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Pilgrim Self-promotional illustrative based products. Focussing around a DIY punk aesthetic.

Brief: Design and create a series of illustrations that can be placed onto a range of products within the context of DIY punk / hardcore culture. The main focus is to produce and distribute the illustrations as a promotional package to expand on my own creative practice. Hand-made techniques are essential in order to show case and focus on a skill set.



Product Series of three character based illustrations, created for a multi-functional purpose.

The product contains a set of three character base illustrations, each with relating elements to one another. These are based around the context of producing an image without any preliminary sketches, from my own imagination. As original pieces of work are formed, they can then be placed onto a range of products suitable within the context.



Product Range Product range consisting of t-shirts, hoodies and patches. All hand made to relate to DIY punk / hardcore.

Product range containg fully hand made apparel and patches. Each patch has been screen printed, and sewn by hand. The bleaching process has been applied to black hoodies and t-shirts to change the appearance of the product and also focus it towards to context effectively.



Product Context Product range in context, within an envrionment suitable.

Product range in context, taking a laid back approach within an environment. The products are aimed at indviduals who focus around sub-cultures through exterior aesthetic and also morals. The illustrations are aimed at like minded individuals who understand the ethics behind DIY punk / hardcore culture.




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