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NEWS Week ending 4th May 2012

LETTER FROM THE HEAD Dear Parents As I write this newsletter I am acutely aware that, although the weather suggests we are still in February, our Year 11 pupils will have only two days left in school before examination leave and that Year 12 have but a week before they finish. I am looking to the girls to maintain their work ethic during the vital period between their study leave starting and the main body of examinations and would remind them that their teachers will remain available for consultation throughout the examination period. A time honoured tradition was followed this morning as the ceremonial handover of badges of office took place to symbolise the transfer from one prefect team to another. My congratulations go to Katie Hughes and Emma Lipczynski who have been appointed as Head Girls for 2012-13; I am sure that they will be absolutely fantastic ambassadors for the school and will lead their prefect team very well. My thanks go to the departing prefect team who have given such sterling service over the last year. The ceremony this morning helped to reinforce a couple of very important messages to us all about our place within the school; change happens whilst, at the same time, there are values that this school has that have been in place since its founding and will carry on long after all of us here have moved on. A highlight of this week for me had to be the GCSE Drama evening last night during which our girls were showcasing their undoubted talent before an audience that included the examination board moderator. As usual, the programme that the girls put together was both challenging and demanding and all of the cast and crew did themselves and the school proud. All the preparation for this has been going on whilst rehearsals for the summer production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are in th th full swing. This show will be being performed on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 July so look out for tickets when they become available. Last week I mentioned that the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award expedition was taking place last weekend. After one night under clear skies the heavens duly opened on Saturday and the girls did incredibly well to cope with the really difficult conditions for a full 24 hours until the expedition leader and assessor decided to call it a day on Sunday morning. Our girls can be very proud that, despite such appalling weather, they successfully battled the elements. Certainly a character builder! As usual the week has been busy in terms of additional activities across the spectrum of subjects – for example, a group of chemists took part in The Schools Chemistry Challenge Final at Imperial College, London and performed very well indeed when presenting to the judging panel and, in particular, impressed the judges with their knowledge and understanding when asked questions. You will be interested to know that the GDST conduct an Alumna of the Year competition (now in its second year)with notable past pupils of GDST schools being nominated, whittled down by a selection panel and then voted on by the pupils, staff and alumnae. This year, out of seven finalists, two are ex pupils of Croydon High School. From the class of 1969, Patricia Hamilton CBE has been Director for Medical Education for England since 2009 and is in charge of the full range of medical education and training, from undergraduate through Foundation Programme training to specialty and GP training. She was instrumental in setting up Medical Education England, leading important initiatives on improving working and training practices, and continued as Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Paediatrics at St George’s when she took up her post. Her distinguished career includes roles as President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), President of the European Academy of Paediatrics and board member of the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board. She previously held the positions of Vice President for Training at the RCPCH and Medical Director at St George’s Hospital. In total contrast, from the class of 2007, Susan Ma read Philosophy and Economics at UCL, gaining a 2:1 and she achieved this and entirely funded her studies whilst working on her own business, Tropic Skincare. She started this company with little funding, trading at markets, shows and online while juggling A-Levels, degree and an investment bank Internship. In 2011, Susan appeared on The Apprentice BBC programme, where she came third overall and is now being backed by Lord Alan Sugar. I hope that you have a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend. Yours sincerely

D Leonard

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JUNIOR SCHOOL JUNIOR INFORMAL CONCERT The first Junior Informal Concert of the term took place on April 30th. It was yet another display of talent and confidence from the girls. Many girls use these concerts as a practice platform before a festival or exam. A small, supportive audience of parents, teachers and friends can do wonders for the morale! The next Junior Informal Concert will take place June 25th 2012 in the Senior School Music Room. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Rachael Howard-Clegg

SHORT TENNIS FOR YEAR 1 GIRLS To book please complete the Sports Club booking form, which is on our website: Hard copies are also held at the Sports Club. Please contact the Sports Club directly for more details on 020 8657 9313.

SIKH GAMES WITH YEAR 5 by Lauren Kite 8LV Last term Year 8 were set a task by Mrs Gower during RS. It was to create a game that was suitable for girls in Year 5 to play. Our games had to teach the Year 5s about Sikhism. The game was to be made in small groups over the period of a few weeks. Many groups based their game on a real game but adjusted it to fit the criteria, although some groups were very creative and invented a whole new game. It was hard to make a game about Sikhism as Year 5, who were to play the game, have not yet learnt anything about Sikhism. After a few weeks, we presented them in class and our peers played and rated our games. The best games were picked and taken over to the Junior School. Year 5 finally played our games on Thursday. This was when we discovered if our games were suitable for the specific age group. Thankfully they enjoyed our games, and hopefully learnt a little about Sikhism.

SENIOR SCHOOL SILVER DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD by Millie Connell-Wynne On the 27th to the 29th of April, 9 Year 11 students set out to participate in our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award training weekend. After watching the weather forecast closely for the week leading up to our trip, we knew we would face extremely wet conditions. However we tried to stay as optimistic as possible, as after a long week at school, a two night camping trip was just what we needed! After a last minute trolley dash in Sainsbury’s where we bought as much dry food as possible, we put our huge backpacks full of waterproof gear, into the back of the minibus and set off East Grinstead. We were surprised how nice the weather was when we arrived, so we made the most of the dry conditions whilst we could, eating our pot noodles and talking about the two days of walking to come. In the morning we were very pleased to find out that we would no longer have our phones, and many of us had a breakdown not knowing how we were going to function being isolated from the rest of the world! We were then all taken in the minibus to a drop off point and told to navigate back to camp along a defined route, which should have taken no longer than seven hours. In total it took us nine hours to get back, completely soaked from head to toe, yet proud of our achievement. Night came quickly but not half as quickly as the rain. More like buckets of water and lashings of gale force wind. Our tents were shelter indeed. With the ground so waterlogged and extremely miserable weather forecast along with flood warnings, Sundays’ planned route was cancelled in favour of theory! The thought of our warm showers and beds at home made us pack up our tents and clean the toilets in record time and, after failed attempts to push the minibus out of the campsite, we were rescued by a tractor which was able to tow us out to the road. Even though nothing seemed to be in our favour that weekend, I still really enjoyed it and I am glad that we all took part. We would all like to say a big thank you to all staff involved.

YEAR 8 DISCO by Eleanor Ithell 8M On Friday CHS invited Whitgift boys to the Year 8 disco that was held in the Senior School Hall. It was really great fun. The music was very good and everyone had really made an effort to look their best. My favourite part was dancing to the Macarena and the Cha Cha slide because everyone joined in – even the boys!!! There was also a competition between Whitgift and CHS as to who could do ‘the worm’ the best. Unfortunately, Whitgift were the winners of that one. Everyone made new friends and raised over £400 for MNDA in the process. Thanks to the teachers and the sixth form who gave up their time on a Friday night.

PREFECTS Congratulations to our new Prefect Team (L to R) Gemma Hallett, Emma Lipczynski (Head Girl), Andrea Soteriou, Olivia Jenkins, Keshara Perera, Amy Legister, Kathryn Hughes (Head Girl), Imogen Tantam, Jessica Payn and Lucy Clements.

Head Girls - Emma Lipczynski & Kathryn Hughes

DNA TRIP On Saturday 28th May the Year 10 Drama Girls headed to the Unicorn Theatre at London Bridge to see Hull Truck Theatre Company's performance of Dennis Kelly's play DNA. This much acclaimed theatre company gave us a glimpse of a dark and frightening world in which a group of young people had done something terrible and came together in their fierce shared desire to cover up their actions. It was an edgy and contemporary story and for many girls was the first play of its kind they had seen. The girls will no doubt use their experience of seeing the play when they come to devise more of their own work later on in the summer term. There is no substitute for seeing live theatre in a range of different genres and the GCSE girls are looking forward to their next trip.

YEAR 11 MODERATION On Thursday 3rd May the Year 11 Drama group performed a showcase of their work to the AQA moderator with fantastic results. The majority of girls chose to create devised pieces around themes such as 'memory' and 'isolation' and used a range of physical theatre techniques, soundscapes and other abstract ideas to great effect. Special mention should go to Gabriella Forzani and Rosemary Flynn who performed Sarah Kane's 4:48 Psychosis, a disturbing and challenging piece, for which they were both awarded full marks. It is always exciting to see GCSE candidates embracing A-level material and gaining such outstanding marks. All of the girls exceeded previous assessment marks and did themselves proud. Dr. Barnsley would like to thank them for being an exceptional and talented GCSE group. They have been a pleasure to teach and we have had fun along the way!

CROYDON’S HIGH DIVER Congratulations to Year 10’s Jess Riley who competed in an International Diving meet recently. 26 nations sent teams to the competition including Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and the USA, and 21 European countries were represented. Jess competed on three metre springboard against 34 others and qualified for the final in 6th place but finished 4th overall and only just behind the girls who finished 2nd and 3rd. She was the top GB diver in her event and has met all the selection criteria for the European Junior Diving Championships in Graz from 11 to 15 July. We are also especially proud that Jess managed to qualify for the British Junior Elite Championships in Dresden so soon after her foot came out of plaster. Well done Jess - 2016 here you come! Jess Ennis, World and European heptathlon gold medallist with our very own Jess!

ROUNDERS RESULTS Year 9 versus Riddlesdown - won 6 1/2 - 5 ½

Year 10 versus Riddlesdown - won 5-3

JUNIOR MATHEMATICAL CHALLENGE Answer to the JMC question posed in last week’s Newsletter: “Peter wrote a list of all the numbers that could be produced by changing one digit of the number 200. How many of the numbers on Peter’s list are prime? A.


B. 1

C. 2



E. 4”

Answer - A. 0 If either the first or second digit is changed then all of the numbers will still end in 0. So they will either be 000 or a multiple of 10. None of these would be prime. If you change the third digit, then the possible numbers are 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209. 202, 204, 206 & 208 are all even so cannot be prime. That only leaves 201 (3 × 67), 203 (7 × 29), 205 (5 × 41), 207 (3 ×69) or 209 (11 ×19), all of which are not prime either!

OPEN EVENING THURSDAY 17TH MAY 2012 6-8.30PM - END OF SCHOOL DAY 3PM We have had an increasing interest from prospective parents who would like to visit the school and, therefore, we are hosting an Open Evening on Thursday 17th May 2012. A number of girls will be involved during the evening and in order to allow time for preparation, school will finish at 3.00pm on Thursday 17th May 2012. We will, of course, provide a facility for girls who may need to remain in school until the usual time of 4.00pm and your daughter should alert her tutor if she will be staying beyond 3.00pm. Thank you for your co-operation. Mrs. Clark

DETENTION Parents will be alerted to any detentions set for pupils by school comms email from now on. The traditional pink slip will no longer be used. Acknowledgement emails should be sent to your daughters Head of Year. Thank you. Mrs. Clark


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