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MITSUBA SYSTEMS DIPSTICKTM SERIES 700 UF Ultra fast colour change system

Remove the dipstick

Clean with compressed air

The machine is ready for next colour

MITSUBA SYSTEMS DIPSTICKTM SERIES 700 UF Ultra fast colour change system

Discover the revolutionary Dipstick 700 UF

Change colours in just 15 seconds To most people, changing colour is a lengthy process that not only wastes powder, but precious time as well. Whether you’re using a hopper or a box feeder, consider the fact that you have to first disassemble the equipment, then clean it thoroughly, and finally reassemble it, then you need to replace the hopper or new color box before you can replace the next colour. Not any more. Because now there is Dipstick 700UF. A patented device that satisfies high volume, low volume and special colour coating requirements -quickly, efficiently and economically in as little as 15 seconds. Quick and easy colour change It is now possible to change in as little as 15 seconds. And it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Insert Smart Bullet inside the Electrosmart Powder hose

Blow air in the hose using an air blow gun

1. Remove the dipstick & clean

2. Clean the gun and hose

3. Rotate Dipstick to new powder box

No powder spillage. No powder wastage. In fact, there’s absolutely no colour box replacement involved. You can let your main colour remain on the trolley & secondary colour boxes around the trolley. This is because there is no real need to vibrate the box. The Dipstick 700 UF is a very vibrating submersible powder pump. The superior method of powder coating The integrated Powder Pump reduces extreme wear associated with conventional pumps. It minimizes surging, puffing and internal turbulence and reduces air consumption to maximize coating capability. A special turbine gives the powder a ‘fluid’ state, without the introduction of compressed air. Since no uncontrolled fluidisation air is mixed with the powder, the powder flow is uniform and stable like never before.

Smart Bullet flies through the hose & scrub- cleans the inner walls

Your gun is ready for the next colour




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