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Collected illustrative works by Mitch Weaver Š

Pencil and Fineliner. This is one of my personal projects that I created to develop human form, with my own interpretations of evolution. Cyborgnetics seems an iminent future in my eyes. -

Character sketches, berol on paper. When drawing these I forget about pencil and straight-up go loose with a pen. Limiting mistakes, helps me understand exactly where a line should be placed, in order to create something that looks effectively produced. -

Spray paint and ink, on a large scale canvas. Produced as a personal project, experimenting with mixed media and colour. Developing and further understanding processes of illustration. -

No Gloss! Film festival canvas. Created and adapted from a film by James Arden called The Scarecrow. Using marker pen and ink wash to develop a morbid perception of the emotion given from the production. -

Sewing machine. Pencil, fineliner and dot work. With this piece I wanted to experiment with a traditional approach to illustration, utilising strokes and points to create depth and texture. -

Hand drawn beauty, no pencil. Berol fine, is the normal choice to my illustrative practice. When creating this visual I wanted to incorporate a focus of the tattooed culture, with an expression of hidden torment. -

Vector work, using one colour. and tints to utilise printing costs effectively. Although this piece was not actually created for Fliptrix, the style appropriately reflects the context. -

Concept art attempt. Using photoshop combined with a Wacom tablet to create and build depth. Applying a texture helps the image sit more effectively on the page, also adding to the context. -

A collaborative book, doubled sided with dreams and nightmares as the concept. My approach was a visual story of an un easy awakening into a doomed vision of sub concious thought. -

A dark, uneasy awakening has unsettled the mind. Reaching out from depths of the underworld, the mind has been soured, lost in time and surrounded by a world of discontent. Far from the reaches of reality, confused by the parallel dimension between the spectral and material realms. This is a nightmare, torturing the conscience of the weak. We are by no means anchored to normality; the world beyond our own can begin.

Proposed artwork for Ghostfest. Digitally rendered on illustrator, and applied across a range of products, merchandise and potential album artwork. -


Nothing of interest.