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Feb 2013

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Another year has begun and we all look forward to the adventures our club has to offer this year. The year began in style with a wonderful trip to Fonty’s Pool over the New Year’s Day week. This was organised by Guy and Wendy, who as always did a wonderful job of pre-arranging everything. I hope that everyone else had enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebrations. Thanks to Peter Cole for getting the club’s year up and running with an OziExplorer training night. This particular training session was aimed at he navigation novice and was well received by those who attended. The training will be followed up as the year progresses with more advanced classes. Following the Christmas break there is usually a few weeks before people get into the swing of the New Year. But thanks to Richard King, the calendar started filling up starting with his February trip to Sawyers Valley. To be quickly followed up by Malcolm Harrison organizing a March trip to Lane Poole Reserve. We still have a number of members like Richard and Malcolm who are always willing to organize a trip when things are looking slim on the calendar. However, the more members we have that are willing to run day trips, the less likely there will be a need for members to fill in calendar gaps at the last minute. The end of month day trip was a topic discussed at the February members meeting. From which a lot of good ideas have been tabled for consideration of the committee. Our aim will be to get more members to lead day trips, and to do that, the club will be looking at different ways of training, providing encouragement and support to give more members confidence in doing so. The planning session at the February meeting went extremely well. 72 people attended the meeting of which 15 were visitors. Everyone was split up into 6 groups and each group had a series of items to discuss. After an hour’s group discussion, the scribe for each group presented their opinions to the whole meeting. These ideas will be collated by the Secretary and published for all members to read. The new committee in March will then consider all the ideas for this coming year. I would like to thank those members who attended and contributed to the meeting discussions. And I would like to give a special big thankyou to our Secretary John King for devising a workable agenda for such a big gathering. Members are reminded that membership subscriptions are due before April 1. As a result of changes to our policies last year, you will have a shorter leeway to pay your subscriptions. Payments can be made direct to the Treasurer, by post, or the preferred method is by direct debit online. If you pay online it is im4

portant that you provide appropriate reference to the payment. Your full surname and initials are sufficient. The club’s account number is:- BSB 306 089 Account:- 2840244 I look forward to seeing as many members as possible at the March AGM. If you haven’t already done so, please email me your nominations for the Ian Lockhart Award and the Piston Broke Award. It’s always a pleasure to bestow the club’s gratitude onto those members who have contributed to events that make this club so enjoyable to be a part of. This is the time of the year where you can express your thanks by way of submitting a few lines of gratitude. I promise your words will be read out (anonymously) regardless of whether your nominated member receives the award. Martin Archer President

CLUB SHOP OPEN! Gents and ladies Cooltex polo shirts $35 Caps at $15 each Tick removers at $5 IN STOCK Buy at the club meetings or go to the member website. 5



The meeting will be held on

Wednesday 6th of March 2013 at Manning Senior Citizens Centre, 3 Downey Drive Manning commencing at 7.30pm.



This great photo taken by Bruce Brinkley is the first entrant for 2013. Taken on a beach down south it’s titled "Hmm... will we or won't we?"

Feb 2013 POTY Entrant

26 December 2012 to 5 January 2013 TRIP LEADERS: Guy & Wendy Lehmann THE CAMP SITE We were allocated the "overflow" area adjacent to the campers kitchen. This was big enough to accommodate around 12 campers. The area was all grassed with some trees and we had access to four power and water outlets . Facilities were good considering that were in the peak holiday period. The fresh water pool came in handy on the hot days with the temperatures sitting in the high 30's for most of the stay. DAY 1 & 2 - Both days were park up days as campers all arrived at different times and had to setup and get organised. DAY 3 - We travelled to Lake Jasper , which was around 72 km's from our campsite. We travelled east along Seven Day Road through the Beedelup National Park to the Vasse Highway intersection. Turned left at the intersection and proceeded to Scott Road which heads to the coast. There was come confusion at the commencement of the road as it said that the road was closed due to flood damage. A bridge that was there was washed away but we had no trouble crossing the creek. The track into Lake Jasper was sandy but no trouble with lowered tyre pressures. Lake Jasper has a large under cover area, toilets and a small camping area. The lake has fresh water and a small sandy beach. Had a great cooling swim and had our lunch under the shaded area. When we departed half the crew decided to carry on along the Scott Road to Black Point and then back to camp and the other half travelled back via Channybearup Road to the camp. We had a bit of a hold up on the return trip with another 4WD that got bogged on the track leading out of the lake. The usual problem of 40 psi not cutting it in soft sand. DAY 4 - This was basically a park up day. As the day looked like hitting 40 c we decided to do a short 25 km trip to Big Brook Dam. This is a fresh water dam with shade, toilets and a sandy beach. A popular spot with the locals. We spent the bulk of the day in and out of the water and some went for a walk around the dam. DAY 5 - We travelled to Windy Harbour via Northcliffe, which was around 80 kms from our campsite. Before reaching Windy Harbour we turned off to explore the various bays adjacent to Pt D'Eentrecasteaux. Upon arrival at the settlement we found some nice shady trees to have lunch and there was even an ice-cream van for those who


wished to indulge. After lunch we followed a track trough the sand hills that led to the Gairdner River. Upon reaching the river we stopped at the River mouth for a look and then headed back to Windy Harbour along the beach. The beach sand was fairly firm and was easy going. We proceeded back to camp once we reached the settlement. DAY 6 - This was a park up day was we had to prepare for "New Years Eve". The theme for the night was that you had to come as anything that started with a "P". We had a communal barby and everyone contributed a salad or a sweet. It was a fun night and we all lasted until well after midnight. I would recommend that readers check out the photos taken on the night. DAY 7 - Park up day. DAY 8 - Keith led a trip to the Yeagarup Junes and Beach via Pemberton which was around 65 km. We proceeded out of IIIe been a Pemberton (bakery stop of course) out along Vasse Highway bad boyI and turned off towards the coast on Ritter Road. Once the road punish meI became sandy we stopped to air down. The dunes were relatively easy going and we proceeded down to the beach. We travelled down the beach towards the Warren River with the hope that we meet up with the track that exits of the Warren Beach. We stopped for lunch at the Warren River mouth. After crossing the Warren river we had to turn back because the beach had a huge cat away. We travelled back along the beach to the Yeagarup Beach entry point. Getting off the beach was ok but it was a bit of a challenge getting up the hill that leads to the dunes. A few of us had to have a few goes to get up the hill. Once we were over the hill and had exited the dunes we headed off back to camp. DAY 9 - Glen let a trip to Warren beach via Northcliffe which was around 69 kms. Once we left Northcliffe we followed the recommended Hema tracks to get to the Warren Beach Road. Hema are a little out of date and we ended out going around in circles but did eventually find the road. The sandy track to Callcup Hill was in pretty good condition. Once we reached Callcup Hill the track descending down to the beach dropped 150 mtrs over a relatively short distance. Our initial response to descending down the hill was "no way" in fear that we would not get back 9

Censored in the public interest

Oh dear Bruce... ANI ExcuseI


A GOLD PROSPECTING WEEKEND. Expressions of interest wanted: When: 27th April to 29th April 2013.

See website for more info on ALL CLUB TRIPS

Where: Goldfields Region. Convoy: 12 Vehicles Who: Members only. Bring: Campers, Swags, Tents. (Possibility of access for small caravans may be decided at a later date). Camp fire cooking utensils. Equipment: Metal detectors available for hire - Reeds Prospecting Supplies. All vehicles should carry the necessary Recovery & repair equip. To register your interest please contact trip leader Roger Freegard / John Stampallia

Easter trip to Bridgetown staying in Bridgetown Caravan Park Arriving Thursday March 28th 2013 - Departing Monday April 1st 2013 Powered sites $25 per night for two persons. Ten powered sites have been booked – all adjacent to the river and near to each other. The site has good camp kitchen facilities and ablutions amenities nearby to our sites. Lots to do in and around Bridgetown – canoeing and swimming in the Blackwood River. There are Heritage sites, Parks and Trails; Forest and Bush walks; wineries and cudgeries; plentiful eating out and pubs/hotels. Bridgetown is a character town full of interesting buildings and a variety of craft and collectors shops. All this within easy walking distance from the caravan park. There will be an Easter Sunday Market, and we will endeavour to participate in a club Easter Egg hunt and Easter quiz. There will be opportunity to participate in a local scenic drive in this attractive area. Confirm your attendance by email or phone Peter

BOOK NOW 10 First in best dressed.

From 2013 February Notes taken by Secretary John King An absorbing evening all round. Our President Martin called the meeting to order on time and general business was dispensed with summarily...though the resignation of life members gave pause... but also recognition that members move on. Talking of moving on...George and Linda have flown back to resume their travels over East and sent their greetings. A good 62% of our members turned up for our planning meeting.. plus it was splendid that 15 visitors also arrived both to be welcomed and to participate in the planning phase for the coming year. Despite protests heard of “haven’t been involved long enough “don’t know enough about the club” being present at a planning meeting should show potential new members that “fossil thinking” is not an aspect of this 4WD club. The planning meeting showed ours to be a very interesting, healthy and evolving 4WD Club. Irregularly numbered Groups formed, some choosing to sit where the topic was of interest, or others just sitting where there was an empty seat. Animated discussion of the various topics could be heard through the fluctuations of noise levels in the room. Six groups formed each with a leader and perhaps a scribe. It did prove to be advantageous if the scribe could actually take notes that the presenter could read!!! Each Group had two discussion points to deliberate in the 50 mins allotted. After much debate, side tracking, and sub-conferencing within the groups the leaders, or other, then presented a summary of their conclusions to the room, plus any incidental thoughts on other groups’ topics. All controlled by The Bell.. though we must be all developing a sixth sense for Club timings (John’s Bell) as most seem to finish right on time. Martin resumed control of the meeting. Richard King briefly advised the status of the upcoming Sawyers Valley day trip February 24th. Peter Belcher advised there was still a place available for Easter in Bridgetown. Glenn Bignell elaborated on his Shark Bay trip 28 March to 7 April. Roger Freegard Goldfields Explorer 25 to 28 April. Be advised Roger has amended equipment requirements for this trip. He’s upped the container for carrying the gold findings from a thimble to a bucket! Bob McPherson’s trip Northcliffe Explorer 24 to 28 April will be a good bush drive along sandy tracks and out onto beaches. Malcolm Harrison’s Secret trip.. so secret he hasn’t found it yet is a work in progress but will be a day trip either 30th or 31st March so mark it in your calendars. With Malcolm’s good management and GPS, trippers may be able to find their way through the maze of fenced and gated roads he’s been pre-tripping.. and get home for dinner. Raffle: The colour blind among us needed help to differentiate between red and orange 11

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the hill. After fiddling around with tyre pressures and a few trial runs we decided that yes we can do it. We all descended down the hill and followed the track to the Warren Beach. We all had no trouble going back up the hill and onto the track back to Northcliffe. It is amassing what dropping your tyre pressures to 10 psi can achieve. We found a nice shady bunch of trees an the track had lunch and headed back to camp. DAY 10 -We travelled to Moore's Hut and Fish Creek which was around 77 kms. We travelled down the South Western Highway until we reached Deeside Coast Road and turned right. This road was a fairly good gravel road that travels through the Shannon National Park and leads directly to the Moore's Track. Moore's Track was your usual sandy track and was no problem with your tyre pressures lowered. We travelled to fish creek first which ended out being a dead end and we were unable to actually get to the beach. I think we missed the turn off but time constraints stopped us from back tracking. We commenced on the track to Moore's Hut. This is a small camp site in a nice shaded area with the usual dump toilet. We had lunch here and then commenced down to the beach for a look. You could drive some distance in both directions along the beach and we came across a decaying whale carcass. There are also several little camp sites in amongst the dunes that we checked out when exiting the beach. Once we left Moore's Hut we travelled back to camp via the Quinninup Pub. DAY 11 - Pack up and head home. Some pics from New Years Eve: The caretaker was so impressed by our New Years Eve Enthusiasm he drove the 6' tall purple Fairy round the campsite spreading fairy dust... resulted in a tribe of kids following the fairy back home. Editor Note: No, nobody was arrested! 12





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winning tickets. Well that’s about it for this month’s News behind the Minutes. Once again the vacuum cleaner proved elusive...and Martin almost had to call ‘Time People...’ Club Stuff and Car Talk can definitely be very absorbing. Next Month’s CLUB Meeting – Wednesday 6 March at 7.30pm Next Month’s COMMITTEE Meeting Wednesday 20 March 2013 at 7pm. Note : This is a change in the date for Committee meeting Above Right: Malcolm reports. Below Right: A busy night planning.

PCV3 home made Rear Storage unit. $375. Fits into space over third For row seat well in my NP pajero. Sale Drawer slides are rated to 45kg, full extension at 700mm, and same for slide on the fridge. Fridge space is approx 37cm W , 66cm D, 50cm H. Access to seat well through hole under fridge slide. Fridge in pic is a waeco 40lt, not included in sale !

Call Peter 0419939190


Date: March 28th to April 7th 2013 .

Leave Perth Thursday 28th March – stay over at Lake Indoon (Eneabba) 300kms. Arrive Nanga Bay Resort (600km) Frid. 29th March (Easter Friday) for 8 nights. Suitable for Campers and Caravaner’s. No generators power avail. Attractions: Denham, Monkey Mia, Steep Point, The Oceanarium, Shell Beach, Francois Peron Nat. Park, Stromatolites, fishing and lazing about! Trip Rating: To Nanga Bay Resort and return to home – 100% Bitumen Rating – 0. Day trips to attractions – vehicles only Rating 0 – 3. Recovery and Repair equipment: All participants are responsible for their vehicles and should carry the necessary recovery and repair equipment. 10 places reserved – 5 powered sites + 5 unpowered sites. Accommodation at Nanga Bay Resort cost is $25/night for unpowered sites and $30/night for powered sites. Camp kitchen is provided. See for details. Depart Saturday 6th April – stay overnight somewhere. Home on Sunday 7th April.

Contact Glenn Bignell, for reservations. 18

Stressing Out? Another “Classic� from Pat O.

Thanks mate!

Guy buys a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $30,000+, and has $400.00+ in monthly payments. He's pretty proud of this rig, and gets a hold of his friend to do some male bonding with the new ride. They go duck hunting and of course all the lakes are frozen. These two brainiacs go to the lake with their guns, the dog, the beer and, of course, the new vehicle. They drive out onto the ice. Now, they want to make some kind of a natural landing area to attract ducks - something the decoys will float on. Remember it's all ice, and in order to make a hole large enough to interest a flock of ducks and a hole big enough to entice ducks to land, they needed to use a little more than an ice hole drill... Sooo, out of the back of the brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee comes a stick of dynamite with a short 40-second fuse. Now, to their credit, these two rocket scientists DID take into consideration that if they placed the stick of dynamite on the ice at a location far from where they (and the new Grand Cherokee) would be waiting and ran back quickly, they would risk slipping on the ice as they ran from the imminent explosion and could possibly go up in smoke with the resulting blast. After a little deliberation, they come up with lighting and THROWING the dynamite, which is what they end up doing. Remember a couple of paragraphs back when I mentioned the vehicle, the beer,the guns AND


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Post New Year Trip 2014

January 11 to 21, 2014 (School Holidays) Limit of 10 vehicles, members only All powered caravan sites $100 deposit to Martin to secure your place Sites $46 per night (1 or 2 persons) $10 per night each additional person over 2 yrs

Martin: or 94952782 : Roger : or 9319 1943


New Element Discovered! Research has led to the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded byv ast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second, to take from f our days to f our years to complete. Governmentium has a normal half -life of 2- 6 years; It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In f act, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, f orming isodopes. This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. When catalysed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons. (Continued from page 19)

THE DOG????? Yes, the dog. The driver's pet Black Lab (used for retrieving especially things thrown by the owner). You guessed it, the dog takes off at a high rate of doggy speed on the ice, reaching the stick of dynamite with the burning 40 second fuse about the time it hits the ice -all to the woe of the two idiots who are now yelling, stomping, waving arms and wondering what the heck to do now... The dog is happy and now heads back toward the "hunters" with the stick of dynamite. I think we all can picture the ever-increasing concern on the part of the brain trust, as the loyal labrador retriever approaches. The Bozos now are REALLY waving their arms - yelling even louder and generally feeling kinda panicked.. Finally, one of the guys decides to think - something that neither had done before this moment, grabs a shotgun and shoots the dog. This sounds better than it really is, because the shotgun was loaded with #8 duckshot and hardly effective enough to stop a black Lab. The dog DID stop for a moment, slightly confused, but then continued on. Another shot, and this time the dog - still standing, became REALLY confused & of course scared. Thinking that these two Nobel Prize Winners have gone TOTALLY INSANE, the pooch takes off to find cover with a now extremely short fuse still burning on the stick of dynamite. The cover the dog finds? Underneath the brand new Grand Cherokee worth 30-some thousand dollars the $400.00+ monthly payment vehicle that is sitting nearby on the lake ice. BOOM ! Dog dies, vehicle sinks to bottom of lake, and these two "Co-Leaders of the Known Universe" are left standing there with this "I can't EVEN believe this happened to me" look on their faces. Later, the owner of the vehicle calls his insurance company and is promptly informed that sinking a vehicle in a lake by illegal use of explosives is NOT covered on his policy... He had yet to make his first car payment.


Visitor Information

Benefits of Membership  Traveling safely in a group with expe-

rienced trip leaders.

day trips, week end and extended trips. Tell Me About The Club

The Club currently has approximately 67 members consisting of singles, couples remote and unique places in Australia. and families. We are a family oriented  Family activities including camping, club which promotes safe and sensible sightseeing trips and other social four wheel driving and the enjoyment of events. our natural environment. The members  Driver education, promoting awareness are very friendly and love participating in of correct four-wheel driving techfour wheel drive trips and the various soniques. cial outings that are organized during the  Accessing the collective 4WD year. knowledge of other Club members. Where & when are the Club meetings Gain invaluable technical info on your vehicle and trip prepara- held? tion tips. On the first Wednesday of each month  Monthly club magazine mailed to (except for January) at 7.30pm Manning members. Club members only website, Senior Citizens Centre Cnr Ley Street & trip details, image library, trading post, Downey Drive Manning WA 6152 forum and latest news.  Club shop and library at regular Do I need to be an accomplished 4 wheel monthly meetings. driver to join the Club?  Discounts for members at selected outlets. No, the Club caters for all experience levels. We have a Training Officer who runs Why Join? training days during the year and the Club You will have the opportunity to develop trips are also graded according to their degree of difficulty. New members/visitors new skills and to learn more about your are provided assistance and coaching, if 4wd. Traveling with the Club will allow you to undertake trips which you may not necessary, while on Club trips. be confident of undertaking alone. The For more info feel free to contact club organizes a range of activities for its members including driver skills training David Jones both for novices and more experienced drivers, social functions, regular monthly Or visit:  Opportunity to explore the beauty of


Do I need a Mitsubishi 4WD to join the Club? We welcome all brands of 4WD's however Mitsubishi Pajeros are driven by approximately 60% of members. Other members drive Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols, Land Rovers and other makes of 4WD's. As we mostly drive larger 4WDs with dual range, the majority of our trips aren't suited to "soft roaders" as low range 4WD is considered necessary. When does the Club run outings? The Club usually has at least one organized 4wd trip on the last Sunday of each month. These outings are run by individual members and overseen by the Trip Co-ordinator. Events are varied and include day events, camping weekends and long distance trips over several weeks. What do I need to do to join the Club? New members are always welcome at the Club. You will need to attend at least 2 club meetings and participate in 2 club outings before nominating to join. This gives you a chance to see if our club suits you as well giving us a chance to get to know you. 23

Fees Due by April 1





March 6

Club Meeting

March 24

Logging Track

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March 28 - April 7

Nanga Bay Resort

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March 28 - Aril 1

Bridgetown Camp

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April 3

Club meeting

April 25 - 28

Northcliffe Explorer

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April 25 - 28

Goldfields Camping

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May 1

Club meeting

May 26

Moore River

Day Trip


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February 2013 We're Outward Bound  

Mitsubishi 4wd Owners Club of WA

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