alarm. ● Wide range of high-quality masts

and attachments delivers precise compatibility and an ideal configuration for each application. ● Robust construction has been

designed and rigorously tested to ensure high stability, rigidity and protection. ● Operator identification system can

be activated – if owner wishes – to prevent unauthorised use of the truck.

handling of heavy loads in tough environments with total confidence.

Like any product bearing the Mitsubishi name, our materials handling equipment benefits from the huge resources and cutting-edge technology of one of the world’s largest corporations. So when we promise you quality, reliability and value for money, you know it’s a guarantee we have the power to deliver. Every model in our comprehensive, awardwinning range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment is built to a high specification and is designed to keep on working for you... day after day... year after year... whatever the job... whatever the conditions. To ensure your truck stays in constant productive action, we have a network of local dealers – hand-picked for their commitment to customer care... and backed up by the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks organisation. No matter where you are, we have a dealer close by – ready and willing to meet your needs. That friendly local service covers everything from identifying the perfect model and configuration for your application to providing competitive, flexible finance and maintenance packages, unbeatable warranties, long and short term hire, and highly responsive field service and repairs... as well as the industry’s quickest and most reliable parts supply. Only Mitsubishi can give you this combination of global engineering excellence and outstanding local support... only Mitsubishi offers you such a quality product at such an affordable price... and only Mitsubishi places reliability as high as you do in its priorities. Contact your local dealer now and see what Mitsubishi can do for you. You can find your nearest dealer at

CEBM1342 (04/11) © 2011 MCFE

For full truck specifications see the GRENDIA ES and GRENDIA EX spec sheets. The term ‘Integrated Presence System’ (IPS) is intended as a trading style, only to describe a number of design features on the Mitsubishi trucks to which IPS is applied. It does not imply that the truck can be driven without appropriate operator training and without due care and attention. The manufacturer (MCFE, Almere, the Netherlands) cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by incorrect or dangerous use of its equipment.

NOTE: Performance specifications may vary depending on standard manufacturing tolerances, vehicle condition, types of tyres, floor or surface conditions, applications or operating environment. Trucks may be shown with non-standard options. Specific performance requirements and locally available configurations should be discussed with your distributor of Mitsubishi forklift trucks. Mitsubishi follows a policy of continual product improvement. For this reason, some materials, options and specifications could change without notice.

XX-Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks - Cabins for GRENDIA range  

ProCab tiltable cabin VersaCab panel cabin PlusCab panel cabin

XX-Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks - Cabins for GRENDIA range  

ProCab tiltable cabin VersaCab panel cabin PlusCab panel cabin