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Welcome When I’m asked what makes MITIE so successful and so special, my reply is always ‘our people’. It’s incredible how a great team can achieve so much! This is the second edition of our little guide to being MITIE, and I’m delighted to say that,12 months on, there’s lots of new features and case studies. It just goes to show how quickly MITIE is growing and how fast we’ve adapted to our clients’ needs. So what’s different in this edition? Well, you’ll notice a whole new section about CarbonCare – MITIE’s carbon and energy efficiency proposition, more information on all the great initiatives we get involved in when it comes to sustainability, and lots of examples of work we do for our clients. As we grow, it’s more important than ever that every single person at MITIE knows what we’re all about and all the different ways we support and add value to our clients. After all, people plus passion is what make MITIE the success it is today.

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So here’s to another fantastic year – may 2011/2012 be as successful and enjoyable as the last 22 years!

Ruby McGregor-Smith Chief Executive

09/06/2011 11:27


Hi there,

Here’s your very own copy of the 2011/2012 little guide to being MITIE. Use it as your reference to all things MITIE; whether you’re chatting to colleagues, friends or clients, you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for in here. And if you’re still in need of more info, get in touch with our experts around the business – you’ll find their numbers in the relevant sections of the guide. Enjoy!

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The 60,000 things that set us apart? our people.

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01 The basics


A little bit about MITIE


Our strategy


Our structure

05 Our vision and mission

16 Sustainability

17 Looking after our clients properly…

19 Operating our contracts smarter…

21 Nurturing our people’s talent…

23 Enabling our people to work safe, and go home safe…

25 Using fewer natural resources…

27 Doing more for our clients with less, wherever they are in the world…

30 Services

The 60,000 things that set us apart? our people.

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31 Think: Strategic outsourcing, CarbonCare energy services

35 Manage: Facilities management, Property management, Asset management, Technical facilities management


Deliver: A-Z services

56 Sectors


Public sector


Private sector

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The Basics

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The basics 01

The Basics 01 A little bit about MITIE 02 Our strategy 03 Our structure 05 Our vision and mission

09/06/2011 11:27

01 The basics A little bit about MITIE Hard as it is to link passion with outsourcing, that’s what makes MITIE different. We specialise in outsourcing and energy services and we like to think we’re the best. Why? Well we work in close partnership with each and every client to provide everything they could need – from strategic consultancy to service delivery. In simple terms, we think, manage and deliver on their behalf. This client dedication, alongside the passion of our people for what they do, has helped us become a leading FTSE 250 business with over 60,000 people and revenues of over £1.8bn. That’s over 20 years of growth and success. And we’ve only just started…

60,000+ people employed




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250 business

09/06/2011 11:27

02 The basics Our strategy has seven elements all of which contribute to delivering stakeholder value through a focus on sustainable profitable growth. We make sure we provide value for all our stakeholders: from clients, employees and shareholders, to the communities in which we operate, and other organisations we deal with. And it’s the sustainable part that’s really key to us. Because when we say we want to grow profits each year, we want to do it in the right way.


Provide world-class services to attract new clients and retain and expand contracts with existing clients


Recruit, motivate, retain, train and develop the best talent in the industry


Take a long-term view to protect our business and manage risk


Act responsibly and build a reputation that enhances our brand to all stakeholders

New markets

Expand our capabilities in complementary markets and different countries and increase the proportion of our energy services revenues

Operational excellence

Improve operational efficiencies across all of our contracts


Support our growth with selective acquisitions

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03 The basics MITIE Group PLC Facilities Management

• • • • • • • • •

Security Cleaning Catering Document management and reprographics Reception and front of house Waste management Environmental services Landscaping Pest control

Technical Facilities Management

• Integrated FM

• Mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance • Mobile multi-site FM • Specialist technical services • CarbonCare energy services • Lighting design and maintenance • Building management systems and controls • Compliance Services

Property Management

• • • • • • • •

Property maintainence Building refurbishment Painting Roofing Interior fit-out Fire protection Plumbing Mechanical and electrical engineering installation • Solar photovoltaic panels • Insurance claims management and repairs


Shared Finance, IT, Company Secretary

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Corporate Affairs, (Marketing, Communications, PR, Investor relations and Sustainability)

Corporate Development

09/06/2011 11:27

04 The basics

Asset Management

• Decentralising energy centre development • Data centre development • Energy generation from combined heat and power, biomass, waste-to-energy, ground and air source heat pumps, heat recovery, wind power and solar thermal systems

Strategic Outsourcing

• Real estate management • Space planning • Property portfolio rationalisation • Energy legislation • Asset investment strategy

Overseas & Emerging Markets

• Ireland • European contracts


Services Procurement, Fleet, Property, Insurance

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Health & Safety

09/06/2011 11:27

05 The basics Our vision and mission Everything that we do at MITIE is underpinned by our vision and values. They form the basis of our culture and show our employees and the outside world what we’re all about and how we do things at MITIE.

Vision To be a company of world-class people, delivering a world-class service. Mission To responsibly deliver quality services, opportunity for our people, and sustainable growth.

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06 The basics Our values “O  ver the next few pages, you’ll see some great examples of our values coming to life in the business and if you need more information on any of the initiatives mentioned, just take a look at the contacts page at the end of this section.”



Fresh thinking

Exciting futures

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09/06/2011 11:27

07 The basics Our values: People When it comes to people, our objective is very clear – we want to recruit, retain and develop the very best. That’s why we’ve come up with so many initiatives to make MITIE a place where people can achieve great things through their own efforts and see themselves well rewarded. Our people are our biggest asset so we are fully committed to welcoming and integrating all our new employees into the business. Our induction programme is regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to provide the tools and knowledge needed in the first days, weeks and months of employment to empower our people to make the impact they want right from the start. Our performance management process also starts from day one and aims to ensure that everyone receives feedback and support to maximise their individual potential. With clearly defined performance standards aligned to our values, our intention is to deliver fair regular performance evaluation against clear individual objectives to everyone at MITIE. What’s more, we continue to improve our talent management processes by identifying the training and development needs at all levels across the business so that we can determine the steps we need to take to meet these.

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08 The basics Motivating, engaging and rewarding our people We think having the right balance between work and play is really important too. That’s why we’ve set up MITIE’s Got Talent, our annual event that showcases all of your special talents. Whether it’s singing, magic or ball room dancing we’d love to see what our people get up to away from work. And encourage as many people as possible to take part. We also have an employee rewards scheme, MITIE Rewards, which offers a wide range of discounts on anything from holidays to high street vouchers. We take care of all the logistics for the scheme and provide you with a login and password, so all you have to do is see what takes your fancy and start saving. Talking of saving money, the Save As You Earn (SAYE) scheme is a great way to help MITIE people save, by putting a set amount of money aside each month, straight from your pay. You don’t even have to save huge amounts – it all adds up. Also, if you stay in the scheme until the end of the savings period you get a tax free bonus! peopLe miTie’s goT TAleNT

MITIE’s Got Talent X Factor watch out! strictly stars stand back...a new generation of talent has landed. miTie’s very own talent competition, miTie’s got Talent, is getting bigger and better every year. since its launch in 2008 the competition has produced top quality talent to give the likes of matt cardle and Kara Tointon a run for their money.

2 Teneeka Fothergill Teneeka treated the audience to a self-penned number that went down a storm in the final. “When I went to the MITIE’s Got Talent audition I was quite nervous as I knew I’d be performing in front of my colleagues who I see on a daily basis; whilst having no idea of what kind of act MITIE would see as suitable entertainment for the event. I was very pleased when I got through to the finals. The evening of the final was great! When I went on stage the fear had vanished and I loved every minute of it as the audience were really warm and welcoming.”

With such sensational acts the competition was tougher than ever but it was Birmingham-based rock band, Blemish, fronted by lead guitarist and MITIE-man John Martin (pictured far right), who took the crown at the MITIE Senior Management Conference in September. The band have been working and performing together since late 2004 and counted the MITIE’s Got Talent final as one of their most memorable performances, with John Martin commenting “What a mind blowing experience. The atmosphere was electric – we were made to feel very special. It will be a day we won’t forget for a long time!” The band have previously been tipped as one of the ‘ones to watch’ in the rock music industry, having won a Kerrang award for their song ‘One in a Million’, which was voted No.1 in the unsigned chart. However John described the MITIE’s Got Talent final as a particular highlight, commenting: “It was a magical event, pure class.” Their prize was to spend a day in recording studio to work on some of their new material. They plan to go into Sky Lab studio in Birmingham early this year when the finishing touches on their new songs have been made.

5 Majda Rogers


Let’s meet the finalists… 1 Anthony Cox The trumpet player extraordinaire performed with the rest of his band, Just Jazz. “I was very nervous at the auditions. I played with a backing track which is something I’d never done before. It was fantastic to get through to the final; I’ve played in front of audiences for 20 years, but it certainly was different to play in front of colleagues. I would definitely recommend entering to others who would be brave enough to perform!” 26 buzz

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4 Debra Bridgewater Debra’s powerful rendition of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ would have left Florence looking for her machine. “I really enjoyed the MITIE’s Got Talent experience. Meeting the other finalists was great, everybody was really nice and of course extremely talented. The auditions were a little nerve-racking, it felt like an X Factor audition with the panel watching and commenting… Thankfully they weren’t as harsh as Simon Cowell! Reaching the final was fantastic, the setting and the sound facilities were particularly impressive!”

Hayley Collier

Our dance starlet set a high standard on the dance floor…”I was so pleased to make it through to the final! I always knew I had a competitive streak from my dancing days, but because I hadn’t performed in quite a while, it was great to be told that I’d done well. I had so much fun at the final… I was the last to leave the dance floor! The whole experience was fabulous. I also really liked the online voting system as it meant my friends and family could support me.”

Majda’s performance of the Leona Lewis’ version of Snow Patrol’s anthem ‘Run’ wowed the crowds… “It felt great to be picked for the final, knowing that a lot of people from MITIE auditioned. The audition process was very nerveracking as there were four judges, a camera man, a photographer and an audience! The only thing that was missing was Simon Cowell!”

buzz 27

09/06/2011 11:27

09 The basics Our values: Passion People plus passion is what MITIE’s all about – and it’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. And because our people are so passionate about what they do, we want them to enjoy respect and recognition for a job well done. MITIE Stars Awards – our annual employee recognition scheme is one of the most talked about ways we recognise and reward the individuals and teams that have done something special. The scheme is open to everyone at MITIE and runs from September to August. The winner takes home over £20,000 worth of prizes and prize money – so it’s pretty impressive stuff. We’re also passionate about being the best and we get recognised for that pretty often: • BITC Volunteering award 2010 – Innovation category for the Real Apprentice programme • PFM Partnership awards 2010 – Partners in Expert Services with our client PwC • BSIA Chairman’s award 2010 – Contribution to training in the security industry • Land Securities’ People into Action awards 2011 – Exceptional Response category • RBS Property Services award 2010 – Efficiency and Effectiveness category • BIFM awards 2010 – Innovation in Customer Service category for our Vision FM Software

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10 The basics MITIE Stars winner 2010/2011 – Marc Mann Marc Mann, an engineer from our PFI team, shone as our top star for 2010/2011. Marc’s quick thinking and selflessness saved a life in a very dangerous situation. Marc’s outstanding act earned him this year’s title of MITIE Stars winner and a dream prize worth £15,000 which he’s decided to spend on a family holiday and a brand new kitchen. “It still doesn’t feel like I did anything out of the ordinary and I can’t believe I won. MITIE Stars has changed my life; taking my family on holiday and being able to have a new kitchen is not something I would have ever thought I’d have achieved in a six month period.” Remember, anyone can be nominated for a MITIE Stars Award so why not make someone’s day today. If you’d like to be able to nominate someone you work with at MITIE or have some posters and nomination leaflets where you work, just email us at Alternatively, you can find lots of information online at Marc Mann receiving his award from CEO Ruby McGregor-Smith at the 2010 MITIE Stars Awards final

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11 The basics Fresh thinking




We really pride ourselves on doing that little bit extra – whether it’s for a customer or a colleague. That’s exactly why we encourage all our people to think a bit differently about things. From implementing energy saving programmes, to speaking at industry events, sharing best practice with clients and using new social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with all our people – we’re really into our fresh thinking. MiWorld® is a great example of innovation at MITIE. The webbased portal is the brainchild of our finest technological minds and gives our clients more control of their systems and data in one fully integrated platform. But fresh thinking isn’t just about technology. MITIE’s waste and environmental team have developed a truly innovative hearts and minds campaigns to help support clients’ recycling efforts. ‘We love recycling’ is all about promoting the benefits of recycling: saving energy, using fewer natural resources, protecting the environment and diverting waste from landfill.

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12 The basics MiNet and social networking In 2010, we had a major overhaul of our company intranet to make it more interactive and exciting for MITIE people to find out everything they might need to know in their everyday jobs. MiNet is available to anyone who has access to a MITIE network and email address. And, because it’s updated by MITIE people, it changes every day with the latest news, documents and support tools to mirror our fast paced business. And for all those MITIE people who don’t have access to MiNet, we have a Facebook page to post comments. Ruby McGregor-Smith, our Chief Exec blogs regularly and responds to many of the posts, so whatever your comment, we’d love to hear it. Getting feedback from our people is the best way for us to know what’s going on throughout the business and to make improvements. You can also check out our twitter page for short, regular updates on all things MITIE.

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13 The basics Exciting futures We want to make sure that all our people want to do their jobs better than anybody else in the world. This means they need lots of opportunities ahead of them: we want them to find inspiration from skill development and career progression. When people join MITIE, it’s just the first step towards an exciting future. Looking after our people is important to us – it’s part of our ethos and culture: creating jobs, providing opportunities and helping people fulfil their potential, every day. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of career and personal development opportunities. These include a mix of programmes and apprenticeships that make sure we nurture our talent at each and every level. We keep all our courses fresh to make sure we’re always up to speed with our fast changing environment, and we’re always meeting our people’s needs. Giving school children an introduction to construction and building skills, our Skills Centres currently have over 500 students studying on nationally recognised construction vocational courses. And they’re not the only ones who benefit: from the young individuals whose skill sets and employment prospects are improved and the schools whose attendance and pass rates have increased, to the communities that have access to new facilities out of school hours – everyone involved takes something away with them.

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09/06/2011 11:27

14 The basics Graduate leadership programme In 2010, we launched the first ever MITIE Graduate programme and welcomed six graduates to the MITIE team. The programme is designed to identify the future leaders of the business and fast-track them into management across the company. During the twelve-month programme Sam, Ricky, Alister, Jamie, Sophie and David will work closely with a senior manager or director to develop their customer care, financial and leadership skills. Each graduate spends time working within business development, operations, project management, HR and marketing and communications, to make sure they get the broadest exposure to all aspects of a fast-growing FTSE 250 business. The first round of graduates complete their 12 months in August 2011 so watch out for the ceremony pictures on MiNet! From left to right, top row: Sophie Saunders, Alister Yearley, Jamie Hall, David Harrison, Jean Ricky Nicoyitungiye and Samantha Greenwood.

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15 The basics Contacts Induction programme More information on the induction programme is available on the intranet or from your HR representative. MITIE’s Got Talent For more information please contact the talent hotline on 07979 702207. MITIE Stars Awards More information is available on our website or the MITIE Stars Awards page on our intranet. Alternatively, you can contact the helpdesk on 0845 408 4065 or email them at Skills Centres For more information contact MITIE Rewards For more information on the associated MITIE Rewards scheme, take a look at your employee handbook, go to the associated MiNet page or click on

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Sustainability 16 Sustainability 17 Looking after our clients properly… 19 Operating our contracts smarter… 21 Nurturing our people’s talents… 23 Enabling our people to work safe and go home safe… 25 Using fewer natural resources… 27 Doing more for our clients with less, wherever they are in the world

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09/06/2011 11:24

16 Sustainability Everyone’s talking sustainability When some companies talk about sustainability, it can feel like a bit of an afterthought. We’ve always believed that a more sustainable business is a better business, and we have plenty to show for that in terms of what we’ve achieved. To be sure that we’re working on the things that can make a real difference, we’ve developed an approach that directly links our sustainable business agenda with the strategic issues that make our business successful. And in doing so, we’re defining what it means to be a sustainable business. Which means sustainability won’t be just one aspect of the way we work at MITIE, but part of every decision we make. MITIE now has six new focus areas for sustainability:

Looking after our clients properly Underpinning our Group strategy:


Operating contracts smarter Underpinning our Group strategy:

Operational efficiency

Using fewer natural resources Underpinning our Group strategy:


Doing more for our clients with less, wherever they are in the world Underpinning our Group strategy:

New markets

Nurturing our people’s talent Underpinning our Group strategy:


Enabling people to work safe, and go home safe Underpinning our Group strategy:


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09/06/2011 11:27

17 Sustainability Looking after our clients properly… …because that builds better partnerships, makes us more profitable, and delivers what our customers want. Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been core to the success of MITIE’s phenomenal growth to-date. Our clients trust us to deliver everything from single service – single site contracts, to transformational pan-European property portfolio management. Why? Well, it is not only because we deliver the widest range of services among our peers, it is also because our teams are great at making and developing relationships with our clients, and building long-term strategic partnerships. As an aspirational business we’ve invested in developing the right systems and integrating the correct processes to help support sales and relationship management across the group. We’ve got one common CRM platform that enables our teams to share client, contact and pipeline information, which in turn increases awareness of where we work, and also promotes cross-selling and up-selling. We also make sure we listen to our clients, whether via face-toface meetings or regular surveys. At the heart of all of this, at MITIE we believe that people buy from people, and we’re pleased to say that our sales and operational teams are the best in the business. We pride ourselves on their knowledge and expertise and they underpin our success and future growth.

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09/06/2011 11:27

18 Sustainability Case study: The Real Apprentice We’ve built our success on the quality of our service, and that will never change. What is changing is what our clients need from us, and the ever-increasing number of ways we can put our know-how to work to help them. There’s no more obvious example of this than our pioneering and award-winning Real Apprentice scheme, we’ve not only reached into the communities in which we work together to create opportunities for local unemployed talent, but we’ve also entered into an enriching longer-term relationship. The stats speak for themselves – with over 40 of our clients and 200 apprentices having taken part, and 97 of them securing jobs straight off the back of the scheme, it’s no wonder we’ve scooped up over ten awards in the last six years!

The Real Apprentice

uce ether to red ent Working tog unemploym long-term

iT hAs impRoved The quAliTy of my fAmily life immensely And i Am pRoud ThAT i hAve become A posiTive Role model in The lives of my childRen.

Awards & statistics

over 40 client companies have taken part

The Real Apprentice is MITIE’s highest award-winning programme having scooped up the following:

sARAh jones, ReAl AppRenTice, febRuARy 2010

• BiTC European Employee Volunteering Award – Innovation – 2011 • Opportunity Now – Directing Diverse Talent – 2010 • Race for Opportunity – Widening the Talent Pool – 2009 • BiTC – Big Tick for Employability 2007-2009 + National Commendation for Excellence Certificate signed by HRH Prince Charles

so, what do we all get out of it?

From MITIE’s point of view, the Real Apprentice isn’t just further proof of our commitment to being a responsible, sustainable business; the commercial case behind the programme is rather compelling too. Because there’s no recruitment fee, we’ve saved over £300k since the start of the programme. What’s more, the scheme forms a big part of our ethos to create opportunities – which is also a great differentiator for us, helping to win more tenders and create long lasting relationships with our clients.

9 Real Apprentice programmes so far...

97 Real Apprentices secured jobs

• PFM Partnership Award –2006 • National Training Awards – London Regional Winner, Employability –2006

edge Awards – london Regional winner for employability

Working with JobCentre Plus has enabled MITIE to utilise existing funding, meaning there are no additional expenses and no costs attached to securing an interview, preparing a CV or pre-work training with third sector partners. If the participants secure a job at the end of the programme, into-work benefits are arranged and if they don’t, there is no need for a new claim to be completed – really reducing the barriers to participation.

134 Real Apprentices completed course

And when it comes to our existing employees, the Real Apprentice has boosted team morale no end – the mentors feel a great personal satisfaction in being part of the programme and it’s been great for productivity all round! As a multiple award-winning scheme, the Real Apprentice is setting the bar for others to follow when it comes to employment strategy for the hardest to reach groups. And at MITIE we love nothing more than paving the way for innovation...

AW.indd 1


For the participants, the scheme provides a current employer reference and audit trail regardless of time previously unemployed. It raises awareness of different 1 14:41 25/01/201 industries and potential career paths and helps them recognise their own abilities and increase their selfconfidence. The main benefit of the Real Apprentice over any other employment programme is the fact the participants retain their full unemployment benefits and also receive travel expenses which means there’s no financial impact in taking part.


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727-1_MITIE_Real_Apprentice_AW.indd 6

ThRoughouT The pRogRAmme eveRyone is TheRe To help you – i ThoughT i wAs only geTTing 10 weeks of TRAining, TuRns ouT i goT life-long suppoRT.

pfm partnership Award

197 Real Apprentices have taken part

muhAmmed ibRAhim, ReAl AppRenTice , novembeR 2007

25/01/2011 14:41

727-1_MITIE_Real_Apprentice_AW.indd 7

25/01/2011 14:41

09/06/2011 11:27

19 Sustainability Operating our contracts smarter… …because that makes us more productive, which in turn makes us more sustainable, and puts the influence we have on our supply chain to work in a positive way. We’re promoting more efficient and sustainable business practices across our whole business, and encouraging the firms in our supply chain to follow our example. We want all our suppliers to have the same high sustainability standards we do, and we’re prepared to put our own expertise and experience to work to help them do that.

“Our supply base is a natural extension of us and we need to share learning and experience with each other. One common area for all supply partners is sustainability. We are committed to developing and assisting our supply chain to come on the MITIE journey.” Simon Priestley – Director, Shared Services.

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09/06/2011 11:27

20 Sustainability Case study: Waitrose We’re working with Waitrose to deliver the food retailer’s first biomass-powered, carbon-negative store, at East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We designed, built and operate an innovative decentralised energy centre, fuelled by woodchip from local producers in the supermarket’s own supply chain. Waitrose purchase energy for the store from MITIE, and export surplus to nearly 170 local homes and a medical centre. In a typical 2,000m² store, an energy centre like this should reduce consumption of grid electricity by 91% and gas by 80%, and cut carbon emissions by 1,257 tonnes per year. A win-win situation for everyone involved!

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09/06/2011 11:27

21 Sustainability Nurturing our people’s talents… …because we can only give clients the best service if we have the best people on the case. This is all about finding the right people, motivating them in the right way, and coming up with the right development plans. And of course communicating with them every step of the way wherever they work. We won’t achieve our ambitions without the best people, whether they’re on-site providing cleaning or security services, helping our clients implement complex new systems and innovative resource strategies to help run their businesses better, or leading from the top at MITIE itself. At MITIE, we believe that sustainable success comes from the varied cultures, experiences and talents of our people. That is why in March 2011 we launched our first ever diversity week to raise awareness of the importance of workplace and supply chain diversity.

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 21

7 – 11 March 2011

09/06/2011 11:27

22 Sustainability Case study: Revolution Academy Featuring the fantastic Five Star Hotel Safari, this four-day cultural development programme delivered by MITIE’s client services training team is designed to be fully experiential, rather than instructional or academic. One of the fundamental principles of the Revolution Academy is that training people in specific actions doesn’t produce great results so the course mainly focuses on behaviours, using interactive games and activities. Delegates leave the course with nothing other than a handful of commitments on how they can deliver Five Star service to visitors, clients and callers. Over the four days, it looks at: • Personal energy management and resilience; • Culture and team building; • Specialist service skills, including disability awareness, international protocol and welcoming blind and deaf visitors; • P osture and wellbeing; • P ersonal and vocal impact; • E xceptional Five Star service. It’s open to anyone at MITIE and is offered on a monthly basis throughout London and every couple of months in other regions. Get in touch with to find out more.

“Just to say a big thank you and that I really enjoyed the training very much. New mind/fresh ideas, attitude and all round vision of what is expected from us. I had a fantastic time.”

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09/06/2011 11:27

23 Sustainability Enabling our people to work safe, and go home safe… …because our people are the greatest asset we have, and nothing is more important than their well-being. Our philosophy with health and safety is all about ‘Work Safe Home Safe’. We do everything we can to make sure that all of our people and everyone that is affected by what we do get home safely at the end of the working day. Health and safety is at the heart of our business and we strive to improve our performance each and every year. Our health and safety management system is accredited to the OHSAS 18001 standard and is managed by over 90 dedicated health and safety professionals within MITIE. At MITIE, we know that effective health and safety management can only come with the support, drive and commitment of senior managers, which is why we run senior operational and board level health and safety training workshops. We set high standards and expect every single person at MITIE to play their part in maintaining them.

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09/06/2011 11:27

24 Sustainability Case study: Work Safe Home Safe! In 2010, we launched an internal health and safety communications campaign called Work Safe Home Safe! to help us raise risk awareness, encourage best practice behaviour and stimulate a proactive safety culture. The aim of the campaign was to develop the right tools for managers across MITIE to deliver the message themselves. Support material includes a 10 minute video, PowerPoint slides, posters, a manager’s briefing guide and regular updates throughout the year to help keep the message fresh and up-to-date. The Work Safe Home Safe! key behaviours are based on MITIE’s core values:

PEOPLE Look out for one another. We take responsibility not only for our own safety, but the safety of everyone else in the workplace – colleagues and clients.

PASSION Get Involved. We build safety into everything we do and take the time to do the job right.

FRESH THINKING Think Safety. We never get complacent and make a habit of asking ourselves ‘can I do this in a safer way’?

EXCITING FUTURES Home Safe. What we all want, to go home unharmed, fit and healthy to live our lives to the full outside of work. Anyone at MITIE can order the materials to deliver team talks by simply calling our QHSE department on 0117 970 8853.

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25 Sustainability Using fewer natural resources… …because that helps tackle climate change, and gives us valuable environmental expertise we can pass on to our clients. If there’s one area where we can make a real difference to sustainability, then this is surely it. We know what we need to do to improve our environmental performance: firstly by continuing to challenge our own culture we’ll cut our use of energy and transport fuel, reduce our carbon emissions, and create less waste. We also want to limit carbon by using more low and no emission vehicles in our fleet, and by helping our supply chain to drive out waste in manufacturing, transportation and packaging. With the introduction of our CarbonCare energy services proposition in 2010, we now have the skills and expertise in house to benchmark our office facilities, prepare carbon management strategies and prioritise buildings for attention in our own portfolio, as well as in our clients’. For more information on CarbonCare go to page 33/34 or visit:

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26 Sustainability Case study: MITIE’s Green Stars MITIE’s Green Stars are the environmental eyes and ears of MITIE. They tell us what’s going on in their building that may have an impact on the environment. They help us with utility meter readings and keep an eye on all things wasteful. The best thing is, there’s a dedicated page on our intranet full of useful hints and tips, updates and suggestions on how to best communicate their passion to their colleagues. As a Green Star, they can log on to relevant e-learning programmes as often as they wish to brush up on their skills, and they get the chance to make a difference to the green performance league tables. Last but not least, they get to shout about their passion with a Green Stars email sign off to let everyone know their commitment to the environment! If you’re a passionate green thinker too, and want to help MITIE be the best, then email to volunteer as a Green Star!

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27 Sustainability Doing more for our clients with less, wherever they are in the world… …because our range of sustainability products and services will be one of our biggest competitive advantages going forwards, in the UK and abroad. No-one else has better or more innovative low carbon and environmental technologies than we do, can match our expertise, or can offer as many energy services together in one place. Which means we’re best placed to help our clients cuts costs, use fewer resources, and become more sustainable, and grow our own business at the same time. We don’t like jargon, but that really is win-win. Our CarbonCare offering is leading the way to carbon efficiency with integrated services that help manage down an organisations’ energy and carbon use.

Raising awareness

Decentralised energy

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Guaranteed reductions

Innovative ideas

Data management

Carbon compliance

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28 Sustainability Case study: London Fire Brigade MITIE is helping the London Fire Brigade (LFB) significantly cut its carbon footprint and saving tens of thousands of pounds a year for the public purse. We have a ten-year contract to reduce carbon emissions at ten LFB buildings as part of London’s bigger CO2 reduction commitments. The contract is part of the London RE-FIT scheme, formerly known as the Building Energy Efficiency Programme and was awarded through the Greater London Authority in 2009. Prompted by an original idea from the Clinton Climate Change Initiative, the Mayor of London, together with his peers from other cities in the world-wide C40 Cities Group, pledged to act positively to reduce wasteful emissions from public buildings. The results? The contract was the first of its type and is performance based, requiring MITIE to achieve specific emissions reduction targets over the period of the contract. The overall objective is to enable public bodies in London to significantly reduce carbon emissions from their buildings, with a target of 60% reductions by 2025. The success of the savings made at The London Fire Brigade has drawn direct praise from The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson himself, “Well done to the London Fire Brigade for being the first to the finish line in giving their buildings a green makeover. These stations will save a whopping £50,000 per year as a result of these works and significantly reduce carbon emissions. I am encouraging all public sector organisations to take part in this innovative programme that makes huge reductions to their energy bills.”

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29 Sustainability Contacts More information on MITIE’s approach to sustainability is available on our website and intranet as well as in our sustainability report. For more information on: • MITIE’s CarbonCare proposition, contact or phone us on 0800 085 3208 • Our Real Apprentice programme contact • Our community activities contact • Our diversity initiatives contact

MITIE’s regional charities

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Services 30 Services 31 Think: Strategic outsourcing 35  Manage: Facilities management, Property management, Asset management, Technical facilities management 39 Deliver: A-Z services

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30 Services Introduction People know us for facilities management, trust us to supply excellent services, and admire us for our entrepreneurial energy, but we’re just as good at long-term strategic planning as we are at the day-to-day detail. In fact, there are three separate strings to our bow: we think, we manage, and we deliver. • the thinking phase is all about finding strategic answers to long-term challenges about assets and resources; • facilities and project management puts those plans in place; and • our unrivalled range of services is one of the best in the business. However our clients want to work with us, whether they want a single, multiple service contract or integrated FM, our commitment is the same: we’ll always go that extra mile. Our success is built on thinking strategically, operating responsibly, and working in partnership with our customers to create and add value, wherever possible.

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31 Services Think: Strategic Outsourcing Strategic engagement with our clients is becoming ever more important. Strategic Outsourcing is here to help clients save money and gain competitive edge by looking at the bigger picture. Carbon management, sustainability, energy, cost reduction, risk, change management and off shoring are some of the areas we can give our clients a clear business advantage. For MITIE this is creating opportunity; an opportunity to engage in different ways that will bring new solutions for clients. How can we link energy generation to traditional facilities management? How can we provide and integrate property management solutions with facilities management? How can we link our management information to understand total operating costs? How can we extend our service base into new areas to meet the profile of integrated services in the health sector? Can we link working practices more akin to business process outsourcing with traditional facilities management? There is no one answer to these questions and the profile of each client’s needs, be that public or private, will differ. Our role is to build creative solutions via partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions or even suggested MITIE start-up businesses. Those deals will be high value and ultimately take MITIE into new markets with new horizons. And since strategic outsourcing is a joined up approach that unlocks the full value of the whole property portfolio, we’ve invested in more technology to help us achieve this. We’ve created an integrated system called MiWorld® that allows us to create a single reporting platform and provide the client with a common interface for both communication and reporting. (See opposite page).

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32 Services P Property t & Proje P j cts t

Want to find out more on how MiWorld is bringing businesses together? Simply email us at

Health & Safety

Finance & Commercial

Energy & Environment

Comprehensive data on energy, waste and sustainability.

Assets & Perform Performance ance

Consolidates all performance metrics into a single set of MI dashboards and reports, including asset reliability and inventory details. Stakeholders Stakehol ders

An area for account teams to share ideas, contract information, diaries, tasks and other information.

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P Property t & Proje P j cts t

Provides information relating to your estate, including occupancy and running costs along with specific project metrics. Health & Safety

Details statistics relating to accidents, incidents and near misses.

Finance & Commercial

Detailed financial information (Budget v Actual) against service, site and property.

Energy & Environment

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33 Services Think: CarbonCare MITIE’s energy proposition is leading the way to carbon efficiency CarbonCare is a full range of integrated services that can help organisations manage down their energy use and carbon footprint. From providing the right equipment, and using it efficiently, to complying with an increasingly complex legislative environment. No-one offers a larger range of energy and carbon services all in one place. Our expertise ranges from measuring an organisation’s carbon exposure, to developing a comprehensive energy strategy tailored to their particular business, helping them eliminate waste, reduce costs, and identify effective clean alternatives. The real advantage of CarbonCare is that it brings everything together in one place: from strategy, to delivery, to long-term performance improvement. We have experience and know-how in a whole range of different aspects of energy and carbon management, which means we’re confident we can assemble the right combination of services to address our clients’ needs. Our services range from the operational and technical – like collecting and analysing energy data, installing smart meters, and investing in renewable energy – to challenges with a more human dimension, like encouraging behavioural change in our clients’ teams. To find out more about CarbonCare, go to or contact 0800 085 3208 have a look at the CarbonCare page on MiNet.

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34 Services Raising awareness

Decentralised energy

Guaranteed reductions

Innovative ideas

Data management

Carbon compliance

Helping your organisation and staff make the link between energy use, carbon emissions, and climate change.

Bringing you new ideas, technologies, and innovations, and showing you how best to exploit them.

Designing and installing cleaner local renewable energy solutions including biomass, wind, solar and geothermal serving both you and the surrounding area.

From establishing an accurate carbon footprint for your site, to more effective utilities procurement, bill validation, and reporting.

Giving you better energy efficiency and lower CRC obligations through improved maintenance and operations, changes in behaviour, and no/low-cost initiatives.

Ensuring you comply with your legal energy obligations including CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

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35 Services Manage: Facilities management Providing outstanding facilities management through great people, resources, time and money management. Integrated facilities management is second nature to us – we manage properties, assets and workspaces all together, delivering the services that matter to our clients but keep it simple by streamlining the management. We have the best people, the most expertise and the latest technology to support an outstanding FM service. We’re organised around our customers – not our services. They can trust us to make everything run smoothly, and keep it that way too. Why? Because our clients always come first and our integrated approach means lower costs, joined-up thinking, and excellent levels of service, every time, for every client. We have expertise in: • Procurement and supply chain management; • Health and safety management; • Large-scale employee transfers; • Computer Aided Facilities (CAFM) and Asset Management Systems; • Lifecycle management and workflow processes; • Space and move management; and • Project management and facilities management consultancy.

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36 Services Manage: Property management Providing the full suite of services – everything from total refurbishment to ongoing repairs and maintenance. All property projects are complex and demanding, but in today’s tough economic climate it’s never been more important to complete on time and within budget. We’ve got all the people on board to run a hassle-free, efficient and cost-effective project – MITIE people. They’re experts in all the main building trades, experienced in managing projects of all shapes and sizes and most importantly, they’re people who work together really well. We work with everyone from the architect to the end user and with clients from all sectors, including social housing and education through to industrial, financial and retail. Even better, we work with clients on individual projects, long-term contracts or framework agreements – on a local, regional or national basis. We tailor our service offering to meet our clients’ needs.

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37 Services Manage: Asset management Developing innovative energy infrastructure to meet the challenges of a changing energy landscape. We are, first and foremost, engineers who use low and zerocarbon technologies to create unique energy infrastructure, providing the electricity, heating or cooling an organisation requires. Developing secure, sustainable energy supplies with price certainty is our goal, guaranteeing efficiencies and reduced carbon emissions. These benefits are based on capturing the long-term value of decentralised energy generation. Put simply this means we can give schools, universities, supermarkets, offices and hospitals the ability to re-use waste to create energy for themselves and the local community, as well as providing wind and solar power so clients can become long-term generators of their own power. To find out more about our asset management offering, go to or download our decentralised energy brochure from MiNet.

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38 Services Manage: Technical facilities management Integrated services to prepare organisations for the low carbon economy. As the name suggests, technical facilities management is a complex area, so getting the thinking bit right means combining specialist expertise with on-the-job know-how. We can just as easily handle specific maintenance contracts like heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical and mechanical systems, lighting and power distribution systems, as well as lifts, escalators, and special building projects. We carry out effective compliance and maintenance regimes to ensure our clients’ buildings run efficiently and safely, and meet all the current environmental and statutory requirements. Our advanced systems manage all our clients’ maintenance and call-outs, with the support of a well-resourced customer services centre.

Integrated technical FM

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39 Services

A-Z of services

Building management systems

We install and maintain Building Management Systems (BMS) to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment. This helps to manage the environment (ie heating and lighting) within the building in the most efficient way possible for our clients. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

Building services (contract engineering)

We provide services including engineering design, energy consultancy, installation, supply chain innovation and project management for clients. Contact us on 0207 022 8400

CarbonCare less is more how to reduce carbon emissions and save money

CarbonCare is a full range of integrated services that can help organisations manage down their energy use and carbon footprint, from providing the right equipment, and using it efficiently, to complying with an increasingly complex legislative environment. Contact us on 0800 085 3208


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40 Services

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Our food service brand is called ingredients. We offer a full range of catering services under this brand name to satisfy our customers’ needs – from staff restaurants, café bars, deli bars and juice bars, to vending, hospitality, fine dining and events. Contact us on 01252 832 223


We’re a ‘Top 3’ cleaning provider with services ranging from local standalone buildings and large contracts, to multi-site national accounts run from our own 24/7 call centre. We clean on both a daily and a periodic basis. Contact us on 0117 322 1478 See also specialist cleaning; and window cleaning.

Climate control

We install, repair and maintain air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems to ensure that our clients work in the best possible environment. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

Condition surveys

We offer condition surveys for our clients to establish the condition of their building and to highlight any existing defects and their repair costs. Surveys are offered as a standalone service or as part of a total refurbishment package. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

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41 Services

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Confidential waste services

Data protection is a huge risk when it comes to waste disposal. Our service includes anything from media tapes disposal to confidential paper shredding. We also help our clients find innovative ways of diverting these from landfill. Contact us on 0844 800 2714

Courier management

We manage our clients’ domestic and international courier requirements. Due to relationships with a small list of preferred suppliers we cater for all of their courier needs however large or small. Contact us on 020 3123 8176

Creative design

We offer a wide range of creative services including graphic and website design, digital and direct marketing and film production. Our services range from the creation of a new brand, including all marketing and communications collateral to more simple typesetting projects for newsletters, brochures and bids. Contact us on 020 3123 8721

Decentralised energy

Decentralisation creates an opportunity to establish new, sustainable ways of generating and consuming energy. We develop bespoke energy assets that offer secure energy supply with price certainty, guaranteed efficiencies and reduced carbon. Contact us on 01252 732400 See also renewable energy & CarbonCare.

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42 Services

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Decorations (internal and external) We work with local and national customers on term contracts and single projects, protecting, painting, maintaining and improving buildings both inside and out. Contact us on 01772 703328 See also interior fit-out; painting; and refurbishment.

Document management

Whether it’s document tracking, print submission and/or workflow management, our web-based tools give our clients the edge by providing the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the marketplace. Contact us on 020 7015 9412 See also creative design; printing; reprographics.

Electrical services and testing

We install and maintain fixed electrical services within industrial, commercial and domestic locations. All installations are fully inspected, tested and certified to the current BS57671 electrical regulations. Contact us on 0800 085 3208 See also mechanical and electrical engineering; mechanical and electrical maintenance.

Electronic security

Our specialist electronic security team can help with the installation and maintenance of CCTV, access control, intruder alarm, perimeter protection and integrated systems. Contact us on 0870 352 9999 See also total security management.

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43 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 43

Environmental Impact Management

Our Environmental Impact Management Team help our clients assess their environmental status through environmental audits, set benchmarks and create sustainable programmes to achieve carbon reduction in the long-term. Contact us on 0844 800 2714 See also Renewable energy or CarbonCare.

Event management

Our event management service is a one-stop shop for our clients. We offer all sorts of help, including catering for an external meeting, a venue finding service to source a suitable location for conferences and expertise on organising an event on a budget. Contact us on 020 7089 2556

Fire protection

We install and maintain fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting to ensure the safety of our clients. We can also provide sprinkler and fixed extinguisher systems to offer the full package. Contact us on 0207 001 7326

Front of house

The front of house team encompasses all those with client welcoming roles who are the first representation of a client’s brand. This can include security officers, receptionists and porters. Contact us on 020 7089 2556 See also reception.

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44 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 44

Gritting and snow clearance

With a duty of care to maintain safe access to anyone working or visiting a building, we provide a 24-hour gritting and snow clearance service. This is supported by MET office data we receive to make sure that snow and ice is cleared at the earliest opportunity. Contact us on 0845 869 7949

Grounds maintenance

Our grounds maintenance teams are specialists in horticultural maintenance. We can look after anything from a manicured lawn to complex planting schemes. Contact us on 0845 869 7900

Industrial cleaning

Our industrial cleaning team offers a nationwide service, specialising in areas which demand higher standards of care. Industrial cleaning can include restaurants, industrial kitchens or pubs, or even machinery, factory cleans and production lines. Contact us on 0117 957 9400 See also cleaning.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and data centres

We deliver a total ICT solution for our clients – from the initial concept to final delivery. We protect them against possible mission critical risks, identifying and evaluating disaster recovery solutions and providing ongoing network support. Contact us on 01252 732400

09/06/2011 11:28

45 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 45

Interior fit-out

We specialise in the fit-out and refurbishment of offices. Whether it’s multi-million pound fit-outs, creating new space or transforming an existing one and making it more accessible. Contact us on 020 7022 8400

Interior plants

We install tropical plants to brighten up all types of premises – be it offices or large atria. We also design schemes to suit our clients’ surroundings and offer both weekly cut flowers and seasonal displays including Christmas trees. Contact us on 0845 869 7900


Our grounds maintenance teams are specialists in horticultural maintenance. We can look after anything from a manicured lawn to complex planting schemes. Contact us on 0845 869 7900

Lighting design

Professional lighting design service. Designing, commissioning and delivering innovative, visually stimulating and technically excellent lighting solutions for both new and existing buildings. This award winning service is one of the UK’s recognised top lighting design practices for energy efficient lighting design schemes. Contact us on 0188 374 4377

09/06/2011 11:28

46 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 46

Lighting maintenance

Complete range of lighting services supported by a 24/7 customer support centre and national depot network. Planned and reactive lighting maintenance, lighting controls, emergency lighting and energy re-fit projects. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

Lone worker protection services

By using a web based application, we can provide complete lone worker protection systems for personnel working alone on or off site. It uses multiple technologies to safely monitor lone workers including SMS Heartbeat™, GPS location, Man Down and Push 4™. A risk assessment will determine which modules are required for each client’s site. See also Total security management.

Mailroom management/fulfilment We run our clients’ mailrooms while helping to enhance productivity and improve clientsupplier relationships. We can carry out large mailings of any size and fulfil by machine or by hand. Contact us on 020 3123 8733

Managed insurance services

Working with insurance companies, we make sure insurance claims are expertly managed from claim to completion. You can find out more information on Contact us on 0800 218 2334

09/06/2011 11:28

47 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 47

Mechanical and electrical engineering

From the drawing board through to delivery, installation and commissioning, we provide M&E services focused on quality. Contact us on 0207 022 8400

Mechanical and electrical maintenance

We maintain, repair and support all building services and specialise in the asset care of all mechanical and electrical equipment. The services we offer are both static (dedicated to a contract site) and mobile. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

Monitoring and technology services MiTec is an industry leading alarm receiving centre (ARC), built to meet NSI Gold Category II and BS 5979 standards. An advanced secure facility it provides a suite of services for businesses to protect their personnel and premises. Contact us on 0870 352 9999 See also Total security management.


We paint a vast range of buildings across a wide geographic area. We work with local and national customers on long-term contracts and single projects, protecting, painting, maintaining and improving buildings both inside and out. Contact us on 01772 703328

09/06/2011 11:28

48 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 48

Passive fire protection

We actively design, install and maintain all forms of passive fire protection to form fireresisting seals, barriers, claddings and coatings for all. Contact us on 0115 940 1770


Our employee screening team protects our clients’ business interests and reputations by controlling their people risks. The specialist team screens to BS 7858 and can provide services such as identity checks, CRB checks, employee history checks and credit checks. See also Total security management.

Pest control

From bird control to vegetation clearance, we offer a wide range of services to maintain a pest free environment for our clients. Contact us on 0845 017 1069

Plumbing and heating

Whether it’s a commercial property or a newly built home, a building can’t function without plumbing. That’s why we install, repair and maintain plumbing systems across a range of sectors. Contact us on 0115 940 1770

09/06/2011 11:28

49 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 49

Police support services

Our police support services team works with police forces to identify areas that can be effectively outsourced and could result in cost and resource efficiency and see police officers returned to the front line. Services include custody staff and full custody support service, scenes of crime guarding, and detainee escorting. See also Total security management.

Print management

In addition to a fully equipped internal digital print facility, we have an integrated print management department providing a consultative service. Contact us on 07825 842 073


We recruit and train our team members to the highest standard, in the knowledge that they will be an extension of our client’s brand. We work with our clients to understand their culture and values so our teams can deliver the impression they want their guests to take away. Contact us on 020 7089 2556


We actively encourage all our own people and our clients to recycle by providing them with different coloured bins to dispose of their card, paper, plastic and food waste. Contact us on 0844 800 2714

09/06/2011 11:28

50 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 50


From affordable housing to offices and schools, we refurbish buildings that make a difference to people’s lives. Contact us on 01236 766777 See decorations; interior fit-out; and repair and maintenance.

Remote monitoring

As part of our security offering, we provide remote monitoring and surveillance. This innovative approach allows us to monitor premises via existing CCTV systems, supporting the response team and recording evidence during call outs. Contact us on 0870 352 9999 See also Total security management.

Renewable energy

We advise our clients on how best to utilise their renewable resources, and undertake the complete design, installation, operation and maintenance of applications including solar and PV technology, wind turbines, air source and ground source heat pumps. Contact us on 0800 0853208 See also CarbonCare

Repair and maintenance

We maintain, fix and make good every day things in our clients’ buildings. We repair the things that break down and maintain them so they don’t – whether it’s painting, plumbing or carpentry, pre-paint repairs, reseating leaking taps or replacing broken panes. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

09/06/2011 11:28

51 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 51


We provide full digital reprographics services in both black and white and colour. Our finishing includes perfect, comb, wire and velo binding, booklet making. We also provide drilling, folding and creasing, scanning, indexing and CD/DVD replication. Contact us on 020 7015 9400

Residential fit-out

With all the skilled building trades under one roof, our team can fit out new build homes and residential properties – from plastering through to electrical works and decorative finishes. Contact us on 0115 940 1770

Response services

With a dedicated team of industry professionals, we’ve got the UK covered. Our high profile response vehicles, which are linked to our technology centre MiTec, provide regular patrols of our clients’ sites, act as primary key holders, and respond to alarm activations day or night. Contact us on 0870 352 9999 See also Total security management.


We offer a range of services when it comes to roofing including flat to pitch conversion, roofing and cladding refurbishment, single ply roofing, felt roofing, liquid-applied roofing systems, asbestos removal and/or replacing rainwater goods. Contact us on 01661 871015

09/06/2011 11:28

52 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 52

Security personnel

We have over 12,000 security officers working across the UK. Our security personnel services range from simple front-of-house reception, to retail security and 24-hour security patrol on multiple sites. Contact us on 0870 352 9999 See also Total security management.

Security risk and business resilience

Our security risk and business resilience team provides risk assessments, consultancy services and business resilience planning to protect businesses from being exposed to external influences that put property and people at risk. Contact us on 0870 352 9999

Space planning

We support our clients in managing space effectively. We work with them to help maximise the use of their office space, consolidate occupied space and where required, provide fit-out and refurbishment support. Contact us on 020 3123 8689

Switchboard/helpdesk/ reservations

We provide both company switchboards and helpdesk teams for our clients and ensure that the same service is received over the phone as it would be in person. We also offer a room booking service and an internal call centre. Contact us on 020 7089 2556

09/06/2011 11:28

53 Services

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 53

Sustainable waste management We work in close partnership with each client to provide sustainable waste management based on best practice, delivering financial, environmental and compliance benefits. Contact us on 0844 800 2714

Total security management

Total Security Management (TSM) is an integrated approach encompassing all our security services based on specific client risks. It means our clients receive the right level of security in the right place at the right time, all delivered through one team. Contact us on 0870 352 9999

Water treatment

We perform water and air hygiene services to meet the current statutory requirements, offering planned and reactive services for hygiene, treatment, engineering and consultancy. Contact us on 0800 085 3208

Window cleaning

We have a suite of equipment, window cleaning techniques and trained people who ensure our client’s glass and other exterior surfaces look smart and presentable on the outside as well as the inside. Contact us on 0117 322 1478

09/06/2011 11:29

54 Services Contacts For more information on all the services we provide, go to or contact the following: Asset management

01252 732400


0800 085 3208

Facilities management

0800 218 2334

Property management

0800 218 2334

Strategic outsourcing

020 3123 8689

Technical facilities management 0800 085 3208

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Sectors 58 Public sector 67 Private sector

09/06/2011 11:29

57 Sectors Introduction Each market sector has a unique set of requirements and at MITIE we work hard to understand the individuality of these sectors and the clients that operate within them. Understanding what’s important to our clients only comes from experience and we’ve got bags of it, in lots of sectors. From social housing and education to manufacturing, retail and transport, our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. We can reduce costs, risk and CO2 emissions, save time and help to create a high quality environment for people to work in. In short, we do it all.

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58 Sectors/Public Public sector Public sector includes Government, education, healthcare and social housing With the new government in place, reducing expenditure and improving service levels and sustainability have never been more important. There are more and more opportunities for MITIE to work in close partnership with public sector organisations to help them transform the Government estate and support the achievement of Sustainable Operation of Government Estate (SOGE) targets. Carbon legislation targets are also a big driver in the public sector’s search for collaboration with private companies, companies like MITIE. We can help our clients save energy, reduce carbon and manage down their costs with innovative, fit-for-purpose accountable services. Here are just some of the initiatives we’re putting in place to work with the public sector:

MITIE |UK Public Sector

innovative mitie solutions:

carboncare – cutting carbon, cutting cost

A brighter


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ser re for public

In any organisation, the route to a low carbon future lies in successfully pulling together numerous loose strands in one cohesive strategy – including property, finance, data management, procurement, and maintenance. The real secret of CarbonCare is that it does just that, delivering at both a strategic and an operational level a robust carbon reduction plan to achieve long term, sustainable improvements across the Government’s property portfolio. There are many different obstacles and challenges within the Government’s property portfolio when it comes to achieving lowcarbon goals, due to many factors – the age and design of buildings, inefficient plant and equipment, ineffective use of the space, as well as management and staff motivation. There is no one simple solution, but by outsourcing carbon management to MITIE and following a clearly defined carbon management plan, you are putting the problem in the hands of experts. MITIE not only has the experience to understand the issues, but also the expertise to design and practically apply solutions both directly and indirectly. No other energy service company delivers such a comprehensive range of technical know-how, and practical hands-on expertise. This has recently been corroborated in the independent study by BSRIA into the UK energy service market, which positioned MITIE as one of the two best energy services organisations.

The CarbonCare approach will make your buildings and facilities smarter, greener, safer and better run. here’s how we do it from the perspective of a government property portfolio:

rAISIng AwArEnESS We help respective departments and staff make the link between energy use, carbon emissions and cost. In simple terms if you use less energy it provides a cost saving against a volatile pricing commodity. Reducing the dependency on energy improves UK energy security and reduces carbon emissions, which means government targets are achieved and less money is tied up in the operation of carbon trading mechanisms.

InnovATIvE IdEAS We introduce new ideas. People often relate innovation with new energy technologies and at the moment the market is overflowing with gadgets and technical wizardry. Of course, it’s important to select the right ones. But the trick is in knowing how to apply these technologies in the context of current and planned legislation e.g. the application of feed in tariffs or renewable heat incentives. There also needs to be a new approach and fresh thinking to the outsourcing model, where there must be a true, two way agreement between department and service provider. We can operate a government building in an energy efficient manner but need staff to buy into our approach to make savings stick. For example, instead of keeping an entire office fully functional for a small number of overnight workers,

we encourage the use of a small dedicated area for night working – thus delivering much more in terms of savings and guarantees. It’s really that simple to get to 5% emissions reductions just by using your space better.

dATA MAnAgEMEnT If you can measure it, you can manage it. We’ll establish an accurate carbon footprint and take control of the data that will ensure effective utility procurement, bill validation and reporting. It will also identify where buildings are poorly operated, space poorly utilised and identify the scope for significant property portfolio reduction and rationalisation, providing savings to the bottom line from so many angles. This is the absolute bedrock of an effective carbon management strategy. At the same time linked to effective building control this action in itself not only sets the scene for bigger reductions but itself can deliver 5% emission reductions.

“Well done to the fire brigade for the green makeover. these stations Will save a Whopping £50,000 a year.”

Mayor boris Johnson

20 21

09/06/2011 11:29

59 Sectors/Public Government In response to the cost cutting measures arising from the spending review, Local Authorities and other publicly funded bodies need to consider not only how they configure current services (in order to generate efficiency savings), but also who delivers them (to eliminate waste and duplication), and what services they continue to provide (to reduce the current cost base). Traditional approaches to both direct service delivery and outsourcing sometimes fall short of addressing this challenge and new ways of working are required that maximise benefits to local communities, employs local assets, enables local reinvestment, and encourages local employment. In addition to providing a full range of property, facilities and asset management services, we’ve come up with something new. LocalCARE is a new way of working developed by MITIE that does just this. It involves one or more local authorities, local public sector entities, social enterprises, employees, and the private sector, coming together as partners in a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that acts as a local ‘anchor’ company delivering back-office and support or front-line services to the community. Unlike traditional forms of joint venture or private finance initiative (PFI), the special purpose vehicle (SPV) is established once to provide services under a long-term agreement with a commissioning authority, but it is set up and governed in a way that allows the composition of the partners (particularly the private sector partner) to be tested and reviewed on a regular basis, without the need of complex and costly traditional procurement processes.

To find out more about MITIE’s LocalCARE approach, go to or download the brochure from the marketing pages of MiNet.

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60 Sectors/Public Case study Scottish Government

The devolved Scottish Government is responsible for health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport. It’s operated from 69 offices stretching from its Edinburgh base to the Highlands since 2004, and we’ve been working with them to minimise breakdown, extend the asset life and deliver value for money on such a wide property base. Because this was a first generation outsourcing contract we established many of the systems, processes and procedures from scratch and introduced a computer aided FM (CAFM) software solution to monitor, drive and measure the planned and reactive maintenance. And since it’s really important to us as well as our client, we’ve been working together to drive major health and safety and sustainability initiatives. The results? All activities are managed within the ISO 9001 quality management system and we get consistently high scores on customer satisfaction surveys. MITIE now consistently hits 98% successful completion of planned and preventative maintenance calls and 95% on reactive calls and we’re planning to further automate service delivery with the help of hand–held technology. Services Mechanical & electrical, projects, fixed–wire and portable appliance electrical testing, specialist sub–contractor management. 98% successful completion of planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) calls.

Best bit? 98% successful completion of PPM calls.

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61 Sectors/Public Education The new coalition government has set out an agenda for eliminating the current financial deficit by the end of 2016. This means that for Local Authorities, the statement ‘more for less’ has never been more imperative. Following on from the government’s decision to reduce the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme, at MITIE, we’ve developed new strategies for maintenance in the education sector which responds to the current challenging financial environment, whilst offering the right level of risk transfer and value for money. So what do we do? Providing safe, compliant and cost effective buildings that are conducive to an environment suitable for learning today and tomorrow is all part of the MITIE education package. How do we do it? As each school or campus is different, we make sure our operational provision is always matched to the client’s needs. There are three core components at the heart of our delivery model: Cost management, Compliance and Carbon management.

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62 Sectors/Public Case study Boldon Secondary School

Boldon School is a 1,200 place secondary school with a 222 seat theatre, 320 seat bistro area, and library, large sports centre with a swimming pool as well as a floodlit all-weather Astro pitch. Our Client Manager is in the unique position of being on the School’s Board of Governors which means we’re in true partnership with the School, the local council and SPV. All four parties work on the understanding that the best is always done for the students to learn in the best possible environment. Since the partnership began in 2009, we’ve been regularly praised by the headmaster for the standard of service and the ‘can-do’ attitude of the whole team. From the caretakers who make sure all the lights are off at the end of the day to the cleaners who are so quick to react that the students don’t see the point in graffiti anymore – the team is constantly going the extra mile for the client, and the students. In fact, in the last two years, the school energy bills have been significantly reduced and the recycling rates have gone up.

Services Planned preventative and reactive maintenance including M&E, building fabric and fire maintenance services, cleaning, security, pest control, catering, energy management, caretaking and porter services.

Best bit? Reduced energy bills and increased recycling rates.

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63 Sectors/Public Social housing TotalCare is an exciting new proposition for the social housing and public service sector. We’ve developed an integrated offer, for people, the environment and buildings to add value and reduce unnecessary cost in the management of these three assets. TotalCare has three elements – PeopleCare, CarbonCare and PropertyCare. PeopleCare is designed to offer: • A skilled, motivated and directly employed local workforce; • Local employment and training opportunities; • Sustainable communities through long-term investment. CarbonCare is already a recognised brand and can be incorporated successfully into this sector giving: • A diverse range of sustainable products and the experience to know which new technologies will really make a difference; • Cheaper, smaller bills for those on limited incomes; • Commitment to reduce our environmental impact in our service delivery. PropertyCare means: • One point of contact for all your property services, internal and external; • An innovative approach to strategic partnerships to ensure the best long-term use of resources; • Leading edge IT systems to improve the management of assets; • Maximised efficiencies through smart ways of working.

To find out more about MITIE’s TotalCare offering go to or download the brochure from the marketing pages of MiNet.

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64 Sectors/Public Case study Crawley Borough Council

With over 8,000 homes to service in the borough, we made the decision to co-locate some of the 44 dedicated MITIE people in Crawley Town Hall with the council’s own call centre. We’re very proud to say we achieved 100% compliance for gas safety checks in 2009 and 2010, meaning every Crawley resident’s system is safe and running efficiently. And, thanks to post service calls made by the council to their residents, we can safely say we’re doing a good job too – with a 97% satisfaction rating. Employing local people is a key part of the contract and 90% of the MITIE people working on the contract live within a 10 mile radius of Crawley – it’s our way of contributing to the local communities in which we work. We’re looking forward to bring some fresh thinking, with our ‘Systems Thinking’ approach soon to be implemented into the repairs contract. It’s an innovative method we already use in Portsmouth and Milton Keynes contracts and it’s proven to drive out wasteful practices, streamline work flow and deliver improved customer satisfaction. Watch this space!

Services Gas servicing and repairs, repairs, maintenance and voids contracts.

Best bit? Over 97% resident satisfaction rating.

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65 Sectors/Public Healthcare Creating better hospital buildings… for better patients

The public’s expectations of the health services are always high, whatever the climate. At MITIE, we can help support doctors and nurses as they care for their patients, maintaining the highest standards for their buildings and assets. Using innovative methods to keep hospitals look and function at their best is just a small part of what we do each and every day in the healthcare sector. We install, service and maintain – improving hospital surroundings and making sure that there is the absolute minimum of disruption to the day-to-day running of an NHS Trust, the provision of healthcare and to the core focus of treating patients.

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66 Sectors/Public Case study Royal Free Hospital

MITIE is developing a new energy centre for the internationally renowned Royal Free Hospital. The centre will guarantee efficient power supplies for the hospital complex over 15 years, reducing energy costs and saving 4,624 tonnes of CO2 a year. Under the performance-based contract, the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust will not be required to make any capital expenditure, so will preserve its funds for patient care and clinical services. The energy centre will also deliver surplus heat to local homes, via a district network, placing the hospital at the centre of a decentralised energy scheme serving the wider community.

Services A new energy centre.

Best bit? 4,624 tonnes of CO2 saved every year. That’s the equivalent of a family car travelling round the world 100 times!

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67 Sectors/Private Construction The UK construction industry consists of over 250,000 firms employing 2.1m people in a multitude of roles. Far from being a single activity, large scale construction is a feat of multi-tasking. The success of every project relies on the combined efforts of many skilled people: trades people; technicians, administrators, professionals and managers. From plumbing, climate control and painting through to mechanical and electrical engineering, we can provide multiple services in the construction of a residential or commercial building. We also help clients manage the environmental impact of each project, help with scheduling and budgeting as well as advise them on health and safety issues. With ever-changing regulations, we make sure we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet the changing needs of the industry so our clients can deliver quality projects – on budget, on time and safely.

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09/06/2011 11:29

68 Sectors/Private Case study GF Tomlinson

Working as a supply chain partner for GF Tomlinson, our team installed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services as part of the refurbishment of the Rebecca Adlington Stadium in Nottingham. Thanks to MITIE, this state-of-the-art fitness suite and swimming pool now uses the latest renewable energy technologies – biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps – to provide heating and hot water throughout the building, as well as maintaining the temperature of the swimming pools. With as many as 15 plumbing, heating and electrical engineers on-site during the eight-month programme, we completed the £1.2 million installation work on time and on budget.

Services Mechanical and electrical, ground source heating and biomass boilers installation

Best bit? Bringing innovative renewable energy to the communities we work and live in.

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69 Sectors/Private Finance and professional Financial and professional businesses need partners that they can rely on when markets get tough. When times are challenging we work with our clients to provide services that meet their needs, but that can easily be altered when circumstances change. The economic downturn calls for cost certainty and cost reduction, so we offer initiatives such as longer term service contracts so that clients can manage their long-term budgets – we like to help in any way we can. We realise that everything we do has a direct effect on our clients’ reputation. From the quality of the greeting given by receptionists and the style and freshness of food served, to the professionalism of security officers – they all influence how a firm is perceived. Reputation comes from building excellent relationships, creating new and innovative ways of doing things, and exceptional performance. That’s why we always make sure that our services and the people who provide them are worldclass, and fit with our client’s culture and brand.

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70 Sectors/Private Case study Deloitte LLP

Professional services provider Deloitte LLP contracted MITIE to refurbish and fit-out three separate campus buildings to create better work environments and space for their staff. We completely transformed all three campus buildings to reflect the clients’ corporate image and uphold their professional reputation. The campus now has full in-house printing facilities, canteens, restaurant areas and gyms for employees. Because the project also included a major upgrade of the main plant and infrastructure services for each building, we made sure everything was planned very carefully – carrying out all noisy works either early in the morning or late evening so that the buildings could remain fully occupied during the refurbishment. Despite a complicated brief, the major infrastructure and construction works were delivered on time and on budget, without impacting Deloitte’s normal, day-to-day operations. Better still, we created a contemporary, practical and professional working environment our clients can be proud of.

Services Interior fit-out & refurbishment

Best bit? The client hardly realised we were there – they just saw the amazing result.

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09/06/2011 11:29

71 Sectors/Private Leisure From high profile visitor attractions and galleries to sporting venues and health and fitness clubs – the entertainment choices for today’s consumer have never been greater. As the economy tightens, leisure facilities need to be in tiptop shape to make sure customers keep coming back. And in today’s culture of choice, where venues are constantly competing for that all important footfall, making sure the building, and facilities are world-class is all the more important. At MITIE, our teams understand the competitiveness of the market and will help clients stay at the top of their game, always. Our leisure clients are really aware of their carbon footprint, which we can help them manage. They also want to reduce the amount of energy they consume, as well as recycle more consumable waste. We’ll work with them to deliver sustainable initiatives across the business… helping them be smarter and greener, and save some money too.

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09/06/2011 11:29

72 Sectors/Private Case study Royal Opera House

We’re really proud to be working with the world-famous Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden, who chose us as their FM provider because they were so impressed with our integrated FM proposition. Over 100 MITIE people will work around the clock to deliver an integrated FM service for the next five years, with expected savings of £200,000. MITIE was able to demonstrate to the Royal Opera House its ability to deliver the tendered services under one contract, combining exceptional service levels befitting the magnificent Royal Opera House along with significant operating and energy efficiencies.

Services Engineering, cleaning, security, telephony, mail and reprographics

Best bit? Expected savings of £200,000 thanks to our integrated FM approach.

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09/06/2011 11:29

73 Sectors/Private Manufacturing In markets that are increasingly global, manufacturers need the support of world-class outsourcing companies, and services that are not just efficient but represent real value for money. We’ve been working with global manufacturing companies for years, driving down costs and improving the quality of services. We work in partnership with our client from day one, considering the needs of their people, clients and visitors. Performance and productivity improvement doesn’t always come from a breakthrough in technology. Sometimes it comes from people feeling better about the place where they work. That’s where we come in. We can improve the quality of food served, refurbish workplaces and ensure that everywhere is clean and hygienic. Our Rolls-Royce contract has a new look integrated facilities service brand “1team” which will replace MITIE branding on all services across the contract.

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09/06/2011 11:29

74 Sectors/Private Case study Rolls-Royce

Since December 2010, we’ve been providing all FM and energy management services to Rolls-Royce Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) properties. After 12 months of bidding and on the back of our 18-year long relationship with Rolls-Royce – we mobilised our largest FM contract to date spanning seven European countries (UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and Poland) and employing 1,000 people. We’re extremely proud of the people across MITIE who play a key role in what’s being referred to as “MITIE’s flagship contract”.

Services Space planning, energy management, engineering and fabric maintenance, security, cleaning, catering, waste management, document management, reception, pest control and emergency services

Best bit? Our first truly international contract with a long standing client.

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09/06/2011 11:29

75 Sectors/Private Property management Managing property for owners is a role that requires skills in construction, development, maintenance, repair and the ongoing servicing of buildings. Not forgetting the ability to achieve a return on investment on the portfolio. We work with a number of managing agents who look after large property portfolios for various clients because we have the resources across the UK to assist with any property portfolio. Which is important, because the demands on buildings and their occupiers increase year-on-year. We’re well aware of the regulations in our industry too. From licensing and immigration to health and safety or environmental, we have the experts. What’s more, we have a flexible approach that produces the best solution for each client. Whether we are installing renewable energy systems, undertaking an interior fit-out project or providing cleaning, catering or mailroom services, we continually listen to our clients. We also know a thing or two about creating an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and putting ideas into action – making sure we really add value in everything we do.

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09/06/2011 11:29

76 Sectors/Private Case study 125 Old Broad Street

A 26 floor tower, 320,000 square feet of offices and three retail outlets in the heart of London, 125 Old Broad Street is definitely a lot to contend with. During an extensive refurbishment, the client asked MITIE to provide security and access control for the 400 workmen and numerous prospective tenants coming in daily. A flexible, hands-on, professional approach and a team of people able to build relationships with the building’s numerous tenants is what the client wanted. From the outset, we delivered just that. We demonstrated flexibility as tenants continued viewings and organised their move into the building, and played an active role in the whole process – from accepting deliveries and welcoming contractors to issuing permits and providing induction and fire training. We also provide site training and inductions to all contractors before they begin any work on site. It’s a weight off our client’s mind to know everyone working on the building at any given time has been briefed and trained.

Services Security personnel, access control and front of house concierge

Best bit? Going above and beyond to help our client save time.

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09/06/2011 11:29

77 Sectors/Private Retail Making sure that footfall stays high, that shoppers spend money, have fun and want to come back are not usually things that you would expect an outsourcing business to think about. Well, we do. The retail sector is fast paced and has exacting demands. We know that and make sure we always keep up with our customers and their ever changing needs. Security needs to be effective but not too intrusive, cleaning standards need to be high but invisible – helping shoppers to enjoy their experience and retailers to increase their footfall. From the supermarket to the specialist boutique, today’s customers want to do more than simply spend money – they want to be stimulated and entertained. What’s more, when consumers are tightening their belts as markets toughen, we make sure that we offer services that are provide value for money and contribute to a successful shopping experience. MITIE has specialist teams that only operate in the retail sector so clients are certain that they are dealing with people who really understand their business.

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09/06/2011 11:29

78 Sectors/Private Case study John Lewis Partnership

With 32 John Lewis shops across the UK, 239 Waitrose supermarkets and an online and catalogue business, the John Lewis Partnership is a force to be reckoned with in the retail sector. The partnership’s latest venture is ‘John Lewis at home’ – a shop that focuses exclusively on furniture, furnishing accessories, electrical and home technology. The first at home shop opened in Poole in October 2009 and MITIE’s retail engineering team has recently completed work at the third John Lewis at home store in Swindon. In a programme of 11 weeks, our team installed £2 million worth of mechanical and electrical services in a 60,000 sq. ft. space. MITIE was chosen for the job after working with Waitrose on other retail engineering projects. The project had a very short lead time, meaning the retail engineering team had to work quickly to plan, procure and install £2 million worth of services installation. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, our team rose to the occasion and completed the project in time for the shop’s opening on 28 October 2010.

Services Mechanical and electrical installation

Best bit? Working with a company whose employees all share in the success of the organisation, just like at MITIE.

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09/06/2011 11:29

79 Sectors/Private Technology and communications Speed is fundamental to gain competitive advantage in the fastmoving world of technology and communications. In fields such as communications technology, bringing innovations to market in the shortest possible time is what really counts. It’s just as important to operate within secure, sterile environments that provide optimum conditions for research, development, manufacturing and testing. It is this balance that we keep for the technology sector. With an established track record, flexibility and attention to detail, we understand what it takes to deliver service innovation swiftly. We respond to our clients’ need to bring innovation about as quickly as possible, before any competitors – because being first to market is critical. Which is exactly why we work with our clients to keep costs as efficient as possible.

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09/06/2011 11:29

80 Sectors/Private Case study


Building on our existing relationship with Vodafone, in 2010 we won a contract to provide total facilities management to the mobile telecoms giant’s entire UK property portfolio. This is a first class example of how all the MITIE services across the business pull together in a true team effort to meet our clients’ needs. We now provide integrated FM for all of Vodafone’s UK properties, including their commercial offices, retail portfolio, data centres, mobile telephone exchanges’s, warehouses and call centres. As part of the agreement, we also manage the supply chain of a range of other services including catering, reprographics and transport, making us a true partner to Vodafone. Our breadth of service delivery, the quality we consistently provide, and our ability to meet Vodafone’s needs at the multitude of sites across the UK was crucial in winning the work; and our service innovation in energy management and CarbonCare were also large contributing factors in the selection process.

Services Supply chain management, cleaning, maintenance, security, business services, landscaping and pest control

Best bit? Impressing our client with our innovative energy management capabilities.

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09/06/2011 11:29

81 Sectors/Private Transport and logistics With costs on the increase and extra space for new transport facilities at a premium, the UK’s transport infrastructure, including road, rail and aviation, creates unique challenges for those tasked with servicing, maintaining and improving it. People expect to travel in greater comfort, to enjoy a range of additional services before and during journeys, to arrive on time, and, most importantly, to travel in complete safety. MITIE works in the UK’s major airports, its key rail terminals, road networks and ports helping transport businesses keep the wheels in motion and satisfy their customers’ every need. We also have a dedicated aviation team to support the specific requirements of the largest transport sector and manage key contracts.

99-1_MITIE-RoughGuide_AW7_A6.indd 81

09/06/2011 11:29

82 Sectors/Private Case study Brittany Ferries

Back in 2007, French ferry company Brittany Ferries was looking for a fast-paced and proactive partner to provide cleaning and chambermaiding in a very limited period of time within a pressurised environment. Six weeks before the official start date of our contract, we were in place in the port to ensure a smooth transition from the previous company. We now clean six of the eight ships on the fleet with over 40 arrivals per week in high season – a total of 1,015 cabins and 1600 berths in a three hour window! We’re really proud to say that, thanks to a great working partnership and innovative control systems we’ve reduced Brittany Ferries’ cleaning costs by over 14% in the first three years of the contract. And we’ve been reappointed for the next three years.

Services Cleaning and chambermaiding

Best bit? A 14% saving in the first three years.

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09/06/2011 11:29

83 Sectors/Private Utilities Energy and waste disposal costs are going through the roof. Everyone is conscious of how much energy they use and how much waste they produce. With the nation heavily dependent on gas, electricity and water supplies, power stations, refineries and treatment plants need to be equipped and maintained to run safely and efficiently under pressure. In common with many other sectors, the drive for improved operational efficiency is leading to larger, longer-term contracts where sustainability and renewable energy are key. We place great emphasis on safety, sustainability and ease of maintenance, so that our clients get the best return from their assets and equipment – and keep the country in natural resources.

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09/06/2011 11:29

84 Sectors/Private Case study RWE npower

We’ve been working with leading UK energy company RWE npower since 1998, providing integrated facilities services across its 60+ sites in the UK. With over 200 people dedicated to the contract, we’ve continued to demonstrate the scale and flexibility RWE npower requires to deliver savings and efficiencies across its estate. And, with the reduction to one FM provider with one multi-skilled team, we’ve strengthened our existing relationship with the client, adding significant value, as well as making them considerable savings too!

Services Services include: security, cleaning, waste, energy management and engineering and maintenance.

Best bit? One multi-skilled team that provides flexibility, efficiency and continually delivers savings for our client.

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09/06/2011 11:29

85 Sectors Contacts For more information on all the sectors we operate in, go to or contact us on 0800 218 2334 or at

Join ‘MITIE People’ on Facebook!/mitie_group_plc

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MITIE Annual Report

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MITIE sustainability report

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The Little Guide to Being MITIE  

The Little Guide to Being MITIE